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ask What was the BAD NEWS, that needed the""" GOODNEWS ''''' to be preached.?

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  • ask What was the BAD NEWS, that needed the""" GOODNEWS ''''' to be preached.?

    i love the GOOD NEWS, I LIVE MY LIFE IN THE GOOD NEWS, and I will always stand for My Saviour, The Abba Father and the christ new life spirit. amen
    I am not interested into religious fairy tales, broken promises, false gods, and being controlled as A VICTIM.
    I am not interested in other people's views, as they are talkers not walkers in the main.
    I AM ONLY interested in the Gospel, My Saviour and His Teaching.
    I am only interested in THE ABUNDANT ''zoe'' LIFE eternal life here and now, being programmed into my soul.
    I am not interested in money fame lying riches and all manner of matrix values.

    therefore keeping this in mind I wish to ask

    why was it divinely called THE GOODNEWS.

    [PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL towards all men]

    the bad news would be
    NO peace on earth
    NO goodwill towards men.

    THE ABSENCE OF GOOD WILL ended 2000yr ago.
    THE BAD WILL ended 2000yrs ago

    this was the GOODWILL/GOODNEWS message.
    john 3 v 16 - the most known verse in the whole bible.......

    prior to this announcement, the prevailing worldly conditions had to have been


    THE BAD NEWS needed to go

    SO, one would ask this
    what caused THE BAD NEWS in the first place?
    why was THE GOODNEWS needed,?
    why was mankind perishing?

    I do believe these are good questions that need answered.


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    the epoch of the BAD NEWS,

    the BAD NEWS, made victims, who were continually judged as sinners and punished for their sins.

    the BAD NEWS was, the laws they were to be JUDGED BY no man could keep.
    the victims remained victims under the control of a jealous god.!!!!

    the real bad news was NO peace on earth and most certainly NO GOOD WILL towards man.

    the victims were hunted down, and butchered, without trial or compassion by the BAD NEWS gods.
    the bloodletting WAS a ritual, as the lambs were slain each day and the stink of this would permeate the whole atmosphere.

    the lambs would have known they were to die a terrible death and this ;;terror;; fed the unseen gods of evil.
    in turn, when the lambs were eaten, their terror and fear locked in as hormones into the meat, would enter into the people so FEAR RULED.

    THE GODS OF FEAR ruled their victims who could never escape because they weren't able to obey all these laws.
    the ritual, the dogmas made the whole population LIFE-LESS ZOMBIES.
    the boring ritual, the traditions, the LIFELESSNESS of boring death and the stink of it....yikes get the vomit bucket.

    let us all be so grateful, we were never lowered into this era of victimization by gods.


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      so, it is always a wise idea to put ourselves in....

      another's shoes to find out, how it would be to live like they do???

      how about we strip ourselves of our modern 21st century garbs, with 2 cars in the garage, 2 bathrooms and stockpile of great food in the refridge, snappy clothes and great adventures for our holidays....
      lets us get into the time machine, set the dial for say 3000yrs ago and zip on down the ages into

      VICTIMS DISNEY WORLD....owners 'the lord and YHWH' Inc.

      hurrah off we go................. zippo. into religious law fun fun fun.!!!
      a religious holiday camp
      HOLY CAMP... I got to get my new LAW MIND ON.....
      opps I am not sure now how to say YHWH...
      [ wait I will just put that aside for a min and work it out later - or is that a sin,!!!!]

      now my pals cannot call me ''lawless lucy''
      no I am in THE VICTIMS OF THE LAW camp....testing it out SPYING EVEN on their truths and dogmas....


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        well i put my 'spying' eyes the entrance to the ...

        ''victims of the law theme park...''
        as I wanted to leave my Gospel saviour GOODNEWS...and take on the god s called 'the lord and YHWH' REALITY AND CONTROL.

        it was a shock to see I can tell you so I had to re-adjust to the laws of moses to the jews only quick smart...
        lepers lepers..what was that verse in the OT...Lev 13 [Nasty # 13]
        [well there is a whole lot on lepers...
        pages of instructions, I actually wondered why the 2 gods just didn't heal the poor victims +give them a better diet ...]

