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spying/Iah -what makes u both believe - U R NOT JUDAIZERS?

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  • spying/Iah -what makes u both believe - U R NOT JUDAIZERS?

    why do you think you are NOT preaching from a false gospel Paul condemned and why do you think you need OT works of ''your choice'' to keep yet not keep the whole 613 laws as per ordered.


    why do you both keep the jewish OT sabbath - yet - do not really keep it as ordained by the law to The jews.
    Are you 'modernist'?

    infact you keep it as ''your version'' of how it should be kept - yet according to the law of Moses - your sabbath works is a stoning offense for your dont keep it exactly as required.

    so infact the sad truth is ''your'e in part sabbath keepers'' and not the whole deal.

    now - why dont you realise this?

    why have you not studied this thru to see your faulty sabbath keeping is NOT according to their ancient rule BUT YOU BOTH HAVE MADE A MOCKERY OF THE LAW OF THE SABBATH - by keeping YOUR VERSION and not the rules of the OT sabbath keeping.



    did you know the NT description of Judaizers - meaning - those who violate the Goodnews and the new covenent of Christ by mixing the OT law to the jews - the warning is ETERNALLY CONDEMNED deserters.

    I did not make it up to rile u up or tell lies against u both - why do that? = this is the true state of those who preach a different gospel - what u are both doing is mixing some laws to the jews with faith and grace - IT CANNOT BE DONE.

    Paul has issued the strongest warnings on people like yourselves.

    He is not a little annoyed at your belief- but grossly aggitated, furious and angry over this whole devilish theme that your'e pushing.

    if you both were sincere - you would come straight out and say '' His GRACE IS NOT SUFFICIENT- YOU NEED THE OT WORKS AS WELL TO BE SAVED''

    and if you both were honest - THE HOLY SPIRIT would have never never ever directed you to this decission
    - why?
    for HE ONLY WILL GLORIFY THE SAVIOUR and no other.

    and if your were really honest - you would reveal that you have been indoctrinated by u s a false preachers.

    so as a matter of interest - seeing as your'e both OT law to the jews only, buffs and live in a shadow of things to come - can i now ask ''why dont you have many wives like David or Solomon''.?

    after all the OT seems to give licience to wayward appetites of the human flesh kind.
    why practice some laws but not all OT habits.

    just some ?s one can ask of the legalists.

    however i do feel a vital compunction to warn your both to gain true understanding of 3 words.

    i feel it is vital for your future state so when this happens- it was not UNEXPECTED and your'e very aware of your wrong choices.
    i would not like to think i sat by and allowed you both to remain ignorant of the different gospel you post to make others believe in - yet -PAUL warned over people such as yourselves.
    he wrote so much edification on this very thing- i am really very surprised you have missed it.

    now u have placed yourselves BACK under the law to the jews - yet the truth remains - it was never any of your business as Gentiles - but by your ignorance, has made it your business, therefore it is good to see the truth of your corrupt position.

    Paul writes

    ''but when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under law, that
    he might redeem those under law.
    did u both see this
    see boys you post from a 'captives point of view'' -
    you post from a slave's viewpoint and not from a free man's viewpoint -meaning - CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY - or- I NO LONGER LIVE, BUT CHRIST LIVES IN ME -OR- I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST - you both dont post from this divine freedom and mighty spiritual strength - but as OT law captives that need to be redeemed.

    you have both squeezed yourselves into a square peg for a round hole.
    please allow me to point out your sin.

    The Law of Moses is a unit of 613 commands and cannot be divided in a way where some of the law is retained and some done away.
    you have choosen YOUR CHOICE of the OT laws YOU WISH TO KEEP privately for yourselves - WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG - it was all or nothing.
    seeing as your post as ''ministers'' why dont you already know this?

    what makes YOU THINK by keeping some parts of the OT law to the jew - YOU HAVE GOT IT RIGHT?
    WHEN the bible is so clear on this fact ALL OR NONE.
    what part of ''all or none'' dont ye understand?

    do you both wish to wear the dunces cap and stand in the naughty corner and write 1000 times on the white board.


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    the law offered life - but who received LIFE

    NO MAN did - it may have offered life but UNLESS A MAN HAD A ''DIFFERENT SPIRIT'' i.e = the indweling Holy spirit - all died in the wilderness of death - the wilderness of sin. [some did not die - i recognise this fact as they retained the holy Spirit's breath as their destiny]

    WHAT U R BOTH ministering out to all readers on Lo ammi

    you minister out from the law to the jew -YET ARE TOTALLY UNABLE TO KEEP ALL OF IT YOURSELVES.
    is this not satanic?
    where is THE FREEDOM OF TRUTH in your stance as ''ministers''?

    you well may post on a small internet forum few come too - BUT the real truth is found in the Saviour words here ..
    "I have overcome the (Jewish law) world" (Jn. 16:33);
    God was not too interested in the rest of this world - He had His eye on 1 nation as an example of HOW NOT TO BE - and Messiah OVERCAME THE JEWISH WORLD where sin and death ruled each man.
    so i dont take lessons from the pope.

    when the truth of this matter is exposed to the light - it is found - you 2 are 'wrath workers''.
    "God hath not appointed us to wrath ["the law worketh wrath"] Rom. 4:15

    hello 'wrath workers'' [as some part law keepers of the law to the jew].
    dont deceive yourselves this is the truth according to the NT.

    Father has NOT appointed me or any overcomer TO WRATH - why? they follow THE LAMB and have His commands on their hearts. Infact unless Messiah does all the anointing No man would be saved. why?
    life in the Spirit allows the divine anointing to flow in and out from a believer of His Ekklesia.

    you both are Nomianists.
    in case u r confused ''a Nomianist'' says we are to keep the law to the jew to be saved.
    we are saved by grace but we have to keep the law as an addition to sanctify us - this is a sure sign of spiritual immaturity.

