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what kills off the law of Moses to the jew is.....

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  • what kills off the law of Moses to the jew is.....

    THE INTRODUCTION OF THE POWER OF CHRIST [the verb] THE POWER OF CHRIST [the powerhorse of Father] the power OF THE KINGDOM to cease from sin - TO OVERCOME AS MESSIAH OVERCAME...........................

    AND BY THIS OVERCOMING - BE COME A BLESSING TO OTHERS AS Abraham became a blessing to all believers.
    Is it any wonder THIS MIGHTY HERO OF FAITH is a believer's example how to overcome and defeat the devil.


    pentecost introduced all believers into THE POWER REALM AND THE BLESSING REALM by faith - by the same anointing found in the Saviour.

    the giant of death was abolished.

    The GOSPEL obeyed - the saying's of Jesus obey abolished death by eating the hidden manna.

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    the anointing is so powerfull

    it defeats the devil.
    that is how these overcomers win - by allowing Christ the power TO FLOW outwards from them as Messiah did
    you see Jesus[ the man] allowed Christ [the verb] the divine Spirit to use HIM as a vessel to fill.
    the law was unable to do this - it lead to transgresion - prepared people to transgress.

    because law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression.
    the law brings wrath - how sad for those deceived Moses lawkeepers.
    - they dwell in wrath.
    - the bewitched.

    therefore Christ the anointing power is of NO effect for them.
    THE CHRIST is nowhere to be seen in them.
    they are CHRIST-LESS.

    but, THEY dont know it.

    Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: that seeing they may see and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them." (Mark 4:11-12)
    this was spoken to the nation of Israel.


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      negative forces of worshipping idolitary....

      is happening to the unaware as they worship the 'idol' of the sabbath keeping and other sundry laws to the jews they have placed as 'their works' of salvation - rather than worshipping the Father in Spirit and in Truth.
      These negative forces Paul calls them ''being Bewitched'' or charmed away from the truth of the Gospel.

      many sincere people are bewitched away from the true worship, by being 'right in their own eyes'.
      It is sad to say that many 'negative forces' shall attach themselves to these sincere people by causing many Ex's and bad reporting over sabbatarianism - because this awefull negative cloud, seems to cause distress, general unhappiness and depression - why? -death is there u see.

      once people are under this negative cloud, it is very difficult for them to be released from this bewitched state.
      satan has weaved a spell over them - Paul knew this and asked '' if ye started out in the spirit, why did you revert back to the flesh of law keeping [paraphrased]

      why even the "sons of the world" are wiser than the churched for they have their self help books on all human unhappiness and many find a type of contentment from them.
      In the human condition - most all people are afraid of change - they dont like it - remember only 2 men KNEW how to cross into the promised land - millions TURNED BACK from the spies bad reports.
      the same thing happens today. The church system is full of bad reporting and people are turned back into death.
      In many ways their fear is of stepping into new territory, so this mindset has held them back from experiencing things that the Saviour would have for them. They dont want CHRISTPOWER - but lawpower that fails to make them righteous.
      this is the saddest state - to worship an idol they think shall save them.

      on the positive side CHRIST GIVES THE POWER TO CONQUER.
      The idol worshippers always seems locked into a mess or a disaster, and unbalanced life is ever before them - that is because they are not in harmony WITH THE GOSPEL OF GRACE AND FAITH. THEY have put their own substitute gospel in place of the truth, by being bewitched and charmed into another belief.

      it is a most ghastly position - you die from it.

      if sabbath keeping and sundry law keeping of the jew saved men and stopped them sinning and stopped them from dying - they have had enough time to display the image of Christlikeness in deed and ministry - alas - none can stand the FRUIT TEST - it is a religious man made up hoax.