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annual progress report. [ a transformational check up]

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  • annual progress report. [ a transformational check up]

    this year, i have had the thoughts of '' the whole world lies in deception'' come into my mind over and over - so i guess the Holy Spirit loves to ''lay out'' the whole system of deception that is called the Matrix, with its all encompassing values of flawed thinking.

    the 1 thing that has been impressed upon my mind is Yeshua's insistance saying ''GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN''.
    so, it would seem that in each area of an overcomer's life, satan is ALLOWED to appear so an Overcomers who receive their rewards MUST learn how to OVERCOME DECEPTIONS, religious TRICKS and the wiles of the devil as their Saviour did.

    This whole new creation programme depends upon a 'changed mind' and to cease from exercising our deformed logic over all things that the Matrix dishes out.''lean not upon your own understanding'' is a necessity to strive for in the Kingdom realm of truth.
    This attitude and godly advice takes an overcomer out from Matrix values that murders them and into the reality of the truth.

    what i have found rather interesting is this......
    each person has their own religious views they believe in and fight/get angry with - all others who dont hold the same viewpoint from the same verse in the testiments.
    so 2 people read the same verse and have 2 different opinions therefore the bible can say to all men, exactly want they wish to believe in.
    here is wisdom...
    two ''christians'' meet, and one asks the other '' what church do you attend'' and if the wrong answer is given, each mostly shall look down upon the other as being inferior to their ''own creed's belief''.

    so here is deception and death is waiting for the unsuspecting who has been caught in the trap of the wiles of the devil.

    SO, this is why YESHUA SAID ''FOLLOW ME'' and why His redeemed will follow NO other - this way a soul can learn by sitting at His feet how to be submissive to His advice and then practice it and when this advice is practiced, death is being being judged and removed because spots and wrinkles are being removed by obedience to His sayings............

    to FOLLOW HIS SAYINGS is rather difficult for the old man of sin within.
    so in the spiritual check ups one has to consider if this is so within their lives and if progress has been made to grow into perfection and holiness.
    The judgments comes [not in any church doctrines, or any made man religious views] NO... but by how much satan has lost his hold upon you.
    see your church doctrines dont count one bit, while satan pulls your strings and the 7 deadly sins have their way over you and you grovel at their power and lay at their feet in defeat.

    the real proof is u went in your judgement tests, and how His faith was inserted into your being and how satan, was defeated and spots removed. amen . its not the talk but the walk into truth and its reality that counts, after all ''judgments begin in the house of the Lord''.

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    transformation progress contains transformal laws......

    to glory
    to honour
    to eternal life
    to immortal life - are stages of our growth
    by daily taking small overcoming steps of our victory walk.
    This walk is our testimony that overcomes satan and none can ever remove such evidence from us as it is all written in the Book of Life as 'LIFE ACTS' THAT BRING FORTH GLORY TO THE NAME OF THE MESSIAH, amen.

    The main goal is the submission of our soul [ female] to her Husband [male/Christ] and this is the only way to receive POWER from on High and walk as a deliverer in Christ.
    If you dwell in continual defeat you cannot deliver anyone from bondage not set the captives free.

    THERE IS SOMETHING SO GHASTLY about defeat, captivity, death that makes the heart sad and wither up, why so? because this is the LAW that Father produced humans to live by...LOOK AT THIS AND WONDER how it went so wrong
    this was a command
    Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it."
    If Adam had obeyed this LAW designed for human life, we would never be in this pickle of being victims.
    all of Adam's descendants have been born mortal, carnal, and imperfect, lacking the original glory of God that once permeated Adam's being.
    So we all suffer this defect and deformity
    because we all were never meant to live under vile and evil adamic imposed conditions. why
    OUR MIND AND HUMANNESS CANNOT COPE with such a sad and sorry state of disrepair and desolation and abnormality.
    Hence the necessity to OVERCOME AND WALK IN VICTORY and s.u.b.d.u.e. OUR victimhood and selfdoms.

    the whole world lies in deception - the whole world is INSANE, by being filled with the madness of satan.
    YOUR RELIGION IS INSANE - it never reproduces Messiah like Images in any man. NONE not one hero in 2000yrs it is a disaster and an abomination and madness.
    all your Christian religion does is produce death, where LIFE AND HOLY REALITY should have appeared.

    SOME DO ESCAPE................................
    the REDEEMED they are called................

    who have challenged that insane religious churched mindset - to show people that they must progress through the stages of overcoming development to make them complete perfect and blameless.


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      as you practice this overcomers walk......

      You grow IN the POWER OF RESURRECTION.

      the More you learn to overcome, by willing submission, the more ENERGY u receive, the same ENERGY that raised Yeshua from the dead.