    NOW FOR SOMETHING u did not understand

    S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N. - is a person- not a law.
    you have THE PERSON indwelling - you dont ever need the OT law of the jews only.

    remember this law keepers to the jews - IT WAS NICODEMUS WHO CAME TO JESUS - NOT- JESUS WHO CAME TO NICODEMUS.

    nor is yours.


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      what u 2 post is tacky like mad old lions..... who roar out religious madness

      when in reality there is A NEW RACE OF BEINGS on planet earth - His desire- His bride - His ekklesia - His well beloved and the apple of His eye.
      they are nothing like your legalistic arsenic laced belief.....puke.
      what u post is so wrong and so deceived and so bad, who knows where u will finally end up for what ye have done?


      Engraved in the foundations of time and creation are My purposes for you My Sons. They cover every life, day, hour and moment. You were born for Spiritual purposes, not the natural things.
      You will be witnesses to great turmoil on the earth.
      Governments will fall.
      Economies will collapse.
      People who have their security in stock markets will see their security exposed and burnt in the fires of My awesome power. Companies will collapse. Your politicians are people of greed and power. I will allow the fruit of their lies and greed to outwork into chaos and the fall of many countries will be great.

      All of this will prepare the hearts of humanity to the revealing of My Sons as they birth My Kingdom in the earth.

      People will run to their hiding places but they will find them exposed. The nakedness of humanity will appear and men will be fearful.
      You will see religion gain ground under the leadership of people who are soothsayers and lead people with lies and deception.
      They claim many things but serve themselves. They are drunk with the wine of their own success.
      I will cause my Sons to rise up with strength, might and power to fulfil my purposes. The things which have been burdens will seem to disappear. You will wonder as you see them disappear yet they are still there. You will see out of Spiritual eyes more and more as I bring you to your birth My Sons. You will be the firstfruits of immortality on the earth. No other people have ever attained to this although saints of old have desired after it. But you are My firstfruits. You are My Sons and I have drawn you to Myself. Did your father David not say that I set apart him that is Godly for Myself”.



      JULY 2005

      [email protected]

      the law to the jew - made slaves to sin.
      the law keepers remain slaves to sin.
      MESSIAH NEVER MADE SLAVES by freed-men.

      his freed-men are His sons and His sons are not trained in the law to the jews - but do accept as an example and a shadow of things to come.

      Nicodemus the great ruler CAME to the Saviour - to seek out the truth- why His divine ministry was SO DIFFERENT from his own law keeping.

      we are to understand the WHOLE COUNSELS not just verses...........................
      if a man cannot be reconciled to the Gospel - he cannot be reconciled to his family nor to Father - it is a simple fact.


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        Deuteronomy 29:19 - Drunkenness To Thirst!

        Hi Lucy,

        Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

        You wrote, questioned, and asserted:

        "the law offered life - but who received LIFE

        NO MAN did

        You could not be more wrong here, Lucy! Messiah Yahushua kept the Law and received LIFE! The essential problem for this world (the Matrix) and for you and me is to grow to understand how we can follow in HIS footsteps and also live.

        You believe that you can teach against the Law and live. You believe that you can transgress the Law and live. These things Messiah Yahushua did not do. So how do you claim that you are following in HIS footsteps?

        Thanking you in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,

        Sincerely, Latuwr
        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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          what makes you think your'e not a judaizer

          whyour'e mincing words spying.
          Messiah was filled with the Lord holy Spirit and liveth as some others in the OT - because of a 'different spirit'.

          for the majority.....
          the law was considered a yoke.
          the law was showing man could not overcome sin.
          man had to be REDEEMED from the curse of the law,
          man was captive to sin
          the law revealed sin within.

          Paul makes clear that no man was justified by the works of the Law.
          "As many as are of (i.e. rely on) the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them" (Gal. 3:10).
          you are NOT following His steps at all.
          you are mixing up 2 realms and it does not work,
          stop twisting the whole counsel to deceive others.

          however ........................

          you observe 4 personal laws out from 613 - so how does this MAKE YOU WALK IN HIS STEPS?

          can u explain how BY KEEPING your 4 personal laws of Moses MAKES YOU walk in the steps of the law as Messiah did?

          BTW you have admitted at Lo ammi- u dont keep 4 correctly all the time - so now it comes down to ''you keep some personal laws sometimes but not all the time''.
          YOU DONT ACTUALLY WALK in the footsteps of Messiah all the time- only when you feel like it.

          Spying- consider this.,
          "For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin (i.e. a sin offering, see N.I.V.), condemned sin in the flesh" (Rom. 8:3).
          Thus "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us" (Gal. 3:13)
          you need REDEMPTION Spying.
          you are a Judaizer

          look at yourself.
          you are written as a WARNING TO OTHERS.
          Judaizer \Ju"da*i`zer\, n.
          One who conforms to Judaism.
          those Jews who accepted Christianity but still
          adhered to the law of Moses.
          YOU ARE 1 SAD MAN. WHY?
          Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they be sound in the faith: Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth."
          (Titus 1:13-14)
          men have taught you Spying namely herbert armstrong - he told you how to think.
          you did not do your homework as you stated on lo ammi - it was Mr armstrong who showed me how to keep the sabbath'' [paraphrased]

          did he? NO
          he went dancing with his little abused daughter he raped...
          it was a ''control button'' he needed to hold over others for his ego and vile persona.
          why dont u be honest Spying to see how ye were led astray.

          The Apostle Paul over and over tearfully warned the assembly about the "accursed gospel" of the Judaizers (Galatians 1). How sad that, today, the same Judaizer untruths and heresies are widespread.

