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the day DEATH DIED...........................

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  • the day DEATH DIED...........................

    DEATH was abolished at the cross.
    A believer, is drawn into the church of Messiah but HIS PERSONAL DRAWING - TO BE TRAINED UP into His beliefs. Grace allows the believer to LEARN CORRECTLY - not from churchy religious men [hirelings and authors of big religious business] but as HIS DISCIPLES who are not trained up by religious men and die, but develop the very nature of their True Father.

    These believers learn to make the right decissions and wise divine wisdom over all the situations that they may face in their daily lives - firey tests happens in their ''faithwalking'' not as these modern u.s. of a queer teachers of ''faith'' but LEARNING HOW TO HAVE THE SAME FAITH AS THE SON OF GOD , = meaning having the same confidences and trusting in the true Father as Jesus did - again this is not learnt from man but from the Holy Spirit.
    The spirit is awakened, the mind is being restored and the body becomes blameless as His holy Spirit teachings work in a believers life and their death is swallowed up by His divine life impoding all their flaws and weakness.

    Faith comes to be able to do many things,[ rather supernatural things] that cannot be done by others UNLESS THEY PERSONALLY HEAR for themselves how faith works and what faith does and how to have this faith working correctly 24/7.

    faith cannot be learnt UNLESS ONE IS A DISCIPLE - THEN YESHUA ''INCREASES a believer's faith'' so trust is activated in them.

    no i dont go to the Drs- for i have no need to go, [Grace and mercy supply all my needs just as the Ps 23 says] for I know [as a spritual seeker and dectective] how to trust in My saviour to take care of me, for i am completely unable to take care of myself.

    This faith walk did not happen over night but after 30yrs of divine protection [hearing and doing] - i dont have a problem - but it was a walk of 1 step at a time - i did not learn this from armstrongism that appears to dictate ''dont go to Drs'' as a control, by the publically declared pervert - so therefore anyone sitting under a pervert ofcourse would eat a ''perverted doctrine'' and die.

    if you sit under a pervert and take in their perversion - you become as perverted as the perverter.
    YOU SEE, if you look at this cruel man's history as i have done these past few days - we find, even he did not have this phoney faithwalk he preached - he too was full of pills an drs just like the crooked pews were.. proving a liar and a cheat of satanic traits was in control.

    to walk with God as Enoch did, ONE WALKS WITH HIM AND NO OTHERS.
    few find eternal life. - what does the rest find?
    now that is a worry.

    what i do find weird is how some men can defend the indefensible,.
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    in His sons- 1 fact has to be established

    #1 - it can be the wrong choice called ''carnalmindedness'' - that sums up death.
    #2- it is the Lordship, of the supernatural life - that really is our normal position as a ''spiritual creation having a human experience''.

    we have just forgotten how to live* alive * in the spirit.
    Messiah has returned his sons back to this truth, that is why I write -follow the Messiah - whose spirit teaches a believer to become as HE IS...

    then these weird false antichrist preachers come along and dupe the humans into believing them rather than following the instruction book that only a believer can understand.
    u..s of a is full of weird apostate cruel antichrist teachers - why?
    why did this nation fall so badly for these cruel no hoper religious men who are so opposite the word.

    ''by My stripes ye are healed'' - how true is this - exactly as the atonement teaches - i love this promise and i live within it,.... I am blessed.
    I love it in the blessed position as My saviour never ''puts me to shame'' so i florish and am not feeble because I live in HIS WHOLE COUNSELS - i dont cut and paste out the verses that deny His grace and lordship over me.
    nor do i call the Holy Spirit a liar nor throw rotten tomatoes [ false theories] upon His throne of Grace.

    show me in print where Messiah Emmanuel ever ''used'' human aides for any need?
    so, if we seek to be approved by His spirit - why is a believer to return back into the Matrix when they were taken out in the 1st place and why should the Saviour ''desert them'' in their hour of need, when He said '' I wont leave you for forsake you ''
    WE LEARN A LOT FROM ENOCH - WE NEED THE SAME RESURRECTION LIFE HE WALKED IN - THE TRANSFORMING POWER - BUT - I DONT EXPECT the converts to armstrongism, nor this publically declared pervert's defenders- to appreciate the Saviour's saving powers.

    to be raised up and out from the dead - transforming faith like the Saviour had is needed....
    faith is very difficult thing to learn.

    Jesus hanged upon the cross, without any form or support, He had NOTHING TO A HOLD ONTO but HIS TRUSTING IN HIS FATHER'S WORD AND PROMISES.

