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Ofcourse ~~~~~''its OFF the record''.......................................

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  • Ofcourse ~~~~~''its OFF the record''.......................................

    a revelation OFCOURSE ~~~~~~ but its off the record.....................

    when Eve was IN the Garden of Eden, she lived in the truth of a divine reality.
    she lived in harmony and soundness /true life and wellness.

    it was IN this place Eve's thoughts became INTERUPTED by another force [ called the serpent] that made her reconsider her reality and then [at the Serpents suggestion] '' SWITCH'' her mind over to a dual reality called

    SO 2 realities now are found in existance.
    * a divine reality
    * the serpent reality

    We are told Eve was seduced/deceived away from the soundness of The Truth and its holy realities. [termed wisdom/the tree of life]
    Wisdom/Tree of Life has its own reality
    the Tree of knowledge of good and evil as its own deceived reality.

    So we are told '' the whole world lies in deception'' or '' the power of the wicked one''
    was exchanged for

    THIS WORLD lies in another reality called '' deception/wickedness''
    Everything IN this world reality is based upon deception that lies in wickedness,
    Everyone is birthed in a realm of deception/wickedness.
    None are birthed into the holy Truth and its divine realities.
    '''The INCORRUPTABLE SEED'''' is impregnated into them [ as per Mary as a type ] via the Holy Spirit of Life.
    then 2 realms walk side by side.

    Some people NOW are learning how to EXPLAIN [ in modern terms] this situation and how it works.
    The 1st film of the Matrix, is an excellent example to awaken some to their plight......[ this seems to be the first idea of an ''awakening'' process]

    NOW we find many are finding a way to describe these 2 realms and how they both function.
    The ''serpent force OR REALITY'' is being EXPOSED and more shall come out as ''knowledge increases'' for the WISE.
    Ofcourse amid this ''mix'' the counterfeit trumpets its wares.

    To consider the TRUTH REALM [as our example] we begin in the Garden of Eden, and THEN move into THE GOSPEL of actions- with all its WORKS of true MINISTRY AND true ADVICE OF THE TRUTH Himself [Yeshua]
    In the Middle we find all the choices, advice, acts, rebellions, of a people who lived under the reality of sin and death by eating from its knowledge.
    The power of this place - '' birthed into reality'' - was too strong and most died from their sins.

    now WE COME TO TODAY and what is what and how it all fits together.
    an awakening is happening....

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    SO~~~~ the question to ask is,

    WHAT made Eve switch realms
    what made Eve, [ the deceived] take the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil?
    [ofcourse everyone will have their own opinions]


    We are told EVE WAS DECEIVED AND SEDUCED AWAY from..........................
    how about this.

    EVE was introduced to a different energy frequency [ i.e. switched radio stations]
    she was deceived/seduced into TUNING INTO a construct that WAS A LIE and not the TRUTH.
    ONCE inside this new reality or frequency she was unable to ''switch off'' or ''found it so attractive'' [ as hypotnised into a trance]

    notice ''the fruit'' IS A SUBSTANCE/ A REALITY- that DISPLAYS its core foundation.
    the core of this deception, this wave length, this frequency was death by sin,

    we have to look at the words used...
    [tricked into believing a lie]

    Eve was ''tricked'' into changing her truth frequency....
    She went onto another wave length, and this ''new reality for her'' was a LYING WONDER....
    A LYING FALSE realm.....and all who entered in became DECEIVED.
    The bible uses its own words to describe this ''switching of realms''
    from 1 frequency called THE TRUTH
    to another frequency called DECEPTION.

    one thing to remember....
    a miracle is really something quiet easy to explain....[once you know how it works]
    as example...
    remember Moses and Jannes and Jambres and their snakes that turned to rods.
    Moses snake ate the 2 magicians snakes, hurrah.
    but do you know how they did it?
    Well - to turn a snake into a rod, you squeeze a spot behind its ears and it stiffens and stays like it for a few minutes, that is why Pharoah was not impressed by Moses and His snake, at the time and would NOT let the people go.

    so now...
    PERHAPS WE can discover a natural EXPLANATION of what happen to Eve.
    perhaps it is all to do with waves and a construct we all were unaware of,
    perhaps not....