        All the days he has the sore he shall be unclean.
        He is unclean, and he shall dwell alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.
        outside the camp was the judgments.

        well I do admit, I slipped back into the Good news and its glad tidings.....
        opps I couldn't help it...
        consider the contrast....
        the victim of the law of moses becomes a healed person by the LOVE OF ABBA AND HIS SON...

        yes Indeed..
        now I am off to spy out the land filled with badnews.
        thinking about the love of our Saviour kinda wants to make me cry....
        I then consider the great ugly heartlessness of the laws of Moses. to the sick and dying
        Feels like you want to cry over Our Saviour's HOLY LOVE and CARE DOESNT IT.


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          seeing the poor sad leper i failed to see the BADNEWS signboard

          at the entrance
          it was huge, some victims of the law were staring at it...
          I guess to memorise it so they wouldnt be murdered or stoned or some ghastly judgment happen to these bad bad bad SINNERS
          potential LAW BREAKERS, doing some much needed homework.

          now consider this problem.
          We know that the vast majority of the 613 commandments of the Mosaic Covenant were revealed in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. Deuteronomy is then written as the final word on the Mosaic Law, and the very name Deuteronomy means "repetition of the law."
          wow, so many pages so much to learn,
          In Deuteronomy 4 as Moses begins to go over the Law once again to Israel he commands the people to not add to it nor to subtract from any of the words contained within it (Deut 4:1-2).
          no no= the victims must learn '' we are zombies and controlled by the law of Moses''

          This means that the covenant is UNCHANGEABLE, at least as a complete covenant represented by the Ten Commandments.
          This does not merely mean that the Ten cannot be changed or added to, it means that the COMPLETE COVENANT PACKAGE OF 613 LAWS cannot be changed or added to.

          "You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God that I command you."
          Deuteronomy 4:2

          The Mosaic Covenant was one COMPLETE and unchangeable whole.
          It all stands or falls together.
          Nothing NEW can be added.
          QUESTION PLEASE YHWH - I have a problem....
          I noticed Sir, [ I have to call you Sir, I cannot pronounce your name]
          these people are not to well educated, nor skilled in the finer arts of true education, after all they have just been freed from revolting slavery so you cannot expect them to be learned as say a rocket scientists and super brainy, can you?.....
          so with this in mind....
          HOW ARE THEY TOO REMEMBER 613 laws you have given too them and how are these people going to obey You Sir when they cannot read 613 laws/
          do you think Sir, this is a little unfair here of you and your godhead advice.?

          you see,
          I am just visiting this ''victims of the law theme park,''
          and in my world of the GOSPEL OF YESHUA... HE MAKES HIS LAWS VERY SIMPLE A small child can understand them
          + anyone with a heart for our Father can learn them rather quickly and obey them.

          to give the unlearned 613 laws, to obey and then severely punish those who couldn't sounds rather like the '' I wanna be - god'' satan to me


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            well it was kinda sad to tell you the truth.....

            because while I was spying, out ''the victims of the law theme park'' I saw many people crying, weeping, sobbing, even fainting from their fears and bad news reporting.,

            I wondered why they were so upset so I asked ''excuse me, why are you weeping so badly''?

            well this red eyed woman said the people all found out this BAD NEWS...THEY WERE FORCED TO SAY AMEN because they didn't want to be punished as sinning rebels by this god they were controlled by.
            Deuteronomy 27: 26
            26“ ‘Cursed be anyone who does not confirm the words of this law by doing them.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’
            not a pleasant happy word I thought I must look it up to see what it means....

            damned · doomed · ill-fated · ill-starred ·
            star-crossed · anathematized · excommunicated · excommunicate · fey · jinxed · accursed

            yes I now could well understand their cries... but the smell of death was affecting my nostrils ... I needed a hanky ....what was this stink.... oh the sacrifices of the little lambs.
            If one believes the Bible, then this God ordered genocide and animal sacrifices, for instance.
            But Yeshua teaches: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6:27).'
            He did not teach the sacrifice of animals.
            Instead, He drove the animal merchants out of the temple.
            I do love His gospel


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              i asked around.....whom do you worship

              the lady with the red crying eyes said ''the lord''.
              the lord is his name. a man of war. exodus 15 v 3
              well she spoke in Hebrew so I had to translate it into English.

              In Hebrew, Je or Jeh or Jah means Lord or God [ref].

              The suffix “hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and has the meaning of “ruin, mischief.”

