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JHN. 10 V 10 = ABUNDANT LIFE is GIVEN - as a mystery, to learn about and then LIVE IT

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  • JHN. 10 V 10 = ABUNDANT LIFE is GIVEN - as a mystery, to learn about and then LIVE IT

    JHN. 10 V 10 = ABUNDANT LIFE is GIVEN - as a mystery, to learn about and then LIVE IT OUT here....

    a mystery novel - is the NT.........
    ofcourse, as in all novels, the clues do abound, and then each man wears ''his own opinion, of how it is'' -as his covering gown that covers his personal nakedness [total ignorance, that makes all men perish from lack of knowledge]

    yes sirs,
    a MYSTERY remains just that '' till the heavens are opened and Christ appears as our saving STOREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE'' and John 10 v 10 becomes a living reality here and now and today as some will live inside it's blessings.

    GRANTED, not too many shall escape into such a blessed life , we are told - few there be who find eternal lifetherefore NOT too many follow all the clues correctly to find the ''murderer of their souls'' and then outwit him by overcoming his lying expertise and subtil deceptions.
    Only one wins the race- the race winner follows the track to the finishing line and breaks the tape
    The race winner, has submitted himself to train in the hard yards and to excel and be the best, as he knows he only has one chance to win this mighty race.
    But, he must follow the trainer's orders otherwise all he receives as a reward is a disappointed and broken heart...... BTW the greatest killer of mankind is a heart attack = the heart is ATTACKED by the murderer....... the sign is there before us - but who sees it?

    Jesus said ''to bind up the broken hearted'' - how do you do this?
    by giving knowledge - on how to escape ''the murderer from the beginning'' and how to recover from the murderers effects by walking into this promised LIFE ABUNDANT forever.

    The `1st step is the hardest as all PRECONCEIVED ideas have to leave to allow NEW LIFE to appear that has NO connection to ''old life''

    the 1st glimmer of knowledge is to have revealed to you the truth of your reality and position - of a spiritual being, that now is having a human experience
    you always existed in spiritual form, but were lowered down into vanity unwillingly = to walk in a wilderness in a human body and then learn to TAKE DOMINION OVER all creation- as a RULER AND CO-HEIR in christ. [ Christ is a VERB not a name - but a doing word that describes WORKING IN THE UNLIMITED DIVINE POWER correctly]

    No man has ever fully accomplished this walk but the Saviour, that is why, we are asked to FOLLOW HIM- His words, His advice and learn and do His sayings - if not - we have lost our race and forfeited the rewards of a ''race winner''
    It is NO good following mere men - they all die in their sins and are not race winners who have gained ETERNAL LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT.
    what happened?
    the ''MURDERER from the beginning'' was subtil and crafty and attractive to them and made them ''his ministry'' to the world so angels of light have appeared and now become '' 1/2 truth talkers'' but not TRUTH WALKERS.

    that DIVINE CRY GOES OUT ''COME OUT OF HER my people''
    THE IMPARTED CHRIST LIFE, shall take you out from THE Maze of religious expressings into the LOVE OF THE TRUTH

    BTW it is rather interesting to ''notice'' how those movies make ''contact movies'' - of some aliens to come and help us or kill us....looking outside for help rather than LEARNING TO LOOK INWARDS to the true spiritual man, sleeping within that needs to be awakened and quickened into THE MYSTERY LIFE ABUNDANT LIFE AND ALL OF ITS REWARDS.....

    all of us are here
    but none can really say why?
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    Is this world REAL - what is REAL Neo?

    most men, say this world is real and it is to them - they are contented to remain 'ignorant' and perish - but-- IN THE *REAL WORLD* - wisdom is Lord and where there is WISDOM there is NO perishing,
    ''My people perish, from Lack of knowledge' - so i now write a sentence to say ''if i receive wisdom /knowledge i shall not perish''

    Please allow THE SAVIOUR to show you knowledge and wisdom working in the REAL WORLD AS OUR ultimate reality
    He will tutor you to see contrasts...... the ying and the yang.

    #1 - in the real world, Yeshua lived, yes, He walked here but learned how to live in the real realm here.

