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so~~ WHAT is N.O.R.M.A.L.? - Yeshua was NOT ''normal''.

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  • so~~ WHAT is N.O.R.M.A.L.? - Yeshua was NOT ''normal''.

    are you ''normal''?
    as this world is ''NORMAL'' - are you embedded into a mind controlled perception of ''how you are normal''?
    the SAUL/PAULINE church is ''normal'' - yet it is nothing LIKE THE MINISTRY OF ABNORMAL YESHUA.

    I LIVE OUTSIDE NORMAL to learn how to become a part of a ministry like ABNORMAL YESHUA.
    and eternal ministry founded upon an ETERNAL FATHER.

    OFCOURSE, those who are ''normal'' and sit under the saul/Pauline ministry - decry such a person as myself.... called them names and claim they are sinners and heretics

    to the decriers
    - ''don't you know you are the dead who will bury their dead''
    - don't you know you have no life at all.

    why was Yeshua NOT normal [ like all other people]

    HE came to do the father's will and did it perfectly AND THAT IS NOT 'NORMAL'.

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    HERE IS AN EDIFICATION of ''normal'' [ in a real situation]

    then to move outside of 'normal'' and be ridiculed and mocked.
    .... yet.....
    who is the brainwashed VICTIMS HERE? AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT the abnormal.
    a ancient conspiracy happened,
    that allowed saul/paul to remove the eternal life gospel and replace it with a fruitless substance a theory of ''my gospel'' that confused everyone and never worked as death is still enthroned
    - who will notice............................very few~~~~~~

    here is a take of ''normal''.

    what is ABNORMAL IN sauline/Pauline churchdom.
    The commission of Yahshua was to preach the gospel to the poor.
    He commissioned His Apostles and disciples to do the same.
    The poor have nothing to give, in the way of monetary reward to someone who comes to them with the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    It's the poor and the broken-hearted, the captives and the sick whom Yahshua most loved.

    Did He ever take a thing from anyone in exchange for His message of hope, freedom and eternal life?
    Was He ever paid to perform a miracle?
    Was He ever paid to feed the hungry? No.
    He had freely received of His Father and freely gave it away.
    He then commissioned His disciples to do the same.
    What He had given them, was never meant to be sold.
    It was meant to be freely given to the poor, the sick, the broken-hearted and the captives.
    Yahshua further said, if you want to be perfect, sell all you have, give it to the poor and follow Him.

    *NOTE: What does the word 'follow' really mean?
    It means walk in the footsteps and example of Yahshua.
    It means do what He did and speak the Word He spoke.

    Yahshua did not commission the disciples to be hirelings.

    what was ABNORMAL about Yeshua, His goodnews/gospel and peace and goodwill.
    His message is
    Every cell contains the Immortal Essence of Father creator [ as his child] and It's absolute perfection.
    There is no illness, aging, or death.
    We are IMMORTAL with perfect health- here

    now being 'normal' you will never believe that~~~~


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      outside the normal box..... is revelation that is abnormal.

      the reptilian mind-control system......[the destroying concept and its gods]
      now you may jest and mock such a revelation, but like the N>T> said '' become a fruit inspector''..... no one can hide their fruits

      what is the ''product of destruction''?
      when you ''see'' the produce you see the source so that no one can hide away and sweep under the carpet,


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        the fruits of destruction......

        The chief fruit is death
        Where you find death you find the very essence of ''normal.''
        Where you find death, you find ''normal'' vanity.
        Where you find death, you find a ''normal'' friend.

        If this system is so ''normal'' why do people put this ''normal'' event off as long as possible?

        The ABNORMAL YESHUA came to destroy ''normal'' death.
        The first thing most people shall say even the churched under saul/paul is '' death is an inevitibality.''

        1.the quality of being certain to happen:
        Death is ''NORMAL'' but under ABNORMAL YESHUA - death fled at His commands.
        The blind and robotic mind programmed shall never ''see'' this truth.
        The bible information is there in the NT but so few see it.
        why not?
        The perception of death is so ingrained into the mindset, only AN ANOINTING shall break this yoke.

        The serpent mind control in religions allows death to be their lord.

        Perhaps the anointing shall break the yoke - on the subject of '' the inevitability of death''
        SO ~~~~looking inside these 4 words we will discover a secret.................

