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    For not even those who are circumcised keep the law, but they desire to have you circumcised that they may boast in your flesh Gal 6
    so to keep any part of the LAW TO THE JEW ONLY = is to boast in the flesh - according to ''it is written''.
    therefore keeping some parts of the law to the jew only - is to BOAST IN THE FLESH. - factual reality.
    ''works'' of a jew is boasting.
    the flesh is the devilish controlled carnal mindset called death.

    paul was a ''wretched man'' prior to his release from the law of sin and death of the jews...
    here is his words paraphrased of his plight when he was a ''law man'' sold into sin.
    Romans 7:14 (paraphrased) When I was lost, I knew the law was from God, but I did many sinful acts anyway.

    I could not understand why I was doing them.
    For what I knew the law said to do, that I did not do, and what I knew the law said not to do, that I did.

    I knew what the law said not to do, and I should not have done them. I agree with the law that it is good,

    but now that I am saved, I know it was not my mind that wanted to do evil, it was the evil spirit of Satan within me.

    I know that my body and soul, could not by themselves, become righteous. My body and soul wanted to do good, but I could not find how to do it.

    The good that I wanted to do, I could not do, and the evil that I knew I should not do, that is what I practiced.

    Now if I did what I knew I should not do, it was no longer I that did it, but the evil spirit of Satan that indwelt me.

    I find now that the law was revealing the evil that was present in me, the one who desired to do good

    For I delighted in the law of God according to my inward man,

    but I now see that another law was in my body warring against the law of God in my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law that was in my body.

    Oh, what a wretched predicament I was in.
    Who could deliver me from that body of death?

    I thank God who sent Jesus Christ our Lord who came to save me. Before in my mind I tried to serve the law of God, but with my flesh I served the law of sin. The law could not make me righteous because of the indwelling spirit of Satan, but Jesus has made me righteous by crucifying the spirit of Satan and giving me the indwelling Holy Spirit.
    do u see how the flesh has the indwelling of satan in it - so the law to the jews could make no man righteous because the law did not contain the indwelling holy spirit to make men righteous.

    if you go and obey any part of the law to the jew only - you remain in the flesh that satan controls and cannot become the righteous by His Spirit. this is why none can walk in the law and in the spirit at the same time.

    so the solution for the sinfilled flesh that satan controls thru the law of sin and death is defeated....

    Romans 8:1
    [There] [is] therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

    For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

    For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God [did] by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, on account of sin: He condemned sin in the flesh, 4 that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. 5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those [who] [live] according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit

    For to be carnally minded [is] death, but to be spiritually minded [is] life and peace.

    Because the carnal mind [is] enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.

    So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

    But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.

    And if Christ [is] in you, the body [is] dead because of sin, but the Spirit [is] life because of righteousness.

    But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.
    taken in part from '''bible life ministries'''
    those who walk in the flesh [works and the law to the jew] cannot please God.

    the testimony of the NT is saying - dont go back under the law to the jews - it is the law for the flesh and satan controls all flesh - one needs to receive THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT and this holy being indwelling in a believer stops the sinning ways of the flesh man.

    the law to the jew only must go
    life in the Spirit must enter in,

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    cont, now let us proceedd from this foundational truth Paul discovered...............

    it would seem Father is working in ''stages'' of human evolution so to speak.
    the law to the jew only was a ''stage'' of human development only and a TYPE OF SHADOW OR LAUNCHING PAD into the next stage called THE NEW CREATURE.

    THIS new creation could not be developed in a click of a divine finger but is a divine process to be worked out thru-out all generations from Adam onwards. [each generation is a stage of development.]

    the law to the jew only was a stage to develop to advance our mind into a new form of life - called LIFE IN THE SPIRIT[ruled over by the Holy Spirit -wisdom- the tree of life]

    THIS NEW LIFE is like a ''finishing touch'' to a long term plan in human development where only THE FITTEST BELIEVERS survived or survives.

    piece by piece this whole plan has been worked out perfectly by the Father and the law to the jew only was only ever a stage of awareness and a stepping stone to build a new mindset that would totally abolish sin and death from a new creation people.

    there are only a few who find this type of mindset called ETERNAL LIFE and these overcomers have been processed to be transformed as per Math 17 and messiah on the mount - this is the new creation exposed for all to see but few to understand.

    so what am i getting too.................... well i am having this revelation as i type so it maybe long winded.

    the stage of the law to the jew, was to develop a new mindset so all men from all nations could be set free one day.
    the mind of all men is controlled by satanic inspirations - so death is lord of all- but John the B came to ''prepare the way'' for the kingdom of God.

    now this kingdom is within all men - they just are unaware of this great pearl and treasure so they perish by retaining the mindset of satan that murders them daily.

    therefore a new brain/mind/thought life had to be released into the world Via a pure and holy clear minded saviour - and this releasing of new ways of thinking was the final development in the sound mind programme.

    now - think of this as a ''programme'' for a moment.

