ط The sun, as the great source of light and heat, was worshipped under the name of Baal. Now, the fact that the sun, under that name, was worshipped in the earliest ages of the world, shows the audacious character of these first beginnings of apostasy. Men have spoken as if the worship of the sun and of the heavenly bodies was a very excusable thing, into which the human race might very readily and very innocently fall. But how stands the fact? According to the primitive language of mankind, the sun was called “Shemesh” - that is, “the Servant” - that name, no doubt, being divinely given, to keep the world in mind of the great truth that, however glorious was the orb of day, it was, after all, the appointed Minister of the bounty of the great unseen Creator to His creatures upon earth. Men knew this, and yet with the full knowledge of it, they put the servant in the place of the Master; and called the sun Baal - that is, the Lord - and worshipped him accordingly.

Who do you worship?

Is the Lord your gawd ???

Christians and Jews alike have worshipped the Lord/the Baalim for centuries, and still are to this very day.

I can understand ignorance in innocents by the laity( the victims of man made customs and tradition ),but what about the Preacher,the so called Rabbi that see to it that these gawds and the fables and myths surrounding them are maintained,by confusing them with YHWH of the Hebrew Scriptures ???

I guess that everyone is responsible for their own action,but there are those that are supposed be responsible for others as teachers and protectors of those innocent ones.

My friends the Lord is Ba'al/Adonis/Mithras/Adonai and many other names.

They are all names of Sun gawds and they all mean Lord.

The Creator is ignored and the created has become the object of worship.

The Mighty One of Yisrael,the Mighty One of the scriptures has a NAME, its YHWH!

It’s the only Name you can call and be delivered by,the Lord can do nothing and IT cannot save you when the time comes.

Innocent or not there comes a time when you have to think and act for yourself.

If you don’t you will never come to the knowledge of the truth.

The Preacher and the Rabbi ain’t going to do it for you or it would have already happened and a long time age.

Hey these are the guys that brought you to the LORD,remember.

Do you like being a victim, being ,lied too and otherwise being Ripped off in more ways than one???

Personally I never did and I never will!