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the Published 'fruits'' of the ' discoverers'? of saturday 'sabbath'. 1840-ish style.

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  • the Published 'fruits'' of the ' discoverers'? of saturday 'sabbath'. 1840-ish style.

    these 'discoverers' of the sabbath saturday law keeping of the jew, that Spying and IAH insist we must all adhere to seem an awefully lusty crew.

    the newspaper info is very insightfull to the ''characters'' of the saturday sabbath keepers and their insistance we all must keep the sabbath to be saved or we are doomed to hell and have the mark of the beast -or somethin'

    One of the main elders of this religious crew was charged and appeared in court.

    Many witnesses came forth as reported in the local newspaper to testify about this elder.

    it seems as if a lot of hanky panky was going on, under the guise of ''holy kissing'' and going into bedrooms and shutting the doors and no-one was not quiet sure what was going on [or coming off] as men and women lay on beds.
    [ i wonder what was happening]?

    Then we have ''holy hysterical laughter' and ''slain in the spirit'' so one was unable to get up or move for quiet some time - then they had a habit of ''crawling'' and seemed to enjoy this shouting and barking and crawling during their service- Much to the annoyance of many others.

    then Ellen lay down on a pillow and lapsed into her visions - some later called lies as her visions were copied from others ''visionaries'' too.
    she seemed to ''vision off'' for some hours.

    this is the characters who laid the foundations of a - ''saturday sabbath'' -or a compulsary jewish keeping law.
    if not obeyed we all are only fit for hell.

    a crawling, barking, lusty small group of religious demonic fanatics - converted millions to their belief that now has become ''the truth'' to some other fanatics.

    it is a great tragic testimony Spying and IAH peddal as ye both failed in your homework tests.
    you failed to discern the total demonic influences over this group.

    so now i ask this - WHERE IN THE BIBLE OR THE NT - do we find
    * a hysterical laughing Jesus,
    * a floor crawling Jesus or
    * a barking Jesus, or
    * a Jesus who has to go into bedrooms shutting the door, laying on the bed with a woman or as reported - did Messiah sit in a lusty position with women between his legs?

    First meeting lasted eight days--have known Dammon six weeks--Dammon, White and Hall were leaders.
    Dammon said the sinners were going to hell in two days. They were hugging and kissing each other-Dammon would lay on the floor, then jump up-they would frequently go into another room. Dammon has no means to support himself that I know of. The meeting appeared very irreligious--have seen him sit on the floor with a woman between his legs and his arms around her.

    * a Jesus who falls over and has visions while laying prone on a pillow + is incapable of standing up again till the ''spirit'' says ok?

    can ye point out where Messiah does these 5 things in relation to ''keeping the sabbath'' [for the jews only].

    for further information for those interested in the ''beginnings'' of sabbatherianism.... see

    ''The Arrest and Trial of Israel .

    do you think the ''roots'' to your saturday sabbath conversion - rather odd?
    so it is by the 'word' of these religious morons - a person must ''submit'' into worshipping the saturday sabbath ????

    this is your belief - from an insane demonic 1840 bunch of religious gropey-groupies
    the barking crawling laughing lusty kissers who have declared SABBATH SATURDAY is a must for salvation.
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    THE disguise comes before THE deception
    What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
    THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
    - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
    - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
    This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~

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    this is what happens..................................

    ''angels of light'' build the church system - they build it upon 1/2 truths and so it becomes a hybrid - and this hybrid cannot reproduce the same image of christ - but an image of satan only.

    this chain of events has been going on for generations, from the beginnings - and when people belong to a denomination they belong to satan [demon-nation] a demon-nation that remains in a great apostacy.

    sincere people dont know this - i did not - i thought it was ''wonderfull'' till that day i was called out to walk away and that day was a day of unlearning.

    people get antsie when u point out their wrong belief.

    The only time they can walk away correctly is when Messiah HIMSELF DRAWS THEM AWAY AS HIS DISCIPLE. =
    yes! people do get sick of the church system and
    yes! they do walk away but church still stays in them and transformation does not happen.

    satan has been crafty for he has truth in the system as well as rat poison, and its the rat poison that leavens the lump.

    These halls of shame have been around for hundreds of years - so people enter into them unaware of the traps - same as the Pentecostal sect - when u do your homework you will find almost the same satanic cloning acts in its founders as the SDA.

    Most churched people cannot handle ''they have been tricked'' into thinking they have true salvation - but the real salvation [freedom from all captivity] is the releasing of our spirit our soul and our body into the perfection of Christ today.
    yes!- it is progressive and
    yes!- there are trials and
    yes!- most of the walk is unpleasant to our carnalminded soul who wants to remain on our throne.

    however SOME do make it out to enter into the realm of perfection - this means maturing into His complete likeness here today. This Maturity is happening today.

    i know it is not very many - UNBELIEF ROBS PEOPLE OF GOD'S BEST and so satan makes sure his lies and 1/2 truths are so popular to the masses they remain in unbelief.

    it seems Jesus could not work in unbelief and moved on.
    that is why He is OUTSIDE the church door - ask - who then is on the inside?.

