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the new covenant - the law of Life is our true reality. The Kingdom revealed.

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  • ImAHebrew
    You better be keeping them all!

    Originally posted by LucySmith View Post
    if you keep only 1 - with a very sincere heart - you have to keep them all and NO man can do it
    Hi Lucy, do you follow the 1 commandment that requires you not to murder? If you do, then by your own words, you are required to keep them all. Some would advise you to start murdering so as to not make yourself a liar. But then, you would be keeping 1 other commandment, and that would require you to again keep them all. Sort of in a pickle aren't you? ImAHebrew P.S. Re-think everything you believe about the Law of Yeshua/Moses.

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  • LucySmith
    birthing out a NEW creation - get your head around it please. NEW CREATION. ok?

    the new creation is created out from mortal - trained to put on immortality - which is the very nature of Abba - for only He is immortal. Jesus had His Father's nature and not satan's nature - therefore a believer is created anew [ born again] to enter into their real Father's nature.
    The high priests of the law of Moses [sin and death] were all mortals.
    THE NEW HIGH PRIEST - is imperishable - so his gospel obeyed - makes immortal believers - see john 11 v 24-25-26 where Jesus is discussing ''resurrection life'' to Martha.

    what most people in the church system cannot find IS THE KEY TO LIFE.
    the key is FOLLOW ME - this makes the REDEEMED - you cannot be redeemed any other way.
    This eternal life is IN all men, [the kingdom of heaven] what they all need is to be BREATHED UPON AND AWAKENED, by the breath of God - so allow HIM to brood, over you and breathe upon you to awaken you into His eternal life.
    while He is brooding and breathing over you - He is quickening you into reality [removing you from vanity] by His incorruptable seed being placed in you.
    The OT heros LONGED TO SEE THIS DAY, but most pew people have failed to appreciate this day and also have failed to attained to The kingdom reality. Unbelief and doubts and false teachers have robbed people of God's best. alas.

    there is a priviledged company of believers called ''call out ones''.
    their Joy is abundant for they realise [as they await their maturity and fullness], that they are being released to walk into the real wonderfull world of eternal life as Co-heirs in Christ.
    Those in the OT dispensation, could not do this but some ''looked for this day''.[the birthing of His new covenant and creature] These new creatures are allowed to align their lives with eternal values - the exact same values Messiah had.

    notice in the NT, when questioned by the religious of that day Jesus said '' BUT I SAY'''......
    so a new creation believer has to get under the divine advice of ''BUT I SAY'' not what any other religious man says.
    Messiah teaches His believer - how He walked and it was outside ''how religious men walk''. notice - religious men die - they have remained under ''the dying priesthood''.

    A believer aligns themselves to the destiny Jesus has personally told them of.
    ''faith comes from hearing''
    so they obey ''but I say'' over all things pertaining to their lives.
    This is why the elect cannot be deceived.
    however ''those days are cut short so this will not happen''.
    Only By His Grace does He keep a believer FOCUSED upon Himself, otherwise, all eternal destiny is impossible.
    if you have refused Grace, by inpart law keeping of Moses - you shall NEVER BE FOCUSED UPON THE SAVIOUR- despite what many would say to the contrary - death proves the whole point.


    Once a believer enters into their sabbath rest - grace abounds- lessons are taught, tests come and go, and graduation into perfection becomes a holy inevitability.

    notice the OT law of Moses ENSLAVED MEN to death.
    [ keeping 1 even means enslavement to death.]
    sincerity shall not save you that is why ''man's religion is SO DEADLY''.

    notice the NT law of the Spirit of LIFE - RELEASES MEN into their destiny - NAMELY imperishable life.
    because the new High Priest is undying.
    the choice arises ''who do you sit under''.
    * moses
    * Christ.
    Moses - you die in sin
    Christ - you die to sin.
    it is imposible to have ''a little bit of moses and a little bit of Christ'' because then it is a mixture.
    you cannot live in the shadow [the law of sin and death] and in reality [the law of Life] at the same time.
    you cannot be ''a little bit dead and a little bit alive'' at the same time. Life and death oppose each other.
    * your'e pregnant with either death or life.

    The divisional religion of church men is ''schizophrenic''.
    it is a psychotic disorder of an unsound mind and of a delusion of mind - or - a mind that comes from living in The Matrix.

    btw - this delusion of mind, springs right out from the ''root of bitterness''.
    This is the main cause for any delusions.
    THIS BITTERNESS IN MEN's lives and it LEADS INTO REBELLION and this is such a strong root to remove. It seems as if most people are really ''affected'' by this spirit of bitterness - hence- so much delusion is believed.
    those who sit under man, receive the same unclean spirits in the man - JESUS SAID FOLLOW ME - so His believers understand why He asks His church to do this very thing. They have come to understsand that nothing UNCLEAN [death] is to dwell in them.
    The roots of bitterness mainly come thru being verbally abused or sexually abused as a child and who grow up with unresolved emotional wounds. so many helpless children suffer from these horrifice wounds in their souls.
    [these sins - Jesus excelled in by releasing and ''binding up the broken hearted'']

    here is a site that helps in deliverance.....

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  • the new covenant - the law of Life is our true reality. The Kingdom revealed.

    how i love the Law [that new legal deed ] for His new creation.
    There is so much life there and in this life there is such rejoicing and freedom.
    "....flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable"....1st Corinthians 15:50.

    the flesh and blood nature of the law of Moses CANNOT INHERIT because it was ''perishable''
    meaning - they had a dying priesthood.

    Unless you can understand this, you shall be duped like millions are today in the pews of 'sabbatherians'' and other in part law keeping - THESE BELIEFS were under a DYING PRIESTHOOD.
    this dying priesthood could not bring real life to the people because it kept dying - death prevailed.
    that new High Priest COULD NEVER DIE.
    therefore the perishable could now put on imperishable all because THE HIGH PRIEST is Himself UNDYING AND IMPERISHABLE - after the order of Melchidezek.

    you see, WHEN YOU are conned into inpart law keeping, you remain under the dying priesthood
    you see, WHEN YOU come into the truth - by being taught by the true TEACHER HOLY SPIRIT, He directs a believer into the UNDYING PRIEST {EMMANUEL], OF THE IMPERISHABLE ORDER.

    THE LAW OF MOSES could only preach out of a mortal kingdom - why? the priest remained mortal.
    THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE can only preach out from an IMMORTAL kingdom why? - because the Priest is immortal.

    now CAN U UNDERSTAND why it is so desperately important NOT TO RETURN TO ANY PART of 613 laws of Moses - quickly repent and be set free and DONT GO DOWN THAT MORTAL path.
    if you keep only 1 - with a very sincere heart - you have to keep them all and NO man can do it
    why can't they
    BECAUSE THE PRIEST WAS A DYING PRIESTHOOD therefore dying/mortal/sin/death was ingrained into this law of Moses.
    and be free.