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why?? the necessity of a VIRGIN birth?

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  • why?? the necessity of a VIRGIN birth?

    the VIRGIN, had to be choosen,
    God's Reason for the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
    The Bible, written thousands of years ago, anticipated all future discoveries and there is
    not a single, proven, scientific discovery that has ever shown that the Bible was in error in one
    single minute instance. Especially is this true in the matter of blood chemistry. The amazing
    prominence of the significance of blood in the Scriptures takes on new meaning in the light of
    the amazing discoveries of science in the field of blood chemistry and bio-chemistry. It has been
    less than a hundred years since science discovered that the blood of all men is identical and that,
    therefore, thee is no such thing as Aryan or Jewish or white blood...Irish or Chinese
    blood...the blood of the different races is all plain, human, blood.

    It was not until 1900 that a Viennese doctor, Karl Lansteiner, discovered that human
    blood is of four different types, classified as Type O, A, B and A.B. It was found that, when
    certain types of blood were mixed, a violent reaction was set up which resulted in the
    agglutination of the blood cells and the dissolving of these same red cells, which often resulted in
    death. This result was observed when, for instance, blood for a person having Type A was
    transfused into one having Type B. However, the substance which determines the type of blood
    is present in the blood cells is not present in the plasma or the fluid part of the blood...
    which means that the plasma from any individual can be transfused freely into any other
    individual without any danger.
    With this in mind, remember that Scripture teaches that Adam sinned as the
    representative, and federal, head of the entire human race [Romans 5:14] and that this sinfulness
    of Adam affected the blood...and...since the blood is the life of all flesh...sin must, therefore, be
    transmitted in the blood.
    "Because the life of every creature is its blood
    ...the life of every creature is its blood
    Leviticus 17:14
    1 Corinthians 15:22 states, "For as in Adam all die..."
    When one understands that the blood of all people is the same and that all men are under
    the condemnation of Adam, Paul's statement in Romans 3:22-23 takes on new meaning. This
    passage states:
    "There is no difference, for all have sinned
    and fall short of the glory of God."
    Because "there is no difference" - no difference in men...because all have Adam's sinful's salvation could only be accomplished by the provision of sinless blood ...sinless
    blood that would counteract the sinful blood of Adam...and...the provision of this human
    redeemer who would bear humanity's sin...Who, because He was without sin, would not have
    Adam's sinful blood in His veins...WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY THE "VIRGIN BIRTH" OF
    The Bible teaches that Jesus was this human redeemer Whose BLOOD...that divine
    blood...despite the fact that He bore our sins in His own BODY on the tree...was sinless and deathless...since death is the direct result of sin. It was also His sinlessness that was the reason
    for His resurrection.

    Hebrews 10:5 records Jesus as saying,
    "a body Thou [Father] prepared Me."

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    cont.... regarding THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD.

    Hebrews 10:5 records Jesus as saying,
    "a body Thou [Father] prepared Me."

    How is a body prepared?

    The female egg, or ovum, from which all human beings develop, cannot produce life
    without its union with a male cell, or sperm...which means that it is only after the introduction of
    the father's cell that life can begin to develop.
    The father, therefore, adds the principle of life and,
    since the Bible clearly states that the life is the blood, it follows that the BLOOD principle is the
    father's contribution to the new life.

    However...which this blood principle is produced by the
    union of a single mother cell and a single father cell, no actual blood cells themselves are
    transmitted to the growing, unborn infant. Despite that fact means of diffusion...the
    mother furnishes the child with all its substances, no actual cells ever pass from one to the other.
    Hence, all the well as blood type and Rh factors formed within the body proper of
    the infant without receiving any actual blood tissue from the mother.

    Doctor Karl Lansteiner's discovery in 1900 also included the fact that...because the
    substance determining the type of the blood is present in the blood cells only, and not in the
    plasma or the fluid part of the blood...a mother having any type of blood can give birth to a
    healthy child having some other type of blood…because, under normal conditions, not a single
    blood cell ever passes from the circulation of the mother to the developing unborn infant...or
    from the infant back to the mother! Medical authorities teach that, normally, no blood tissue ever
    passes from a mother to her developing babe which means that all of a baby's blood... every cell
    is manufactured within the baby itself, without the contribution of a single cell by its

    Hebrews 2:14 states, "Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of [Adam's] flesh
    and blood, He also Himself [that is, Christ Jesus] likewise took part of the same."

    The Greek
    word which is translated as, "partakers" is KOYNONEHO and means to "share fully."

    Therefore, this verse teaches that all mankind "shares fully" in the sinfulness which is imparted
    to all of Adam's children-all descendants of Adam.