        ' Invite an ability in.' - these 4 words are found hidden away.

        The human mindset has INVITED DEATH IN.
        = that is the real truth

        - a covenant most people make is agreement ''with their death''
        even in their marriage service ''till death do us part''
        = death[ the enemy] is laughing WITH humans agreeing to it happening to them


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          something to remember

          the child-like child of God IN us always asks WHY??????????????????????????????

          THE CONTROLLED MECHANISM of religion will always ''squash'' the asking.


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            we lose the normal to become ABNORMAL.... here just like Our Saviour


            “When you enter the Sonship realm it is as if you enter the refining fire where all the dross of your natural soul is burnt and consumed in the fire of His perfecting. It is where all perceived fears and weaknesses are cut off. It is where all unknown weaknesses are brought out in order that you might recognise them and seek His overcoming deliverance and strength.

            It is where His Glory burns out of you all the lying false pronouncements of man over you and He speaks into your very soul that you are a Son of the Most High God, and a priest of the highest order of Melchizedek, and every hurt every lie every falsehood of man is lifted from your soul that has kept you bowed down under the spirit of anguish and defeat, and He lifts you to partake of the renewing power of His Spirit to your mind and soul and now you have an awareness that causes you to cry “Abba Father”.

            All of a sudden your earthly shackles of false security are riven. The fetters of death are loosed from your mind and the chains of the Adamic nature are loosed from your mind. The prison doors of man’s dominion are broken open and the Light of His Glory lifts you into the Glory of His presence.

            You don’t want to leave it. You can’t leave it. It is a consuming Light.

            You will willingly surrender all things for His perfection. You will awaken to new values, a new order. You will be shown the darkness of the world and the bondage of religion in order that you might partake the joy of their deliverance.

            You see only Jesus. You see Him as God. He is your teacher; He is your life, your mercy. He is your perfection”.

            ALL GLORY TO JESUS
            LARRY WILSON


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              If you want to control people....

              just programme them to a ''normal'' perception.
              and anything outside this programmed normalcy will not really believed.

              The churched human rational cannot equate there is no such a thing as a 13th apostle.
              you can explain this truth from NT apostles over and over but it shall be denied by religious pundits.

              You can explain how Yeshua came to bring forth true life here - and be mocked yet His whole ministry proves this fact.
              The churched are programme to accept saul/paul as a ''normal'' apostle and Yeshua did bring life but we still all die. = neat programming that devoids the truth so the captives remain in their death throes.


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                to be ABNORMAL is to be BEYOND the mainstream thinking of all humanity

                to be ''normal'' is to be inside the matrix and outside of the Kingdom of heaven.

                consider this.
                it is ''normal'' for humanity to die and be put in a grave - that is ''normal''.
                so for all this NORMALCY no one actually wishes to do this.

                so in reality it is ''against'' the ''normal'' humanity wishes to live within.
                humanity wishes to live and enjoy happiness and peace here.

                what if HUMAN PERSPECTIVE could be CHANGED to view death as ABNORMAL.
                WELL, it is all there, just waiting to be ''discovered and revealed'' - not even hidden away, NO. but ''in your face''.

                the ABNORMAL YESHUA, was and is birthing HIS PERSPECTIVE OF NORMAL
                so, what IS His perspective?
                ''the gates of the grave [hell] shall NOT PREVAIL''


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                  i suppose i could write....

                  everything about Yeshua was NORMAL.
                  it is THE REST OF MANKIND, THAT IS ABNORMAL.

                  the collective ''we'' are grossly abnormal as we don't walk like Yeshua.
                  the collective mentality is maintained by vanity and vanity itself is ABNORMAL.

                  to return to normal is to have a mind change.
                  then the mind change works into the body so the body changes.

                  so ~~~~ what is ''normal'' to humanity is the fact- that humanity ARE.......vessels of dishonour.
                  To be in “dishonor” before the divine court means literally “to fail to pay, as a note.”

                  That is, one is in dishonor if the court has a complaint against him for failing to honour a contract or debt -

                  one such a complaint would be '' the convenant, the masses have made with death''.


