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omg ONE LOOK AT THIS religious MEDUSA and one dies,

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  • LucySmith
    medusa, the snake woman,1888 ad version of a rat bag

    have u seen her
    Hey not nice to meet on a dark night [that old blackbird]

    Official Seventh-Day Adventist Logo, shaped as a Masonic pyramid

    Notice the shape of the Masonic occult pyramid, which is also displayed on the back of every U.S. one-dollar bill to mock the stupidity of society, and to remind us that we are now slaves to the Masonic-controlled New World Order . . .

    stop listening.

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  • omg ONE LOOK AT THIS religious MEDUSA and one dies,

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    Ellen G. White was a nutcase.

    Many books exposing false religious cults, such as Walter Martin's KINGDOM OF THE CULTS, foolishly identify Seventh-Day Adventism as a Christian cult. May I say, SDA is a demonic cult. There is NOTHING Christian about the SDA religion. They openly deny the existence of Hell.

    Ellen G. White was deeply involved with the occult and SDA was founded by Freemasons as part of the New World Order's attempt to deceive the masses into following the Antichrist.

    There's an occult obelisk on White's grave, showing her allegiance to the New World Order, just as Charles Russell (who founded the Jehovah's Witnesses false cult) has a giant illuminati pyramid on his grave.
    Russell showed his blatant support for the New World Order by corrupting the Bible and writing his own. He named it the New World Translation. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    All mainstream so-called “Christian” religions were started by 33rd degree Freemasons, including Ron Hubbard, Taze Russell, Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormons) and many others. The Christian Scientist false religion and Oral Roberts were also involved with the occult. As shocking as it may be, the Freemasonry demonic occult is largely composed of Southern Baptists, who are also a part of the New World Order and have gone apostate in recent decades.
    This is why they are 100% supportive of the Ecumenical Movement.