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Evil Wickedness In High Places!!

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  • Evil Wickedness In High Places!!

    Shalom to everyone,

    Warning!!I'm sure everyone is now aware of the ebola epidemic in West Africa, and the first person to bring ebola to U.S. state of Texas was from West Africa via an airline flight, and he is now dead, and two nurses that treated him is now infected with the ebola virus. However, what most people are not aware of is that all the default procedures have been ignored by high ranking officials in the U.S. This seems to have been done on purpose, as such is willful ignorance.

    Most other countries, except the U.S. has banned all airline flights from ebola stricken Africa over a month ago, this is the first default procedure that should have been implemented in the U.S. and now the ebola virus outbreak has begun in the U.S. The stop of airline flights from Africa, and sealing the southern U.S. border from Mexico would be the best sense, but the top U.S. officials are ignoring this default procedure on purpose! This ebola outbreak is beginning now in the U.S. If this outbreak of ebola continues in the U.S. people had better start thinking about "self isolation or self quarantining their families" as a default from possible infected people, and of course ask ALL MIGHTY YAH for protection, after all it is His will, and if you are in His will.

    It's long overdue, and decent people should stand up for the truth, stand up and speak against the evil in this country, and stand up and speak out against wickedness in high places.


    Eliyahu C.

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    Media Propaganda And Deception.

    Believe it or not, the establishment media and news papers are bought off by big corporations, and there are about 4 people who now own all of them, and they also control all aspects of what Americans view on TV . If you don't believe it, you can do some research on this for yourself, as all this is now public knowledge, and this is now a witness and warning. This is an important video for your own education of the mass deception of the media and who owns them.

    First, go to my website, and click on the first video link on top here:

    Behind the Big News

    There are a few things to notice in this video: First J.P. Morgan, Warburg, Rockefeller, and associates of the Council on Foreign Relations(C.F.R. Note: Their symbol is a white horse!)who bought out all the media, including the newspapers, and even the news casters are C.F.R. members.

    Second: These people helped in the deception of collectivism of bringing Fidel Castro to power.

    Third: Chinagate with Bill Clinton selling secret U.S. Technology to China, and Clinton/China money laundering for treason, and the majority of the American public never even knew it.

    YAH Bless!

    Eliyahu C.


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      U.S, Built Up U.S.S.R. North Korea, and Hitler!!

      This documentary video will shock the average American into reality, you may have to watch this video more than once, in order to get the full gist of information.

      Professor Antony C. Sutton was an important man, he wrote several books documenting how the U.S. high elite directly and indirectly built up Communist countries, and you can read about this man here.. The information this man gives is fully documented, and I would encourage you to do the research on this info. for yourself.

      The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - An Interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton Watch here:

      Note the men and companies mentioned in this video.
      People, the U.S, is in dire straits, and it is heading the way of a Totalitarian Government, and the same as Germany in the 1930s to 1940s.


      Eliyahu C.


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        All Power Leads To The Roman Papalism!

        The beast of Revelation 13:11 that comes up out of the earth is a mirror image of the beast of Revelation 13:1, and he causes all to worship the first beast.

        Who is in control of the "skull and bones, the Trilateral Commission, the Comity of 300, the Bildebergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the F.B.I, and the C.I.A.?? Who is in control of them all? The Roman Papacy!

        This video should be watched in its entirety, you can pause the video and read all the documentation, it has a part 1 and 2. Please note the men and people mentioned in this video!

        274 - Reaping the Whirlwind - Part 1 / Repairing the Breach watch here...Part 1.

        here Part 2. 275 - Reaping the Whirlwind - Part 2 / Repairing the Breach

        Eliyahu C.
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          Bible Versions.

          These videos will give you a fairly good idea of the different translations of scriptures, and they will give you information on how the newer translations have been altered, with whole verses removed.

          213B - Battle of the Bibles here..

          214 - Changing the Word here..


          Eliyahu C.


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            I'm going to make a prediction.

            The kingdoms of this world's Governments have been passing in their own legislations, man made laws that are in total opposition to YAH'S Ten Commandments. In case you have not noticed, most all of the ten commandments have been legislated against or made null and void, even in the U.S. However, the only commandment is the 4th=the Biblical Sabbath , that has not as of yet been legislated or legally forbidden.

            Also, if you have not noticed, the U.S. Presidents have been violating the U.S. Constitutional law of separation of "Church and State". This started happening more frequently under Reagan, Clinton, and the Bush's administrations.

            And Pharaoh H6547 said, H559 Behold, the people H5971 of the land H776 now are many, H7227 and ye(Moses) make them rest(Shabbath) H7673 from their burdens. H5450 Exodus 5:5. And it was not long after this, the plaques began to fall on Egypt. Will it be any different at the end time of the seven last plaques?

            I'm going to make a prediction, that an anti-seventh day Sabbath law will indeed be passed in the future!


            Eliyahu C.


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              The pot is beginning to boil, and all the crud is beginning to come up from the bottom so to speak. Those who have been in the secret closets are beginning to come out.

              Who controls the C.I.A. and all the intelligence agencies around the world? Who controls Free masonry? The Jesuit Order and the Nights of Malta founded Free Masonry, the Jesuits control the C.F.R.(Council On Foreign Relations), the Jesuits control Skull and Bones, the Jesuits control the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve Banking system. The Jesuits have infiltrated every institution in America, Medicine, Education, Health, Hollywood, Religion, and picture and print news. The Jesuit Order's aim is world domination, and they are the Pope's military army.

              These next videos is a must watch, the information in these videos are fully documented.

              Who are the Jesuits? Watch here..

              Vatican Assassins ( part 1 )

              Vatican Assassins ( part 2 )

              The Secret Behind Secret Societies


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                If the people of the U.S. allow this to happen, the U.S. will be this world's worst nightmare, and it will make Hitler look like a little boy by comparison.

                A former Hitler Youth member and World War Two veteran Hilmar Von Campe interview, watch and listen here...


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                  The UN arms treaty went into effect Dec. 24 this Roman year, and if lawmakers try implementing such things in the U.S. there will indeed be another civil war. People had better wake up, and start looking around at the things happening in the U.S.

                  Most of YAH'S people are already off the grid, and are below the radar so to speak.


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                    If you think Nazis is dead, think again, its alive and well, and even in the U.S.

                    Watch here....


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                      Opperation Paperclip.

                      Opperation Paperclip, the US brought top Nazis, and put them in high places.

                      Watch here....

                      This info. is fully documented.