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light and life go together.

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  • light and life go together.

    a person has to have LIGHT to live IN,
    a person will always die, when they live in darkness.
    yet- there is NO such a thing as darkness for its only '' an absence of light''.

    the bible speaks of darkness and outer darkness - this is an absence of light and life.
    therefore people who live in the Matrix live in darkness and have No life in them.
    [Jesus said '' let the dead bury the dead'']

    the truth is the spiritual man in all men is encased in the carnal mind [death - darkness - no life realm]
    yet there is A FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. [ that will spring up]

    ''For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light''[.Ps 36]

    light is our foundation to life.
    "In him was life and the life was the light of men."
    [john 1]

    the fountain is our eye.
    OPEN OUR EYES - to live by Your light [given holy knowledge - divine wisdom]
    the 'eyes'' of God.
    We are to ''see'' everything thru the ''eyes'' of Father [ Jesus says GET EYE SALVE ] His eyes becomes Our eyes.

    ''arise and SHINE for thy Light has come''
    with our new eyesight we can shine as we see things thru Our true Father's eyes.

    His eye sights, looks into our personal lives.
    what does His eyes see?
    does He see religion of the Matrix meaning.....
    Matthew 15:14 Let them alone.
    They are blind leaders of the blind.
    And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch."


    true regeneration and reconcilliation?

    it has occurred to me that how we live our lives is a holograph......
    how we live here is how we live in His Kingdom.
    we are to ''see'' our lives thru the Father's eyes !!!!
    i thought i would research if this was possible and i found this article....

    to cont...

    v 23 “But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.
    If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!
    that is the bad news however believers are being reversed from the cursed life of the matrix - they are seeing everything THRU THEIR TRUE FATHER'S EYES.... then.... line up their lives to live accordingly.
    Messiah did this - he did not look at the world's works and values, they had no hold upon Him.
    He did not rely upon the thinking of the religious - for He had His father's values.
    He did not rely upon any man to teach HIM - He taught others Himself.
    He did only the things HE SAW His father do.
    Messiah WALKED IN 2 REALMS - but he did not serve the masters of this world.

    He came to FREE all men, who will Believe HIM.

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    to the Overcomer - Messiah said ''GET EYE SALVE''

    it stands to reason then only the overcomers shall ''see'' correctly thru the eyes of their real Father [Abba]

    when this happens - our life has taken a new turn for we dont ''see'' from the perspective of the old letter but from the grace of the New letter [life in the Spirit] for He is the ''lord of grace, providing His grace to His overcomers - so they can mature into the 1st fruit company of Kings and priests unto their Lord.

    The pews remain ''stagnant'' + view everything from their carnalminded creed - a dead letter- but the overcomers ''see'' now thru the same Eyes as Father.
    This is not a religion but a relationship.
    Messiah did not have a religion but a relationship with His father. - so must an overcomer believer.

    It was many years ago i suddenly realised ''church religion'' is a dead letter and does not regenerate anyone - they all are happy to die to go to heaven and ''be'' with their lord.
    this is been the same religious programme for 1000's of years.

    no one can blame another for their belief when they have been so successfully indoctrinated with 1/2 truth and lying mixtures.
    The clue came to me when i read what Ghandi [late PM of India] said '' I would believe the bible IF I COULD FIND A PERSON WHO WAS CHRISTLIKE'' - i do believe Father used this man [Like Cyrus of OT fame] to point out how all christian church belief is a dead letter and not the real deal.

    so as a believer overcomers their trials, [for their betterment and cleansing] they become transparent and have the eye salve transpose onto their true eyes to see into the kingdom realm.
    They begin to ''see'' like their real Father does - and when they ''see'' this they begin to do what their Father sees and then correct their carnalmindedness into a divine mind.

    it is called CONVERSION.