    the unsound mind was killing all men - this mind affects their DNA and the DNA had become abnormal and desolate and unworthy of a child of Father God.
    it is a deformed DNA with a ''death gene'' inserted into it.

    this unsound death gene mind is found in the PRODIGAL SON - and when this son [ who is all mankind] suddenly thought differently THE FATHER saw the son and LIFTED UP HIS SKIRTS AND RAN TO HIS BOY WITH OPENED ARMS - o dear God in heaven there is so much meat here of this Father's son....
    see THIS SON OF THE KING had become A DNA unsound creature but with a change of mind, the abnormal DNA was switched off and a new DNA that was divinely normal blueprint was being installed. this reality made the father joyous.

    so Father is using Paul the apostle as a likeness to the prodigal son to show believers [heirs of Salvation] how to be re programmed to a new creature with a divine sound mind.
    Paul was changed - the stage he was on - was altered and Paul moved into the next stage of growth.
    [he is an example of this]

    the message of Messiah was for a believer's DNA growth into the divine mindset of the Godly blueprint - or the same mind that operated out from the messiah.
    [this is the goal]

    it is the final stage in the preparation of the Heirs of Salvation and the Kingdom to appear.

    see the reason why no one from the church system has ever walked as the Saviour despite all the bible study and preaching is because their DNA could not be divinely developed to raise them up TO SHINE IN THEIR SPIRITUAL MAN - SEE JESUS SHONE - IT WAS HIS DNA that was formed correctly and this happens as our MINDS ARE RETURNED BACK TO NORMAL THINKING CALLED in bible speak = A SOUND MIND.

    now here is the real terrible part,
    if u stay back in a former stage of the law to the jew- your DNA remains UNDEVELOPED and makes u die because you have still remained with an unsound mind - see what Paul said .... he said under the law to the jew he still retained his unsound mind - romans explains his problem and the solution.

    that is what happens.

    now - let us proceed INTO A SOUND MIND so our DNA can regrow into fullness of the Godhead by corrected thinking patterns.

    we have a right and left side in the brain - the unsound mind uses the 2 sides independantly but Jesus knew how to USE HIS 2 HALVES AS ONE WHOLE MIND - ''the 2 shall be as one'' is a revelation few understand - it is the marriage of the 2 halves of our brain.
    when the 2 halves remain single the DNA is immature and the death gene rules.

    so the trick is to know HOW TO BECOME A ONE BRAINER,
    some [who are outside of Christ] suggest this happens by listening to classical music and this is a truth but not the truth... the only way our mind can become sane and sound is to be reset into the same belief as Messiah.

    this is not the law of the jews, that was a shadow.
    He came to be our REALITY - THE LAW TO THE JEW was only a stage to bounce off - hence the arrival of J the B to announce the gospel of the kingdom.

    you have to seek very hard after the Lord holy Spirit and if u really mean business with God our father - HE WILL MEAN BUSINESS WITH YOU, BUT u have to grow in grace while you are adjusting to your new DNA and its maturing ability.

    i got to stop now for i have to think how to explain some more....


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      OK the new creature has a new mind.... called a sound mind

      the sound mind programm joins the 2 halves of our brain to form one mind and this one mind effects our DNA and our DNA is altered by our new way of thinking.

      here is a clue.
      Messiah said ''take NO thought'' - about anything of this world for HE IS THE TRUE SHEPHERD AND KNOWS HOW TO CARE FOR HIS SHEEP.

      iF we think outside His care we think satan's thoughts that becomes our thoughts and these thoughts starve our DNA and alter our DNA so real problems arise in our life from WRONG CHOICES - the wrong thought life makes our destiny - this MAKE US SICK AND WE ARE MURDERED BY OUR WRONG THOUGHTS THAT MAKE WRONG AND FLAWED CHOICES. Satan is a murderer - his thought life - murders us when ''we take in his suggestions''. we create evil ourselves when we act on evil inspirations.

      we are to learn how to say NO to all evil suggestions we put into action - NO NO NO NO - SAY IT NO NO NO.
      it is so simple when we say NO the DNA changes.
      now a secret....

      it is the creative choice of saying NO [by faith in His shepherding] that begins to build up the new strands for our DNA and these new strands are essential for our fullness of Spirit and the ability to overcome physical death.

      you need to change your emotions
      you need to change your thought patterns
      you need to stop allowing flawed thinking to control you
      you need to step outside this world and become alive in the spirit of life.

      see the law to the jew only was a stage [like a stage play] to point out lawlessness was our problem - when u retain parts of the law of the jew only- your retain your problems for your have failed to move onto the next new creation stage of your ''mind'' development called life in the spirit that allows your DNA to mature into a divine kingdom life.

      walking now in this new life in the spirit - causes our brain chemistry to be renewed '' being renewed by the spirit of your mind'' - now that is the facts and the true reality.
      it is hard to explain but walking in the Spirit of life - stops us making wrong choices.
      [if we walk with the law of the jew - wrong choices will abound why? because a new and living way has been opened up and the veil of the law to the jew removed.

