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    In Christianity there is a growing problem known as 'Judaizing',

    it's a movement that, by definition, consists of furthering Judaic laws and the ordinances of the OT.

    This process usually involves oppressing unsuspecting Christians with guilt trips, by asking things like

    "Don't you know yahweh's laws are forever?"

    or "

    Didn't you know there were much more than 10 commandments?".

    Usually, some verbal gymnastics follow, and before long, the unlearned Christian has had their mind twisted into a knot, and agreeing with the lecherous Judaizing missionary.

    Then the poor Christian begins to follow suit and
    starts learning Hebrew,
    buys a menorrah,
    learns the the old laws,
    changes their diet,
    and starts honoring holy days.

    Before long, the person is nearly a full-blown Jew, with the exception of believing in Jesus Christ.

    To such poor Christians I must ask, do you not realize that the laws of the OT in the torah were given only and specifically to the Jews?
    Literally, they applied only to the Jews, and Gentiles were not bound by them what-so-ever.
    Ok, this being so, then how can you take laws that were LITERALLY not given to you, and LITERALLY did not apply to you, and say that because you're a SPIRITUAL (true) Jew, that these LITERAL laws, now LITERALLY must be followed, when they LITERALLY had nothing to do with you?

    So here come the verses that every Judaizer tries to hit me over the head with:
    Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
    5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    So here come the verses that every Judaizer tries to hit me over the head with:
    Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
    5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    read on.................

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    The Heresy

    The traveling Judaizers emphasized circumcision and the keeping of the Law.
    They were probably selective in what parts of the Law they taught as binding as is evidenced by Paul's pleading tone to the Galatians when he said that "every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law" (5:3). Had they been taught that the whole Law was binding it would not seem necessary for Paul to warn the Galatians of this. Whatever the Judaizers did emphasize, at the least it included the keeping of Sabbaths, new moons, festivals, jubilees, and circumcision (4:10; 5:12).
    The Galatians had been convinced of their teachings against Paul and converted to this new "faith" (1:6).
    Paul says they actually desired to be under the Law, and believed that it was a system whereby they could be justified before God (4:21; 5:4).

    Circumcision was not peculiar to the Mosaic Covenant. It was first introduced to Abraham in his covenant with God. It seems that the Judaizers were stressing circumcision because of its connection with the promises made to Abraham. Notice Paul's frequent mentions of Abraham (3:6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 18; 4:22). It is very likely that the Judaizers believed they would not partake of the blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant without being circumcised (3:14, 16). Paul countered this theology by demonstrating that all those who have faith in Jesus Christ are the children of Abraham and thus heirs of the promise (3:29).

    Paul's argument is that Abraham's belief in God was accounted to him for righteousness (3:6). All who believe in the same manner as did Abraham are likewise the children of Abraham (3:8). Even the Gentiles can be Abraham's children, although not of his physical descent, as is evidenced by God's word to him that "in thee shall all nations be blessed" (3:9). Abraham's blessing is able to be given to non-Jews through Jesus Christ, who was the "seed" to whom the promises were made (3:14, 16). All who are in Christ through faith are one in Him (3:27-28). Since He is the seed to whom God made the promises, those who have put on Christ do receive the promises made to Abraham. It is through faith, not circumcision, that we are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise (3:27-29; 5:6).

    In addition to circumcision the Judaizers pressed for obedience to the Law of Moses

    (3:2; 4:9, 21; 5:3, 18; 6:13).

    The Law was not being kept as some cultural identity issue, but as a means of justification before God (2:16; 3:11; 5:4).
    Paul counters this teaching throughout the epistle.

    Gal 3:2 This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?

    Gal 4:9 But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage?

    Gal 5:3 For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law.

    Gal 5:18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

    Gal 6:13 For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law; but desire to have you circumcised, that they may glory in your flesh.


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      can a judaizer change his spots

      his unbelief and OT blemishes.