    [a lack of vision makes people persish]

    FATHER, transposes His eyes into our eyes to see as He sees -perfectly

    i noticed this revelation in Hawaii - how everything was so green, clean and nothing was dead in Waikiki.
    it is a spotless city of water and breezes - all clean and green and perfectly landscaped.
    i turned my eye to the spiritual to see. Grace allows Our Father to ''see'' His overcomer as perfectly landscaped into christlike maturity.
    and he transposes His eyes into their eyes.
    I loved this revealtion so much - because - we then can see how much damage religions poses and how fake it really is
    . They use the bible as a dead letter that is why none have ever been created into the Image of Christ. ofcourse it is very hurtfull to be so deceived thinking one has the truth - but once deception is revealed let us move into the real life Ministry of the Saviour and quickly leave the Nicolatians with their terrible misery.
    yes that is true - all church religion is a misery and produces ''wretched'' people.
    because the word is preached out from a ''dead letter'' - thinking they shall find life.

    the secret to manifestation His image is to have HIS EYESALVE revealed to our eyes and this new way of seeing changes our belief and behaviours.

    all of creation is groaning from misery and wretchedness..........
    it needs releasing and this shall only happen as His sons are released into the Father's kingdom realm.
    the 1st thing they need is His eye salve to ''see'' kingdom values.


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      getting eye salve is so important to understand....

      as it opens up the ways to rid ourselves from all evil, strongholds and matrix values and allows a believer to BECOME THE LIVING TEMPLE OF GOD.

      Father cannot dwell in any unclean vessel - uncleaness is death - HE IS THE GOD OF THE LIVING.
      Jesus said ''let the dead bury the dead''

      what is death ?
      the bible says ''IT IS THE CARNAL FLESH MIND controlled and used by satan to cause harm death and evil''.

      Father cannot dwell in such a being with this death like mindset.
      therefore THE EYE SALVE takes away the slave to evil IN US


      is just a re-arrangement of letters - Father has to rearrange our thinking so we have good eye sight.

      father has to CLEAN OUT the temple of our lives so HE CAN POUR HIS IMMORTAL TRAITS into living bodies - that is true salvation - the freedom to be released from all manner of evil.
      Jesus did not tolerate evil in His life.

      Jesus died for us - to set us free and being saved is being fully free and restored back to our normal sound mind.

      satan is the architect of control - his control over all men is his food supply - he would starve to death if all men were like THE Messiah.
      MESSIAH KNEW how to control the devil and not let the devil control HIM.

      did u ever notice Jesus did not come to start a religion nor any religious systems nor have church palaces but TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.

      He opened the door to the jailhouse by dying on the cross.

      He took our sin and became sin for us so we could be freed from the law of sin and death - or - He opened the way so we could receive the truth and this truth will make us freed-men.

      rather than being 'sin conscious' why not be GLORY CONSCIOUS.?
      glory is a state of mind, showing forth an excellent spirit. This excellent spirit produces divine wisdom and this divine wisdom STOPS OUR WRONG CHOICES and evil cannot florish.

      you must walk away from evil and self centeredness and selfish ways for these are food for satan.
      give up evil intentions and habits and values of the world.
      these are food for the murderer from the beginning.
      give up sitting under religious hirelings and being robbed of God's best for you.

      no man can give another immortal life - or - living in a new life that is divinely normal - man can only give RELIGIOUS instructions to remain abnormal.
      We all need THE SAVIOUR'S hidden manna to make us as He is .

      note well please
      not 1 person has ever appeared of the world stage from any religious church instruction as Messiah in deeds nor words.
      not one.
      yet these systems of man say ''come join us we are the true church''

      they sell the gospel for a PRICE and hirelings pimp the man made product that FAILS THE DIVINE REAPING TESTS.