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                    if Yeshua [THE NORMAL TEACHER] is advising....then why

                    does humanity remain abnormal?
                    the answer is ''humanity listens to strangers'' = the strangers are also abnormal, even when appearing ''enlightened.''

                    the only person who can teach '''' normal '''''' is a person who is normal.
                    now this person is titled as THE LIFE.
                    the LIFE PERSON instructs upon LIFE FOR-EVERMORE.

                    this instruction, does not have any relationship to vanity - ie.=what we eat drink nor day of so called vain worship
                    - this instruction is FOR OUR INSIDE MAN, [ divine spirit as a child of the Most high God] = spiritual instructions.

                    the NORMAL TEACHER instructs on HIS SPIRITUAL KINGDOM.
                    This kingdom has nothing whatsoever to do with our soul and body locked into vanity as a captive to ABNORMAL.
                    THE TEACHING WHEN FOLLOWED allows our divine spirit to awaken and escape from our clay tomb.

                    Yeshua has a human body, yet, was well able to escape from it when necessary. He was not trapped within it and be limited by his body.
                    human beings have been taken prisoners to ABNORMAL CONDITIONS.

                    these human conditions are like computer programmes that appear real and solid when infact they are a construct hologramme.
                    [rather like going into a movie, sit in darkness, watching the movie and living in part with the movie and when the show is finished we walk out into the real world. All the time the movie was a programme to entertain]

                    you have to ask yourself
                    who do I entertain?
                    what energy powers live off me?
                    whom do I feed?
                    do I contribute to the programme of darkness?

                    the real fact is NORMAL YESHUA teaches how to come back [conversion] into full harmony with the divine world and none can do this BUT HIMSELF.
                    the divine harmony IN Him, must be IMPARTED into a disciple.


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                      this mindcontrol makes people ''''normal''


                      manipulated to appear ''normal''.



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                        the ''normal'' for the OT... is not the ''normal'' for the NT

                        here is the OT ''normal''.
                        Marcion (approx. 85-160) [8], the first theologian who made a difference between the God of Love in the New Testament and an evil god of the Old Testament.

                        The abominable cruelties of Yahweh
                        Who reads the Bible in an objective and unprejudiced way without blinders that fade out certain passages, will (or should…) become deeply indignant about the abominable cruelties [9] described therein.

                        The “lord” guides his people to the “promised land”, but that land isn’t free. People already live there in various towns. Therefore, the “lord” commands his people to mercilessly slaughter all of them. In nearly all cases not even a child, a woman or an old man is spared, but they should completely all be killed, so that his people can live in: “great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, and houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full” (Deut 6:10-11). With this, a veritable holocaust begins!

                        In one city after the other, they murder and slaughter until no one is left. The only exception is in a few cases that they kidnap virgins. For what? It would certainly be naïve to claim that it would not be for sexual “services”.

                        When Moses by order of Yahweh could say as follows, he strongly disqualifies himself and his commissioner: “And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host... which came from the battle. And Moses said unto them, ‘Have ye saved all the women alive? … Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves’” (Num 31:14-18).

                        This rather looks like a mass human sacrifice for the “lord”…

                        For those who understand German I may suggest to read what the learned Karlheinz Deschner writes about this extremely blood-curdling common history of two world religions [10].

                        Persons who regard themselves as Christians like to suggest that the victims would be “evil” people who lived in “sin”, and don’t want to understand how they this way betray Jesus’ teachings. There can be no worse sin than to kill in the name of God (or of his messenger Christ)! And if one kills in the name of Yahweh, or by his order, this shows clearly enough that he cannot be the true god. Jesus taught us that who takes to the sword will be undone by the sword, and even to love our enemies.

                        When Yahweh rages as follows, he demonstrates his fake divinity: “And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins. I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your highways shall be desolate. …And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied. And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me; Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.” (Lev 26:21-29)

                        The macho behavior began already before the exodus from Egypt. Yahweh sent Moses several times to the Pharaoh to request letting the Hebrews free. The Pharaoh repeatedly declared that he would do that, but Yahweh the each time hardened his heart so that he, after all, refused: “…for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him” (Ex 10:1). Yahweh insisted in showing his muscles and have all the ten plagues come over Egypt before he would let the Pharaoh allow the Hebrews to go. At last, he went through Egypt and killed all innocent first-born! (Ex 11:5, 12:12, 12:29, 13:15) For what did he want to demonstrate all this cruelty? In a similar way he hardened the hearts of the Hivites (living in the “promised Land”) so that they should not try to make piece with the Hebrews but meet them in battle so that they would be mercilessly destroyed (Josh 11:19.20). Everyone should die!