      The word received and acted upon, LIFTS UP an Overcomer out from their former matrix realm and into the Kingdom Realm.

      as example.
      Jesus says ''fear not, don't be afraid'', over and over - yet here in the Matrix there are many things to fear and be afraid of.
      so when fear comes as a test and firey trial, an overcomer HAS TO TURN THEIR EYE UPON JESUS, LOOK HIM FULL IN HIS MARVELLOUS FACE AND fear shall disappear.
      because the spirit of fear FLEES WHEN CHRIST APPEARS IN YOU= why? you have become LIFE AND LIGHT of energy and power [Christ] and this spirit cannot remain in the same room.
      if u had 'eyes' to see this spirit all puffed up, intimidating and lethal, moving towards you as a giant, then 'see' him FALL and sleaze away AS CHRIST APPEARS IN YOU - AS YOU STAND UPON ''FEAR NOT, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS''.
      Instead of a giant you will see a defeated foe.
      This whole experience is tattooed into your life as GLORY and none can ever remove this GLORY WALK TESTIMONY.


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        become a ''POSSIBLE-A-TERIAN'' where all things are possible...

        ........when this happens Judgment begins in ''your house'' namely -you, - and all those things, cultures, religious habits, and ideas Father deems as insanely evil and offensive to Him, are removed SO HIS SANITY - [sound mind]= PREVAILS . This method is how the gates of hell DONT PREVAIL over the Ekklesia. amen

        to think 'impossible thoughts' that can now turn into divine POSIBILITIES happens - as Father whispers His secrets into the ears of His submitted wife who humbles herself before HIM.
        AND WHY NOT pray tell?

        why wouldn't a sane person, with a sound mind, submit themselves to the King of the universe and seek out His wisdom and life?


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          this next part of our Kingdom reality is hard to comprehend..

          so it takes a DEVELOPING SOUND get it....then live in it.

          the whole world lies in deception.
          therefore our new mind battles against lies and deception [delusion/illusions] that appear real.

          I guess this illusion could be called an OPTICAL ILLUSION for Eve '''''''SAW'''''' the tree of the knowledge odf good and evil. EVE SUDDENLY FOUND HER 'EYESIGHT' WAS CHANGED and her new eye sight was responsible for her wrong choices and death that followed.

          so to FIX THIS ABOMINAATION OF DEFORMITY Jesus said in Rev 3 v 18 ''GET EYE SALVE''
          so ye may SEE correctly.
          ALL humans SUFFER FROM an inherited BLINDNESS and an inherited optical illusion that seem real.

          Yeshua will return our eye sight back to His kingdom standards IF we are transparent and humble seeking HIS SOLUTIONS and not still ruled by our own personal opinions.

          so I began to ask Father [ for some time now] how this worked
          A} how we were all locked down into deceptions and
          B} not knowing how to escape.

          He pointed me to JOB, and how this man was considered Righteous - and the devil never bothered him, for he knew the Lord had His hedge placed around him - we know that- inside this Hedge Job prospered in all ways.
          However, then came the challenge of 'HAVE U SEEN MY SERVANT JOB?'.... notice this for it was Father who drew satan's attention to Job but still satan was not interested.
          Father said,'' do what u will to him but don't kill him''.[paraphrased]
          so the devil did it.
          SO this righteousness WAS THE TRUE CONDITION OF JOB.
          so this man began to lose his family, his wealth and health but his right standing with Father had not changed.
          so what happened?
          This fact was the devil's doing and Father allowed this to be so.....,

          now this next part is very difficult to comprehend by human hard....however little steps can make a divine adventurous walk.

          satan used an illusion upon Job, that appeared real, so how can this be understood correctly.
          DECEPTION IS A TRICK, a sleigh of hand, a con, and it is NOT a sin to be tricked by lies.
          JOB was not a sinner, NO way.
          JOB was being tested and the tests were centered upon a lying delusion that seemed real.

          his children died
          his cattle died
          his health died.
          satan,will deceive the masses by using power, signs and lying wonders.

          now how can u possible understand this??????????????????????????????

          how can our minds even begin to understand lies, when they seem to be the truth.


          "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are!"

          REMEMBER JESUS SAID OF LAZARUS WHO WAS DEAD according to the relations and friends................. ''HE IS SLEEPING''................that was the truth.............. JESUS SHOUTED OUT ''COME FORTH' and Lazarus did just that, Jesus did not look at the optical illusion or satan's trick BUT KNEW the truth.

          now let ME REPEAT THIS AGAIN.

          "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are!"
          - HUMANS are filled with unbelief and ignorance that makes doubters in God's abilities and fatherhood.

          each day, lying wonders are at work......
          each minute a person takes in thru their eargate or eyegate a lying wonder, a trick, a con from the world of satan and believes this con, as the truth.
          THE SPREADING OF FEAR.... say a ''pandemic'' is all over the media, [ the airwaves are filled with satanic trumpeters] and men rush to get vacinated against illness and death, never knowing the vacinations have poisons to kill them.
          it is witchcraft

          should u not believe me,

          ask HIM and receive His wisdom. WHO is our true healer?

          but to return to satanic illusions..............
          they are called lying wonders................

          somehow Job was given over to these lying wonders, but thru it all, he did not curse Father.

          AS WE PROGRESS ON OUR DIVINE SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE, OUR SPIRITUAL MAN, WILL NO LONGER ALLOW US TO BE MOVED BY OPTICAL DELUSIONS and will give us wisdom on how to escape these corrupt beliefs and lies.

          in the natural here are some illusions

          the goodnews is
          Jesus rent the veil in the temple - for a deeper meaning -= Jesus rent the veil of illusion, satan had placed over your mind.
          the veil has been rent, a disciple has to gain wisdom to put off such corruption.