    #2 - in the real world, Yeshua lived as an UNLIMITED man [ His spoken out words that became miracles to us and these 37 miracles He imparted to mankind is normal for his real realm.
    why?Psalm 91 + Psalm 23 are in the realm of the LIVING - AS divine abundance rules the real world.
    - But want and lack rule this world - man is always wanting more and is DISSATISIFIED with his lot- even the richest person wants more- the more he has the more he wants

    #3- in the real world, Yeshua lived in the divine 9 fruits of life - not the fruits of this word - namely - lust, murder, thievery, cruelity, murder, depression, sickness etc add nauseum.

    #4 - in the real world LOVE RULES not man's unstable love that withers and dies but TRUE LOVE and the LOVE OF THE TRUTH.

    #5 - in the real world, one is not trapped by space, time, and physical dimension LIKE THIS MATRIX WORLD.

    #6 - in the real world, The King of the real world, shall come and walk and talk with you, personally, so you are not confused by the hypnotic trances, beguiling lying and deceptions of this world that kill you.

    #7- in the real world, there is NO failures, NO ugliess, NO death - for all flaws have been overcome on our wilderness journey, as we learn to LEAN UPON the arm of the well Beloved.

    #8 - in the real world, THE BIBLE has NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN'S RELIGION.................. ooooh..................................

    #9- in the real world, there is NO worries, NO fears, NO sickness, NO anxiousness - all is HARMONIOUS. AS we walk with the Lord like Enoch did, all flaws seem to vanish as we are overcome By His divinity and power. In the book of Enoch, it is written, that Because Enoch walked with God, others, became converted and when God took Enoch, others a [ whole city of converts, ] went too.
    The real world overtook this world for Enoch and His people and they all became ''was not'.

    Yeshua has become our bible.
    I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me" (John 14:6).

    "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).
    As I walk with Him, daily in His Presence -"His Story'' becomes woven into My life, as He writes "His story," onto the BRAIN OF MY HEART.
    Yeshua points out my flaws, and then removes them by CHANGING MY THINKING PATTERNS, which IN TURN, CHANGE MY FLAWED D/N/A/ back into its correct blueprint. So I begin my journey into Metamorphoo to end up in the REAL WORLD looking like Yeshua did on the Mt. of transfiguration [Math 17]
    This work is all done here and now as I hear His voice, directing my thoughts and re-programming my conduct into His desires - not when I am dead from sin and corruption laying in a tomb. [Others may well wish for this style but not me.]
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      Not 1 man, has a clue, [perishing in ignorance] they are REALLY a spiritual being, ..

      housed in a clay vessel.
      Its the Potter who shapes this vessel for His use.
      The divine Potter, chooses and calls this spiritual being before the foundation of the world, so that when this being is lowered into VANIITY he needs to be awakened and then quickened TO BE CONFORMED to the Image of Christ= and then to progress into the first born son, called Zion, the city of God.
      Unless a man is CALLED AND CHOOSEN by the divine potter, it is ever going to be - 'human ideas about religions''
      = and these beliefs changes NO man into the Image of Christ as seen in the establishment of the ''christian churches'' where No man for 2000yrs can be an example of CHRIST in any way, shape or form or ministry - therefore the whole sytems teaching is wrong; and falls over from inconsistencies and divisions.
      ''come out from her My people'' goes the cry....who shall hear?
      * only ''the called and the choosen called THE ELECT who cannot be deceived''.
      Once ''the called and the choosen'' begin their reprogramming walk, the 1st thing admitted is '' they can do nothing, admitting their helplessness and give up on their pride and human strength, and stop looking without [in the Matrix] for understanding as Father opens up His wisdom and understanding.
      - our life written written in the Book of REMEMBERANCE - so the clues are - to be RE-MEMBERED back to our former spiritual existence....

      There are so many '''re'' words in the bible and '''re'' means to be returned back to - to be turned back - once you understand THE ''RE'' words the Word will come to life right before your eyes, like never before + NOTHING happens in our lives by chance, fate or by accident as everything about you has been pre-arranged and predestined and thought out prior to your vanity experience in the DECEPTIVE WORLD of the Matrix..