      "The LAW came by (through) MOSES but GRACE and TRUTH or REALITY came by (through) JESUS CHRIST." Jn I:17.
      why cannot the Judaizer's believe the grace and truth?
      they are Bewitched.

      the summary is, [by]
      the Judaizers were Jewish false teachers used by Satan, to teach people that they were saved only when they were circumcised (a literal, physical operation) and when they kept all the ceremonial law.
      It wasn't a question of moral law, that is, of murder and lying and stealing and adultery. It was a question of ceremony. They were saying, "To be saved, you have to be circumcised, keep all the feasts, go through all the sacrifices, do the whole thing." Paul writes this letter to counteract that.


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        an old indian saying says

        ''when you discover you are riding a dead horse - get off''

        the dead horse teachings of these modern Jiudaizers - is just that - dead as the horse died in 70ad


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          the Judaizers WAGED WARFARE against Apostle Paul

          they followed him around trying to corrupt the SPIRIT OF LIFE - the new covenant message -- Jesus had birthed into the world to release the captives.
          ofcourse, they used crafty tactics because they were tuned up by satan and his powers of dark persuasions to corrupt THE LIFE GOSPEL.

          so they tried to beguile the new converts of Paul's into keeping the law of moses + the Gospel of the goodnews - so - let us join the dots and expose these judaizers and whom they really serve and ofcourse have the fruit of whom they serve in their lives.

          [the publically recorded antics of evil of Judaizers armstrong and white ]= whom did they serve?

          so Paul exposed these 'certain men' to the whole world as a witness of their end game .....

          what was their end game?.

          well satan KNEW the spirit of Life had defeated him and he was gone - but - if he could just corrupt the GOODNEWS by adding law keeping works to the jews to it - he knew he would not be defeated. The corruption worked ofcourse and these people all died. sin kills.

          notice THE REDEEMED 144000 in Revelation FOLLOWED THE LAMB - NOTICE THIS PLEASE - very few follow the lamb - they have their own religious agendas.
          now - please notice - NONE OF THE REDEEMED followed armstrong and white and other creed founders - they are all dead why? because ''people perish from lack of Knowledge'' - the sayings of Jesus BROUGHT DIVINE WISDOM AND BIRTHED IT OUT - HOW - BY USING HIS SAYINGS, it converts the mind of man into the mind of Christ and reverses the old nature into the mind of Christ - the empowered mind that kills off the adamic flesh mind of sin.
          this is how it all worked for the MESSIAH - NOTICE PLEASE..............................


          so it is very simple to understand - how satan tricks sincerely nice people
          so it is very simple to understand - how NOT TO BE CONNED BY JUST OBEYING NESSIAH. [ those who love HIM do]
          next - we come to this advice saying ''THE BRIDE MADE HERSELF READY''.

          Messiah is not having a hard nosed whore on his throne telling HIM how to think.
          no HE IS HAVING THE MOST BEAUTIFULL NEW RACE EVER FORMED - and not a judaizer near them.

          so lets get realistic....................................

          when an overcomer obeys the sayings of Messiah - the huge immense awesome power called the anointing flows thru them.
          this divine powerhouse, conquers the principalities of darkness and the strongholds of our old man - these evil cursed things BEGIN TO COLLAPSE and EXPIRE when a believer obeys.
          We are tested for obedience - tried by faith - so few do find eternal life.
          but those who do soar outwards into LIFE BEINGS and know the peace and the joy of the Lord.

          now the bible says '' the joy of the Lord is our strength''.
          when this JOY EXPLODES into our lives it is like an a-bomb. IT IS SO INTENSE IT OVERWHELMS with its power.

          these sayings of Messiah - is the words that will bring divine intense strength for they come from the kingdom realm.
          there is nothing like them in the whole universe THE WORD TALKS - LIFE APPEARS - DEATH FLEES.
          U have to get it into your minds - just listen to JESUS - follow HIM each day - yes u will be tested but PRAY ''FATHER MAKE ME DO THE WORDS AND SAYINGS OF THE MESSIAH DAILY''.
          then all will be well.
          because Jesus MADE IT SIMPLE - HE TOOK A LITTLE CHILD AND SAID ''BECOME LIKE THIS CHILD'' - HE IS OUR EVERLASTING FATHER - THE WORD - so He keeps it simple and easy to understand - it is called THE SIMPLICITY OF CHRIST.