      you cannot go back - Father is not a backwards thinker - Life always moves forwards it never lies stagnant it is always pregnant and fruitfull and full of seeds and offspring.

      so as we obey His spirit, we will find in increase of lifepower - even the smallest flicker shall produce a miracle.
      LIFE IS A QUALITY but LIFE IS ALSO A MEASUREMENT.... ''go measure the temple says God '' go measure your life to see how much true life you contain.
      The holy spirit's ability will make a believer HOLY - and this holy thinking transforms our new mind into a divine thought life [changes our brain to reproduce the right chemicals for a sound mind] and this new thought life transforms our body so it is renewed daily. it never gets sick or dies because the DNA death gene is dying and ceasing to effect us.
      now this new DNA in us releases divine energy - just the correct amount to live a life in abundance [ as per john 10 v 10] this energy is in each cell in our body. this is how a believer can withstand and endure.

      WARNING - religion never reproduces a matured DNA.
      religion only reproduces death for the death gene in the DNA remains active.
      Messiah has to draw u away from your religious belief to believe as He does.

      note He did not come to introduce a new religion.
      He came to set men free.

      No man- no law- none could do this but the DNA correct Saviour.
      He had all His strands chemically corrected so He could show forth a normal living human godlike being - pure and holy without the blemish of death.
      he had THE CHRIST MIND.
      Jesus wil not teach you the law to the jew, but he shall teach you HOW TO BECOME ALIVE WITH A SHINING WHITE SPARKLING NEW DNA SYSTEM that works like His.

      NOW WE ARE WARNED - dont marry an unbeliever.
      but who is the unbeliever in reality -
      the unbeliever is all men who have not learnt how to be married, and be made as one with their mind - they have 2 minds just like Paul under the law to the jew revealed. BUT THE SOLUTION IS - PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST.


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        i must cont this revelation............... thank you

        i wrote the original post at 11-11 usa time, i also posted at 12-49 usa time - the #'s are very significant so i will explain latter. But to continue.
        the stage of DNA development could not grow unless the law to the jew was revealed by Moses - it was a perfect revelation that no man can be saved from his flesh.

        In the OT we do see some who escaped but it is revealed these people had a ''different spirit' or empowered by the lordship of His spirit.
        All others perished from their sins.

        J the B the forerunner came to reveal THE WAY TO ESCAPE from the law of sin and death to the jew and it was by the sacrifice of the Messiah, His blood and His pure DNA that the veil of law of death and sin could now be removed.

        The cross was the ''lightening-rod'' that crashed against the law to the jew and broke the veil of death forever.
        the veil of the law was rent.

        all the 613 laws these jews were to keep were an impossible thing for the flesh minded human - his DNA was abnormal and he is totally unable to do these 613 parts - therefore the stage was set for a more advanced teaching to be made known and it was introduced by the Messiah - the christ - so that the stage of sin and death could be exited from and the WAY OPENED UP so our DNA would be reformed by the knowledge of the Spirit of Life who MAKES US OBEY HOLY kingdom LIVING - ofcourse as His workmanship - and HE DOES not HAVE A EKKLESIA FAILURE as the correct stranded DNA is returned back to its former glory yet surprisingly, shall have even a great glory than before being lowered into vanity and the wilderness realm here.

        "To all who believed Him (Jesus) and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn! This is not a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan -- this rebirth comes from God."
        John 1:12-13
        see the next stage of our brain development and the ''sound mind programme'' - was levelled at BELIEVING HIM - this is not a passive acceptance but a vital doing/action belief that never allows a person to be faithless or filled with unbelief - ofcourse this is grace abounding over the mercy seat and His throne.
        why? because the Holy Spirit and the INCORRUPTABLE SEED grows by HIS GRACE - GRACE IS LIKE A FOOD FOR GROWTH.
        can u understand this - therefore if you mix the law of the jew into the realm of grace - grace becomes voided.

        now almost all men, especially churched pew people say ''i believe HIM'' but because they die and have made a covenant with death, they lie from ignorance and still perish from sins.
        why do they die?
        it is because their mind is not 1 with Father
        it is because the chemicals of a changed way of thinking in the brain to form new vital strands of DNA have not be activated.

        the holy spirit is the activator to see our change does occur.
        this is why Caleb knew how to cross into the promised land and defeat the giants. THE GIANT WERE HIS OWN CARNAL MINDED THINKING - BUT CALEB KNEW how to defeat his carnal flesh mind and take the word of God at divine value and live to enter in.

        the law to the jew cannot activate the correct chemicals needed to rejoin the 2 lobes to become as one.
        dont keep any part of this ancient OT stage = Father has now progressed beyond this stage into a new and living way in Christ. it has been opened up. Messiah is the door into this new realm.

        our heeding to the Holy Spirit and allowing HIM to control our thoughts and decissions makes a believer a genetic molecular new construction.

        see this word ''gene''

        now look at the word RE-GENE-RATION.
        see THIS?
        what is it?
        THE REVITALIZING OF OUR WHOLE INNER MAN- OUR CORRECT DNA now in place as we now receive the fullness of His divine spirit.

        again GRACE IS THE ingredient to make this change over.
        remember the NT prodigal son - he was given the robe the ring and the fatted calf - that comes only from the throne of His father's grace why- for this son deserved nothing but death and comdemnation.

        that is why it is essential not to void your grace allotments.

        the stage of the law to the jew has passed over and now a new stage is to be matured called - LIFE IN THE SPIRIT - the next stage is ''the appearing of His sons and the reconcilliation of the world back to the Father''.