                        We might estimate that on the average a woman (married or not – even some unmarried had children) had five children in those days. The guess may be reasonable. Of the five only one, of course, was first-born. This would mean that he killed something like 20 % of the population!!!

                        Another of the many cruel incidents is where Yahweh requests that Abraham kill his own son as a sacrifice for him. When Abraham is prepared to do it, Yahweh stops him and makes it look like a test of Abraham’s slavish obedience. And that is, of course, a test that displays Yahweh’s cruelty. If he had tested Abraham’s love, he would have to declare him as failed ... because then Abraham should have strictly refused to do such a thing!

                        contrast this ''normal'' to the ''ABNORMAL'' OF YESHUA.

                        look at these 2 comparisons and not make excuses for them nor try to explain them away.
                        think, for yourself.
                        don't use another person's mind to form your opinions.

                        SOME people are starting to punch holes in religious material, as the great awakening occurs.
                        the saul/paul great concept of church is failing to meet the true needs of this world
                        no amount of excuses or ''we fail to understand him'' can combat the confused teaching of ''my'' gospel that has ruined the true message of Yeshua and His gospel of LIFE ABUNDANT.
                        THE FRUITS are there to see as not one person under saul-paul developed into the image of Christ.

                        so the ABNORMAL YESHUA .... became the church of ''normal'' saul/paul
                        A hypothesis about Jesus’ mission and the Christianity
                        Against the background of these considerations I have come to the following hypothesis.

                        Jesus came from above, sent with a revolutionary message to humanity and born in the very area, where the Anunnaki had had their center. These still had an invisible influence over humanity from “behind the veil”. Jesus gradually brought people a truth, which these invisible rulers didn’t want them to know. His teachings about love, peace and spiritual as well as human independence were seen as a threat. Then he also in a cautious way taught that his “Father” isn’t the god they believed in. As it came that far, he had to die for it. The invisible ruler hoped that, with his death, his teachings would with time become forgotten. But it came to be differently.

                        Christianity spread, and through the murder of Jesus it was rather reinforced than weakened. Seeing this, the invisible rulers conceived a new strategy. They intended to infiltrate this Christianity and modify it in there own sense, so that it would no more be a threat to them but serve their purposes. This was done and led to the formation of a Church, while the original Gnostic Christianity was lost. Jesus’ teachings became twisted and falsified. In their place came the dogma of the Church and the real Christ was replaced by a fake “Christ”.

                        In every Church, the dead Jesus hangs on a cross with nails in hands and feet, with thorns in his head and with a wound in his side. This is a real voodoo-technique for blocking his power. The subconscious message to us is: “Jesus is dead! Now we are in power!” Then the triumph over his death was symbolized with the torture and murder tool he was killed with: the cross … If they had hanged him, I suppose the symbol of the Dogma would have been a rope with a slipknot…

                        Paul played an important role, maybe as an unconscious agent for the invisible rulers. He “converted” from being Saul, an enemy of Christians, to become the “apostle” Paul, who in a clever and sneaky way modified the teachings. That is how the alienation began, which later Constantine and others continued. They thereby also strove for a return to earlier patriarchal conditions, away from positive attitude to women that Jesus had. A new misogyny came into Christianity through the back door, the way the invisible patriarchal rulers wanted to have it. The possibility for a return of the Goddess could not be allowed. The female quality of the Holy Spirit should again be forgotten, and all tendencies for devotion to a divine femininity were tactically diverted to Mary. She is, of course, revered in her own right, but this reverence at the same time serves a secret deviation from the Goddess, who anew became forgotten.
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                          awakeing from ''normal'' into LEARNING HOW TO FUNCTION IN THE ABNORMAL.....

                          OFCOURSE many shall try and derail, and mock those who are being awakened to non acceptance of ''thats normal''. mentality

                          any thinking person, can see all manner of ugly fruits yet side with these same fruits because they have been ''told too'' by those in ''authority''

                          today in the UK newspaper some ''experts'' have told the gullible public, it is now OK to kill new born babies up to 5 yrs old and call this [''child sacrifice''] an ''abortion'' ''They'' believe it is perfectly acceptable form of abortion and are now pressing forwards to this adoption

                          so, the normal now will appear even more ''normal'' with the death of infants and small children.
                          [go do some homework]
                          well anyways.... here is a clip of a guy who doesn't consider ''normal'' worth 2 bits.
                          even if he is wrong in some cases. I do admire his stand for his own opinions.

