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''sin is not so much wrong doing- but OF a WRONG BE-ING''

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  • LucySmith
    so many people are so limited, so cornered and so boxed it....yet

    it is the only LIFE THEY KNOW.

    trapped into a well of death and dont understand how to escape and when someone wonderfull [my kind of wonderfull] sets them free, they rebel with own their opinions and love to remain in their personal unbelief.

    Father is CULLING the fitest - those who love life and hate death and are so passionate about the spirit of life..

    today i found out the most amazing things....i love it when My Father takes the time to chat with me and give me clues to seek out and understand correctly.

    it is to do with music and the effect of music upon us as music and words are energy.

    Do you remember King saul had demons and David used to go and sing Psalms to him to calm him down.?
    The music of David soothed King Saul's mental condition and calmed him down 1 sam 16
    so i want to explain what i was taught today....

    ''i know there is only 1 like you - your'e all i am living for, your the 1st and my last and my everything'' are words to music.....
    and music is 1st mentioned in Gen 4 v 21.
    Un temazo del inolvidable Barry White, traducido y preparado en homenaje a esa gran voz.

    music is made to promote Joy in the heart of man.
    Gen 4:21 And his brother's name [was] Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.
    # 421
    - 421 - [82nd prime]
    --- there is.
    --- "Support".
    --- "Yah Hears".
    --- mountaineer, highlander.
    --- "Strong".
    --- "Festive".
    --- a vision, revelation; sight, view; conspicuousness; covenant.
    --- "God Makes".
    today i was so amazed to know something wonderfull happens to you when you hear a song and want to replay it over and over [like a drug] a music druggy - it seems as if you need to hear the music and words.
    i love this song and this man.
    I adore the combination - i flow when i play this song cuz it speaks to my insides; it talks to me not from a human angle but from a divine one.

    so i asked why this is so..............
    well it is because you need this music TO HEAL YOU AND YOUR HEART AND YOUR MIND - THE SONGS ARE SPEAKING INTO YOUR HEART BECAUSE there is healing in the energy and words that u need to be healed.

    MUSIC IS A DIVINE artform [not all ofcourse] and the body and mind respond to ''music moods'' so to speak = well u need that mood to heal what ever is wrong within and stop ''DIS-EASE'' in you and what is more - this is a way for our body to heal itself.
    the music brings a flow of harmony and its energy responds to your body needs.

    so when you love a song and need it - play it - till the need wears off because that song is doing some great work inside you. the words are subconsciously speaking to your spirit and their energy flows into your lifeforce.

    now in the olden times when there was a war declared and the nation wanted men to join and fight - the band would go into towns and play stirring songs and the men would rush to was the music not the mens real desires.

    ''and the answers to all my dreams...
    my guiding star
    my kinda wonderfull
    thats who your are
    you are all i am living for
    cuz your'e the 1st the last and my everything

    a love so true only you can bring
    you make me feel this way.
    your'e my reality''

    next time u love a song/music - play it for you need healing so play it till you dont need too any more.
    so many wonders to behold.
    He has become my soul. amen.

    a person is a product of their creator, they are not produced by a cat, or a fish - but a divine being - dont u think this divine father would produce in his child THINGS HE LOVES TO ENJOY AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT.

    what is stopping HIM from sending you healing and harmony into your life from the songs and the music HE LOVES TOO?
    is he a cat or a donkey or is HE EXACTLY LIKE you [his child] with your wants and your loves and your hates and your achievements.
    WE ARE THE SAME KIND.... we have just forgotten who we are.

    i love this version it has such guts....

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  • LucySmith
    the OT and the NT

    yes, BOTH can be spiritualised.

    the events and facts of the OT [if we go deeper] are spiritual things inside of us that need to be released.
    each event is like a ''captive to death'' compartment inside our minds and body.
    OT scriptures are internalized NT the same - internalized
    i know this is deep but please read......

    i realise this is super deep, but here is an example.................

    David and Goliath story ,we all know of it on the surface but let us go deeper.
    David can be ''our awakened fighting spiritual man saving us from death''
    Goliath - our unsound mind that has become as a giant in the land [our mind is a mind that is filled with evil giants that are too big for us - [sickness loss, death evil imaginations, etc.]

    David THE KING - represents - the sound renewed spiritual mind or our awakened Spirit or THE KING WHO took a stone [ christ the rock of offense- the supernatural powerhouse or our normal power of the new mind] and beheaded Goliath -our former ways of thinking that had become abnormal.
    or put another way
    ''THE KING [OUR SPIRITUAL MAN IN THE LIKENESS OF GOD THE FATHER AROSE AND TOOK CARE OF ALL OUR ENEMIES, in us EVEN our DEATH mentality] - its called the -internalizing or transfiguring the Word in our life.

    what is 'abnormal' are all those evil things in the Matrix that do not line up with the true promises of the Word.

    THE OT brings out our abnmoral ways that live inside us ie...'anger, rebellion, slavery, divorce, killing rapes, unkindness etc - are all IN us and need to be loosed. they hold us captive.