      Everyone birthed here in deception is part of a Our Master's Plan......
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        to begin at the beginning.... we find Genesis is a symbolic adventure

        of a spiritual being, being formed into a clay vessel of dust and then breathed upon with Life.
        Each character mentioned i.e - the man Adam, the woman Eve, the serpent, the garden, the fields with beasts named, the rivers, the trees etc - each is symbolic and represents something spiritual.

        how about A SHOCK - [once this revelation is opened tpo you, it begins to become clearer, and make sense.]= that all men born on earth are really fallen BEINGS, who are to learn the affects of sin and rebellion and REturn back to their former glory - by the act of being, REdeemed AFTER having BEING lowered here UNWILLINGLY in the 1st place.

        the clue here to this mystery, is the word ''unwillingly''- we had NO choice.
        how strange is this?

        that is why the bible is clear -we are all born as sinners.

        but what was THE big SIN?

        INDEPENDANCE thanks very much - '' i will do it my way'' thank you.
        '' I will make my own decissions thanks.''

        once you know who you are and what you are - repentence happens- till then ''each man does right in his own eyes.''
        these fallen beings LOST THEIR FAITH IN GOD - JESUS SAID '' O YE OF LITTLE FAITH'' so many times to those around Him, even the disciples He was teaching - perhaps now we will understand a little of this mystery and the work OF FAITH THAT CREATES - our worlds
        Ofcourse SUCH FAITH is extremely hard to handle and it takes much suffering to have the saving faith implanted into our lives.
        The question always comes back to a few words '' DID GOD SAY'' and when we are facing a total contradiction of circumstances WE DO DOUBT SO WAR IS DECLARED ON ''WHAT GOD THIS DAY SHALL YE SERVE''

        YET, we are trained up or reprogrammed to understand......
        Please look at the example of Israel's unbelief and the OT cursings it brought.

        here is a revelation A CLUE........
        Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee; And am no more worthy to be called thy son" (Luke 15:18).
        NOTICE THE #S 15 AND 18

        # 15 - PEaCE AND JOY.
        i could write this sentence '' when I have my Saviour's faith imparted into my life I have peace and Joy, but when I lack faith, and suffer from unbelief, i become a slave to sin and depression.''

        did u know, depression and panic ARE THE ailments the people suffer from...Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a mood disorder that causes radical moods and panic attacks ... bipolar disorder is the 5th leading cause of disability worldwide. ...... Panic attacks are sudden feelings of terror that strike without warning. ... Approximately 1 million people worldwide commit suicide from this each year,

        UNBELIEF IS LORD of the Matrix.

        Perhaps if you understood, why you had fallen and how you had fallen, and how it could be rectified, you would be happy to embrace faith and healing and belief.
        The word "redemption" in the Bible means to "buy back'' = most know of this
        yet consider this......
        You can't buy something back unless you once had it in the first place before it was lost......
        The NT tells of the blood of Yeshua was necessary to resolve and cleanse things in the heavens

        all those bible, ''re'' words are something we had but lost and need to re-turn too. [the Lord revealed this to me many years ago about the ''re'' word.]

        we sinned against heaven- conceived IN sin.....''O wretched man that I am, who can release me, from this body of sin''?
        Adam, ah.. notice this man, who CHOSE TO DISOBEY, when He knew the truth of the whole matter as Father had advised him and the penality for disobedience.
        adam - a man of the red earth - a fiery man, a redish man, a man who BLAMED GOD AND EVE for his wrong choice. - redish - angry and rebellious and HIDING FROM GOD.
        God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God.
        Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one" (Psa 53:2,3).
        OMG how sad is this gross ignorance.

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          if you understand the begining and know the end - you can

          walk by the faith of the son of God, thru the middle parts.and learn to LEAN on the Beloved correctly

          yet there is a mystery as Jesus said.
          ''Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8).

          luke 8 and 18#s...
          # 18 = bondages and slavery to sin and depression .
          # 8- resurrection life in new beginnings.
          so it takes the divine ingredent - FAITH - or- A COMPLETE RELIANCE UPON THE WORD OF GOD... to hear then receive this faith - the same as the Saviour had, here.