                          ask ......
                          why do I have to conform to the opinions of others.?
                          well its all vanity.


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                            people are awakening and smell a rat.... an odor of ''regugnance''.....

                            over how this world is run
                            over how all religion is run
                            over how the unjust appear to prosper.

                            therefore the IMPACT of this will bring out education and light.

                            all those old programmes are grinding to a halt as the new information is coming forth.
                            People are noticing the INJUSTICE in all manner of things.
                            what is happening is.....
                            VANITY is being DETHRONED.
                            people are simply NOT BELIEVING what was ''the normal'' guidelines.

                            the system now is '' in your face'' - and people are no longer cruising along being told how to think by others and ''the establishment''.
                            the ''established religions of this world'' kill people.
                            the ''established governments of this world'' kill people.

                            there is NO future to staying in vanity = its deadly.
                            the old frightening gods and their laws - don't work.
                            the demonic network of religion, is getting holes in it.
                            The Trojan horses and their gods and spies are being revealed.

                            the old method of excusing evil, or giving excuses for evil won't work now as ignorance is disappearing and education and new thinking is happening.

                            it is absolute nonsense not to ''see'' an agenda running right though the bible.
                            '' to change things for the better'' they say.................................... really.

                            total nonsense.
                            VANITY WILL NEVER GET BETTER,
                            why not?
                            for starters.....
                            the gods of the OT use 3d vanity for their solutions..... hence you automatically know these gods are either ''human or demonic'' and their propaganda no longer is working.
                            you have to learn to bypass to get out of this nonsense.
                            why do we need these ''gods to tell us what to do and be persuaded what to do by them''

                            I know how to live correctly and I am fully responsible for my belief and conduct.
                            I don't need 613 OT laws to tell me how to live and be free.

                            do you?


                            everyone tried that road and they all died.
                            In a concentration camp of death.

                            imaging this scene.
                            trapped in a sandy small area,
                            eating the same food,
                            doing the same controlled worship each day and not to move out to design, create, do something different, but a concentration camp of boring rote and the smell of death hovering over this place, from the odor of dying lambs and the continual smell of blood.

                            it is insane madness.
                            a controlled madness.
                            a planned madness.
                            a society of madness.

                            when ''the light switch'' is turned on, and you ''see'' the ugliness for yourself, you get a shock, that you once believed in such a programme.
                            apostacy began at the beginning
                            antichrists began at the beginning
                            the corruption of the bible began at the beginning because a far greater ''power'' was at work than mere mortal power.
                            the deception goes down each rabbit hole because the ''shroud of death'' belongs to 3d vanity.
                            but, A TEAR rent this ugly shroud at the cross.

                            and truth came flooding through.


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                              the ''normalcy'' of the OT.....the rote of limited imagination and creativity.

                              the endless slaughter and the smell of blood and the cries of the animals in distress.
                              2 million people limited to laws of boredom and a system without any creative ability- a camp of torture and a mindset of rebellion.
                              the system of laws locked humans into an unnatural state, yet, it was termed as ''normal'' and those who still remain in an unnatural state do agree with the law.
                              recently people have discovered the bible has been altered, - the verse that said '' the lion shall lay down with the lamb'' has been ALTERED TO ''the wolf shall lay down with the lamb''.

                              also where it said two shall be in a bed, and one shall be taken'' - it now says '' 2 men shall be in a bed, and one shall be taken''
                              another alteration is
                              the old wine cannot be stored in new wineskins, has been altered to read, ''the old wine cannot be stored in bottles.''
                              3 examples of changes added to ''the word of god'' [ according to some new translations]

                              who said - the ''word is fully the word of god'' in entirety.

                              ofcourse it is not.

                              the 2 men in a bed, leaves the suggestion of homosexuality and that agenda now in fashion and out from the closet.
                              therefore as I have stated before - an agenda is present and all discerners can ''see'' it
                              THERE IS NOTHING HOLY about the characters or their gods.
                              YESHUA AND HIS FATHER;S WILL WALKED IN HOLINESS.
                              everything He revealed spells PURITY AND HOLINESS and when you don't see this character trait know... it is another agenda.