          Psalm 9:3

          David's enemies were physical people. Our enemies, however, are Satan, his distracting world, and our human nature, which he has been moulding in his image since our births.
          If we are not to "fall and perish," these enemies must be vanquished—it comes down to "them or us."
          If God does not fight the battle, we will ultimately lose because our flesh is weak; we have little spiritual power against our enemies, especially Satan and his devices (John 15:5). Striving to pray always puts us in His presence at every opportunity, and our enemies' power over us recedes and eventually disappears.

          comment by
          Pat Higgins
          Father, walks us thru each step. Rome wasn't built in a day.
          new eyesight takes a while to develop.
          and grace is with us on our journey.
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            UNLEARN, the world.

            this education, comes to a disciple's experience, as their testimony, and not 1 person will ever believe you, if they have not personally experienced this new creation instruction. It is impossible.

            for those who live IN THE WAY OF THE is edification
            Fear nothing, says The Lord for I am with you and will defend you from every assault against you. Those that take counsel against you will not prevail, for I have you in a place where nothing can harm you. Yes, they will say things to you, and about you, as they did with me, and you will be mocked. But I have placed My soul within you and you will not feel the pains as you did in your old Adamic nature. Some of you have gone through emotional warfares and wondered how you have survived, but I have been watching you for all of your life, and My protective hand has held you. Yes I allowed things to happen because I am your Loving Father, But I tell you that you hear only My voice now. The words of jealous and angry people will be as another language to you, and will have no effect on you. Some of you have wrongly thought that because of your calling you have had to accept the attacks against your soul with love and understanding. I laugh at them and so should you. They are My problem not yours. Begin to walk higher in the calling that I have bestowed upon you and ignore them.

            As you have seen My Nature and Soul says The Lord, so shall you be. See My fullness in your lives and drink of all that I give you. As I was victorious and conquered death, receiving the Glory from The Father, so I am your deliverance from all the natural, humanistic problems and trials and the inherited death of Adam. I know that you have trials, burdens, hurts, rejection and isolation. You weep tears through soft and gentle souls. This is why you will serve Me, for I found your hearts like David’s. Let your hearts relate only to Me and one another. You will be My beloved Sons when I birth My Kingdom on the earth. You are being transformed into My Glorious Divine Nature, and the day is coming where men shall see this in your faces as you reflect Me. Let your sure knowledge of this give you joy and strength for in this is My Help. Live in this every moment and you will not even hear the words of those who would seek to destroy you. My Glory shall go with you until you appear bearing it in all My risen immortal power and victory which is yours My Sons.

            I am the Lifter Of Your Heads My Sons. Your eyes will behold My Face and the things of earth will no longer be in your vision. I call you to LOOK UP, and as you do I will carry you away to where I am, and your soul will be protected. A realm where all you hear is Truth, Goodness, Encouragement and Love. The praises will proceed forth from you and your soul will be strengthened in the Song of Zion. Some of you keep your heads bowed down in the circumstances of life. This is stopping your peace and joy and praise. The circumstances may not change, but you can. But you must allow Me to lift your head to where your eyes behold Me for I am your Deliverer and Defender and your place of rest. As I had a scapegoat for Abraham when he lifted his eyes, so I have for you. There is a way of escape for you from those things that weigh you down, but you must fix your eyes on me. Allow Me to Lift up Your Head and you will be free”.

            ALL GLORY TO JESUS

            by larry wilson australia


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              the Matrix is not real - it only appears real



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                entering into the rent veil....

                to walk out the other side into Kingdom reality..
                can it be done here and now
                a disciple is the temple of the LIVING God, so judgment MUST begin in the house.'
                Yeshua rent the veil in the temple 2000yrs ago and Now He is renting the veil in His disciples - the veil of blindness and illusions that blanket the Matrix like a death shroud.
                yes, I know only a very few will understand however the truth flows out as a SOUND into the world and these 'tones' are energy frequencies, that can be ''picked up'' like a radio.

                one such a ''TONE'' is the word authority............

                victims of evil have NO authority, but OVERCOMERS do - as they are authorised to overcome by the anointing that breaks the yoke.
                it is the anointing that makes them VICTORIOUS OVERCOMERS.

                Isa 60:1-5
                Then you will see and be radiant.....

                Isa 60:1-: Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon you, and His glory will appear upon you.

                Isa 52:1-3
                Awake, Awake, clothe yourself in your strength...clothe yourself in your beautiful garments...

                being clothed with the same character , as the IMMORTAL FATHER and His son.
                THIS HAS TO BE A disciple's reality each day

                you have to '''see''' past the matrix illusions and all of its pain and destruction and VIEW the NEW LIFE of the NEW COVENANT in all of its FULL AUTHORITY over darkness, then begin to use this authority, to make the darkness back off.

                you have to practice, as you become the faith of the living God expressing itself here and now on earth. its not you, IT IS HIM, expressing His authority thru you each day. THIS IS HOW MESSIAH worked in co-operation with His father's business.