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DEVOURING and eating our enemies for breakfast....cont.

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  • LucySmith
    Demon gangs...

    to keep a person from BELIEVING the bible AND be an EFFECTIVE witness.

    ''the gangs'' plot and plan with supernatural intelligence - it is a part of vanity - agents who are determined to undermine the Gospel.
    We look at areas in our lives those areas where Jesus is not Lord.

    * entice to evil.
    * enslave
    * tormentors
    * guilt to compel. compulsive habits
    * defile.
    * harass
    * deceive.
    * misrepresentation and inject error.

    inside a person is a ''city'' prov 16 v 32
    prov 25 v 28 - no control is a broken down city.
    habitual addicts - sexual perversion = no control because they are slaves to other beings.
    they have lost control.

    the majority of people have areas where the enemy occupies.
    emotions, relationship. attitudes.
    - demons are close like a mafia.
    they opperate in gangs.........................
    ''come back with 7 other spirits'.

    fear - is a woman's weakness.
    luke 8

    Lusts - is a man's weakness.

    go to []
    for more info.
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  • DEVOURING and eating our enemies for breakfast....cont.

    there is a wonderfull help in a believer's war kit -PRAISES.

    praise is our access to Father and a royal garment.
    praise as a way of deliverance - praise opens the way to work out our deliverance
    ps 50 v 23.

    prepares the way for intervention.
    when we are desperate = praises opens the way to escape.
    turn to the supernatural

    God hears the prayers and then intervenes.
    sing to the lord = praise Him ''give thanks to the Lord and praise His holy name''.