    Unless Messiah draws His believers out and teaches them in secret - all others shall remain under a strong delusion.

    Messiah has to cut off carnal minded religious indoctrination supernaturally because once a twig is bent that is how it will grow up....
    Did you see how the 12 diciples were CALLED OUT from all religious belief back then HE CALLED ''COME FOLLOW ME'' and notice ''they dropped everything and followed HIM''.
    what man would do this?
    so it was a supernatural calling and only 12 received it out from millions of religious people.
    [a small remnant]

    People are also ''converted'' into an apostate belief quiet easily - people can be converted to any belief quiet easily - why? most dont do their homework and so get beguiled by a truth with a twist. - its the twist - they dont see.

    * the Christian Scientists dont believe in drs. yet they all die - Jesus did not have a doctor to help HIM either. See there is a truth there but with a twist.

    * the prospertity message is a 1/2 truth, for none under the Good shepherd's care ''lack any good thing'' - the prosperity message is a truth with a twist.

    * the pentecostal church has gibberish as its ''salvation message and proof of salvation'' yet it was known languages the disciples spoke in not gibberish of an UNKNOWN tongue - so the twist makes their salvation void - but they will never give up their ''tongues''' so live a life of deception and woe.

    same old same old for all denominations - who say I have the truth for none of these palaces of shame have any record of full restoration but funerals and death and failure to understand the whole counsels of the Lord.

    each church does have a truth, yet twist it so unbelief becomes their bedfellow.

    When i write about Life now and the wonderfull goodnews that i learnt from the lord no one is very interested - they joke and mock - yet once this truth becomes real in your life you wonder how u ever lived is such darkness and unbelief and stupidity.

    it was the r.e.l.i.g.i.o.u.s. MEN who plotted to KILL THE TRUTH ON A CROSS.
    THE TRUTH reveals the darkness in men.

    death and lies are the strongholds and pillars of vanity - the false reality each person was lowered into.
    that seems real.
    UNLESS we are released from this false deception none will ever be made in the likeness of the Saviour. That is why He came TO RELEASE THE CAPTIVES under the law of sin and death.

    smell the coffee.
    knock knock whose there?
    anyone at home there ?

    use your mind.
    use your mind
    dont be brain dead.
    dont be conned
    look around
    awaken to your inner man.

    Our inner man is our spiritual God's life and home IN us as the child of God.
    Father is Spirit.
    Our outer flesh man is only a vessel to make us visible -it is not the REAL us.

    satan came to eve and ruined her mind [-soul-] and showed her - her outer man and so SHE LOST HER ABILITY TO LIVE SUPERNATURALLY BY HER GOD'S SPIRIT as his child and likeness, but, lived on a lesser level as visible flesh.
    her mind became captive to deformity.
    The flesh mind ruled rather than a CHRIST THE ANOINTED MIND.

    MESSIAH LIVED IN HIS ANOINTED MIND - LOOK WHAT HE DID, LOOK AT HIS LIFE AND ABILITY - THIS IS OUR NORMAL STATE - satan took away our normal and made us believe in abnormality.

    church is a system of a man made abnormality posing as 'the truth'.

    did you read the reported facts [above] of grown people, starting up their own form of religion, carrying on as beasts in a field and today have millions of followers. Nothing they did was remotely as Messiah said or walked yet these 'beasts'' are believed over the Messiah's anointed work and walk.
    the human mind is madness.
    the human race is madness.
    satan turned Eve's mind to madness and captivity for satan is a tool of madness, pride and evil.

    A PERSON is to awaken to their madness, and only Messiah can call them out from religious insanity. No other can.
    yes!- people can warn, but who will listen - only those who are choosen by the Saviour to be set free from all human flesh madness.

    now spying and IAH - have been trapped into this sabbatherian madness and are fully convinced they have to ''work'' for their salvation by PARTS of law keeping to the jews.
    nothing shall convince them they are wrong - they are in denial and it cannot be broken unless they repent and are fully delivered from carnal indoctrinations.

    same as perntecostal tongue talkers - they will not give up their gibberish for anything.

    same as all men who have made their covenant with death - it is appointed once for all men to die - is their standard so all men who believe this die, death is a powerfull weapon - yet - who understands DEATH HAS BEEN ABOLISHED BY THE GOSPEL?

    start thinking...
    knock knock whose there...

    how is death to be overcome as a last enemy?

    every hold he has on you is a death knell.
    he murders you by his hold over you.

    every time u say NO to his temptations you gain more Life to Live and remain.
    how does this work?
    YOUR INNER MAN THE TRUE YOU rises up and stops the death effects of wrong choices
    that is how Jesus did it.
    HE DID NOT BOW to his flesh thinking.