          BTW - i actually believe the bible - i study it - i see how it works as a whole.
          i believe in Life now and I understand HOW to attain to be alive and remain.
          Each day the Lord Holy Spirit teaches an overcomer how to do this because they conform to the wisdom of the Word. They dont have man was their teacher and also they have a HIGH PRIEST WHO IS IMPERISHABLE.
          SO dont worry about me Spying - worry over yourself as your belief as expressed on lo ammi is of a Judaizer who has deserted Christ and is eternally condemned.
          For some reason you seem to have gone the way of the jews in your thinking rather than the way of Christ.
          who is christ Spying?
          CHRIST IS THE ANOINTING - the divine powerforce - 'let the force be with you'' in modern terms.
          HE DID NOT DO THIS BY THE LAW - NICODEMUS could have done this for he was the great ruler of the Jews - why didnt this great ruler release man from the law of sin?

          you have to study to move out from your judaizer belief Spying for you are on the wrong side and agree with satan in your belief.
          SALVATION IS A PERSON not a law
          70ad proves to all the world what the Father thought of the jews and the dispensation of the law,
          no matter what u post spying you cannot rewrite History nor can u rewrite the Father's reaction to that dispensation that came to an end at the cross.

          now to another point, so light can be shown on your belief Spying.
          ? how has your 4 personal laws to the jews only KEPT YOU FROM SIN?
          you have had a long time serving the law to the jew - so - how has this work of your choice STOPPED YOU from your personal sin.

          how did your 4 law keeping works - help your divorce and estranged family?
          how did your 4 law keeping works provide your family in wealth and health and abundance?
          if you preach your theory- you have to show forth the ''fruits'' of your preaching - why did your former '' Tzaddikim'' have sin within? did it stop your members from sinning?
          sin reigned.
          you withdrew from your Tzaddikim unable to cope with revealed sin within.,
          did this Tzaddikim stop the sin within your family?


          perhaps if you had been in His EKKLESIA as a living stone under the New covenant drinking in the new wine - these fruits would have not occurred.

          so according to your theory and its fruits - it would be in my best interests to avoid such a theory., wouldnt u say?
          Messiah told us to look at the fruit - any man who teaches ''Christ crucified'' - is a flame of zeal and NOTHING CAN STAND AGAINST HIM - according to Ps. 104.
          why not change your Tzaddikim theory into the REALITY OF HIS KINGDOM.
          Last edited by LucySmith; 02-26-2012, 02:47 PM.


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            judaizer -about tzaddikim, the righteous men

            '' tzaddikim, the righteous men''
            as an observer i do believe ''righteousness'' is shown forth as FRUIT IN peoples LIVES - to be ''as light'' and ''as salt'' and as ''FRIENDS OF GOD''.
            i do believe, the fruits MUST BE OBSERVED from all who decided to add their belief to the POT OF RELIGION to convert others.
            now the OT reality of the tzaddikim can be revealed thru Elisha [ a righteous man]
            "Tell me, please, of all the great things Elisha has done" (Kings II 8:4),
            so according to the OT - great things are to be revealed.

            So regarding the OT tzaddikim,[ the righteous men] how were these modern day tzaddikim men ''righteous'' when sin as publically recorded and admitted too- abounded and many lives ruined and relationships servered and according to one member- a lilith mythical spirit was later released?

            is it not a pretense? to call yourself an OT title yet fail to manifest the fruits of 'righteous men'?

            ------------------- now this is the OT proof of this matter.-------------------------
            The tzaddikim come from the side of Holiness and are the result of prayer
            the OT Tzaddikim supposedly acts in opposition to a ma'aseh -[ ma'aseh= meaning act or deed, a story on wicked men]

            so what happens when the wicked man/men as publically recorded in a Tzaddikim?
            it would PROVE THE TZADDIKIM was never a group of righteous men in the 1st place - but a puffed up religious man made title only of posers-guilty because they are in reality undercover judaizers - deserters of the Christ and eternally condemned according to apostle Paul.

            it is gringe worthy - are people really like this?
            let it be revealed a tzaddik is one who faithfully observes the Law of God

            so who can raise their hand and proclaim this today?
            not 1 person.
            just as the church system has a belief that fail to produce anyone in the image of christ
            only the overcomers become bond-servants of Christ.


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              The Faith Of The Tzaddik!

              Hi Lucy,

              Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

              So you don't like that I mince words. Crying aloud and sparing not is generally not my method. I write so that the reader is given the opportunity to draw their own conclusions.

              Thirst in a spiritual sense is the inability to perform righteousness!

              Drunkenness in a spiritual sense is the belief that the thirsty are just fine being unable to accomplish righteousness.

              On the Cross, Messiah's admission of thirst is thereby informing all of us that HE had reached the point where HE could no longer engage in righteousness in either a physical or spiritual sense. This admission is just before HIS Death!

              In my last post above, I basically was implying that your inability to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy as commanded by YAHWEH ELOHIM made your condition with respect to the righteousness therein rather thirsty.

              Your continued argument that you are just fine in your unrighteousness shows me that you are also drunken. Drunks cannot face reality. Have I made this clear enough for you?

              The Tzaddik lives by HIS Faith. Messiah is the Tzaddik so LIFE NOW comes through and by the Faith of Messiah. Messiah made mention of the nature of HIS Faith to HIS Disciples in:

              Luke 18:31-34
              31 Then he took unto him the twelve, and said unto them, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of man shall be accomplished.
              32 For he shall be delivered unto the Gentiles, and shall be mocked, and spitefully entreated, and spitted on:
              33 And they shall scourge him, and put him to death: and the third day he shall rise again.
              34 And they understood none of these things: and this saying was hid from them, neither knew they the things which were spoken.

              Notice that the Disciples were clueless with respect to the Faith of Messiah Yahushua!