              It is another form of No. 1942, ‘havvah’, which is translated “calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous (thing), naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wickedness.”

              Put the two (Je + hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness”. And don’t forget ‘noisome‘ – which means it stinks! Simply put, Jehovah is The God of Evil!
              maybe they got the vowels wrong to make the name seem like this???

              why do they call him '' a man''. this man is 'the lord'.

              2 faces.
              one can see the contrast between the Prince of Peace of the gospels
              a moral contradiction
              YWHW the character of the first 5 books - the character is duel ie love and slaughter.
              an emotional abusive parent
              no parent would abuse and misuse in such a way upon their children.

              however what is very interesting is
              this 'lord'' this YHWH actions towards the masses [under its control] is the same as any dictatorship in this world called the matrix.
              this system, is the same as communism and other bad forms of earthly governments,
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                the same abuse of power covers the world with its governments of control

                Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
                the lady with the red crying eyes said ''the lord''.
                the lord is his name. a man of war. exodus 15 v 3
                well she spoke in Hebrew so I had to translate it into English.

                maybe they got the vowels wrong to make the name seem like this???

                why do they call him '' a man''. this man is 'the lord'.

                2 faces.
                one can see the contrast between the Prince of Peace of the gospels
                a moral contradiction
                YWHW the character of the first 5 books - the character is duel ie love and slaughter.
                an emotional abusive parent
                no parent would abuse and misuse in such a way upon their children.

                however what is very interesting is
                this 'lord'' this YHWH actions towards the masses [under its control] is the same as any dictatorship in this world called the matrix.
                this system, is the same as communism and other bad forms of earthly governments,
                these 'rules' no man was able to keep were given to slaves without any education even to read these 613 laws of control.
                the INJUSTICE was there from these 2 gods 'the lord' [ who was a man] and YHWH.
                these people were captives to a system they were unable to be released from and Yeshua said '' your are from your father the devil'' - a devilish system of control as a man made system here in many places of total governmental control.
                Being unable to read these laws, nor practice so many, no doubts many were butchered and slaughtered for minor infringements.

                So now to the GOSPEL AND THE GOODNEWS.....
                under this system YESHUA CAME TO SET MEN FREE.
                Not only from flaws of human nature but the system under the authorship of the devil.
                These unlearned slaves were used to HARSH TREATMENTS from their captors back in Egypt.
                perhaps Moses simply replaced Pharaoh and its form of abusing the sacredness of human lives. [ as spiritual beings having a human experience]

                a tit for tat mentality - you did this to me, I will do it back to you.
                one sin committed against another is for a reason based upon some form of INjustice.

                a thief will steal, because they have not got what they need.
                under the Lordship of Yeshua, all needs are supplied.
                a man will commit adultery, because his wife is not supplying his needs,
                under the Lordship of Yeshua, will supply the true wife for the man.

                the system of abuse to others always increases outwards as abuses grow and increase.
                The Gospel is not founded upon abusing fallen natures of man but to save them. amen.


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                  the role of satan is not that he hated men

                  but to sift and test men,[Yeshua said this to peter]

                  The role of the law of Moses to the jews only~~ was never a faith based test but a fleshy law of observing sacrifices and violence towards others and then themselves.
                  ~This same 'father god' lurks inside all nanny governments who ''delude the populations they are doing ''GOOD FOR THEM'' but, opening the back doors to control by violence then to create ''their order out from their own chaos''.
                  You can see the systematic breakdowns in each society and the proof of this form of LAW TO MOSES AND TO THE WORLD IS BECAUSE Satan controls as Yeshua found out personally
                  '' I will give you all the kingdoms of the world, if you fall down and worship me'' was the bold claim. Yeshua never gasped in shock nor denied such a bold claim.
                  Therefore the ''captives'' under moses were just as controlled by satan, as the heathens and the same goes on today as we see satan''s handiworks everywhere.
                  you can ''see'' the works of chaos in each nation at work, few escape this corruption.

                  religious people seem to forget, satan is extremely religious and knows every trick in the book and how to ''pose'' as the good guy ~~~~
                  he knows how to rewrite parts of the bible and make it messy and confused that is why people ''war over religion'' = it is ''the game of divide and conquer.''
                  why don't religious people twig onto this man?


                  but watch the adoring fans [ all nice people this churchy group] be so deceived and become trancelike and just plain stupid... who gets the
                  last laugh but satan who is being worshipped behind closed
                  church doors.