    However, when this verse states, that Jesus
    "took part of the same," the Greek word which is translated as "took part" is METECHO and
    means to "take only a part, but not all!"
    This passage teaches that all of mankind share fully in
    the flesh and blood of Adam, but that Jesus shared only in the flesh. Jesus, in the flesh, was of
    the seed of Adam, but the blood in His veins came by way of the supernatural conception of the
    Holy Spirit!
    In order for God to provide a man who was sinless...and, yet, at the same time, still the
    son of Adam...He had to provide a way in which that man would have a human body derived
    from Adam and yet not have one single drop of Adam's sinful blood. The scientific, biological
    reason for the sinlessness of the man, Christ Jesus, is the fact that He was conceived by the Holy
    Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary with a body of flesh, like unto us.
    Conception by the Holy Spirit was the only way the virgin Birth could be accomplished
    because, while Mary contributed the body of Jesus and He became the seed of David according
    to the flesh - the Holy Spirit contributed the blood of Jesus...blood that... because it was sinless
    and Divine...was precious blood. There had never been any other blood like Christ's precious
    blood, nor will there ever be.

    Human blood is corruptible because, soon after death, decay sets in and corruption begins
    in the blood...which is the reason why embalmers place the embalming fluid in the arteries to
    force all the blood out of the veins.
    However, in the case of Jesus, His Divine blood was not
    corruptible because...although He was dead three days...His body saw no corruption because...
    He was sinless due to the fact of His Divine blood.
    And...this is the very marvel of the Virgin
    birtH the fact that it was because the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and contributed the father's
    blood principle that the blood of Jesus was sinless, incorruptible, innocent, precious, and eternal!
    However, all the nutritive elements...proteins, the fats, the carbohydrates, the salts, the chemicals
    ...of all of the other body's necessary nutritive elements...Jesus received from His mother, Mary.
    This stupendous event...[the fact that Jesus would have a body born of the flesh of Mary and,
    yet...because He would have none of man's blood...not have Adam's sinful nature]...was
    announced to Mary when the angel said to her:


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      cont,,,,the virgin had to be choosen ...why?

      this edifiction is revealing hey?

      ''Human blood is corruptible because, soon after death, decay sets in and corruption begins
      in the blood...which is the reason why embalmers place the embalming fluid in the arteries to
      force all the blood out of the veins.
      However, in the case of Jesus, His Divine blood was not
      corruptible because -although He was dead three days -His body saw no corruption because
      He was sinless due to the fact of His Divine blood''.

      "The angel said to her, `Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will
      be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great
      and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father
      David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.' `How will
      this be,' Mary asked the angel, `since I am a virgin?' The angel answered, `The Holy Spirit will
      come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born
      will be called the Son of God.'" Luke 1:30-35

      For emphasis and review remember that the blood which flows in an unborn baby's
      arteries and veins is not derived from the mother, but is produced only after the introduction of
      the male sperm. There is not one drop of the mother's blood that ever enters into the unborn
      child's arteries or veins. The blood is produced within the embryo itself and, then only after the
      ovum has been fertilized by the sperm. The mother provides the unborn developing infant with
      the nutritive elements for the building of that little body but all the blood which forms in that
      little body is formed in the embryo itself and only as a result of the contribution of the male
      From the time of conception to the time of the birth of the infant not one only single drop
      of blood ever passes from mother to child. The placenta, forming the union between mother and
      child, is so constructed that...although all the soluble nutritive elements such as proteins, fats,
      carbohydrates, salts, minerals and even anti-bodies pass freely from mother to child, and the
      waste products of the child's metabolism are passed back to the mother's circulation...there
      occurs normally no actual interchange of a single drop of blood. All the blood which is in that
      child is produced within the child itself as a result of the introduction of the male sperm. The
      mother contributes no blood to the child.
      These facts are definitely recognized by science and, by the way of documentation, I
      include the following:

      Howell's textbook on physiology, [second edition, pages 885 and 886],
      "The foetal and
      maternal blood do not come into actual contact. They are separated from each other by the
      walls of the foetal blood vessels and the epithelial layers of the chorionic villae."

      Williams' "Practice of Obstetrics," [3rd edition, page 133], "The foetal blood in the
      vessels of the chorionic villae at no time gains access to the maternal blood in the intervillous
      spaces being separated from one another by the double layer of chorionic epithelium."
      "Normally there is no communication between the foetal blood and the maternal blood."
      Nurses Handbook of Obstetrics"by Louise Zabriskie, R.N. [fifth edition, page 75],

      "When the circulation of the blood begins in the embryo it remains separate and distinct from
      that of the mother." On page 82 this textbook sums it all up by saying, "In other words, no
      maternal blood actually flows to the foetus, nor is there any direct foetal blood flow to the
      From the very beginning of time, God prepared for the Virgin Birth of His Son, Jesus
      Christ, by creating woman so that no blood should pass from her to her offspring, but, rather, that
      the offspring's blood would be the contribution made by the the father.

