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did you never notice/or wonder over why???????

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  • did you never notice/or wonder over why???????

    Yeshua called Himself the BRIDEGROOM and not just '' the GROOM''?

    He is the bride/groom - having both elements [ the male spirit and the female soul] rejoined and married.
    Yeshua had both components within Himself joined meaning
    – the Bride (soul) and Groom (Spirit) and this union produced the kingdom age all around Him so much that others were able to step into that realm and do the same miraculous works as He.

    a disciple is to copy this walk.

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    i do......

    do you ever challenge some of the most hallowed legends of church religion?

    [ a passion for martyrdom.]


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      Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
      do you ever challenge some of the most hallowed legends of church religion?

      [ a passion for martyrdom.]
      INTERESTING topic....
      i rather liked the alternative
      It wasn’t just how the early Christians died that inspired so many people in the ancient world; it was how they lived.

      the ''hallowed legends'' perhaps become rather ''hollow'' if the truth be fully known.
      yes indeed


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        WRESTLING with situations in our lives.....

        ofcourse this is the hard yards and the way of Father has selected to PURGE our corruption out.

        WE ARE TO WRESTLE for the TRUTH over our situations and as we wrestle our lives are changed.
        This wrestling over the truth FORMS the new creation and christ will appear IN us.


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            citizen cattle



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              can u learn how NOT to respond..................................

              to the reptilian mindset? [satanic influences]

              you can.


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                does'nt the bible tell....

                it is FATHER who marks the BOUNDARIES to the nations?
                In fact, Scripture teaches that God sets the boundaries for all nations. ...

                God Sets Up Nations As He Desires
                God is the one who sets up nations. Moses wrote.
                When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all humankind, He set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel
                (Deuteronomy 32:8).
                well ofcourse satan has another agenda, obviously manifesing now with a mighty evil intention.

                the situation in we hear of these type of things in the controlled media?

                I am going to unpolitically correct by saying what I am about to say - and I cannot stay silent anymore… I worry very much about the future! Germany and Sweden are currently the two countries in Europe who accept most of the refugees (many are economic migrants!) coming to Europe! Sweden is admittedly a relatively large country with lots of space, but has a population of only about 10 million! I want to see a reduced and sustainable amount of refugee immigration every year, not the mad numbers we have been receiving in recent years and are currently receiving. Who is paying for all of this? It will eventually be at a cost for ALL of the current population of Sweden and our way of life - rich and poor! There aren’t enough homes being built to supply the demand, healthcare is suffering, schools are suffering and grades are falling, elderly care is suffering, not enough student flats being built, the railway maintenance is falling behing, there is a lack of ordinary jobs for the low educated, shootings and granate attacks are increasing in the big cities etc etc. Integration has NOT worked adequately for the last 10 years! I cannot help thinking that Hungary’s prime minister Victor Orban has a point in saying “What will it solve if we divide 50,000 or 100,000 migrants among us, when uncountable millions will be on the way?” There are currently about 60 million refugees in the world - should we be saying to all of them ‘’Welcome to the smorgasbord of Europe’’?? (what is going to be left of it...) Well there you go, that is my opinion!

                The above was posted on Facebook by a Swedish niece of mine!!

                Eric of Brighton Le Sands (Reply)
                Mon 07 Sep 15 (08:28am)


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                  is this the Truth of the matter?????


                  "The people who vote are the masters, aren't they?
                  They have given you whatever authority you've got.''

                  consider this...
                  if you dont vote what right do you have to complain?


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                    the ? is asked...

                    what is killing america.
                    what is killing the nations of the world?

                    when nations die.
                    do you know why?


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                      is there an ''innocent bystander''?

                      the simple fact that ''good men did nothing''?
                      yes its a worry.

                      America meddles in the affairs of sovereign nations around the world and is guilty of murder and mass murder all around the globe in the name of “national security.”
                      The nations that have subverted or destroyed for “regime change” will bring a Payback, and soon.
                      what happens to a GUILTY nation?
                      does ''sowing and reaping'' apply?

                      consider the alternative.... say like a ''Venus project''
                      have you heard of it....
                      an amazing concept.
                      I loved it.

                      why didn't America make the rest of the world a creative abundant garden paradise rather than killing fields?

                      did you raise your voice in protest?
                      ummm....or stay silent..

                      I watch the fake preachers, teachers, evangelists and so-called prophetic scholars’ sweet talk the stupid Christian out of their money and their salvation..
                      And then I remember what Jesus said about all of this. “I do not pray for the world…”

                      are americans more stupid than the rest of the nations?
                      there is NO such a person as an ''innocent bystander'' all remain guilty as they watch from the sidelines


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                        suddenly some form of chaos arises....wham..... right in your face....

                        days and days of ''chaos created news''
                        - the sky is fallin' do somethin'....
                        then silence you never hear of the 'chaos again''.

                        so you think '' i wonder what happened too.............?????''
                        and you never hear what ''happened in the end''......?????

                        can it be manufactured news hype.... i.e. made up with crisis ''actors'' playing roles.?

                        perhaps the truth is.............
                        HOLLYWOOD makes our ''daily news'' now and we don't even have to pay to see the movie.
                        its one great big MOVIE WORLD

                        ''and its all only make believe''.
                        [the sky is fallin' chicken little ]


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                          raping of womenhood....



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                            get ya head around that

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                              thats sad......