    Ofcourse that is only 1 of many many examples of how the OT relates spiritually to a weaken/asleep mind that is held captive and this captive mind has to ''work to survive '' but gradually this mind becomes so bowed down into the sleep of death.
    the old captive mind loses its power to remain alive.

    however the NT can now relate to the mind of Christ = our true life = where we can become a sound mind, a back to normal mind of a true heroic spiritual supernatural being.

    as example.....
    Paul said '' i was caught up into heaven......etc.''
    [paul did not go any place but looked into himself and saw ''heaven exposed IN him that he had not seen before'']

    being caught up is when we have learnt how to defeat our OT Matrix mind and how to stop being abnormal and have the revelations on how to quicked and how to allow our spiritual man to be in control and then to use Him and His strength to overcome all abnormal things.

    do u get it? I do hope so.

    so i know my OT so to speak [ I know my flaws] that is why i dont keep any of its literal activities because these activities actually relate to my old adamic man and all his works of trying to survive trying to be approved when adam flaws will never be normal nor divine .
    Here is my example.
    have u ever noticed no one can ever do ''right'' all the time there is always some flaw exposed.
    notice not too many people got it right in the OT - there was always some problem - how human is that?

    the OT tells us the story of our inside abnormal man- meaning - those 40,000 Israelites who could not defeat Goliath.
    these 40,000 men are our pitifull unsound mind at work to tell us ''woe is me, i cannot do it, i am limp and ineffective against all my troubles, i have so many, i am lost, i am sick, i am defeated, i am a woe and everything is too big for me.
    the flaws all exposed that come to the surface.

    but in the NT
    that i loveeeeeeeeee with a passionate passion.........internalizing or transfiguring by the Word,
    you will find the truth is multifaceted.... many faces like a diamond. Jesus is a DIAMOND MAN/GOD. HE HAS MANY FACES OF BRILLANCE

    each page in the NT is a spiritual better thing.

    SO if i want to go back into the OT - to accept its ways today - i am really returning to works and unsoundness and returing to my former old man and my defeat and most of all my personal rebellion.

    So if i stay in the NT i will grow up into a spiritual giant, a hero, a warrior and a race winner for my inner spiritual persona is allowed to walk alive in the spirit in the same way as THE SAVIOUR WALKED.
    life in the spirit = i walk IN LIFE.

    WHEN Messiah died on the cross HE RENT THE VEIL OF THE OT and all is abnormal ways i had from vanity.
    that is why in most posts i write how Jerusalem was destroyed in 70ad.
    The Life of the NT prevailed - meaning the life in my spirit man could now win and defeat all my former OT devils.

    He sacrifice His life to give me His life from His walk into the NT - meaning - He opened the way for me to stay alive in my spirit and in my body as HE IS LIFE AND HE IS THE WAY.
    by the same power that was used TO RAISE HIM UP FROM THE DEAD..'' THIS POWER NOW LIVES IN MY SPIRIT'' that is why i seek to find clues and seek to understand why i should not go down that way to hell [ OT] and why i should go this way into Life NT.

    now i do realise this is personal and not a real adequate explanation for all people but that is why you have to be made alive and quickened to RECEIVE the divine NORMAL AND BE LOOSED FROM OT former ABNORMALS.

    the OT works are for all the abnormal conditions of death inside each person.
    each Name has a meaning, each # a meaning.

    remember Jesus said to the youth '' let the dead [under the law - under their abnormal minds= bury the dead']' - He was speaking to a moses jewish law keeper - yet He was referred to as ''the dead''.

    THAT IS WHY the former school master OT cannot co habit with the better things NT.


    try to understand that the word makes energy -they have power and when we see defeat in the OT we take in the defeat
    try to understand that the word makes energy- they have power and when we see LIFE LOVE KINDNESS FRUIT GIFTS KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING FAITH AND HOPE AND GRACE AND LIFE ABOUNDING - THESE WORDS FEED OUR SPIRIT and we increase in spiritual power as we apply these words as a incorruptable seeds INTO OUR MIND.

    it has a far greater power than death.

    so if we become super angry it is the OT in us in rebelion against the spirtual world.
    in the NT we are told how to avoid being angry by using a greater spiritual power of kindness and love.

    so as we walk thru each day, test after test shall come to us - to see how we react either by the OT adam or the NT Christ.
    THIS IS THE to prove WHO IS OUR MASTER - the OT of works of captivity [a slave and rebellion inside us or a new creature of the NT that offers up prayer of hope and love.]

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  • LucySmith
    if you decide to go back and become a ''believer in the law of moses to the jew...''

    this is what will happen so beware - the jews were THE WRONG BE-ing.
    The Pharisees did not make people better, they made them worse! ...
    Jesus spoke seven woes against the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law.
    Matthew 23 records the harshest criticism that he made of any group of people.

    did herbert the pervert help others with loving kindness or did he corrupt others with unnecessary yokes.
    did ellen the 51 proven lies white - use the lords loving kindness or build a huge empire on lies everyone knew about but did not tell.

    why not go to ''ex'' armstrong sites
    why not go to ''ex'' sabbatherian sites and weep at the total destruction in families and lives from sabbath keeping and sundry jews laws.

    why would anyone join any Godforsaken group to be made totally miserable.?

    the law makes people miserable - they are all guilty of breaking them.
    What The Bible Says About Trying To Become Right With God By Obeying The Law Of Moses to the jew only.