          SEE THIS - He kept it simple.


          Our eyes DONT SEE the empowering energy of the Word - if people could see this power they couldnt wait to abuse it.
          Jesus NEVER ABUSED his powers NEITHER SHALL HIS EKKLESIA. why? His ekklesia is HIS WORKMANSHIP.
          now notice please Moses abused this power by banging the rock twice and so he died.
          now as the Overcomers are trained up, they realise they are 'outwordly' for they are a part of the OUT-RESURRECTION from the dead.
          THIS IS WHY LIFE IN THE SPIRIT WAS BIRTHED OUT BY THE SAVIOUR - if it continued the same old ways - no empowerment would have appeared in this world at all - ever and never - it would have never happened.

          so when the Judaizers came to abuse the goodnews and misuse the law to the jews - they came with every intention to hex THE EMPOWERMENTS TO ETERNAL LIFE and the reconcilliation of men back to Father.
          yes indeed satan is crafty.
          most Judaizers have RECONCILIATION problems
          because they made His grace void and deserted the Gospel.


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            THE EXTREME importance of embracing the truth......

            because today, the Laodicean age has men and people who rule over them - come out from the lie.
            those who remain inside dont see the lies they live within - so they defend their denominational apostacy


            CONSIDER - TO WHOM DID YESHUA listen to and hear - the jewish elders, religious leaders and rabbis.....
            so why should u?
            why do you heed others that are NOT THE FATHER?
            has it become a ''social custom'' to heed church leaders?

            consider - the vatican is falling to pieces - corruption inside is making it fall......
            armstrongism fell too....
            why heed a FALLEN sytem?


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              people become IMMUNE to religious profanity......

              what is this 'profanity' called
              those who are deserters of the Lord peddling their personal conviction of mixing the OT laws given literally to the jews only with Grace and faith.
              The profanity is to be co joined with evil and be ignorant of this fact - all because they became BEWITCHED and hexed according to Apostle Paul.


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                Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
                what is this 'profanity' called
                those who are deserters of the Lord peddling their personal conviction of mixing the OT laws given literally to the jews only with Grace and faith.
                The profanity is to be co joined with evil and be ignorant of this fact - all because they became BEWITCHED and hexed according to Apostle Paul.
                what is so sad re Judaizers is - according to Apostle Paul these men are ''unclean''. [unclean men]
                Rom 3:20 (NET)
                For no one is declared righteous before him by the works of the law, for through the law comes the knowledge of sin.
                why is this so serious - according to Paul -what is their sin..................
                they have become evil workers because in reality they do not keep the Law.
                Paul would understand today- the real difference why? - Paul did keep the law as a pharisee.
                Paul contrasted his 2 ways - ''that whatever was gain to me, I consider these things as loss because of Christ''.

                therefore with so much biblical evidence against them, why would a modern day pharisee / Judaizer keep repeating they are right?
                again is goes back to ''bewitched and hexed''.
                therefore we look for the 'evil fruit'' of 2 modern day ''judaizers'' namely E white - recorded as lying 51 times - who is the 'father of lies'?
                and Herbert Armstrong - why did his ''ministry fall so badly'' and why is he ridiculed so badly and publically humilated for his sins - because ''the truth was not in him''.

                so why would other judaizers proclaim the ministry of white and armstrong as THE TRUTH?