    you have to learn [like Messiah did] TO WAX STRONG IN THE SPIRIT AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT. [ this is true heaven within all men - but only a few know how to activate their spirit man into action]

    notice - was a ''true heaven'' activated in those SDA promoters as they barked, laughed hysterically, crawled over the floor like dogs, and lay prone on the floor unable to get up?
    why would you believe these ''founders'' of sabbath promotion as they were really BEASTS and true counterfeits.
    Even this abnormal behaviour would be a warning ''dont go there''.

    when i first saw a pentecostal church woman, as i was introduced to her for the first time i thought ''OMG she looks like a witch'' - that was my first re-action - well the truth is '' the whole apostate church system is witchcraft'' a counterfeit system run by witchcraft.
    a hex is placed upon these people so there is NO escape.
    Jesus is knocking OUTSIDE these places.

    unless you hear the knocking, doom and gloom and death is produced.
    just a waste of time.

    ''come out from her my people'' goes the call.
    but who shall hear?
    WHY does the bible say ''few'' shall find eternal life?
    how many is ''few''?

    it is a small remnant called a peculiar people.
    these believers are called into the kingship and priesthood of the order of Melchidezek.
    it is the order of endless and imperishable life.
    no one in this order ever dies a physical death. They are a circle of life meaning....

    they were lowered into this world as a spirit in a human experience, they learnt how to be ''wise'' in this vanity walk and live outside vanity correctly, being in the world but not a part of this world, they become salt and lights to the world, they become WISE VIRGINS the redeemed who FOLLOW the lamb - meaning - they are taught in secret by the lamb how He walked in His Belief.
    Because of this they are able to RETAIN their life and not be murdered by satan FOR NOW MESSIAH holds the keys of death and the grave. he said about His church ''the gates [openings] of the grave [hell] shall not prevail over her''.

    Go look at the 1st movie of the Matrix, not the other 2 only the 1 st one - it is a movie parable so a person can see for themselves how to come out and believe and become a supernatural believer the same as our Saviour. ofcourse it is a movie but it has many good insights into the ''work'' the Saviour does in secret in His believers to clean them from death and sins.
    THE disguise comes before THE deception
    What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
    THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
    - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
    - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
    This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~


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      when u see a human being degraded.... u see the beast at work.............

      the whole persona of these ''founders'' of the sabbath saturday [that inpart keeping of the law to the jew only that was never meant to be for any gentile according to Apostle Peter] is one of THE BEAST.

      IS IT ANY WONDER, ellen gould white's name added up to 666.?

      these people were demonised and their actions exposed in the local newspaper- behind the scenes all those years ago - proves their whole religious sabbath keeping theory has come from ''the beast'' and the ''beast'' has made this idea a 'popular religious practice'' to trap the unaware and those who are led by man.

      when u choose 1 law from the jews, u choose them all - then break 1 you break them all.
      Therefore you have placed yourself back under the law to the jew only [by ignorance] and then reap the sins of VOIDING THE GRACE OF GOD.

      when you read the lifestyles behind the scenes of these founders of u s a creeds it is enough to make us cringe.

      Yes they may have great followings - that should be a clue to whom they serve- as the truth is hated and few find eternal life. AVOID is a dead giveaway.

      the beast in the book of revelation is described as various 4 legged animals too - interestingly the ''founders'' of sabbath keeping [is a MUST TO RECEIVE SALVATION theory] reportedly CRAWLED ON ALL 4'S across the rooms as part of their ''service''.
      crawling like a beast and an animal.
      [how degrading - no class at all ]

      Is it written Messiah crawled as a beast infront of His disciples to show them how to worship in spirit and in truth?
      who would degrade a human being in such a way?
      who ?
      when u know - you will know who was the lead puncho of this whole antichrist group -= counterfeits and angels of light peddling a false gospel of mixing the law to the jew only with grace of the new covenant.

      [it was Judas who carried the purse - follow the money trail - then u see a JUDAS]

      here is something i want u to think about in 2 questions...
      #1 -''WAS the MESSIAH A HIRELING, for the law to the jews only''
      #2- ''did the Pharisees SPONSOR the Saviour''?

      no they crucified Him and plotted 11 times to kill HIM.

      the beast has 'names' of blasphemy upon her.
      is this not the truth of ''sabbatherian CREEDS'' - as students of the bible have exposed this false concept as rubbish for years.
      all those hidden practices revealed and lies exposed o BTW they have found 51 of her lies to date.


      why would you even contemplate thinking of joining such an evil crew?
      who in their right mind and having the gift of holy discernment would ever place themselves under her unholy lies?

      who then would try to CONVERT others to the beast of blasphemy?
      what type of person would do this?
      THE disguise comes before THE deception
      What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
      THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
      - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
      - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
      This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~