              On the morrow after HIS Resurrection, Messiah took the necessary steps to enlighten HIS Disciples. This happened for two of the Disciples on the way to Emmaus, and it happened for 10 of the Disciples after Messiah appeared to them later in the day! HIS Disciples though the teaching of Messiah were made privy to how the Old Testament taught about the mission and role of Messiah Yahushua:

              Luke 24:44-46
              44 And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.
              45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,
              46 And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behoved MESSIAH to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day:

              The Apostle Paul, not mincing any words, states that this very information is the basis or foundation of the Gospel which he preached to both Jew and Gentile:

              1 Corinthians 15:1-4
              1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
              2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
              3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Messiah died for our sins according to the scriptures;
              4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

              Now, Lucy, I just have to ask you here whether or not you are able to take me to the Law and show me the Death, Burial, and 3rd Day Resurrection of Messiah Yahushua therein? After all, the Death, Burial, and especially the 3rd Day Resurrection of Messiah Yahushua are all according to the Scriptures.

              The first century Disciples of Messiah preached Yahushua out of the Old Testament Scriptures. If you yourself have not that capability, then you are preaching and teaching a false gospel.

              Is your Gospel according to the Scriptures? If so, would you please explain to me from the Law of Moses how Messiah knew that HE would arise from the dead on the 3rd Day?

              Thanking you in advance should you be able to reply, I am,

              Sincerely, Latuwr
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                why dont you and IAH - consider yourselves Judaizers?
                you and IAH preach Messiah + [ then add the law of Moses - but only the parts you find easy to keep yourself]
                you have added to the Gospel by ''works'' of the OT therefore have made the gospel void.

                Paul warned many times about people such as yourself - i follow what the Word in the NT says over this matter and you do not.

                now - you have been led astray - no doubts about this at all.
                you have refused NT Apostolic correction from Apostle Paul and Peter - like man HOW WOULD YOU KNOW forgoodness sakes - dont be so ''up yourself''.

                when you have MESSIAH + [ AND ADD to His work by YOUR WORKS] you are wait for it ETERNALLY CONDEMNED. this is where u are at present.

                you cannot mess with the Gospel Spying and u have - YOUR'E A JUDAIZER.

                get a grip.
                get out from under armstrongs influences.
                how can u be so dumb.

                he rules YOU FROM HIS GRAVE and do u know Spying wherever this pervert is now - because u lap up his religious sewerage you shall be too.

                see that-deserter.......
                see that
                see that.

                very time you observe your petty self inflicted 4 OT laws you dont keep very well and would be stoned to death over your pathetic display - you become MORE ETERNALLY CONDEMNED because you tell Messiah '
                ''stuff you , you didnt do enough for me', i need my works too'.

                Judaizer - deceived false teacher - there is no other way to describe your stance.
                over and over and over PAUL WARNS - IT IS NOT MESSIAH PLUS OT WORKS

                MESSIAH came to fullfill the law - He knew His mission forgoodness sakes He talked and heard His Father -
                He fullfilled the OT law - then we go to the NEXT PLAN OF GOD'S - STEP 2 COMES in - and step 2 of the PLAN IS BELIEVING THE GOSPEL - AND TO CALL OUT A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME - to form a new covenant, drinkling the new wine, eating the hidden manna and overcoming all things as He overcome - a royal household a peculiar people of kings and priests.

                SEE STEP 2

                next STEP 3 - the reconcilliation of all the world.

                that is the Plan - the whole counsels of the word state this

                the religious pervert you love to believe has locked you into step 1 and locked you out of step 2 and 3.

                your brain needs to be washed out and all that built up vomit of armstrongism needs to be flushed out.

                yes He was raised from the dead.
                now its your turn.
                YOU NEED TO BE RAISED UP FROM THE DEAD LETTER of legalism and the deserters gospel of judaizers
                spying it is time to lift the grave stone of armstrongism that has placed over you.

                i have known you for years and years and i have not told you a lie i have not robbed you nor abused you in any way at all.
                if it was my wish i would have u living as a king, in an abundant life of health and greatness.
                u dont believe my belief taken from the NT in all of its glory and love and life.

                you believe a pervert who told u how to think.
                well done

                a man who raped his own daughter not once but for years,
                who robbed men of their hard earnt cash and lived in luxury and they lived in want.
                He exposed himself as pervert and a false teacher and even controlled the pews with a rod of iron, preaching another gospel and made people miserable.
                he used 4 twisted up verses to make his case - but copied his ''religious views'' from a ugly bad tempered brain damaged moron of a woman who told 51 religious lies and has been found out.
                now - you believe them.

                YOU DONT BELIEVE PAUL
                YOU DONT BELIEVE PETER.

                well done.

                BTW your not a tzaddikim - a righteous man DOES NOT follow the thoughts of perverts rapists liars and the brain damaged idiots

                a tzaddikim is like Elisha, Elijah, Enoch, Melchidezek.
                not like ellen puke white nor herbert puke armstrong - your idols

                here is todays message just for you,

                “There are those in religious circles who by reason of their natural attributes are able to influence people into the kingdom of religious confusion.
                You will know them for they lack humility and speak of their own works.
                They seek to build towers and monuments unto themselves.
                They gather people unto themselves for they are easy to follow.
                Their appetite is satisfied with looking upon their own works and receiving the compliments of man.
                They run programmes and lay plans to achieve results as does the man of enterprise and greed.
                They have a form of Godliness but lack the power thereof. I counsel you to look deep.
                Look deep before you follow these shepherds any further. Where do they lead?
                Do they lead you to the green fields of My pasture or are you in the sheep-pen of hunger and thirst with the dry dust of man’s words.
                Look deep I say, beyond the surface and see if the foundation of the tower is My Love for it is only on this foundation that somebody can claim that they serve me.
                Listen deep, I say, beyond their words into the heart for only there you will know the voice of My true shepherds.
                Many are deceived into believing that they must revere and follow the successful pastors.
                I release you from this deception. Look deep and ask of Me and My Spirit will speak to you.
                Why have you not sought of Me? Hear My voice and seek Me and I will lead you”.

