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a diet change= a body change

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  • a diet change= a body change

    from Dr.Gravely - [ i found this info in 2002]

    Drink an 8 oz. Glass of purified water with 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar.

    Wait 1 hour and drink a bowel cleanser elixir. Be sure to drink a lot of purified water.

    Wait 60 minutes and drink 8 oz. of purified water or fresh, raw carrot or apple juice.

    Wait 1 hour and eat fruit or drink carrot juice until lunch. Drink at least 1-2 glasses of purified water.


    You can drink a carrot and/or apple juice one hour before lunch. This is optional.

    Eat a raw fruit salad or raw vegetable salad.

    Wait 1 hour and drink 1-2 glasses of purified water.

    Eat a piece of fruit or drink a glass of carrot and/or apple juice for a snack if needed.


    Eat a raw vegetable salad and eat 1 cooked green vegetable with 1 of the following: beans, rice, potatoes, whole grain bread, stir-fry vegetables or other vegetarian entrees. Never combine these foods at the same meal

    1 hour after eating drink a glass of purified water.

    Note: You can add raw apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon to your water through out the day.

    Note: Be sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5-6 days a week.

    Note: Be sure to supplement with whole food supplements!

    Note: A second bowel elixir may be necessary for some people to promote bowel regularity.

    What to Expect when changing Your Lifestyle of Eating

    When a person stops eating the way of the world and begins to eat the way Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, he will go through a period of adjustments. These adjustments will vary from person to person due to our varying lifestyles and environments. So be prepared for the body to go through some form of adjustment.

    When the body is given good nutrition and exercise it will begin to cleanse itself as it eliminates years of bad nutrition. When you begin to feed your body a high-octane fuel of fresh fruits and vegetables, it will jump for joy. Your body will immediately begin to rebuild itself with good materials and in the process eliminate all the old bad building materials.

    When these bad materials are eliminated you may experience bodily reactions such as bad breath, headaches, diarrhea, flu symptoms, allergy reactions, cold sores, pimple outbreaks, sickness and the like. Do not panic! The body is eliminating toxic poisons from your body and you need to allow nature to takes its course. This is the only way you will rid your body of sickness.

    Many people think that their new lifestyle is causing the problems when in reality it is the old lifestyle leaving your body. If you will stick with the new lifestyle you will wake up one morning and feel like a new person.

    Once the poisons are eliminated the body will continue to re-build itself. Over time your body may experience uncomfortable times of elimination. Many years of abuse will require many months and years of cleansing, eliminating and re-building the body Each time this happens it will become easier and faster for the body to accomplish the task of maintaining good health. So hang in there and you will look better, feel better and perform better everyday you stick with your new lifestyle.

    Note: There will be those who will tell you are crazy and are killing yourself. They mean well but do not let them turn you from God’s ultimate lifestyle that He designed for you in the Garden of Eden. The Garden Life will bring you abundant life and cause you to out live your critics. So determine to stick with God and you will live a healthy life filled with beauty and happiness. Stay the course and you will be able to serve Him longer and more effectively as you continue your journey ‘Back to the Garden.’

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    An Elixir?

    Hi Lucy Smith,
    Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!
    Shabbat Shalom!
    What in all the world is a "bowel cleanser elixir"? Is this something that you yourself have experienced?
    Thanking you in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,
    Sincerely, Latuwr
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      contact... for info you require.....................!contact


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        diet, Yes/NO to the King's dainties.............

        Daniel, [the very clever learned OT bible Daniel, with the EXCELLENT SPIRIT] said ''NO'' to the king's dainties for he knew what it meant to be PURGED and refined?

        are you being PURGED? and refined?

        well you see the WISE ARE!
        BTW purging is refining and purged has a few meanings, one of which is to GET RID OF THOSE TOXINS in the body.
        i.e..the build up, from years of FOOD ABUSE.
        to cleanse and refine the body, so it becomes Blameless and poisoned free.....

        None are purged, purified and refined, swallowing bad food habits and excessive eating.

        SO -
        *Go eliminate the food distractions;
        *simplify our lifestyle;
        *take control;
        *watch what u eat,
        and most important, be aware.
        It is difficult to take control of your life and atmosphere if you are not aware that you have lost control in the first place.

        so here is something to ponder.......
        *Everything within creation is composed of vibration/energy.
        to explain...............
        As you appear in present form, you consist of matter which is vibrating at a much lower frequency than those angelic beings who live on higher planes.

        As our own vibration lifts, [by learning to be overcomers who overcame satan,] so will our perception and awareness of those who dwell on higher dimensions.
        . Daniel’s prophecy in chapter 12 speaks of those who will be "purged, purified and refined''and who will offer up acceptable sacrifices unto the Lord.

        While it is not suggested to rush in like a bull in a china shop and go mad eating the correct food. NO
        what the Teacher says is ''TIME FOR A CHANGE OF DIET, TO MATCH YOUR CHANGE OF MIND.
        THIS CHANGE WILL ALLOW THE DNA TO BE REBUILT''....the new mind, the correct diet all work together to purge out old manna and blocked up cells.
        are you game to try?
        most likely not but for those who do, they shall be DELIGHTED with the change over and how they feel after a few weeks of determined effort.... to say No thanks to all the ''devil's food'' cakes.
        [If he has your gut, he has all of you.]