        I wish to reveal thru His Spirit the next revelation....
        the law of the jew given by Moses - highlighted satan's realm - it showed to the world and to all the universal beings- the seen and the unseen - sin and death and satan and the law go hand in hand and cannot be overcome in the flesh nor by the flesh called works.
        The realm was a death realm a flesh realm a work realm.
        You will stay in this place as your destiny if you heed any of its laws.

        the highlight of this new covenant kingdom realm - is to live - and remain alive as Messiah could have done.
        LIFE is a substance nothing can defeat it now death has been abolished by the gospel.
        i wish to explain life a little better................

        life is being.
        divine life is being life itself.
        this life has NO death inside of it - no death can overtake this zoe life - that is why Jesusis called THE LIFE - HIS PEOPLE BECOME THE LIFE TOO they are nothing less than THE LIFE - THE LIFE IS ALL IN ALL.

        THAT IS WHY, His believer cannot die any physical death for THE LIFE HAS REMOVED THE carnal minded DEATH from each one. Death flees when LIFE APPEARS.

        so when LIFE APPEARS - it can be a mere flicker - it proceeds to grow from a seed into full maturity.
        People who have NO life in themselves seem to be drawn to THE LIFE growing in a believer overcomer.
        people notice the difference and wonder what some people have they dont have - and it is strange but even unbelievers seem to 'hang around' Life's true believers.

        the unbeliever seems to need a ''dose'' of true life............................
        but again life is a winner for as the unbeliever hangs out with the believing life person - they too become changed - for LIFE SHALL NEVER BE BARREN.

        i do believe this is an example of why all people desire sexual love relationships so much, for father has planned it to be so abundant and so fruitfull and so ripe to enjoy and AMAZING LIFE OF FRUITBEARING.
        God the father's DNA is a love of life relationship and barreness is impossible.


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          # 11 11

          is the digital code that activates our DNA code.

          # 12 - the the governmental order of God
          #49 - is the release from bondage...........


          the NEW YOU is the new creation the bible speaks about.
          the ''new age'' pundits are more aware of this than the christian church, stuck in great apostacy. But ofcourse the bible tells us this aspect too.
          ofcourse the new agers depend upon themselves where as a believer in Christ depends upon the workmanship of Christ in us THE HOPE OF GLORY.
          therefore the new age information remains a counterfeit.
          but allow me to continue.......

          the church is dead - We are told this -And by the angel of the church in Sardis write…I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead” (Rev. 3:1).

          why are they 'dead'?
          because they dont have the activation of a new way of thinking by the Holy Spirit's instructions -HE IS LIFE AND THESE PEW PEOPLE have not been able to abandon their ''works''.

          see the works are easy to do and have a ''good feel'' about them.
          [ and works are good but not the BEST]
          but a changed way of thinking is difficult unless the grace and forebearance of the Holy Spirit teaches you HOW TO THINK CORRECTLY LIKE THE SAVIOUR- satan has to be loosed from your mind and all his intimidation, fears and wrong values removed. HE HAS TO HAVE NO HOLD UPON YOU.
          you see our whole body and makeup is like a chemical factory - when satan is in control of our minds and his programme in place our body chemicals is unbalanced and disrupted and out of sorts - the chemicals are all askew so after a time people develop sickness because their chemicals are all in the wrong places.
          as an example....................
          when our body was made and placed in Eden it was not designed to'' fear'' anything but to live in a paradise conditions.
          BUT FEAR ENTER IN... our body cannot cope with fears - fear sends people into a paralysis they cannot function why? because the fear produces chemicals in our body and our body goes into overload.
          when fear enters in PEOPLE CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT. fear is the great apostle of satan.
          fears produce a sudden outflow of wrong chemicals to the mind and people go crazy.

          are u getting the picture now?

          are u seeing how we are to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST now and for the reason to do it.
          so the chemicals go back into their former place [as per prior eden] and retain their former body blueprint Father designed to work thinking as He thought. [same minded as one- 11 11 - oneness]

          if u look at this Rev to the church of sardis - this condition they had - had to be overcome to receive their rewards.
          TO THE OVERCOMERS - those who are loosed from their works programme and overcome a religious ''works'' mindset in order to SERVE - THE LIVING GOD .
          but how?
          the new creation is a living example of the Saviour - having developed into a mirror image of the Saviour by believing and thinking the same way. This renewal of thinking allows OUR TRUE MAN OUR SPIRIT man to arise and to shine as our Saviour did, this new man in christ life power becomes '' the saviours who come out of Zion'' - the few who find His eternal life become ''the saviours''.
          you cannot be this till you are reprogrammed to put on the mind of christ - this is the key - to activate the correct chemicals so our mind is pure - how - by the DNA grow and renewals = or to be re gened and re gene rated into transformation. THIS ONLY CAN HAPPEN BY A MIND CHANGE and no other way of works or religious belief shall do it.