                  Yeshua never said ''become the workmanship of any other person in the OT or the NT''... only FOLLOW ME was the advice.

                  He was sent to set captives free.
                  Those under the law of Moses, Yeshua said 'your father is the devil'
                  to whom was HE SPEAKING OF?
                  PEOPLE say the Pharisee.... so who was the PHARISEE a product OF? GO BACK TO THE ROOT when you get there you find the devil.
                  People need to see there are ugly fruits within the law of Moses and violence was king~~~~ a system founded in acts of violence towards others.
                  SUBJECTED - to the law and its violence was a prime directive~ is rooted back to satan.

                  YHWH - was in direct opposition to those gods to Egypt and its religious system
                  It replaced nature with laws from YHWH - therefore you must believe the message also the Messenger and his elite successors
                  The book of the law of Moses, is first ~~~~then the messengers who have their own authority to tell others how to think. [Pharisees]
                  The same type of system as modern communism =the enshrinement and servitude of the masses to their elite.


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                    can we get our head around these OT gods....


                    the prodigal son OUR TRUE FATHER and the true gospel of our SAVIOUR.....


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                      the question needs to be asked...

                      how were millions of slaves,
                      unable to read nor write,
                      used to being misused and killed and abused by ''their controllers''....

                      how were they to
                      READ first
                      UNDERSTAND, second
                      FOLLOW third
                      all 613 LAWS of moses,

                      and ''obey every word that comes out of the mouth of their ''gods''.

                      the NUREMBERG TRIALS would have a field day with ''crimes against humanity'' [ go watch them on utube]

                      but we can excuse their gods because other nations we are told were so terrible, gross sins, all manner of disgusting habits etc....
                      yet..... the same type of propaganda came out from the press secretary of Adolf Hilter about the jews in 1940's

                      and again about the terrible arabs 2016 style propaganda cutting off fake heads and killings....

                      people who sit under the law of moses to the jews today, typing their theories on how we all must obey these laws YET FAIL TO DO ''''لll''''' OF THEM THEMSELVES.... as no one can keep 613 laws successfully - and the doom is
                      break one break all.

                      perhaps religious insanity runs in families as some weird mental aberration - that makes them beyond reason and good old common sense


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                        ''The WORD of God'' is creative life....

                        all things were made [ created] out from His Nature to CREATE LIFE.
                        TO CREATE LIFE, life was to BE WITHIN THE VERY NATURE OF THE CREATOR.... as the highest level of creating frequencies of LIFE.... eternal life.
                        THE WORD,[Yeshua] CREATED LIFE out from HIS ETERNAL LIFE.

                        Therefore it is impossible for this CREATION OF LIFE to cause death, for there is NO DEATH in eternal life.
                        It cannot be found in THE WORD

                        WHEN YESHUA had to GIVE UP HIS nature and eternal life, HE HAD TO DESCEND DOWN the frequency levels to become darkness and death, in order to take the keys of death from the devil who is MURDER [ death]

                        The WORD OF LIFE,IS THE VERY NATURE OR CHARACTER OF LIVING LIFE....its zoe. without end, imperishable, everlasting.

                        THE ''LORD'' AND ''YHWH'' gods of the OT were murderers and liars, who changed their minds at regular intervals. killing maiming and destroying and doing right in their own eyes to controlled victims/captives to a system, they were locked into.

                        THE WORD cannot be the gods of the OT because these 2 gods brought death to those under their unjust laws no man could keep;
                        A LOVING father EVEN ON EARTH really never stoops to kill their children, why even mothers of gross murderers on earth, visit their child in jail.

                        The WORD Yeshua in the NT was actually showing forth HIS NATURAL LIFE CHARACTER and NO death was found within HIM
                        infact DEATH FLED AT HIS VOICE....
                        SO HOW COULD HE ORDER vast violence and terrible tortures to fallen humans He came not to judge but the save,
                        that is totally impossible.

                        DEATH FLED AT HIS COMMANDS AND VOICE~~~~~ use common sense please.

