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Secrets of healing and resurrection ????

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  • Secrets of healing and resurrection ????

    written by dr jones....

    Secrets of healing and resurrection

    The implications of Dr. Gariaev's experiments with the "DNA Phantom" show us that organisms are not merely earthly life forms, but have an "energetic duplicate" made of light. We know that "God is spirit" (John 4:24) and at the same time "God is light" (1 John 1:5). It is not hard to draw the conclusion that our spirit is also light--either made of light, or at least gives form to the light of God.

    That spiritual light body has memory and therefore has a consciousness distinct from--and yet connected to--the body's brain and the soul's mind. Does this connection provide us with the key to divine healing? It has long been proven that healing is affected by our mental attitude. But what about the "mental attitude" of one's spirit?

    I believe that our spirit knows all things, even the deep things of God (1 Cor. 2:10), so ill health is not really a matter of some deficiency in a believer's spirit. It may have more to do with the disruption in communication between our spiritual body and our physical body. That communication process appears to involve LIGHT. Further, this appears to be the same spiritual mechanism by which the dead are raised.

    A theoretical biophysicist at the University of Marburg in Germany began making interesting discoveries about 1970. His name was Fritz-Albert Popp. He discovered that the greatest healing frequency of ultraviolet laser light was somehow connected to the frequency of 380 nanometers.

    He then learned that that he could destroy 99% of a cell with ultraviolet light, and then heal it very quickly (within a day) just by zapping it with a very weak pulse of the same frequency. He called it "photo repair."

    "So in the photo-repair experiments, those weak pulses of 380-nanometer light apparently created a vibration in the Source Field that actually caused a much higher amount of healing, 380-nanometer energy to flow in. This, in turn, bathed the dead cells with a splash of rejuvenating, life-giving energy in a short period of time--and they enjoyed a remarkable healing effect." [The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock, p. 169]

    Popp was intrigued with the idea of our bodies storing light and giving off light, so he challenged one of his students to prove or disprove this. The student was Bernard Ruth, and in order for him to do proper experiments, he first developed an instrument that could count light one photon at a time.

    He first looked at cucumber seeds and found that they were giving off photons of light. He thought surely this must be due to the chlorophyll in the seeds, so he switched to potatoes and found even more light coming from them. Then he and Popp killed some DNA with ethidium bromide, which makes the molecule unwind and die. As it died, the DNA released its light.

    The research found that all living organisms continuously released photons at differing rates. They would absorb light until it reached some kind of saturation point, and then release a burst of light briefly. Hence, organisms (including people) would release light if they had absorbed more than necessary. This is likely what happened when Moses returned from the Mount with his face glowing with light (Exodus 34:29). He had absorbed the light of God by standing in His presence. He had reached the saturation point, and his DNA was releasing it at a high rate until the excess dissipated.

    The released light is not wasted, however. Popp's experiments showed that it was absorbed by the other organisms nearby who needed its life-giving effects.

    "If the DNA gets too much light, it sends it back out--perhaps like an organism might excrete waste products it no longer needs. However, Popp believed that, unlike waste, these light emissions were serving a very useful purpose--they contained information. Specifically, these light pulses carried the codes to reestablish order and balance throughout the body." [Wilcock, p. 170]

    I wonder what would have happened if the Israelites had been able to overcome their fear of Moses' glowing face. If they had drawn near to Him during that time, perhaps they would have absorbed some of that glory for themselves. It also suggests that when we spend time with Jesus and meditate upon Him in prayer, we are actually absorbing His light. My theory is that the flow of light comes from Christ to our spirit (or "light body"), which then can flow to our DNA (soul) and finally to our physical body. Yet we must remove all blockages and hindrances. If we succeed in this, then Popp's "photo repair" can take place and produce divine health. If we must absorb someone else's excess light from God, then we call it divine healing.

    One big part of coming to that place of no hindrances has to do with Unity, both internal (in a personal sense) and external (as a corporate body). Wilcock wrote this little gem:

    "Best of all, we now know that the most important emotional quality of the Source Field [spiritual realm] is love. Dr. Rein proved that love has a direct, measurable effect on DNA--very likely through the same energetic process that creates the DNA Phantom.

    ". . . all these effects show us that the energy fields, molecules and cells of our bodies are working in greater harmony and Unity. For the first time, this actually gives us a scientific definition of love. It is not strictly an abstract emotional and biological concept. . . Love can now be seen as a basic principle of universal energy. The more coherence, the more structure, the more harmony we have, the more love there is." [Wilcock, p. 173]

    The light of God is coherent, like a laser. Love is what makes the light coherent. These researchers discovered that coherent light has the capability of transferring information. Popp found that the healthiest foods had the lowest amount of light, and yet its light was the most coherent. It is quality, not quantity, that makes the difference.

    And the fact that other organisms were able to absorb the light being released from their near neighbors is part of the coherence and unity of all creation.

    Another scientist, Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev made a further breakthrough in 1976.

    "Kaznacheyev started out with two hermetically sealed cell cultures--and infected one of them with a disease. When he shined the light from the diseased cell culture into the healthy cell culture, the healthy cells mysteriously got infected with the disease." [Wilcock, p. 175]

    Plainly, the information from the diseased cells were transmitted by coherent laser light to the other healthy culture. Later, Dr. Gariaev proved that the reverse is equally true. One can transfer life and health by coherent light to unhealthy or even dead organisms.

    "Gariaev started out by collecting seeds that had died of radiation poisoning from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Amazingly, by simply shining a non-burning laser light through the healthy seeds of the same variety, and redirecting that light into the dead seeds, the radiated seeds miraculously recovered--and were completely healed. They could now grow into fully healthy adult plants." [Wilcock, p. 176]

    Gariaev may have stumbled upon the secret of resurrection.

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