                if you preach AGAINST THE ACREDITED APOSTLE paul - why would you want to appear so utterly foolish and wicked before others? yet claim only your way is 'righteous' ?.
                If Paul said works of the law is unrighteous - why would you proclaim it was righteous and all must partake of the laws to the jews for their salvation.

                why would u do this?

                could it be..........................
                * deceived
                * angel of light
                * simply very wicked.
                * ignorant
                * bequiled and hexed and cannot be saved from this plight.
                or all of the above.

                therefore it would be interesting to trace such people - from their birth ONWARDS to understand the fruit they bore -

                could it be some come from the line of cain?
                meaning - they wished to ''sacrifice to the lord'' but - by their own method rather than being like Abel WHO HEARD EXACTLY HOW TO WORSHIP AND SACRIFICE CORRECTLY.

                is the line of cain still on earth?

                this ofcourse makes for an interesting thought.
                well cain was 'protected' by God---God encouraged Cain to seek HIM + learn to overcome the evil which controlled him. Alas -no record of Cain or any of his family or any of his descendants giving themselves to God's grace and mercy
                [ as far as we know.]

                so if you think it over this is the same for Judaizers. - they too have rejected Grace and deserted the Living God - this is written by Apostle Paul. HE GIVES WARNING AGAINST SUCH PEOPLE........
                we see Cain built the 1st city prior to the flood and Nimrod the rebel built the 1st city after the flood.
                if there is 2 lines of mankind the cain line and the seth line - there would be 'evidence' in the bloodline of 'the righteous and the unrighteous fruits. [the sins of the father's stuff]

                2 bloodlines.
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                  i now would like to detect for some clues.......................

                  1stly - 2 bloodlines exposed.
                  have u heard this expression '' in cold blood'' - a snake has cold blood and the snake is a type of devil and the devil is called 'the murderer-from-the-beginning' or a ''cold blooded killer.''
                  now we are told Cain built the 1st city - he was a ''builder'' a cold blooded builder.
                  cain liked to ''add'' too.
                  when Messiah came, He called the Pharisee '' a nest of vipers''?
                  because they had ADDED to the law to the jew and it was termed a yoke. - a pharisee is a snake that adds.
                  notice - these men were ''builders'' who added too.. Leaders who ruled as cold blooded snakes - a nest of snakes.
                  when Messiah was in His 40day wilderness faith and loyality tests - snakey stated '' bow down to me [snakey devil] and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world - if ye worship me'' [ the snakey devil]
                  this is not just a government /nation worship - but worshipped from each strata of social networking.
                  every area is included - each ''head'' is put there by satan.
                  housing etc etc
                  transport - each area the devil controls thru his ''leaders''' = posing as angels of light''.
                  each area falls within the realm of a ''corrupt life style''.

                  in Paul's time the judaizers came in to ''add to'' or BUILD UP another gospel - they were not content to agree with Pauline revelation and the gospel that abolished death. No sir, these certain men ''had to add to the revelation of Jesus christ'' making grace and mercy and the new covenant for the new creation- void.
                  now for thousands of years these types of 'cain' men [with a mark] have produced ''great leaders''.
                  GIANTS AND MEN OF RENOWN. they are with us today - men who have been placed as leaders by the devil. in each generation cain's seed is everywhere in leadership.
                  mens's works abound.
                  men's building abounds.
                  men's ideas are agreed with
                  the work of men's hands are all over everything.
                  THIS IS A ''MARK'' OF A GIANT murderer and a rebel against the Kingdom of God.

                  "Fear them not, therefore: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." – Matt. 10:26 - these people always are exposed sooner or later.

                  however When father allows a godly seed of seth TO COME FORTH - it is for the betterment of mankind.
                  but to cont.... christianity has been lead away by '' religious giants'' into great apostacy.

                  Their fruits are the failure to reproduce any person resembling the Messiah in ministry nor deed.

                  however this startling truth does not deter the ignorant from following the theories and man made up religion and added too beliefs of the judaizers and pharisee. = the perishers perish why? because the gospel as been ''added too'' by man so it fails to work and produce Messiah life.