                ALL GLORY TO JESUS

                LARRY WILSON


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                  cont the real trouble is Spying- you and IAH are hostile to the Gospel.

                  there is NO other explanation.
                  you have received the same spiritual blight that stopped the ancient jews from believing the Messiah. They all hated HIM and plotted to kill HIM 11 times.
                  every time u play out your own personal OT religious laws and conviction- [you insist others believe or they are not saved] that are not NT gospel you show your extreme hatred for the goodnews. YOU are in reality A SAUL NOT A PAUL and it is no good to deny this is not so.

                  you kill the Gospel not only for yourself but for others especially your family and it shows by the fruit in your life as a testimony to your belief.

                  hey Stephen had u nailed = IAH and Spying....
                  He says in Acts 7:51-53,
                  You men who are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears are always resisting the Holy Spirit; you are doing just as your fathers did.

                  Which one of the prophets did your fathers not persecute?

                  And they killed those who had previously announced the coming of the Righteous One, whose betrayers and murderers you have now become; you who received the law as ordained by angels, and yet did not keep it.
                  you cannot even keep those 4 pitifull OT laws you personally choose for yourself [as confessed here] correctly- so much for your tzaddikim.
                  you have become tolerant of the intolerable.
                  you have been TRAPPED IN A SHADOW and His better things have passed you by.

                  because u want to pose as a faux jew in some weird way [it must feed your pride of something] you have sat in a shadow world for 65yrs - locked in a carnal religious pathetic world of want.
                  when if you had of done your homework as asked ''seek His kingdom first then all things shall be added'' no you have bulldozed ahead with your own religious opinions from 2nd handed information and ended up a shadow boxer.


                  should u have obeyed the Word of seeking the truth here is what u have missed.
                  God’s Divine Design for believers.
                  Father's will for your NT walk with the Saviour - peace, love, abundant prosperity, radiant health, eternal youthfulness, and everlasting immortality expressing right here – right now.

                  your stupid belief had left u berift of all true glorious values - i am so annoyed at your dullness.


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                    i wish to show u both a revelation

                    about the OT law,......
                    you live under it as 2 Judaizers.
                    now here is the revelation.

                    REVELATION - the old fixed law was REMOVED

                    who knows about this?


                    did you know a CHANGE HAPPENED 2000yrs ago.........


                    a law changed and not many really noticed, as they were too too busy being religious

                    let me tell you so you begin to understand it in practical terms.


                    if you are healthy and walk into the room filled with people with swine flu, you will get their flu. You cannot give them YOUR HEALTH.

                    DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?
                    It is totally impossible to give all these sick people YOUR HEALTH, yet, they can give you their flu.

                    DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

                    2000yrs ago this law was changed
                    came to ALTER THIS LAW.

                    WHAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE is now possible

                    JESUS CAN GIVE YOU HIS HEALTH
                    JESUS CAN GIVE YOU HIS LIFE.

                    THE old former law has been DONE AWAY WITH but To few understand how it works.

                    do you?

                    people 2000 yrs ago watched the impossible happen. A man could give others HIS HEALTH.
                    a Man could give others HIS LIFE.

                    the impossible became possible.

                    there is NO way any person could do this because a FIXED LAW was in place.
                    This law was removed.


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                      nicodemus the ot lawkeeper extraordinaire.....CAME TO SEE THE MINISTRY OF EMMANUEL

                      WHO WOULD SAY Nicodemus did not keep the OT law to the Jew?
                      Who would point the finger at Nicodemus as a sabbath breaker?
                      infact who would tell Nicodemus his belief was no longer revelant?

                      NICODEMUS FOR ALL HIS GLORIOUS POMP AND LEARNING could not do the ministry and works of THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD.

                      if Nicodemus got the flu- this glorious ruler of the law to the jews - would give his cold to all in the room.

                      WHY? here is the reason....

                      Romans 7:23
                      ''but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members.

                      now open your mind and think...................................
                      why could Nicodemus give a cold to others? and why couldn't the others cure Nicodemus with THEIR HEALTH.


                      THE OT LAW SHOWED CORRUPTION IN MAN.

                      Romans 7:23
                      ''but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members.

                      unless a man in OT times was of a ''different spirit'' No man could break the law of corruption.

                      now Spying -you believe in the religious values that Nicodemus gave up?
                      now IAH- you too believe in the religious values that NICODEMUS gave up?
                      Nicodemus was honest and turned away from the religion he delivered and taught to others - for he saw this
                      Romans 7:23
                      ''but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members.

                      - HE SAW FOR HIMSELF the great difference in the ministries of Jesus to himself.

                      but - you both want to pull people BACK INTO THE MINISTRY OF DEATH- that Nicodemus walked away from and gave up as did Saul who was renamed Paul the Apostle.

                      you both preach OT values that have been dispensed with and all destroyed in 70ad.
                      the jews today have no ''acceptable'' belief.
                      a far greater dispensation has been opened where - A PERSON CALLED A BELIEVER CAN LEARN HOW TO MINISTER LIFE in Christ.

                      you deny this miracle.
                      you both deny the rent veil.

                      you have your own lives trapped in the bondage of corruption as ''faux Jews''.
                      judaizers were despised by Paul and Messiah.
                      no mixtures.

                      in your gross ignorance you have taken a belief from OT values and made them your own -
                      YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THE SAVIOUR'S BELIEF and made them your own.
                      you follow the law of corruption - keeping your self styled laws of the jew - you decided what ones u keep - YOU are the controller Not Father who INSISTED 613 laws to be kept not your choice and none could be broken.

                      o foolish Galatians ''WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU''..........armstrongism.

                      Emmanuel broke the OT law of corruption so believers could walk as He did - He gave them an opportunity to be SAVED FROM CORRUPTION.