          we are called to OVERCOME THE ''WORKS'' PROGRAMME.
          ARE you beginning to see?

          now look at the reward of these overcomers......................
          meaning those believers who have stopped their self effort of ''works'' and allowed the Holy Spirit to retrain their minds into a christ-mind a power mind a mind that is transformed.

          and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.
          Rev 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.
          see our NEW way of thinking, makes a new creation and this new being wears a white robe.

          Jesus wore a white robe on the Mt of Transformation [MATH 17] - join the dots.

          by putting on the mind of Christ and ceasing from works of religious self effort a believer becomes a BEING OF LIGHT AND A LIFE BEING.


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            cont....thinking like Father = transformation into the divine Son's image

            father has told us to CONSIDER THE ANT
            father has told us about the transformation of a worm into a BUTTERFLY.
            IF we are wise to our freedom walk we will study these 2 insects to see the thought of Father and His nature shown in these two tiny insects.

            THE ANT.
            IS A TINY insect -yet Father has shown his characteristics in an ant- as He created in the tiny ant that work to produce success.
            the ant has a diligence to accomplish its task

            did u see this please?.
            this truth is the highlight of the Holy Spirit's workmanship -who produces a christ-like victory and success in a believer to accomplish their task. As a believer is moved into an ant's characteristics they shall never be in poverty nor want. [hence the name overcomer]
            because a Believer is raised up to be fruitfull bough by His holy spirit and to be a success in all they do and also in spirit in soul [mind] and body - transformation and preservation to be blameless as He appears in us. The ant's characteristics is a part of the divine father's character + a demonstration to a Believer in His church of living stones on how He is - so shall they be too.

            ''a believer has been given diligence to accomplish their task.''
            [this goes under the heading ''the wise shall understand''.]
            if we now look at this word DILIGENCE = notice it has ''gene'' WITHIN IT.

            Definition of DILIGENCE
            : persevering application
            : the attention and care legally expected or required of a person (as a party to a contract)
            now i can write this sentence as the truth................
            '' a believer pays attention to preserve their application that is legally expected from the new convenant'' [ a legal and a divine contract]
            so in a believer's legal application to the new covenant they are to #1 - put on the mind of Christ and #2- put on immortality.
            they are required to give diligence to these 2 requirements to accomplish the task of divine transformation.

            ofcourse this now carries on to the BUTTERFLY and its re-gene-ration......................

            again the word 'gene' is seen.

            a butterfly is a very beautifull creature yet it began as a ugly destructive worm and the amazing thing about this new creation [the butterfly] it no longer destroys- but is a life giver as a pollenator.
            Father has typed us all as ''worms'' - look here please...
            For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, Fear not; I will help you. Fear not, you worm Jacob, and you men of Israel: I will help you, says the Lord, and your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel
            so how are we changed from a worm into a life-giving butterfly?
            by being transformed by the RENEWING OF YOUR MIND.

            see it all comes back to our minds.
            the real battlefield is in our mind.
            the mind is the key to our ascension into the kingdom of God.

            to get this MIND you have to become 1 flesh.
            this has nothing to do with a marriage agreement.
            Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
            Father wants a believer to have ONE MIND AND THIS IS THE JOINING OF THE 2 BRAIN LOBES in harmony to work as one - this oneness produces the right chemical combination for our body to become blameless and to be preserved.

            as a believer PUTS ON THE MIND OF CHRIST - prison gates are op
            ened and the principles of this world are removed.


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              cont- the new age gurus and medicine/science are now speaking about

              these changes that are happening to DNA.
              ofcourse this is a ''natural happening in vanity'' but it also happening in believing Overcomers.
              ofcourse we know none can overcome vanity UNLESS, THE holy Spirit is installed as Lord of all.

              a believer does not go down the path of Matrix ideas - as they are a devilish counterfeit - therefore the heavenly truth has to be manifesting for the counterfeit to appear. The counterfeit needs 'science and fancy equipment'' but all the believers needs is the WORD OF THE LORD.

              in all believers these changing cells can cause exhaustion, as they become NEW BEINGS but the goodnews is changes are happening and transformation for some is in progress but the thing is where life is people are drawn to the life regardless of their belief.
              Life is a magnet and this LIFE IN CHRIST IS THE INHERITANCE OF THE FIRST BORN.
              we are told we are 'the temple of God' - that is a truth few receive.
              was Messiah the temple of God?
              so what part of the temple of God is corrupt?
              can disease and worry and distress and unkindness and harm - dwell in the temple of God?
              rev 3
              ''Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour
              of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the
              11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.
              12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall
              go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the
              city of my God, which is new Jerusalem''
              the temple of God is KEPT FROM THE HOUR OF TEMPTATION.
              HAVE U BEEN KEPT from temptations?

              well having a new mindset will keep you from temptations and then because of overcoming them you will become a PILLAR in His temple.
              you cannot be this person when the Matrix rules your life and religion has made you its slave and your'e not putting on the mind of Christ.

              ps - i posted this post at 2-27am
              i like a confirmation - i find it comforting....
              here is #227 bible meaning.