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      lots of news here.....[to be aware]

      THE 'MARK' and what it does...................only.


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        the warning goes...''TAKE NO THOUGHTS''

        Perhaps now we can be AWARE of ''why not''?
        do you THINK your personal thoughts?
        are your personal thoughts injected FROM FEEDING PARASITES.


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          how one conversatation can change the world.

          by becoming aware of the cause and its effect.

          wisdom COMES when the strongholds of mind control are exposed and examined and the root causes are explained [naturally]
          its all to do with perceptions.


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            ofcourse its off the record..................

            Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
            by becoming aware of the cause and its effect.

            wisdom COMES when the strongholds of mind control are exposed and examined and the root causes are explained [naturally]
            its all to do with perceptions.
            *how one conversation can change the world*.
            the awakening
            the enlightening
            to explain the invisible natural.....the holographic matrix we think of as '' the real'' when it is based on perception and lies.....[i,e. lowered into vanity the bible calls it].
            a false real world, we think of as the real......................
            when in truth......
            the REAL was the Garden of Eden type of divine PROVISION /care and share/love joy and peace......
            now all gone and in its place hell and destruction faked reality we think of it as NORMAL...

            So~~~~how is the unreal lying reality KEPT IN PLACE- how is this hellish deception called vanity/matrix= kept in place as a CULTure of sin, lies and bad vibes.
            the same way ''''''the mysterious they'' did 9/11..... and the whole world believed a lie.....[most still do, some don't now AFTER INVESTIGATING as a detective on a case]

            its all about perception
            and perception is based on mind control.
            the game is called ''smoke and mirrors''.....yet... it goes far deeper and entwined with physics and vibrations and waves of light [ very difficult to explain] However Father is opening up WISDOM for some to tell others HOW IT WORKS AND HOW TO ESCAPE. amen.

            the programme is CAUSE/ACT/RE-ACTION = to develop chaos into decay and death.

            when you can ''see through'' it [ Yeshua advice ''get eye salve''] the whole sorry sad saga COLLAPSES upon itself. amen
            this is how THE DEVIL IS DESTROYED.... and freedom comes to those who are wise unto salvation.

            When Yeshua was 12yrs old He had wisdom and was teaching the religious how to HE KNEW how it worked and NEVER WENT into this vain reality till He had to as a sacrifice and sweated blood from this experience,
            He changed terrible and we don't even know the half of it.


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              so.... IN the realm of evil.....

              ''FEAR'' is lunch time.
              in a FEAR BASED society FEAR is sinner time/dinner time.
              in the Garden of Eden realm we are told '' I have not given you a SPIRIT [notice fear is a spirit] of FEAR.
              so who did?
              who gave you all your fears.?
              find out~~~~~~~~~

              so what actually is .F.E.A.R.

              so the realm of evil is A LYING REALM OF FALSE EVIDENCES.
              how does it happen... how come this FALSE EVIDENCE is so real to us all YET the divine truth SO INVISIBLE.

              IT ALL TO DO WITH our *PERCEPTION* and what we are trained up by from birth
              we are all trained up by a LYING FAKE EVIDENCE that is programmed into our mind [into our world] by A SYSTEM [a web] operating somewhere by sending in electromagnet waves, thought bombs and that disributes a lying reality that is NOT TRUE.

              here is a clue.
              ''ye though i walk THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, i will FEAR NO EVIL''.

              we are *IN* this world [a shadow] but *not* OF THIS WORLD [not in the shadow]
              WE ARE *IN* the negative but need to be POSITIVE.

              [ so much for the power of positive thinking - even a glimmer of truth is there]

              Yeshua said GET EYE Salve

              [Rev 3] so ye may see,
              we all need to ''SEE'' our true reality as God's precious children.

              now another clue is
              YESHUA DIED THEN THE VEIL WAS RENT - there came a tear in this system of control - A GLITCH,
              A TEAR happened in the fabric of our atmosphere [ a malfunction began]
              a PART OF the atmosphere [over all creation] was TORN OUT AND SHREDDED and the moment this happened THE WHOLE SYSTEM was defeated.....