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                    cain's mark is the rottenness of man...

                    the rottenness of the carnal mind playing God. [the man who adds and builds without God as His love and guide.]
                    Messiah saw this rotttenness in the Pharisees and Apostle paul saw it in these judaizers.
                    everything they touch is vile - they are cold blooded like a reptile.

                    it is very interesting that in their cold bloodedness - is charm. bewitched
                    snake charmer


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                      let it be noted..

                      these 'certain men'' Paul calls Judaizers are weak men, unstable men, men of guile.
                      because the new covenant - allows the believer to be FORMIDABLE against the powers of darkness - why? well the gospel abolished death .

                      the New high Priest has a ekklesia of deathless formidable soldiers - an army who routs the enemy - NOT WHO AGREES with it.

                      yes siree, these weak, unstable men, want to worship outside the parameters of ''the spirit and truth''.
                      look at their lives to prove it is so.

                      Paul the Apostle, held up such weak at the knees men as a WARNING - dont go down a path of mixture.
                      church men are weak, bleak and spiritual cripples - because they have altered the gospel just as cain altered the worship God expected.
                      The advent of the Saviour was to set the captives [ to the law to the jews] free and introduce the victorous realm of change - the realm of the HOLY SPIRIT OF LIFE.
                      these '''silly WEAK men crept ''' In and were trying to ruin THE VICTORY OF THE CROSS and eventually RUINED THMSELVES.

                      MEN who do not have the ability to righty divide the word of Truth.


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                        THE REASON APOSTLE PAUL WARNED US ALL AGAINST judaizers is......

                        by mixing the 2 dispensations together - no one could WALK IN THE VICTORY OF THE LAMB.
                        THE VICTORY WALK can only happen when a believer follows the sayings of their Saviour - for His sayings are life and when obeyed LIFE APPEARS and death flees.
                        Paul knew this and this is why Nicodemus came to visit Jesus IN SECRET.

                        do u think Nicodemus as ruler of the jews, would know more that these modern day sabbatharians armstrong and white and their evil insistence ''we must observe some parts of the law to the jews only to be saved'' ?
                        after all Nicodemus was a sabbatharian himself - yet - he had to give up the law he believed in and be converted TO A NEW BORN AGAIN believer - spirit of life Believer. He had to enter into a NEW REALM of believing.

                        ofcourse this was very difficult for the jews to do this - hence judaizers - those poisonious ''adders'' to the gospel.

                        there are 3 steps....
                        the law -grace-glory are the steps and if you believe judaizer's teachings you will never get into grace and glory.

                        this New belief allows a believer to GROW UP INTO A PERFECT MAN - something the law to the jews only could not do - they were held captives. if u wish to follow Judaizers teachings then its ''HELLO CAPTIVES''.


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                          It is interesting to understand....

                          the Judaizers, WORKED for the intermingling of the system of satan - they mixed up the values from one era into another - Jesus ofcourse points this out in the story of the new wine skin.
                          Messiah was NOT A ''PATCH WORKER'' - but a carpenter or a builder - a professional builder and a spiritual builder - He is now supernaturally BULDING HIS KINGDOM TO OPPOSE THE KINGDOMS OF SATAN.

                          now the Judaizers DO NOT OPPOSE satan they agree with him and are his servants.

                          in satan's kingdom, when investigated - it is highly organised and extremely well run and very very effective - satan is highly organised in his kingdom. however he is a TOOL only.

                          He endeavours to PULL DOWN the kingdom of God and make it no effective - this is the work of these judaizers who he has charmed away from the truth - the truth that sets men free from this evil network and defeats it.

                          satan has a net work of ''gangs'' - it is a gang warfare - notice how the Pharisee ''ganged up'' against the Messiah. everyday Messiah had to face this gang warfare and personally battle thru it and overcome it.
                          This happens too in the laodicean era - the man ruled over era that makes the Messiah sick.
                          why? because the Gospel has been made void and death rules the pews.
                          People listen to false teachers and believe them and die.