    He came thru.
    faith is NOT what some hireling lying preacher shall tell you [ as per armstrongism] but faith can only be HEARD FROM THE FATHER. YOU DONT HEAR FROM FATHER - YOU DONT HAVE FAITH.
    '' faith comes from hearing the word'' - so how could a publically confessed pervert ever ''hear'' to have faith that was justified - hence his demise and the pulling down of his coprupt ministry.

    hospitals, doctors, pills and portents are just as imbedded into the Matrix as death - its their friends.
    believers In Christ - learn how to live in the same type of faith as the son of God - His needs were always met by His father - but - this is only for His disciples. non believers get nothing - death is their friend.


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      death died - but what pew person believes it?

      a comment i found from 2003
      Born Again?

      There are millions of professed churchy Christians who say and believe that they are “born again” because they have good feelings about God, or because they have made a “decision for Christ”.

      Actually, they are not “born again” even though they say that they are “born again.”

      “Born again” Christians are a large force behind the war in Iraq.

      “Born again” Christians have a large investment in their last day theories of Armageddon and the glorification of the Jewish state, the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, and other nonsense.

      “Born again” Christians are very similar to the Jews of old, who followed the law instead of the Spirit.

      They are not “saved” and they will not be “saved”, for their idea of Christianity, and their spirit, has left them desolate of the Spirit and desolate of the true heavenly nature. They have been left unmarried to The Saviour

      If you are not walking in Life - of the Spirit, and florishing in all you think and touch- then you are deceived flesh and satan still pulls the strings. When one follows flesh, he sins. Those who are Spirit are not so. These souls always hear the Voice of the Father and follow it. They always please Him. They know what constitutes the marriage of the Lamb, and the consummation of the marriage and they delight in it and receive it.

      the dead and the lost are willing victims. armstrongism made willing victims of the lost


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        turning victimhood into victory is really a mystery....

        in the world of the Matrix, people know what to expect - but once outside the Matrix [as Messiah liveth] a different world, with a different spirit appears.
        Caleb, had a different spirit and knew how to cross into the promised land, but most did not know how to DEFEAT THOSE GIANTS.
        [ giants are those evils that stop us being victorious over flaws]

        but caleb was of a different kind - he knew how to win.

        if we notice out from the multitudes only 2 knew.
        therefore this ''different spirit'' is very illusive, yes, now people shall say they have it, but alas they still die in sin meaning - the adamic flaws still continue to win.

        the Dr and his pills win over ''by His striped we are healed'' .
        the flesh liveth and self preservation is god
        but standing in ''by His stripes we are healed'' = comes back to relationship, trust and grace working it all out to form this different spirit within a believer.

        now for the mystery.
        whatsoever a man does to his neighbour he does to himself.

        if a man offers kindness, He receives kindness back
        if a man offers cruelity, he receives cruelity back
        If a man offers His trust to Father, he receives the ability of Trusting back.

        when A person is able to be at unity with the Word - they understand their unity with the Father.

        but here is the problem. the ying and the yang.
        if a person is FORCED to have ''faith'' by the teachings of a false minister - they cannot maintain their faith and neither can the false ministers - as well proven by H armstrong.

        now here is the mystery.
        a believer begins to look at the whole NT nature of believing, perfecting, and maturing into the Image of God, therefore, they learn not to sin, because they are sinning against themselves;

        We are warned over and over - dont listen to false teachers - they are murderers - and that is why there is 'death in the pews' because the false teachers are death.
        Messiah said FOLLOW ME - the redeemed shall follow NO other.

        The highest level of faith in Abba is when a believer is capable of believing something above the grasp of his own frail comprehension. He HEARS FROM THE KINGDOM REALM AND OBEYS FROM THE KINGDOM'S POWER.


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          The matrix is a fallen world

          their religion is from a fallen perspective.
          A believer is REMOVED from their former perspectives in all areas, spirit soul and body to be blameless at His appearing. The Church of the living - walking with God of the living - as Enoch did and became a ''was not''.
          The spots of the Matrix have to be removed and by faith they are, for Faith creates the worlds and it is well pleasing to God.

          consider the futile efforts of lawkeeping, [in parts choosen by the faux lawkeeper themselves] - that are from the Matrix as NO lawkeeper under the church system has become the Image of Messiah.
          I find it so extraordinary, how the human mind convinces itself, by using insane reasoning, that it is right.