                        Now for Yeshua to die on the cross, HE HAD TO DESCEND down all the frequencies, from the top frequency [agape love] to the bottom frequency,[sin and death] and the trip downwards from one frequency lowered into another one causes his blood vessels to burst.
                        IT WAS HERE THE SAVIOUR BEGAN HIS JOURNEY INTO DEATH AND HE GRAVE.,[ in the garden]

                        therefore IF THE WORD WAS THE KILLER GOD, in the OT his whole nature would remain trapped in the frequency of death and remain there as the devil does.
                        THE DEVIL is death and rebellion trapped inside that dark frequency..... without escape.
                        a liar
                        a murderer

                        NOT, THE WORD
                        IT IS TOTALLY impossible for THE WORD TO KILL anyone ever never ever....

                        Notice as Yeshua decended down the frequency chains of life into death, EVEN OUR FATHER had to TURN AWAY from this descending.
                        YESHUA LEFT FORSAKEN IN THE DEATH REALM by His Father amen [eternal life could enter into death]

                        WHAT MOST LIARS NEVER UNDERSTAND when they rehash the bible and make it like a man's way...
                        THEY DONT UNDERSTAND FREQUENCIES and how they work.
                        YESHUA tells His disciples THIS WHOLE STRUCTURE and how to RETURN to THE TRUE MAN OF OUR SPIRIT.
                        thats is why a disciple will never listen to strangers.

                        THE BIBLE IS A MIXTURE OF LIES AND TRUTHS... and a disciple DISCERNS these with study and practicing LIVING INSIDE THE TRUTH.

                        the cowboys OF PAULINE RELIGIONS move in and preach lies from generation to generation never even knowing THE WORD OR ABBA in a full on personal relatonship.
                        ARE SOME characteristics displayed in Yeshua as THE WORD OF GOD [ABBA]

                        on the other hand to consider...
                        How did anceint men build the pyramids, carrying huge blocks of stone no crane could lift today?
                        How did the pyramids and the sphinx come to be in he very center of this earth and hidden beneath is the halls of records.

                        BECAUSE HERE WAS A ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY unheard of today so great and so vast, some seems to have originated within fallen angels and their kind.
                        ENOCH does describe some technology was given to mankind from fallen beings.

                        the fallen angels working as angels of light could well deceive Moses and others as they continue to do today in all manner of religious ways and how men ae so convinced their worship ''the true God''.

                        THE TRUE ABBA is nothing like these monsters of death and destructions.
                        YESHUA'S very words DENOUNCE such gods of the OT...'' I COME NOT TO JUDGE BUT TO SAVE THE LOST.'' amen
                        yeshua doesnt have judgment WITHIN HIMSELF BUT SALVATION....ANOTHER eternal life expression of His divineness.


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                          a piece of ancient technology???

                          makes for a good read...


                          the ark of the covenant.... basically showing us the TECH gods.????


                          Through twenty-first century eyes, when we read the story of the ark, we can easily imagine that this was a piece of technology.
                          It seems to have been, among other things, a projection device by which Moses was able to have face-to-face conversations with the LORD.
                          The use of smoke (incense) seems to have provided the medium in which the image of the LORD appeared, and the wings of the cherubim forming a roof over the mercy seat seem to be part of the design of this viewport.
                          And while this device was built by men, one can't help but wonder if the angel of the LORD added some finishing touches to it, to account for the miraculous things it did.

                          Recently, scientists have speculated that the ark was a giant capacitor, a common electrical component having two electrically conductive plates separated by a gap, where one plate carries a positive charge and the other a negative charge.
                          The ark could have functioned as a capacitor, they say, because each piece of wood was gold plated on the inside and the outside, and gold is best electrical conductor on the planet, better than copper. The wood in between provided the gap.
                          They point out that the tips of each cherubim's wings did not quite touch each other, and from this gap, it is written, came the two laser-like beams that destroyed the snakes, thorns, etc, from before their path as they travelled.
                          The LORD only knows the details of this technology, but we can see from the text that it certainly does sound like technology.
                          Nikola Tesla’s Speculations on the Ark of the Covenant

                          For centuries, the Ark was viewed as a mystical object from God, beyond the knowledge of man. However, that changed on September 9, 1915, when the famous scientist Nikola Tesla published an article entitled The Wonder World to be Created by Electricity. In it, he made the following astounding claim:

                          …Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. The Bible describes precisely and minutely arrangements constituting a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against silk curtains and stored in a box constructed like a condenser. It is very plausible to assume that the sons of Aaron were killed by a high tension discharge…

                          The term condenser is an older word for what we now know as a capacitor, or an electrical machine capable of storing energy. Tesla thought that the Ark generated static electricity by causing air to rub against curtains. This created static electricity which was then stored inside the Ark, turning the box into a giant Leyden Jar. But how did this work exactly?