                          however there are Overcomers from this era who are moved on by the Saviour to believe only HIM and follow HIM and let go of religious man's rulership in all ways and DEPEND ONLY UPON HIS LORDSHIP IN ALL WAYS.
                          NO MAN can do this UNLESS the Lord has become their strength and they wax strong in His spirit.

                          no man can defeat satan - unless THE WHOLE OF THEIR LIVES HAS BEEN SURRENDERED UP TO THEIR SAVIOUR.

                          however let me return to these judaizers and how ''they ganged up on Paul''.
                          Then PAUL WROTE HIS WARNING - SAYING ''dont mix the law to the jews with the faith and Grace of our Saviour''.
                          the evil gang turned up to poke fun at Paul or try to shame him or try to say he was not an apostle etc.....
                          ofourse these Judaizers are SLICK, CRAFTY and smooth - and dont appear as 'evil workers' - their lines are smooth [sweat talkers] + their bible misrepresentations very skillfully issued out to the UNSUSPECTING AND THE IGNORANT. the more the pews listen to the Judaizers the more dead they will become and the more blighted and frustrated and mauled their lives shall become. a question is asked ''why do bad things happen to good people '' ? well here is part of our answer.
                          My people PERISH FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE........
                          The judaizers LACK THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.
                          AN OVERCOMER comes against their religious rulership -
                          and upholds the Gospel of Truth

                          satan's AMBITION is to dominate in darkness.
                          JUDAIZERS dominate in darkness - look at their fruit please.

                          Paul only wanted THE FATHER'S KINGDOM TO RULE OVER ALL MEN in life abundant.
                          The true GOSPEL BREAKS THRU satan forces and releases slaves from death - a death in jail.
                          Judaizers need to return to the truth, rather than heed the whispers of satan that OPPOSERS the truth.


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                            a collective mindset..........................................

                            the judaizer's mindset was a collection of OT law and NT grace and believing faith - this collective minset - was organised by the devil arranging his angels of light to bring down the cross and its victory realm.

                            It was designed to bring back the adamic slavery that the cross had released mankind from

                            The nest of vipers was at work - re-arranging the Messiah's work and gospel that abolishes death and make void the finished work - and it worked.
                            why? a good military tactician always arranges events to favour himself - hence the advent to the pharisee type of Judaizers and a collective churched mindset of defeat. The church system is a hybrid defeated one.

                            shame - nonetheless Father has allowed this TOOL [satan] to work - but - it only works in the favour of His Overcomers -- they are holy Spirited trained to see thru satan's defensive tactics.
                            Paul's warning on this subject are heeded.
                            nothing shall deceive His Ekklesia as they put on the mind of Christ.

                            do you realise that to believe the mixture of OT law to NT spirit these modern judaizers views are very damaging to the national IQ.


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                              cont... not joking...

                              do you realise that to believe the mixture of OT law to NT spirit these modern judaizers views are very damaging to the national IQ.
                              wow - how can u say that?
                              proof - look around - where are the ''happy days'' of usa?

                              when u introduce a different gospel into your home or your nation - the nest of vipers comes in as a flood - prove me wrong.


                              where are all those good old ''american apple pies'' and the chevy on the levy and the happy days diners?
                              ummm - when u go outside the Order of the Lord outside His grace and say '' no thanks we like works'' - its hello cain time.
                              its all falling around your heels in ruins - the whole nation has lost its way and beggars are in the streets - look around.
                              how did this happen?

                              The gospel got high jacked by these 'angels of light' and not one person there stood in the gap but agreed with these angels.
                              Like some third world country with beggars and the homeless in the streets - wow.

                              He could find NO man TO STAND IN THE GAP AND EXPOSE the nest of unseen vipers.