is an important topic to understand as the Lord has prepared a PLACE for His Believers on ''how to escape so great a coruption'' and how to be ''clothed'' with delivering power.

The overcomer understands how they escape into the world of the Kingdom of God and remaining there protected from the ''wiles of the devil'' by putting on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD.
the overcomer is to learn THE WAY = on HOW TO DESTROY THE DRAGON.

it is not good going from year to year suffering continual defeat, at the hands of satan and his controlling manipulations and mind controling games.
Father allows us to pass thru the firey furnace called the ''refiners fire'' so faith [ meaning we surrender up our Matrix beliefs, and satanic will to be fashioned as A VICTOR AND NO LONGER A VICTIM.

millions of people blame others for their plight or dont know how to escape their situation or remain defeated on all fronts and remain as a VICTIM AND A CAPTIVE.

didnt Emmanuel come to SET THE CAPTIVE FREE.

well isnt it time to have a gut full of your captivity and begin to learn HOW TO BE FREED?
WELL seek the Lord and gain His reward of the wisdom on knowing how to be VICTORIOUS.

captivity is no longer the jail.

''come out''
from the ''sea'' of Matrix victimhood, and learn to LEAN ON THE ARM OF THE BELOVED.

IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING YOU SHALL EVER DO as it is the total pulling out of your roots, CUT OFF the axe laid to the roots of clinging to the Matrix and THEN re-learning how to escape from our own self preserving self reliances and by trusting in HIM for every need,
Make HIM your shepherd and ye shall never look back.


it is not about A DOCTRINE
it is about a LOVER'S RELATIONSHIP - A LOVE FEAST with the King of Glory and when this happens to you - THEN HE SHALL FIX UP ALL YOUR DOCTRINES - HIS WAY.,