                      You both ADVERTISE by your posts this - ''FOLLOW our faux jew belief and let us REMAIN TOGETHER IN OUR CORRUPTION- resulting in synchronised suicide''.

                      you both WAR AGAINST DIVINE LIFE by your belief.
                      why dont you think Paul was speaking out against your belief?
                      look in the mirror of Paul's preaching -''o foolish galatians.'' prisoners of corruption


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                        u see Spying - nicodemus was the same type as you....

                        but at least he did it ''right''. you dont - you and IAH have YOUR VERSION you have copied from others.
                        hey - You and IAH did not even have the revelation for yourselves - how sad -
                        you copied your corrupted belief from other corrupted false teachers.


                        WHY NOT COPY PAUL.? what is wrong with the Pauline opinions on the new covenant and the new creation and Christ crucified.
                        dont you think PAUL would know more than herbert and ellen?
                        but hey - you and IAH BELIEVE HERBERT AND ELLEN KNOW MUCH MORE THAN APOSTLE paul.
                        you believe these judaizers over the truth of the Gospel.
                        why is their corruption SO APPEALING to your carnality?

                        Ofcourse Saul/ Paul was like you both in a wa,y but again- at least Saul kept his Pharisee beliefs better than you - when u analyse it you and IAH would be on the lowest posssible run of the fake jewish law keeping religious theory for sure.
                        u both tell Father what ones of His 613 you are willing to keep.
                        what a joke.
                        here is the true facts...................
                        now who do u both sound like - ??????????

                        so - can you tell me - when it became ''religiously fashionable and holy' to follow the belief of a Ritual Child Sexual Abuser?


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                          The True Gospel Teaches LIFE NOW According To The Scriptures!

                          Hi Lucy,

                          Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

                          You wrote concerning ImAHebrew and myself:

                          "you both preach OT values that have been dispensed with and all destroyed in 70ad.
                          the jews today have no ''acceptable'' belief.
                          a far greater dispensation has been opened where - A PERSON CALLED A BELIEVER CAN LEARN HOW TO MINISTER LIFE in Christ.

                          you deny this miracle.
                          you both deny the rent veil.

                          Yes, your are partially correct. Both ImAHebrew and myself do preach the Gospel according to the Scriptures, and this Gospel which was given to me was not given to me by any man or woman of this present world. Neither Mr. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God nor anyone from the Seventh Day Adventist Church are acquainted with the Gospel which we preach. This is not to say that no one made the Gospel which we teach available to the anyone in the Worldwide Church of God. I explained my Gospel to several Ministers of the Worldwide Church here in St. Louis beginning in 1977 and later, but my Gospel has never been officially accepted and understood and neither taught by the Worldwide Church of God so why do you continue to insist that I am following them?

                          The Gospel which I teach was taught to me by the spirit of Messiah Yahushua who has chosen to reveal HIMSELF to me in the Old Testament Scriptures. This Gospel, which is according to the Scriptures, is the only true Gospel. All other Gospels, being not according to the Scriptures, are all false, and the adherents of the various false Gospels are all cursed because they do not teach the Way and the Truth concerning LIFE NOW as demanded by the Law and the Prophets and the Psalms! They have not the Oral Tradition that comes from the mouth of Messiah Yahushua, and if you will allow me to again not mince words to you, neither also do you.

                          The state of Christianity is the same as the state of Jews today who possess no "acceptable" belief. The Jews barring death by violence all grow older and eventually get sick and die. This is the same fate experienced by Christians so what is so "acceptable" concerning their belief in a false gospel?

                          If you, Lucy, share the false Christian belief concerning the Gospel, why do you believe that your fate will be different from their experience and also the experience of Jews?

                          Thanking you in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,

                          Sincerely, Latuwr
                          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                            my gospel is exactly the same as the NT Spying...

                            and you KNOW IT.
                            WHY would i be bothered to act out or do some other gospel that murders me because 'satan invented it'.
                            he loves religion, murder chaos destruction and the whole churched system is his footstool -
                            point#1 - where are all the Messiah's for 2000yrs - the whole mad system is devilish with bits of truth and good works thrown in to make it appeal to ignorant people and foolish people and most of all legalist people - who add TO THE CROSS.

                            i insist u follow armstrongism for you admitted'' Mr Armstrong showed me how to keep the sabbath'' [paraphrased] - it was then i knew - you had stuffed up big time by listening to a con artist.
                            so when you ''keep the sabbath - feast and your other laws to the jews and
                            when you have to listen and agree to a man who is a total corrupt pervert, and preach his law works + gospel - something is seriously wrong with your reasoning.
                            O yes- u may well have ''told him off so to speak on some point'' but this telling off, did not stop you from continuing to keep HIS GOSPEL OF A JUDAIZER AND as an inpart law keeper to the jews only.

                            BTW - what happened to all those believers prior to armstrong and white WHO FAILED TO KEEP SOME OT laws of their choice?
                            yes messiah's ministry and prophecy was there in the OT - but - death ruled there too-JOHN THE B came and said ''REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND''


                            why did this whole nation of law keepers need to REPENT AND BE BORN AGAIN......

                            because the NEW COVENANT WITH A NEW WAY, LIVING A NEW LIFE AS A NEW CREATION was to appear.
                            SO Spying,
                            the Holy Spirit would never teach you such a'different' gospel - but a familiar spirit would.
                            and a familiar spirit is a bewtiching one Just as Paul said to the 'foolish galatians''
                            Definition of FAMILIAR SPIRIT
                            1: a spirit or demon that serves or prompts an individual
                            2: the spirit of a dead person invoked by a medium to advise or prophesy

                            when you sat under armstrongism -this dreadfull spirit would have been all over the people - as well as others.
                            because i do my homework i have found the stories of people who suffered under this pervert and it is a sob-fest for sure as this devil wormed himself into people's lives and virtually destroyed them and MADE people miserable.
                            THIS vile creature was THE WORST of THE WORST and u sat and soaked in his will and deceived teaching.
                            sabbath keeping, feast keeping etc etc etc add nauseum

                            - God only knows where he is now - forever.