          The false teacher Armstrong, told people ''dont go to the dr.'' - this a control mechanism- and has nothing to do with ''living by faith'' as those people only heard Armstrong, not the Holy spirit guidance and directions - after all the body is to become BLAMELESS, which obvously is a daily process as the DNA is changed and the transformation into full redemption takes place. The spirit dominates over the Mind, rather than the mind over a sleeping spirit.
          When a believer is learning obedience, they will not listen to any man, except it be from the same spirit.

          ''When the Holy Spirit has deserted a person, and is no longer honored by them as their Lord, what do they have left to give?
          The answer is = legalism and works; the enemy of grace.
          it really is Kinda of like having a form of Godliness, but denying the power of it''
          it is so easy to dupe people who dont do their homework.
          somehow the law always relates to the flesh and its flaws but a Believer knows, it is the SPIRIT INSIDE THEM, that has to be awakened and BECOME DOMINANT AND TAKE OVER as it did within Messiah.
          What made Messiah like He was and is - was never what He did in the flesh, but how HE WAS TRAINED UP AND BEGOTTEN BY THE FATHER - IN HIS SPIRIT - THE SPIRIT IS LIFE - AND LIFE IS A HIGHER FORCE than the flesh.
          Hence the law of the Spirit is a higher law than the law of Moses.
          it is impossible to have faith and believe God the Father - unless we are called and choosen for full redemption.
          NOTHING shall make us change UNLESS HE HAS MADE US WILLING TO CHANGE.
          all other forms of religion is like a hobby, like football or going to the movies - a hobby that unites people of the same idea. The Matrix is full of hobbies.
          MESSIAH CARRIED THIS WEIGHT and the glory was all around Him all because He did a higher will.
          ''the glory'' literally means ''weight''.

          so when it comes to a believer's health - they pray to receive His goodwill over them and to remove any febbleness and then stand upon His promises - and trust in the Lord to keep them as a husband keeps his own wife.
          NO one tells them to ''have faith and dont go to the dr nor take pills'' but the Lord shall speak to a believer and give them understanding and tell them about pill popping and drs and so a believer lines up their life BY THE ADVICE THEY HAVE RECEIVED from above.

          The renewal of their minds, causes the renewal of all three parts.
          redemption is a process of transformation.
          meaning - being taken out of one form to live in another form.

          this means ''changes'' happen.
          the walk by faith is a must, to make a believer ''the just''.
          the JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH [not in the law of Moses]
          inside these 5 words - hidden is 2 other words - ''healthy and lavish''
          'lavish'' - to pour out in abundance.
          JOHN 10 V 1O- says it all.
          NOTICE, Messiah says...
          I CAME, that they shall have life [TO BRING true LIFE] AND TO BRING IT MORE ABUNDANTLY.
          Messiah brought forth THE LIFE, and made it ABUNDANT.
          SO THE holy Spirit begins this process upon a Believer - who was made willing to be changed - not by man but by God as His workmanship.

          people who sit under false teachers do so, because they are false themselves and so they sit under God's judgments and end up receiving death.
          It is so easy to understand the principle of sowing and reaping - they are only 3 words - but when they come into effect - they become a judgment of death to those who believe falseness.

          the working principles of ''sowing and reaping'' is a mystery to most people.

          if i sin against a man - i have sinned against myself.
          if i am kind to a man - i am kind to myself.
          if i love a man - i love myself.
          that is how it works.
          therefore, if a man does not show love to his wife correctly - he hates himself.
          therefore why would a man hate himself?


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            yes indeed, why would a man hate himself.?

            many men dislike and abuse their wives. Physically and verbally.
            why is their rage so great - they take it out on a weaker vessel?
            it is a mystery- this rage.
            this suppressed anger that explodes out when the influences of drink or stress take there toll.
            why is the rage there in the 1st place?
            because the basic choice of a partner is wrong.

            then there is '' the traditions''.....
            In the bible and thu-out History women have been 2nd class citizens.
            To be a 2nd class citizen, makes a woman annoyed and when she is annoyed and not treaded as a true helpmeet and co-equal, she ''punishes'' her husband in little ways - hence his drinking and stress.
            a ''punished husband'' is a raging one.
            so He turns abusive.
            the devil is right in the middle causing dis-harm - ony.

            the cure all is '' a man shall love his wife''.
            she then becomes his co-equal and helpmeet and love blooms.

            If a man loves his wife he LOVES HIMSELF.