          This is a battle of our mind - a war so we become as nothing, by dying to all self preservation and self insurance of
          'I will fix it'' -because FAITH is very difficult to have and to withstand all the hellish contradictions that seem to follow the over coming believers.
          Hard yards indeed but Father shall never give us more than we can stand.amen.
          A Believer is trained up to have an uncompromising faith
          This uncompromising faith is not our strength but learning to die to allow CHRIST TO STAND UP AND APPEAR IN US AND FIGHT FOR US SO THE ENEMY SEES CHRIST IN US AND FLEES.
          Jesus said '' of My own self i can do nothing''- He knew HOW TO SURRENDER TO THE WORD AND COME IN UNDER ITS AUTHORITY,
          THIS is called ''entering into His rest'' by allowing Christ's righteousness [instead of their own] to work.

          faith stops us from ''fixing it all up and making it all better ourselves''.
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            to walk into the Mystery of Life abundant.....

            is to lose our religious ideas
            for Father is not a ''christian'' and never shall be.
            the system of ''christianity'' does not live in the unlimited realm, but a realm of the Matrix, with its dying priesthood - clue clue clue.

            We have an amazing picture of Our father and this abundant life that is found in the drama of the ''prodigal son''

            Father ran to this son and kissed him and rejoiced and gave gifts to this repentant son.
            It is hard to undo religious misconceptions as they have become entrenched into human minds as a pattern of ''security and habit and a belief system the religious depend upon''.
            That is why it is essential to have the same mind that is found in Yeshua - His beliefs cannot differ from our beliefs.
            He did as He thought and How He did it is all so vastly different from ''church''.
            Jesus said to the church '' you are wretched and miserable'' - Yet - by learning to think in abundant Life, a JOY inspeakable enters into our life.

            so as an example... 365 times it is biblically stated '' do not be afraid, have No fears, be anxious for nothing'' - look at yourself and ask, why am I afraid of so many things?
            because IN this world there are so many things to be afraid of - the carnal mind of human thinking, aligns itself to the fear factor of the Matrix, but once we begin to practice ''Christ within'' and thinking differently all tormenting fears will cease ...''the Lord has to be our shepherd'' so we shall never want....the Shepherd looks after His sheep.

            This is Learning to function in the realm of the Spirit; and coming alive to a divine dimension


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              learning to function in the realm of the Spirit; and coming alive to a divine realm

              happens when we stop BLAMING ANOTHER for our personal faults... and look into the bathroom mirror to see ''our man of sin, within''.
              The Adamic nature always Blames another for their ''problems'.
              A human man, shall blame God and then a female for his woes........

              ''the woman YOU GAVE ME, MADE ME DO IT'' goes the human cry, Yet this man of sin, did not look at his own flaw of REBELLION to God's word-He sidestepped his responsibility to blame another yes sir, the HOLY spirit shall cease upon this point and ram it home - WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE for our conduct as each person has a conscience.

              When Jesus was faced with 3 temptations He knew how to PRODUCE THE WORD saying '' it is written'' to the adversary. Jesus did not compromise with his carnal inclinations but used the divine word to defeat the power of darkness.
              If we walk IN the light [ wisdom and understanding by daily revelations ] there shall be NO darkness to defeat us, as Yeshua was never defeated by temptations nor dark powers. I LOVE THIS ABOUT HIM.
              Jesus walked as THE TRUTH and had a LOVE of the truth and this is what sets men free..... ie. TO BE ABLE TO SEE A GROSS DECEPTION, and avoid it- to see thru misconceptions and lies and avoid them. Einstein said '' there is NO such thing as darkness, there is only an absence of light.''
              light allows the darkness to flee -


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                ~~~~ WE COME to the c.o.r.e. OF THE WHOLE MATTER ~~~~~~

                WHAT IS THE CORE?

                personal responsibility.............................

                I take personal responsibility for my salvation, by WORKING IT OUT in fear and trembling.
                I tremble at His awesome unlimited abilities and i fear offending Him, each day.
                I hate sin.
                I hate wars and killings
                I hate sickness and hospitals and funeral homes and death
                I hate unhappiness and moods that cast gloom.
                I hate lies
                I hate deception and craftiness.
                I hate offending My Saviour's belief and works, and I pray '' dont let me be put to shame.'' please.
                I hate the Matrix = the lie that makes such a fool of people; the dream world of limited ability.
                I hate lying christianity and the mockery it makes of the finished work of the cross.
                I hate paid religious hirelings from a dying priesthood, paid to lie and cheat others with 1/2 truths and pagan ideas
                I hate religious spiritual rapists and religious abusers who LORD IT OVER others, making slaves to their divisional ministry.

                how do I stop hating?

                by surrending up my whole trapped existence here on earth, to My Saviour and fling myself upon His grace and mercy so I am alive within His heart and soul and abilities for I now have none of my own.