      It was the fact of Jesus' Virgin Birth that he could...after three days in the tomb... arise
      from the dead...a "resurrection" that would have been impossible had Jesus been born, as other
      men, of both a human father and a human mother because as Scripture tells us He was able
      to arise by His own power...even after the death of His body...only because His precious, sinless,
      incorruptible, innocent blood never partook of our sin and, therefore, remained wholly
      unaffected by sin.

      In 1 Peter 2:24 the Bible clearly states that Jesus:
      "bore our sins in his own
      BODY on the tree."

      It was in His body that he bore our sins and, in 1 Peter 3:18, Peter again tells
      us that Jesus was "put to death in the FLESH, but quickened by the Spirit."

      Never once does Scripture make any kind of reference to Jesus being related to humanity
      through His blood, but only through His flesh.
      He is the seed of Abraham "after the flesh," of
      the lineage of David, "after the flesh. Concerning the nation of Israel, we read, in Romans 9:5,
      "Whose are the fathers [that is the Jewish patriarchs], and of whom as concerning the FLESH
      Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever."
      Jesus "gave" His life...laid it down voluntarily that He might take it again...and... because
      death had no claim on Him except the claim of others' sin...once He paid that debt...
      Death could not hold its prey,
      He tore the bars away.
      And up from the grave He arose,
      With a might triumph o'er His foes;
      He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
      And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
      Jesus, my Saviour


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        shed blood...

        1st time was at Messiah's circumcision at 8days old - the divine blood was shed.
        #8 in bible numerics is NEW BEGINNINGS.
        He was NAMED THAT DAY = ''he who saves''.

        could i write this sentence....
        ''He who saves, shed His blood for new beginnings'.

        doing away with ''the flesh''.

        could i write this sentence......

        ''He who saves, shed His blood, for the new beginnings that does away with the flesh''.

        He received His name with a CRY OF PAIN....

        so the age of human limitations had come to an end and a NEW LIFE AND COVENANT, DNA AND our true REALM had come into view - achieved by the PAIN OF CUT FLESH.

        those old paradigms and perceptions, had ended.
        the RETURN TO Deoxyribonucleic Acid [ correct name for DNA] had returned.
        the ''cry of pain'' is the cutting away of the flesh [adamic nature] to return to our true DNA.

        “You have possessed me in my inward parts; you have covered me in my mother’s womb.
        I will praise you; for I am awesomely and wonderfully made…
        My substance was not hidden from you, when I was made in secret…Your eyes did see my substance, yet being unformed; and in your Book
        All is written.” Psalms 139:13-16

        AS THE MIND is changed, the body becomes changed too.....
        the body becomes immune to disease like Messiah - this only happens as a believer [called the overcomer] tames their flesh- however it is a ''cry of pain'' as their name [character ] is changed.

        “Let God arise, and let his enemies (panic illness and disease, depression, and death - contained in the fleshy vain nature) be scattered”.
        Let those who hate u flee before you'' Psalms 68:1


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          Jesus said....

          a very funny thing....

          ''call NO Man father''.

          our thinking can change our DNA.
          our Genetics can be changed by our thinking.
          [Science is proving this daily.]

          When Jesus said this it was NOT to do with RC ''priests'' [father so and so].
          notice Jesus did not say ''spiritual'' father.
          Jesus had detected a MAJOR FLAW in a father's teaching.
          The ''fathers'' are not good as teachers?
          is this so?

          Jesus informed Nicodemus (John 3) that one must be begotten from above to see the kingdom of God.
          did you ever notice Jesus never speaks to Joseph.
          no ''heart to hearts''.
          Yet He speaks to his Mother.
          Matthew 23:9 "Call no one on earth your father; you have but one Father in heaven."
          the KEY WORD is ''your''.
          Jesus said, “And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” (Mtt. 23:9)

          To make such a statement was a shock to those who thought man's governments and the Roman political and judicial system, with its peace and commerce, was good for society and the business of men. This would be like saying call no man on earth president or senator or congressman.

          In that Greek text of Matthew we find the word Pater28 meaning father in the Latin. When Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world he did not use the Greek word for earth or planet or inhabited places or age that are also translated into world. The word world there is kosmos29 “meaning a harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government”.30

          This was a jurisdictional statement. To call no man father was a jurisdictional statement. To be baptized was a jurisdictional event of allegiance. To worship is an act of homage to a lord or King. Jesus did not preach the religion of heaven but the kingdom.

          did you see this sentence ?

          Jesus did not preach the religion of heaven but the kingdom.

          again from this site...
          We must seek the kingdom of heaven first. It is found first within our souls and hearts as we apply to the Father in Heaven according to His plan of faith, hope, charity and love.

          Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12

          time is a material prison.
          IN His Kingdom - there is NO time.