              The Number 227 - Birthright, Blessing, Memorial
              And he said, Is not he rightly named Jacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: he took away my birthright; and, behold, now he hath taken away my blessing. And he said, Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me?

              Genesis 27

              The Blessing belonging to the firstborn is called the Birthright. The deep integration of these words and ideas manifests in their being anagrams of each other, and their appearance together in the single verse of Scripture above.

              The Number 227
              Birthright, Firstborn [S# H1062]
              [have ye ever studied the inheritance of the first born - zion the city of God?]
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                cont - there is only 1 mind to have

                it is the mind of our Father - our EVERLASTING father.
                no other mind works CORRECTLY in our body but the Mind of God - our body is programmed to have His mind - He created our body to function on His thinking.

                people get sick and die - because they are POISONED by their corrupt thinking - their body dies from wrong chemical overflows by having bad emotions and bad attitudes and the body groans from excessive chemical abuses.
                as an example - the biggest killer sickness in the world is a Heart Attack - in simple english - a person's heart is attacked. how? how is a heart attacked? - join the dots - think outside the box - how is a heart attacked and killed?
                open your eyes and gain understanding - stop the rot and get WISDOM.
                COME out from evil thinking and come to understand life and truth and how to have an 'excellent Spirit''. This is spiritual maturing that shall reap wonderfull blessings in your life. Note it is NOT found in religion - it is only found in WISDOM. [read proverbs] CRY OUT for wisdom - for she is the tree of life.

                people have to want to give up their sin - they have to become haters of sin - and hate what sin has done in their lives - vanity has been designed for this - it is a foundation on which a NEW CREATION is being built. They have to learn how to cry out for wisdom. [ a new mindset that will release a person into the truth]
                When people grow up in a wrong environment they make wrong choices .i.e.- this world of vanity is a godless wrong environment where the body of flesh is Lord. The body rules vanity not the mind of Christ. The body is only a container for the SPIRITUAL MAN AND THE SPIRITUAL Mind to make the spiritual man visible as a LIGHT BEING.
                ''ye are the lights of the world'' learn to switch on by getting wisdom and gain understanding- cry out to ''think right''.
                math 11 v 28 29 30 - that is how.............
                you see Messiah actually wants your sin and problems hurts and wrong choices. HE ASKS TO CARRY YOUR BURDENS - HE WANTS THEM - HE KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE THEM FOR YOU - HE DESIRES YOU TO GIVE HIM YOUR BURDEN.

                Messiah said '' MY PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU''. ''I WILL GIVE YOU REST''
                Peace is a trait of His divine nature. If we have THIS peace we dwell IN Him.
                His Peace is a miracle to have - it seems as if nothing is a worry nor a care and as if our human mind HAS BEEN SWITCHED OFF so that His divine shepherding and caring is everpresent in us.
                it is to understand this -'' He carries His lambs in His arms as He has becomes the husband Lover''.

                it is time to stop being a ''spiritual cripple''. stop being a babe to your religions ideas and theories as they kill you.
                get wisdom get understanding become enlightened to WHO YOU ARE as A SPIRITUAL BEING - stuck into a human body experience - why? - to overcome vanity to become a SPIRITUAL GIANT [hero] and know to how rule and reign correctly as a divine being with a loving holy pure attitude. [same as Messiahs life]
                The new creation believers shall be transformed into the same Image as their Saviour.
                Having Wisdom is the Key to happiness, not having Wisdom is the key to Pain. The Holy Spirit advises ''get wisdom, get understanding''.
                if you notice the end of the bible is Jesus speaking to THE OVERCOMERS.
                each overcomer has to overcome as Messiah did here. Not all shall be overcomers but a few shall.
                Those who do overcome HAVE RECEIVED HIS WISDOM to do this [the mind of Christ] otherwise it would be impossible to overcome evil, the flesh and the world.
                there are also rewards for these overcomers mentioned that are never mentioned in the 4 gospels nor by Paul. This is the last personal revelation to Apostle John to record. [then the bible ends]
                If you notice the overcomers reward in the Laodicean age are to rule and reign with Christ on His throne.
                this is the only age that mentioned the overcomers receive this 'prize'.
                to overcome Jesus has mentioned 3 elements to get
                eye salve
                white robes.
                He advises TO GET THESE 3 ITEMS - if we dont we have NO hope to overcome nor to rule nor reign as kings and priests in His Kingdom.
                so let us notice what is to be OVERCOME - Jesus tells of the condition of nakedness, wretchedness, misery and blindness. - therefore this is the rule of the human mind and mind that thinks it is godly - it is a man ruled over people's church system.
                there is No life eternal here nor hope, it is a dead system called wretched.
                THIS END TIME SYSTEM has to be overcome.

