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Colophons, Genesis and Abraham

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  • Colophons, Genesis and Abraham

    I would like to share something that a friend sent to me.
    The following is a complete list of the colophons in Genesis that I have found so far. The main point are those in the area of the Abrahamic history.

    Also see comments at end of message.

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    Genesis 2:4
    These <0428> are the generations <08435> of the heavens <08064> and of the earth <0776> when they were created <01254>, in the day <03117> that the LORD <03068> God <0430> made <06213> the earth <0776> and the heavens <08064>,

    Genesis 5:1
    This <02088> is the book <05612> of the generations <08435> of Adam <0121>. In the day <03117> that God <0430> created <01254> man <0120>, in the likeness <01823> of God <0430> made <06213> he him;

    Genesis 6:9
    These are the generations <08435> of Noah <05146>: Noah <05146> was a just <06662> man <0376> and perfect <08549> in his generations <01755>, and Noah <05146> walked <01980> with God <0430>.

    Genesis 10:1
    Now these are the generations <08435> of the sons <01121> of Noah <05146>, Shem <08035>, Ham <02526>, and Japheth <03315>: and unto them were sons <01121> born <03205> after <0310> the flood <03999>.

    Genesis 10:32
    These are the families <04940> of the sons <01121> of Noah <05146>, after their generations <08435>, in their nations <01471>: and by these were the nations <01471> divided <06504> in the earth <0776> after <0310> the flood <03999>.

    Genesis 11:10
    These are the generations <08435> of Shem <08035>: Shem <08035> was an hundred <03967> years <08141> old <01121>, and begat <03205> Arphaxad <0775> two years <08141> after <0310> the flood <03999>:

    Genesis 11:27
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Terah <08646>: Terah <08646> begat <03205> Abram <087>, Nahor <05152>, and Haran <02039>; and Haran <02039> begat <03205> Lot <03876>.

    Genesis 25:12
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Ishmael <03458>, Abraham's <085> son <01121>, whom Hagar <01904> the Egyptian <04713>, Sarah's <08283> handmaid <08198>, bare <03205> unto Abraham <085>:

    Genesis 25:13
    And these are the names <08034> of the sons <01121> of Ishmael <03458>, by their names <08034>, according to their generations <08435>: the firstborn <01060> of Ishmael <03458>, Nebajoth <05032>; and Kedar <06938>, and Adbeel <0110>, and Mibsam <04017>,

    Genesis 25:19
    And these are the generations <08435> of Isaac <03327>, Abraham's <085> son <01121>: Abraham <085> begat <03205> Isaac <03327>:

    Genesis 36:1
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Esau <06215>, who is Edom <0123>.

    Genesis 36:9
    And these are the generations <08435> of Esau <06215> the father <01> of the Edomites <0123> in mount <02022> Seir <08165>:

    Genesis 37:2
    These are the generations <08435> of Jacob <03290>. Joseph <03130>, being seventeen <06240> <07651> years <08141> old <01121>, was feeding <07462> the flock <06629> with his brethren <0251>; and the lad <05288> was with the sons <01121> of Bilhah <01090>, and with the sons <01121> of Zilpah <02153>, his father's <01> wives <0802>: and Joseph <03130> brought <0935> unto his father <01> their evil <07451> report <01681>.

    There appears to be a problem with the following five colophons:

    Genesis 11:27
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Terah <08646>:

    Genesis 25:12
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Ishmael <03458>

    There are 13 Chapters between 1 & 2 [Note the story of Abraham is recorded in this area]

    Genesis 25:13
    And these are the names <08034> of the sons <01121> of Ishmael <03458>

    Nothing between 2 & 3

    Genesis 25:19 And these are the generations <08435> of Isaac <03327>

    5 verses between 3 & 4

    Genesis 36:1
    Now these are the generations <08435> of Esau

    10 CHAPTERS between 4 & 5

    There would appear at first glance that there has been a little monkey business here.

    Why is there no history (His Story) of Abraham, certainly a very important player in the Tanakh???

    Will be working on this, got any Ideas?

    Does anyone here have any ideas on this subject?

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    …Hello Sandy. The nearest similarity to {the generations of… }, pointing to Abraham, comes in 1 Chronicle, verse 28, where the “sons of Abraham”, are mentioned. However, this does not come from the same author. The lack of the term, “generations of Abraham”, might infer some sort of insertion of information. The author of the torah is bound by the same rules that any author is bound by. He has an idea how his story will go, but needs to include relevant information to deem his story to be understandable. The generations of names that the author uses, is his clay to mold into his conclusions. My belief is that the author is trying to bring the line of Shem, to merge with the name of his GD. I believe this to be the author’s central concern. The author, may not only be giving an account of his GD, but may actually be creating him within his book. I believe that the author already believes in his Eloheem, but now wants to fuse him to the soul of his people, through his literary efforts. The Abraham’ic character that he works with, is his central piece of clay. Upon this, he will add his details, which will bring the line of Shem into fruition. It is possible that a secondary author is working with another author’s work, and is trying to give it more “soul”, by fusing names into his ideas. I cannot say, how many hands have touched the torah in its creation, only that there seems to be a central purpose to the line of Shem, --> “the NAME”. Seeing the author at work, is something that few of the torahs readers are allowed. Few of the tanakh’s readers are able to see the author in his writing, either. ….Michael


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      Thank you Thummim, I found your thoughts on this interesting and helpful.


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        Family History!

        Hi Sandy,

        Interesting! Sometimes we cannot see the beginning without the end. I offer this: If Messiah and Abraham inherit the world,
        Rom 4:13
        13 For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith. (KJV)
        And they do, then there is a very compelling reason why the family history is not listed for Abraham. In order for that to happen, one would have to list the generations of YAHWEH, would we not?

        Sincerely, Spying
        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!