              IT WAS A system MALFUNCTION. amen
              the cross experience of The Saviour FLICKED OFF THE SYSTEM OF MIND CONTROL.
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                what is INVERSION
                a change in the position, order, or relationship of things so that they are the opposite of what they had been
                EVIL is LIVE
                LIVE is EVIL.

                that is inversion.
                a change of position
                a change of relationship
                a change in the natural order.

                by changing the frequencies.

                so once you understand [ the Day Star arising by gaining prophetic knowledge]....... how to overcome, the enemy= is not far behind.


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                  when a balloon is PRICKED..... [by a very small hole like a pin]

                  its ''air'' runs out and it is DEFLATED and no longer a Balloon - but a dead thing, limp and useless.
                  so now reconsider....that
                  Yeshua RENT the veil over this temple.....
                  Yeshua has torn open the shrouds of sin and deception.
                  Yeshua has torn open the fabric of the ''tree of lies''
                  Yeshua [work on the cross] busted the balloon sin and death.
                  Yeshua BURST OPEN the Matrix
                  Yeshua BURST OPEN vanity.

                  this ''tear'' allowed the atmosphere [in creation ] of sin and death to impode upon itself.
                  the festering boil has been lanced and the poisons removed.
                  this action is called
                  ''death is swallowed up into Life''.

                  consider this....
                  the sin and death law of the Matrix could only rush out now though the tear/vent in the fabric over all creation.
                  where would this ugly evil law of sin and death go too?

                  DEATH WAS S.W.A.L.L.O.W.E.D. UP INTO LIFE.
                  [ 2 realms playing their roles in the divine plan]
                  2 SYSTEMS
                  sin and death versus eternal life in incorruption.

                  WHEN Yeshua died upon The cross as a scacrifice for mankind, the veil [as wide as a man's palm] was rent into two [impossible]
                  yet YESHUA DID IT.

                  no man could crack open the shroud of vanity
                  no man could crack open the Matrix and its power of mind control

                  In the Gospel of Nicodemus, it is clearly stated and when Yeshua walked into the ''underworld'' death and satan had a punch out......
                  death turned on satan and said ''what have you done''.


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                    the powerful became POWERLESS....................

                    The Gospel of Nicodemus. — Unknown
                    Then Hades, receiving Prince Satan, said to him, with vehement revilings:

                    ''O prince of perdition, and leader of extermination, Beelzebub, derision of angels, to be spit upon by the just, why didst thou wish to do this? Didst thou wish to crucify the King of glory, in whose death thou didst promise us so great spoils?
                    Like a fool, thou didst not know what thou wast doing.
                    For, behold, that Jesus by the splendour of His divinity is putting to flight all the darkness of death, and He has broken into the strong lowest depths of our dungeons, and has brought out the captives, and released those who were bound.
                    And all who used to groan under our torments insult us, and by their prayers our dominions are taken by storm, and our realms conquered, and no race of men has now any respect for us.
                    Moreover, also, we are grievously threatened by the dead, who have never been haughty to us, and who have not at any time been joyful as captives.
                    O Prince Satan, father of all impious wretches and renegades, why didst thou wish to do this?
                    Of those who from the beginning, even until now, have despaired of salvation and life, no bellowing after the usual fashion is now heard here; and no groaning of theirs resounds, nor in any of their faces is a trace of tears found.
                    O Prince Satan, possessor of the keys of the lower regions, all thy riches which thou hadst acquired by the tree of transgression and the loss of paradise, thou hast now lost by the tree of the cross, and all thy joy has perished.
                    When thou didst hang up that Christ Jesus the King of glory, thou wast acting against thyself and against me.
                    Henceforth thou shalt know what eternal torments and infinite punishments thou art to endure in my everlasting keeping.
                    O Prince Satan, author of death, and source of all pride, thou oughtest first to have inquired into the bad cause of that Jesus.
                    Him in whom thou perceivedst no fault, why, without reason, didst thou dare unjustly to crucify?
                    and why hast thou brought to our regions one innocent and just, and lost the guilty, the impious, and the unjust of the whole world?
                    And when Hades had thus spoken to Prince Satan, then the King of glory said to Hades:
                    Satan the prince will be in thy power for ever, in place of Adam and his sons, my just ones.