                therefore the overcomers are not taught by man = no 666 false teachers are in sight for Messiah has said ''get gold, get eye salve and get into the white robes'' and those who do this advice have walked away - from the evil corrupted system of man.

                why? why did they walk away - what made them do this?
                they were divinely enlightened by the quickening of their spiritual man.
                the divine knocking woke them out from their slumber.
                the world of man had taught them church religion but Messiah is teaching a love relationship and they are developing this new way of thinking so they would be spiritually equipped to rule and reign and to walk as the truth and a pillar in the same style as their Saviour. Their mind had been altered to think in the principles of truth and not in the thoughts of vanity.
                a mind altering experience makes the body blameless. how? the new thoughts create a transformed being called a new creature. No one has ever seen this new creature yet.
                The dna is self correcting by the new thought life that doesn't allow evil to rule and reign. A believer becomes guarded and aware of evil influences and shuns their intimidations. True salvation is to triumph and overcome all the effects of vanity and its massive problems.


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                  i would like now to cont... on the theme of a changed DNA

                  The dna is self correcting by the new thought life that doesn't allow evil to rule and reign. A believer becomes guarded and aware of evil influences and shuns their intimidations.
                  the evil, in men hurts others - that is why ''heart attacks'' kill.
                  The heart is the 'centre' of love and all men want to be loved for LOVE IS GOD and His children are made to receive love and remain IN HIS LOVE AND THE LOVE OF OTHERS therefore without true love - the heart dies. Hence heart attacks is the No1 killer.
                  the heart is destroyed by faulty dna chemicals gushing out into the body system because love-thinking is not present or has been lost and destroyed
                  why? because the mind thinks and acts to bad news, heartbreaking news - effects the dna and it goes into meltdown.
                  didn't Messiah say in His Ministry - '' I COME TO BIND UP THE BROKEN HEARTED''? - broken hearts kill humans. No heart was meant to be broken.

                  so the main feature the new mind will produce is LOVE - NOT a human love but an agape love and no one receives true salvation unless this agape love is present to those who ''walk with God''.

                  agape love is ''giving up on all selfish desires of'' me, me, me, I I I is lord.
                  so never call yourself ''I am'' unless ye LOVE AS I AM does and this love is only found in the self sacrifice of thyself for others.
                  this is a hard thought life to achieve for self is so enthroned upon all thinking.
                  BUT the goodnews is the Holy Spirit will make a way for true LOVE to be found in a believer's life for out of this true love-life comes compassion and out of compassion comes virtue and out from virtue comes SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES befitting a divine life.......
                  why? How?
                  well the DNA is being changed back into its original normal divine stand blueprint - and now this thinking matches up to the divine thinking and a whole new balance is being produced so LOVE is God in a believer.

                  this love is the 2 commandments of the new covenant.
                  begin- with this loving advice and watch the blessings flow INTO YOUR life.
                  how? because the Holy Spirit changes our thinking to THINK LOVE.
                  when this happens the believers begin to cry out to the Lord ''how long Lord how long'' - it is all synchronized.

                  Definition of SYNCHRONIZE

                  : to happen at the same time

                  : to represent or arrange (events) to indicate coincidence or coexistence
                  [the great wickedness and the lack of love thinking crucified the Saviour of the world.]

                  THE NORMAL DNA in the Saviour made true love or God's own love, work a supernatural life into HIM because he allowed CHRIST [the powerhouse and life force] to flow thru His human body as a divine clean vessel.
                  BUT not only did this ''Christ'' [ a verb of action] flow in and out from the Saviour it was so INTENSE HE ACTUALLY BECAME the LIFE + the TRUTH.
                  SO a person is LIFE AND TRUTH.
                  SO there is NO death or no lie IN THIS PERSON - the whole being is LIFE - SELF EXISTING TRUTH AND SELF EXISTING LIFE and this same programme is in place for His heirs of salvation - they too shall have His same self existing life force = ''let the force be in you''.

                  these overcomer believer's shall be well able to stand in their own self existing life and truth as ''sons of God in the Order of Melchidezek'' - they too shall be without beginning or end as they put on His imperishable life. they will become the circle of life.

                  btw = do u think the Messiah is kinda wimmy and girlish, with a whispy beard?
                  i often feel the church system has the babe Jesus and the dying Jesus - protrayed as a defeated limp raglike pushed around ''god'' they can push around too - RATHER THAN A VERY INTENSE HEROIC LOVER AND freedom FIGHTER, with intense passions and power backed divine emotions. HE IS all RAW divine GODMALE - the divine terrorist against all evil and the protector of the fainthearted as their true Braveheart.
                  so i pose this ? [ i dont expect an answer]

                  if the sons of God,[ the lifeforce and heirs of Salvation, the few who find eternal life, who have learnt to live in a changed metamorphoo way, in the same order as Melchidezek - are these ''gods'' sitting in the COUNSEL OF THE GODS to rule and reign in God's kingdoms as gods in their own right?]


