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THE LITTLE BOX OF ...................... ecclesiastical tricks

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  • THE LITTLE BOX OF ...................... ecclesiastical tricks

    It is the preaching in all church systems to regard ''death as a friend''.................
    so consider....
    If, Christ comes, the modern day pastors/clergy know that their jobs are over.

    The modern preachers know that their jobs are about telling people that Christ will appear, “someday.”

    When He appears, they will have nothing to do, so they have an investment in Him not appearing.

    This is why they fought Jesus when He came upon the scene. They have a box of future hopes in which they keep Messiah and that is where they determine He will stay.
    It pays the religious system to KEEP DEATH as its ruler and CHRIST in their future and never in the eternal everpresent NOW

    the pews are murdered daily just as this example.... Big Pharma kills - as both systems FAIL TO BRING HEALING AND WHOLENESS.....

    Earlier this year, the medical establishment was rocked when pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline reached a record-breaking $3bn settlement with US authorities for illegally promoting drugs to treat conditions they weren't designed to fix

    the deceptive game is called '' our vested interests''.

    the ever-present now is the born again realm where hereditary perversion are eradicated.