                Only Now CAN i reckon myself dead to sin;

                My personal responsibility ended the day I lay on my cross as my feet could not touch the ground and my hands and arms could not help me for my self preservation.
                NO you see '' I was bought at a price'' and NO longer my own man.
                I gave my human life away. i no longer wanted it - it is far to miserable to remain ''human'' and limited, AND trapped in time and space.
                i PERSONALLY NEEDED TO BE FREE - fully free and fully unlimited - so now i am a ''work in progress''.



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                  dwelling in Life, takes away the religious spirit.

                  this spirit CONTROLS men and makes them stagnant and like cardboard cut-outs, as they always remain staid and dull because of THIS MENTALITY = '' i have got it all right'' - CONTRASTED TOO.... TRUE DIVINE LIFE IS a growing life of RE-PRODUCT-ION.

                  a life that GROWS outwards from glory into more glory into even more glory or never ending glory is this divine abundant life.
                  The Glory life comes forth daily along with glory revelations of advice and education that makes us whole.

                  in religion nothing much ever changes, people do say ''church is boring'' and this is a true saying.
                  The Men who are paid preachers are a dying race'' the same as the rest of humanity - so what goodnews have they to tell.
                  I visited a Pastor once., after he opened the door and bid me to ''come on in'' - he told me, he was just looking up in his funeral book of all the people he had buried.... i wanted to vomit.....JESUS NEVER ONCE buried anyone.


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                    this abundant life is given to be freed...

                    into perfection - the whole 3 parts, the spirit, the soul and the body - made whole by the divine indwelling healer- Yeshua.

                    '' to reckon myself dead to sin'' - is a new way of thinking that never includes any'' religious correctness''....that limits the divine ability, to the carnal minded.

                    each yr. schools graduate their pupils, out into the world and contribute their worth to society...
                    so where are the ''graduated Messiah's''?
                    can u explain to me, why there is NONE after 2000yrs
                    the church message broadcast for 2000yrs - yet who can we see, in ministry and in words as the image of the Saviour?
                    point one man out to me please who has graduated in the divine abilities of the Messiah = sigh - you see the STAGNATION and the deadness of these cardboard cutouts paid TO PARALYSE the mind by ''religious correctness'' and 1/2 truths.

                    The HEALER IS not PRESENT NOR HIS ADVICE TAKEN of..............if it was so, this world would be a very different place, for the world follows the church - not the church follows the world.

                    yet,hidden away in the spiritual caves of Adullam.. are the few , the small flock, the remnant who shall not bow to Baal....being perfected to survive alive in the same image and glory as their Saviour.


                    Never let the enemy cause you to doubt your calling.
                    He will try to bring you down by these things.
                    Use your weapons and he will flee from you. To those who feel alone and isolated, you are not alone for I never leave you or forsake you. Some of you encounter opposition. There will always be the ignorant and the accusers, but I will cut them off from before your face. I laugh at them – laugh with Me. says the Lord.''


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                      The essence, + the daily experience into the reality of his abundant life is.....

                      progressing into all of its components - the reality and ability NoT TO DOUBT GOD'S WORD, over any situation, nor to doubt His care and provisions.... as HE OPENS THE STOREHOUSE OF THE HEAVENS as a blessing upon you and those all around you, for LIFE [DIVINE LIFE THAT IS] propels away the darkness of lack and want and needs.

                      Infact sometimes it is no good trying to explain this supernatural blessing and abundance for its sounds egotistic, it is best to LIVE WITHIN LIFE'S FULL REALITY for yourself.
                      Yes, it is progressive and
                      yes, it is the hard yards and
                      yes, it is humbling and
                      yes, it is worth it.
                      it brings in His peace, His security, His protection, His joy.....and nothing gets under the net of the Matrix to really disturb His enormous Peace He is bestowing.
                      faith is not our own to work up and boast about '' look at me i have faith '' stuff.
                      It is not religious and definately not churchy. They have NO idea.