    Father had established a set of repetitive processes by which the jews would be constantly reminded of all that God had done for them,
    So what are the true facts of ''repetitive processes''fragmented decisionmaking-Fragmentation is corrosive, hindering effective analysis and decision making.

    well well now isnt this the very thing in the 2 lo ammis?

    they cannot make a decission where to base their 2 feet.
    they want to staddle both camps with a 2 way bet. - thus becomeing 2 faulty fragmented decission makers.
    [proven right before our eye]

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  • ''sin is not so much wrong doing- but OF a WRONG BE-ING''

    sin is not so much wrong doing but a WRONG BE-ING

    Adam had a Normal Life as a supernatural being - a light being - pampered and unlimited .
    Adam threw this all away lost his life lost his health and lost everything normal to become ABNORMAL
    adam became an ABNORMAL BEING AND DIED[.
    MESSIAH CAME WITH HIS ANOINTING TO BREAK THE YOKE OF ALL ABNORMALITIES and to return people thru his reconcilliation on the cross,] back to NORMAL AND SOUND MINDED.


    SO when i see religious men, turning scriptures backwards to OT jewish belief we know they are abnormal why?
    because'' sin is not so much wrong doing but a WRONG BE-ING''.

    see the jews had a law FOR WRONG BE-ings.

    The law of sin and death is for the natural human man - so they died unable to change to DIVINE NORMAL.

    they did not possess the truth - when THE TRUTH CAME THEY FAILED TO BELIEVE HIM, JUST AS LO AMMI fail to understand that - ITS THE ANOINTING THAT BREAKS THE YOKE?
    the yoke of the law of sin and death that trapped abnormal beings in its grasp
    THE JEWS WERE KNOWN AS CAPTIVES and rebellious and G_D divorced them.

    These 2 men want to subvert the gospel back into some weird and wild OT jew-feist of religious subversion.
    do you believe them?

    a comment i found by BOB GEORGE
    that confirms my post -
    ''What made the Pharisees hypocrites was not their faults: It was their pretense that they were righteous.
    It was teaching one thing and doing another.
    But that is what law will always produce: people who are always hiding their real selves, always acting, always pretending, and never being real''.
    again i want to see what the SPIRIT OF ALL law keeping does to people.

    It was their pretense that they were righteous.
    It was teaching one thing and doing another.
    But that is what law will always produce: people who are always hiding their real selves, always acting, always pretending, and never being real''.

    THANK YOU Father for confirming my suspicions.

    so let us reason together why they offer corrupt teaching.

    #1 = the law of sin and death was given to the jews only - no gentile has to obey such a law.
    It was a divine decree of acts 15

    #2 - here is a descriptions of the sacking of jerusalem in 70ad ...

    C.H. Spurgeon (1868)
    "The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God.
    (Commentary on Matthew, p. 412)

    Alfred Edersheim
    "[The] tribulation to Israel [was] unparalleled in the terrible past of its history, and unequalled even in its bloody future was about to befall them. Nay, so dreadful would be the persecution that, if Divine mercy had not interposed for the sake of the followers of Christ, the whole Jewish race that inhabited the land would have been swept away. There should have been no flesh saved."
    (Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, two-volume ed. (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, [1883] 1971) 2:449)

    Origen (2nd Century)
    "I challenge anyone to prove my statement untrue if I say that the entire Jewish nation was destroyed less than one whole generation later on account of these sufferings which they inflicted on Jesus.
    For it was, I believe, forty-two years from the time when they crucified Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem." (Contra Celsum, 198-199)

    why did this happen?

    the captives were all WRONG BE-ings.
    Father was getting rid of all abnormalities. The son delivered His yoke and it was the power of the anointing to save.

    the new BE-ING was a new creature and for a new covenant and a new wine skin.

    yet these 2 men mired in the mirey clay of natural works and their self righteousnes; likened to the jews claim to be reconcilled back to G-D by having a 1 foot in 2 camps - or - a 2 hedged bet for all gamblers so to speak so they dont understand the ANOINTING THAT BREAKS THE YOKE OF SLAVERY TO THE LAW TO THE JEW.

    Emmanuel came to free us from the burden of the law by calling us to a life united with His
    to become the right BE-ING LIKE HE IS.

    THE JEWS were the wrong be-ing remaining in an unsound mind and haters of the truth.

    now dont these 2 lo ammis do the same thing.

    wait let us re-examine the main problem.

    It was their pretense that they were righteous.
    It was teaching one thing and doing another.
    But that is what law will always produce: people who are always hiding their real selves, always acting, always pretending, and never being real''.