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                    ummm begotten.... [a dectective work only]


                    as a believer's DNA is altered/transformed into regeneration and renewal by their thought life being chaanged as per bible metamorphoo - my question now asked is this.........

                    2 times in the word it says ''ye are gods'' but die as mere men
                    ps 82 v 6
                    Messiah restates this verse in the NT.
                    so as the believer's DNA is being restranded into a fully normal DNA as Christ had or has - does their former memory from their maturing spirit return back and they become BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER - BEGOTTTEN meaning their true throught life is returning or fully returned when they were in the kingdom before the lamb was slain as His sons and His morning stars.

                    ummmmmmmmm - I had a star day today - see stars all around where i looked. so STARS are on my mind as i post and try to fathom some much needed information for maturing believers.

                    when Jesus spoke of ''ye are gods'' was He giving believer's the hidden manna to search out a thing?
                    i do believe so.
                    in the Messiah's life He has the same record of ''suffering'' to obey and suffering the effects of a lowered human life. - the bible tells us this fact - so if He suffered as an Overcomer suffers - there must come a time when His obedience to His father would maybe rewarded by having His full memory restored to Him so He no longer lived in a spiritual fog but when John the B proclaimed Jesus as the ''lamb who takes away the sin of the world'' it all clicked together and messiah became BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER - BY A MEMORY RESTORATION.

                    somehow i fell i am on the right tack here, however shakey - why?
                    because of all the RE words of the NT.
                    the prefix RE means to return back to, return back to a former way.........

                    so what are bible NT RE words.....
                    these ''re'' words all point to a RETURN to something that was lost.

                    renewed, restored, reconcilliation, repent, redeemed, regenerated, return etc.
                    If the Saviour went thru the process on the same level of understanding as a new born again believer, without ''special help'' or any hidden advantages - He would have suffered as a Believer suffers the battle of their mind. He would have to mature into the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the day He did He became THE BEGOTTEN SON - for on that day His spiritual memory is fully returned and He knew His destiny and decissions made before the 'foundation of the world''.
                    when Jesus quoted this verse from the psalm He was saying ''ye die as mere men''.
                    so these people were in an identity crisis and did not KNOW WHO THEY WERE - they were 'gods' but still died as mere men.
                    therefore THEY SUFFERED FROM a divine Amnesia. they day they ''remember'' they become begotten??????how? because their DNA has returned back to a divine normal and they are now perfected to carry on their Father's business.

                    now i am not saying this is so - i am only looking at possibilities.


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                      pre-determinded course............[lowered into vanity NOT willingly

                      if a person is not walking on their pre-determinded course - nothing can alter this course - no amount of pushing and straining, by them, shall alter a person's life course. a captive is told how to live and what to do - a captive as NO rights.
                      Messiah came to change this type of walk - therefore it is no use to place yourself back in a ''captives'' walk.
                      it seems Messiah lifted the veil on pre-determinded death why?
                      because death has been abolished by the gospel.

                      The way the death is abolished is by understandng the truth - for ignorance makes mere men die - so to live normally believer has TO ABIDE IN THE TRUTH - NOTICE MESSIAH IS THE TRUTH - SO A BELIEVER HAS TO ABIDE IN A PERSON CALLED THE TRUTH and when they do this - they think differently and by thinking differently they BECOME THE TRUTH AND LIVE in righteousness and without condenmation
                      the true thinking changed their DNA from abnormal into normal.
                      it is all in who cOntrols our minds - mere men of the Chrietpower.

                      the ''gods' of Ps 82 v6' have been ''awesomely'' made- therefore the return of right thinking makes a believer ''awesomely made'' and a 'god' and no longer a mere man who dies.

                      the 'god-in-man'' can walk this world, administrating the kingdom realm without continual conrrection.

                      how would ye know if ye abide in the truth?
                      what is the proof?

                      you cannot sin and are therefore under NO condmenation to die in sin.
                      Gal 5:24 You cannot belong to Christ Jesus unless you crucify all self-indulgent passions and desires.

                      Gal 5:24 And those who belong to Christ Jesus have put to death their human nature, with all its passions and desires.

                      1 Pet 2:24a And he personally bore our sins in his own body on the cross, so that we might be dead to sin and be alive to all that is good.

                      Consider Yourself Dead
                      when we do this - the DNA grows back to normal.
                      the whole reprogramming process is about ''the battle in our mind''. who will win? sin and death? or the power of the Gospel's goodnews.

                      when considering your options here - notice Messiah came to set the captive free - dont heed any powers that will return you to captivity...........................
                      freedom ''is not just another word'' - freedom is LIFE AND POWER.
                      THE LAST THING satan wants is free men and their divine enchristed powers to free others.
                      REMEMBER LIFE BEGETS LIFE.

                      ps posted 6-37

                      #637-'' to draw out seed, to scatter or sow.
                      Holy of Holies, "House of the Mercy-seat",
                      "Place of the Cover of the Ark".
                      it shall not be moved for ever.''
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