                            you read the bible as a library book it is very clear.

                            MESSIAH IS WHO HE IS BECAUSE HIS WHOLE BEING IS the LIFE - THIS IS not FOUND IN RELIGION BUT IN RELATIONSHIP OF UNION- a lovers marriage - few find eternal life Spying.

                            IT IS NOT FROM YOUR 4 PIDDLY WORKS OF THE LAW U FIND the LIFE - millions have done this just like you they are OT law keepers - year in and year out - law law law - works works works
                            = SHOW ME all those MESSIAH'S as a result of their works?
                            none none none none none.
                            show me the Messiah's from the church................none none none none.

                            why? after 2000 yrs this whole world should now be the kingdom of God forgoodness sakes,

                            if you had heard correctly you would have heard ''THOSE WHO KEEP MY SAYINGS SHALL NEVER SEE DEATH''
                            YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD MESSIAH'S RESURRECTION LIFE AS PER john 11.

                            LIFE IS A PERSON
                            RESURRECTION IS A PERSON,.
                            TRUTH IS A PERSON
                            LOVE IS A PERSON
                            SALVATION IS A PERSON
                            how did this happen to a ordinary man a human man like us?

                            the MAN Emmanuel allowed in His whole spirit mind and body to be used - making/allowing the CHRIST TO APPEAR in himself - christ is the power work horse of the Father.
                            because Emmanuel put up NO hinderances, no barriers to stop the flow.
                            His mind was only agreeing to His Father,and NO others
                            HE KNEW HOW TO REFUSE THE MURDERER-from the beginning
                            HE KNEW HOW TO HEAR AND OBEY HIS FATHER
                            HE LOST HIS WILL - GAVE IT UP - FOR HIS FATHER'S WILL
                            HE DID WHAT HE SAW THE FATHER DO
                            HE KNEW HIS SCRIPTURES
                            HE REMAINED OUTSIDE THE MATRIX
                            HE SUFFERED FOR THIS

                            the OT was shadow learning - THE NT IS THE INTRODUCTION of the Spirit of life.
                            what is the spirit of life?


                            the law of corruption is on the law to the jew.
                            you follow this law keeping - you remain corrupted.

                            YOU HAVE NOT LEARNT HOW TO LIVE IN THE SPIRIT as you remain in the law to the jew - the death realm.
                            you are a walking faux jew.
                            - is it some mad ego thing you have -?

                            and what of me?
                            why are u concerned for me?
                            when you are not even concerned for yourself and your fate as a deserter and eternally condemned- for this is exactly what Paul's instruction says to men who mix the law to the jew and works to the life of the cross with grace and faith.
                            over and over he says DONT DO IT.
                            but u insist it must be so.
                            like ''who are you''?

                            Nicodemus i do admire this man so i love him... why?
                            because this man believed he was right but he became changed and made whole.
                            you are NOT Nicodemus Spying - you refuse to be born again and changed for Pau'sl instructed = NO LAW NO LAW NO LAW - NO MIXTURES NO MIXING THE 2 TOGETHER.
                            why did Paul insist on this and fight against it and get angry over it.?

                            BECAUSE DEATH - IS THE LAW TO THE JEW.
                            IT BREEDS DEATH IN PEOPLE - THEY CANNOT STOP SINNING AND WALLOWING IN IT - THEY ROLL IN IT - just as White and Atmstrong did.
                            the life realm will not tolerate death in it because DEATH IS THE CARNAL MIND OF MAN AND THAT IS WHY - THE CHURCH SYSTEM does not work for they have changed the gospel and die.

                            yes people see no wrong in the church system
                            yes they are happy to die and go to heaven
                            yes satan rules their system
                            yes it is a counterfeit
                            yes you and IAH are a part of it.

                            btw - Paul Peter and even the Saviour are NOT ACQUAINTED with the gospel you preach either.
                            the NT does not ever ever ever mix the law to the jew - nor is it now essential to keep to receive true salvation.

                            you are deceived.

                            you went into a religious madness of corrupted man and came out more corrupted than before - you sat under this sewerage of humanity and now suffer his same religious madness. did u know -you even post some of his phrases as his clone.

                            it was a sorry day you forgot the Bible and its true message and decided to walk on the broadwalk of religious man.
                            your'e whole life has been ruined by such poor choices and only now the true ''karma'' of your life appears for all to see.
                            you have wasted 65 yrs on a counterfeit religious belief not worth 2 bits.
                            you have allowed your carnal mind to dictate what to believe and this corrupt mind has given you OT law mixed with faith and grace = it will not work nor make u become the image of Christ,
                            you are trying to push a lesser realm into a greater realm and it does not sinc.

                            yes - ye may know of Life now - but knowing is NOT GOOD ENOUGH - IT IS TO BE LIVED IN.
                            if you had an opportunity to meet Paul the Apostle in real life and tell him YOUR GOSPEL i do declare he would punch u in the nose and cry ''who hath bewitched you''?

                            then you can say ''armstrongism - it was he and only he [the pervert and rapist] convinced me to keep the sabbath'.'
                            now Paul would call you and IAH Judaizers

                            - so whose gospel are you teaching again - o yes - YOUR OWN thats right opps i almost i forgot.
                            ok - its your gospel - so can i now examine the FRUIT YE BEAR of your gospel?
                            what is your testimony to make ''me jealous and envy your life and power '' so i need to change my ways.......

                            well let me be frank , betty!
                            POINT#2 - i dont like your testimony of the your fruit of ''your'' gospel.
                            infact i would not wish your gospel nor your testimony for any one else to bear- and i say this from sadness and concern at a life multilated by religious evil and wrong choices.
                            how did you get it so wrong?