                      FAITH IS having CHRIST'S FAITH,now MANIFESTING OUT from an emptied out human vessel who has surrendered up their lives and dying to their old man Adam and all his warts and flaws.
                      Overcomers never overcome their tests and the adversary in their own purile and febble strength NEVER.
                      FAITH COMES, as we hear the revelation, the chastening of the still small voice - faith comes- THE FAITH IS IN THE HEARING AND THE HEARING COMES FORTH BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD AND ITS THE HOLY SPIRIT'S FAITH RELEASED IN US not to doubt the promises over us.

                      WE ARE TO BE NOTHING but a shell to be filled up with the divine living waters to manifest out the divine kingdom daily.

                      you dont go around moody, vile mouthed, plotting and scheming, lusting, and all manner of vile manifestations happening in your 24/7. NO you walk differently than mere men, judging in justice and with a joy unspeakable as true LIFE rules and darkness and death flee......
                      ''arise o Lord, and scatter your enemies, let those who hate you flee before you'' - is the core of prayer.
                      who is to ARISE?
                      john 15 says who......

                      do I {lucysmith] arise = ofcourse NOT - i am dead... I have gone..... I gave up my life.

                      scatter your enemies = do I [lucysmith do it] OFCOURSE NOT

                      so who hates the Lord - everyone, inc. the churched for there is NO LOVE for the truth there.
                      If there was, there wouldnt be any in that system as their eyes would be opened to see it as Yeshua does '' wretched and naked and miserable''.


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                        the Keys, to abundant Life are the KEYS OF THE KINGDOM.

                        Matt. 6:33:

                        the key will open and the key will lock.
                        the key will open the grave to hell
                        the key will shut the grave openings

                        Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
                        I Have noticed, that a new creation disciple lives BY EXAMPLE before others, rather than a talker......there is not A WHOLE LOT of talking but there sure is a dynmo power in walking the walk into LIFE ABUNDANT BEFORE OTHERS- in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE. AMEN.
                        Others around this disciple see the manifested hand of Yeshua in what we are and what we do


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                          some things are difficult to explain = so we have to live inside the unexplanable to

                          explain it as our testimony that overcomes satan.
                          Yeshua did - He dwelt inside the Matrix but outside its values and influences.[we live in the world, but are not part of this world -scripture]

                          If we remain INside the Matrix we die from the sin of an UNSOUND MIND - if we Live in the Matrix but are not part of it by putting on a sound mind - we live in His abundant life.
                          "Christians' die because CHRIST WAS NEVER FORMED within THEM, and the 'man of sin' remains with full slavery to the influences and desires of satan.

                          If we look at the Messiah we see His whole character was vastly different from Christians, the churched and the lost ....................
                          Notice the Saviour really never got annoyed, angry, stressed, etc over the things that daily happened in His physical reality, .
                          Why was that?
                          BECAUSE HE ALREADY KNEW how to live higher in HIS KINGDOM REALITY.

                          there are 2 realities
                          THE MATRIX - vanity and the curses
                          THE KINGDOM of God - life and blessing.


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                            vanity is the world's physical reality

                            VANITY seems very real, when there is nothing to compare it with.

                            but Yeshua brought forth a comparision by His life style choices.
                            His CHOICE WAS HIS KINGDOM NOT VANITY and its chaos and death.

                            The Kingdom of Heaven, is God's word obeyed daily and births out an abundant life within those whom He has called and choosen.

                            It is not the land of the religious who die in sin.
                            If the religious had been set free, from the law of sin and death none would die. They would be OVERCOMERS who had overcome even their last enemy here and today so to be well able to walk in the spirit of life.
                            you cannot die if ye walk in the SPIRIT OF THE LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS.
                            that is impossible.

                            the spirit of LIFE does not contain PHYSICAL death within it and you dont die to be in a tomb to receive it either.
                            BUT YOU DO DIE TO SELF - you die to the choices of vanity you die to the values of vanity and you die to satan's rule in vanity that has been destroyed but few understand this fact
                            the ''spirit'' of LIFE MEANS JUST THAT - BECAUSE VANITY has been D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D. over you - gone, exitted from, snuffed out, vanished....BECAUSE LIFE IS MORE POWERFULL THAN DEATH and when a disciple dies to self THE FULLNESS OF GOD ENTERS IN - so where is death IN THE FULLNESS OF GOD.

                            DID DEATH dwell in Yeshua - NO - why? He walked in the fullness of spirit.