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Warning, Drug dealers and the churches.

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  • Warning, Drug dealers and the churches.

    This is a warning message to all the socalled church ministers and members in all communities of the USA and the World.

    IF,and I say IF you are a socalled minister and or lay member in ANY church or Organization, and you absolutely know of drug dealers( Pill, or pot dope) pushers in your area or community, and you do NOTHING TO STOP THEM, then, to Yah Almighty, you are a partaker of their illeagal drug pushing activities, in Almighty Yah's Eyes, you are just as guilty as the drug users and pushers, there is no difference in His sight.

    In The Book of ( Rev.9:21) is the word SORCERIES, which is Strongs Greek Number 5331, which is pharmakeia ie -pharmacy sorcery, witchcraft, and it says THEY REPENTED NOT.

    This is speaking of unlawful use and selling of drugs, and it is exactly so in the latter days.

    If you know of such people in your area who traffics in drugs, and you do nothing to stop it, you are as guilty as they are in Yahweh's sight, because you allow it to continue and do nothing, or turn a blind eye to such things.

    Just a warning to all the Baalim church hypocrits who allow drug trafficking to go on in their area, you will suffer thier same punishment.

    Eliyah still on the net!

    I posted this on HEAVEN NET in 2005, and it still holds true today.

    You can read all the posts here below....

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    Where are the drugs coming from?

    Take your pick here to read...

    Take your pick here to watch..


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      I do not watch network TV, however, I know what is going on.

      Have you noticed the DRUG advertising on gutter TV commercials??

      Then people wonder why sicho paths are killing people?

      I warn you, do not let your children watch that filthy TV.


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        Still don't believe the Gov. was and is shipping drugs into US??

        This has been going on for a long time now.

        Watch this documentary below. These videos are shocking!

        Still don't believe it? Will you believe a former LA. police officer?

        Watch here...

        And here...