      PIMPS in the pulpit.BEWARE


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        one thing u have to ask yourself is........................

        do I [insert your name] manifest personally the glory of God
        i ask this because Messiah came for the LOST and to set the captives free.

        some posters here declare we are all to follow some parts of the law of the jew i.e sabbath keeping otherwise we are doomed and a lawless law breaker.

        somehow their minds have been corrupted to the extent they have become ''religiously insane'' and taken on the insanity of the ''founders'' of sabbatherianism.
        BTW - i read in the expose of Ellen G white her future husband confided to a friend ''he did not want anything to do with ''THIS DEFORMITY''.... this is what this man said - go read for yourself.
        HE TERMED THIS WOMAN AS ''THIS DEFORMITY'' - yet today all this truth is overlooked.

        you see if the law of moses to the jew only - did the job of bona fide salvation etc - why is Jesus portrayed as COMING TO SAVE THE LOST AND SET THE CAPTIVES FREE?


        WHY ARE THE JEWS of that day Considered by their Messiah to be dead, lost and captives?
        why would anyone normal minded what to keep any laws to the jews if Messiah considered them as lost captives and dead?

        ask this again - get your answer
        ''why was the jew under the law of moses considered dead, a captive and lost''.?
        so now we come to the nittygritty of this question..

        the Jew lived under the law of sin and death.
        therefore - he was dead, lost and a captive.

        yet modern day religious harlots want to return people to a lost captive and dead relationship by insisting upon in part of lawkeeping as essential to our salvation.

        do this people reflect THE GLORY of the Lord.
        no glory - no Holy Spirit,

        A chain of bomb-shell revelations regarding the deceptions of Adventism rocked the Seventh-day Adventist Church between
        1974 and 1990, destroying any factual basis for the three pillar doctrines of Adventism. In 1974, while doing research in the
        General Conference vault, SDA researcher, Dr. F. Donald Yost, stumbled across a stenographer's transcript of a series of
        top-secret meetings held at the 1919 Bible Conference. He made an unauthorized removal of the document, and it was
        published by the ultra-liberal independent SDA journal, Spectrum, in May of 1979. This astonishing, incriminating transcript
        revealed that the conference's high-level participants knew there were three things that were fatal to the Seventh-day
        Adventist belief model: (1) That Ellen White was a plagiarizing false prophet; (2) that the 1844 Investigative Judgment
        doctrine, which was supposedly based on Daniel’s (supposed) 2,300 year prophecy of Daniel 8:14, had been literally
        fulfilled in 2,300 literal days over 100 years before the birth of Christ, and; (3) that Ellen White's theory that the Roman
        Catholic Church changed the Sabbath needed an unimaginable amount of twisting to make Early Church history appear to
        agree with what she said. To top it all off, participants are recorded discussing whether to come clean with the Ellen fraud,
        and if they were not going to reveal the truth about her at that time, how they would keep this explosive information from the
        theology majors at the Church's seminary. Additionally they are “heard” discussing the need to prevent the Church from
        learning the truth about the 2,300 day, 1844 prophecy.
        This unprecedented revelation of Adventist perfidy in 1974 kicked off a new wave of inquiry which steadily developed a
        radically new and unflattering understanding of the real history of the Advent Movement and the Seventh-day Adventist
        Church. Thanks to this research, we now know that Adventist leaders knowingly lied, not only about the Three Pillars of
        Adventist doctrine, but about D.M. Canright, Harvey Kellogg, Dr. Desmond Ford, and other key players who were brave
        enough to challenge the Adventist system.
        The uncloaking of the Ellen White Lie as revealed by the discovery of the 1919 Bible Conference Minutes may have
        influenced SDA theologian, Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, to boldly challenge her prophetic claims in his iconoclastic 1977 book,
        From Sabbath to Sunday. He became the first Seventh-day Adventist theologian to challenge a claim that she had credited
        to direct divine inspiration without losing Church employment.
        By 1990, an official release of the Seventh-day Adventist
        Church, the Veltman Report, conceded that she had copied the writings of other authors without crediting her sources. Dr.
        Veltman named the books she copied and even questioned her honesty.....................cont
        nowhere can anyone see THE GLORY OF CHRIST HIMSELF in this man made empire of lies.


        see their pagan roots.

        if Jesus is outside who is inside? why ITS THE PAGANS SO NOW WE KNOW why this counterfeit cannot reproduce any one in the same likeness as the saviour.