                            you see Spying, when u r IN CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT APPLIES THE BRAKES and diverts you away from carnal minded Choices wrong choices and bad behaviour and fleshy lust and all other crap - He is THE HOLY TEACHER, ADVOCATE AND DIVINE JUSTICE SYSTEM and it is HE - THE ANOINTED ''HIM''- MESSIAH SENDS TO THOSE WHO LOVE HIM as A COMFORTER + A GUIDE + A DIVINE POWER HOUSE OF WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING.

                            when we veer off - he comes in and says ''NO'' this way please - as a shepherd who looks after His sheep.
                            HE CONSTRAINS US.
                            HE BREATHS HIS LIFE FORCE INTO US
                            HE DIRECTS OUR THINKING
                            HE DICTATES OUR BEHAVIOUR

                            point #3 - how can a dying person a believer - dying daily on their cross help themselves or have an opinion?
                            their feet dont touch the ground
                            their arms are out in space and useless -
                            explain how they can think correctly thru their pain and agony.....
                            THEY ARE DYING TO DEATH spying.
                            THEY ARE DYING TO THEIR RELIGION spying
                            THEY ARE DYING TO WRONG CHOICES spying.

                            dont tell me YOUR GOSPEL - pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - you are just ''playing church'' with NO real substance
                            Last edited by LucySmith; 02-29-2012, 02:53 PM.


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                              cont... my fate................

                              why are u so interested in ''my fate'' when it is your own you need to worry over.?

                              the NT is clear - dont mix the OT law of the jews to life in the Spirit - history proved this and the consquences to all the rebels who continued to disobey the NEW WINE FROM THE NEW COVENANT in 70ad.

                              like hello there -

                              how blind is blind.

                              Paul said '' STAND FIRM'' against the different gospel that was being introduced that believers had to be circumsised and follow the law of moses as well as believing in grace and having faith.

                              now this is what u and IAH preach - Judaizer's false gospel.


                              what of my fate?
                              i believe the words of Messiah - but this word ''believing'' is a divine activity that leads to a reversal or a metamorphoo of all my former death-like behaviours i was born into and aquired for myself along the way - for i had NO instructor and relied on the Matrix values and was conformed to its image.

                              somehow i was changed - it happened to me as it did to Paul - i was apprehended by Messiah - from that day i was altered, suddenly i hated sin, i hated destruction and harm and sickness and lust - it all made me sick and i was repelled and disgusted first at myself and then how this world really is.
                              I became like Neo.
                              I became different from my former ways ideas habits and beliefs - this happened in 1989.
                              i got changed over and over and over i was not the same being.
                              However another stage happened in 2000 - i got changed again - into LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS.
                              I did not ask for it - it happened from the NT - life was beginning to conform itself in me.

                              now i realised it was no good of simply knowing about eternal life as a gift from Father - I had to open up this gift to see THE PRESENT AND HOW TO WORK WITH THIS PRESENT of now, where time is NO more.
                              How to walk OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX AND SURVIVE by His shepherding only and not by any man's help.
                              i was on my own with no safety nets.

                              you ask about my 'fate' well buster try walking in this world without man made safety nets and without self preservation and self help and self needs - AND SUFFER TO BE CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE.
                              you make me squirm to THINK OF YOUR OWN OT LAW KEEPING AS YOUR self rightoeus acts to please father.
                              wow how childish and pathetic.
                              how carnal how deadly.

                              why not try something divine LIKE STANDING up AND OVERCOMING ALL ODDS THAT ARE AGAINST YOU ONLY BY THE POWER OF HIS WILL AND STRENGTH - ALL THE WHILE being terrified and weak and silly but HAVING THE DIVINE ABILITY OF THE ANOINTING TO STAND IN YOUR EVIL DAY and see evil removed from your life .

                              dont tell me of your powerless gospel of your own idea and works - it is as filthy rags.

                              TELL ME OF THE ANOINTING THAT FALLS UPON YOU SO YOUR pathetic fleshy lusts ARE REMOVED FOREVER.... AND YOUR SICKENESS FADES AWAY AND YOU STOP PILL POPPING because His ability is now in you.

                              tell me how you have the divine ability [not to boast] but to stand in the gap to show other people your love for them and blessings over them that makes them change too and be a delight to be around rather than a wreck and dysfunctional and unhappy.

                              tell me how you actually overcome all things that are evil in your life as the anointing pushes them away.

                              tell me how you supply needs to others when they cannot supply for themselves
                              - tell me how u give to others so it makes their lives more comfortable and joyfull
                              tell me how you can pray to change the weather and have answered prayers and needs met.
                              TELL ME how you are so loved that others want to be with you and stay there.
                              they become unhappy when they dont have u around.

                              there is NO boasting under the anointing for all His overcomers KNOW THEY ARE DUST = his anointing moves them only.

                              why - you cannot even be reconciled back to family values - let alone overcome all things.

                              if i was in your position i would quickly repent for you are as all men ''thinking u are right in your own eyes''.
                              i am sad you have choosen such a man made value.
                              ummmm leave me to my fate Spying - as i dont want yours.

                              ''NOTHING IN MY HANDS I BRING
                              SIMPLY TO THE CROSS I CLING''

                              u know something Spying - once i had nothing i was a useless eater - NOW I HAVE EVERYTHING IN MY SAVIOUR - HE SUPPIES ALL MY NEEDS.
                              HE NEVER TOLD A LIE - EVERYTHING HE SAID WORKS - HE SAID ''PROVE IT'' - so i do each day. I prove His blessings.

                              your way does not work. i basically lived there once too.... perhaps a little different but basically the same - A MATRIX RELIGION.
                              because it is not law keeping that works it is acting upon His beliefs that works and notice he did not go for lessons to the scribes and the pharisees.

                              i post to allow you to ''see'' the truth of your belief - it is basically the same as all men of the Matrix a ''self inflicted religious dream world'' that kills you. u know something u need THE SAVIOUR.