                    interesting after thought.........
                    ''O prince of perdition, and leader of extermination, Beelzebub, derision of angels, to be spit upon by the just, why didst thou wish to do this?
                    Didst thou wish to crucify the King of glory, in whose death thou didst promise us so great spoils?
                    Like a fool, thou didst not know what thou wast doing.
                    the serpent got caught himself and MADE THE WRONG CHOICE, from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.


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                      notice= the duality of................

                      MAKING A WRONG CHOICE
                      how interesting to ''see'' this in print.
                      what edification!!!!!
                      [from our ancient friend Nicodemus]

                      ''O prince of perdition, and leader of extermination, Beelzebub, derision of angels, to be spit upon by the just, why didst thou wish to do this?
                      Didst thou wish to crucify the King of glory, in whose death thou didst promise us so great spoils?
                      Like a fool, thou didst not know what thou wast doing.

                      in the whole of all creation there is ONLY 1 choice as demonstrated by Yeshua.
                      namely TO DO THE FATHER'S WILL

                      then we ''see'' this inside the sentence saying,....
             be spit upon by the just........
                      who? are THE JUST that do this spitting?


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                        the whole world is a stage...................

                        we are told = a play perhaps.... a game even????????????

                        stewart best wrote this..................
                        in part [lightgate blogger].........................................

                        “THE GAME”. Life is a game. We are the kings, the queens, the rooks.
                        We are the checkers on the board.

                        Now imagine that when you are born, you are born into A GAME.
                        Imagine, if you will, it is a REAL AND DEADLY GAME.
                        The game is allowed to go on for a set period of time, then it closes down.
                        GAME OVER.
                        Before the game is over, one might hear rumors of an END GAME.
                        Ever you heard of that?
                        Could it be a warning of some type?

                        Now imagine that the one who DESIGNED AND BUILT THE GAME has a totally “OUTSIDE THE BOX” objective.
                        He looks for people who realize that all of life is a game, and begin to ask questions about it.
                        Imagine further that what the DESIGNER of all of this is looking for.
                        Could it be that He is looking to see who PLAYS THE GAME and WHO IS LOOKING AND SEARCHING OUT THE DESIGNER OF THE GAME, and who wants to find out why the game came into being in the first place?

                        And so the Creator of the game possibly watches over it, and looks to find those that have finally figured out that the entire game is a deception, a lie, and that NO TRUTH CAN BE FOUND THERE, in spite of all the books, the libraries and the “wisdoms of this world”.

                        Could it be that it is they who the Creator rejoices over?
                        That they have figured at that TO PLAY THE GAME IS SHEER VANITY, a worthless pursuit, a lie of all lies, and at the end, ALL IS VANITY, YOU LOSE?

                        Could it be that the Creator of it all gave many a clue that NO REAL ANSWERS COULD BE FOUND HERE?
                        That no matter where one would look, no matter how many books they read, there were no REAL ANSWERS, just opinions of those who played the game, died and went into another dimension, not be seen again?
                        Is it possible?
                        Consider it.


                        I propose one would have to seek WHY the game is being played in the first place.............
                        I propose the game has clues for all game detectives
                        I propose the game detectives seek for clues that join the dots.
                        I propose the dots begin to connect the impossible to the possible.
                        I propose that the jigsaw picture falls into place and '' the detectives find the murderer and the plans are revealed''.


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                          lets all jump on the band wagon...........................???????


                          ummm the CULT of ''A lying deception'' might become a ''craze''?


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                            being cleansed from our sin [ being removed from satanic mind control]


                            John 15:3
                            " You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you.


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                              change THE SCRIPTS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


                              NEW script writers please apply...nearest Media outlet

                              have u 1/2 a brain?