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so~~ WHAT is N.O.R.M.A.L.? - Yeshua was NOT ''normal''.

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  • LucySmith
    HERE IS AN EDIFICATION of ''normal'' [ in a real situation]

    then to move outside of 'normal'' and be ridiculed and mocked.
    .... yet.....
    who is the brainwashed VICTIMS HERE? AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT the abnormal.
    a ancient conspiracy happened,
    that allowed saul/paul to remove the eternal life gospel and replace it with a fruitless substance a theory of ''my gospel'' that confused everyone and never worked as death is still enthroned
    - who will notice............................very few~~~~~~

    here is a take of ''normal''.

    what is ABNORMAL IN sauline/Pauline churchdom.
    The commission of Yahshua was to preach the gospel to the poor.
    He commissioned His Apostles and disciples to do the same.
    The poor have nothing to give, in the way of monetary reward to someone who comes to them with the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    It's the poor and the broken-hearted, the captives and the sick whom Yahshua most loved.

    Did He ever take a thing from anyone in exchange for His message of hope, freedom and eternal life?
    Was He ever paid to perform a miracle?
    Was He ever paid to feed the hungry? No.
    He had freely received of His Father and freely gave it away.
    He then commissioned His disciples to do the same.
    What He had given them, was never meant to be sold.
    It was meant to be freely given to the poor, the sick, the broken-hearted and the captives.
    Yahshua further said, if you want to be perfect, sell all you have, give it to the poor and follow Him.

    *NOTE: What does the word 'follow' really mean?
    It means walk in the footsteps and example of Yahshua.
    It means do what He did and speak the Word He spoke.

    Yahshua did not commission the disciples to be hirelings.

    what was ABNORMAL about Yeshua, His goodnews/gospel and peace and goodwill.
    His message is
    Every cell contains the Immortal Essence of Father creator [ as his child] and It's absolute perfection.
    There is no illness, aging, or death.
    We are IMMORTAL with perfect health- here

    now being 'normal' you will never believe that~~~~

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  • so~~ WHAT is N.O.R.M.A.L.? - Yeshua was NOT ''normal''.

    are you ''normal''?
    as this world is ''NORMAL'' - are you embedded into a mind controlled perception of ''how you are normal''?
    the SAUL/PAULINE church is ''normal'' - yet it is nothing LIKE THE MINISTRY OF ABNORMAL YESHUA.

    I LIVE OUTSIDE NORMAL to learn how to become a part of a ministry like ABNORMAL YESHUA.
    and eternal ministry founded upon an ETERNAL FATHER.

    OFCOURSE, those who are ''normal'' and sit under the saul/Pauline ministry - decry such a person as myself.... called them names and claim they are sinners and heretics

    to the decriers
    - ''don't you know you are the dead who will bury their dead''
    - don't you know you have no life at all.

    why was Yeshua NOT normal [ like all other people]

    HE came to do the father's will and did it perfectly AND THAT IS NOT 'NORMAL'.