                          The Secret of the Ark of the Covenant?

                          According to Michael Blackburn and Mark Bennett, the true secret lies within the Tabernacle (in the picture below, the Ark is in the foreground while the Tabernacle is being constructed in the background). The Tabernacle was a roofless, three-walled wooden structure. It was closed off with curtains made of different materials, including goat’s hair and rams’ skins. These curtains rubbed against each other, creating an initial static charge. As this charge built up, the entire structure along with the Ark became highly electrified. At full tilt, Blackburn and Bennett estimate that the Ark would’ve been capable of carrying a charge in the range of fifty thousands volts.

                          Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

                          The theory that the Ark carried massive amounts of static electricity accounts for the oddities mentioned above. First, anyone foolish enough to touch it risked death by electric shock. Second, the enormous build-up of static electricity within the Tabernacle would’ve been more than enough to keep Moses from entering it. And third, the communications from God could be explained by an electrical discharge. In other words, when the static electricity within the Ark reached a certain level, it would’ve been able to overcome air resistance and in effect, jump from one cherubim to the other one. This would take the form of “an intense burst of brilliant light of considerable duration and power.”

                          It must be noted that this theory doesn’t explain everything. According to the Bible, the waters of the River Jordan parted before the Ark. Also, after being captured by the Philistines, they suffered boils, tumors, and other plagues which they attributed to the Ark. In addition, the Ark was instrumental in bringing down the walls of Jericho, acting as a sort of ancient weapon of mass destruction.

                          So, was the Ark a piece of ancient, brilliant technology? There seems to be a distinct possibility that this is the case.



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                            in the OT no person scarred or marred

                            could approach their gods.
                            Lev 21 v 18


                            Yeshua, healed and held the sick and the dying in His arms.
                            WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOUR I SERVE. amen.

                            consider the contrasts as the fruit ye know them by amen

                            Throughout Yeshua's ministry, he methodically brings up old testament doctrine and then refutes it
                            Is the New Testament really an extension of the "Old", or does it present a new God altogether?

                            the best way to TEST what is written is by the fruit it bears. Yeshua said too~~~~
                            if a murderer writes, in the bible, can we question what is written as their testimony?
                            if a murderer/or mass murderer was in jail and came out, how would we feel, living next door to this person....


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                              the fruits are the test of the spirit behind the actions...

                              for a glimpse of these fruits... to the bad news people.

                              bloodthirsty massacres” were carried out with “xenophobic relish.”
                              Joshua’s destruction of Jericho is “morally indistinguishable from Hitler’s invasion of Poland,” or Saddam Hussein’s massacres of the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs.”

                              Beside all this, we have to contend with the “ubiquitous wierdness of the Bible” as well as the moral failures and hypocrisies of biblical characters:
                              a drunken Lot seduced by and engaging in sexual relations with his daughters (Genesis 19:31–36);
                              Abraham’s twice lying about his wife Sarah (Genesis 12:18,19; 20:1–18);
                              Jephthah’s foolish vow that resulted in sacrificing his daughter as a burnt offering (Judges 11).1
                              3 witnesses to weirdness and sins.

                              for those who LIVE WITHIN THE LAWS OF MOSES TO THE JEWS,,, basically are hypocrites...
                              if the Bible is true in their eyes they should be stoning people to death for heresy, adultery, homosexuality, worshipping graven images, and “other imaginary crimes.” Referring to Deuteronomy 13:6–11,
                              To be a a consistent Bible-believer/ law keeping Moses-ite they should stone their his son or daughter if she comes home from a yoga class a devotee of Krishna.
                              Indeed, we can recognize right and wrong without God or the Bible: we can know objective moral truths without “the existence of a lawgiving God” and can judge Hitler to be morally reprehensible “without reference to scripture.”

                              Indeed, we can recognize right and wrong without God or the Bible: we can know objective moral truths without “the existence of a lawgiving God” and can judge Hitler to be morally reprehensible “without reference to scripture.”