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  • Ww#3 to begin?
    The report comes as Assad reportedly warned yesterday he will set the Middle East on fire if NATO forces attack his country.

    “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv,” Assad reportedly said, according to Iran’s state-run Fars news agency.


    warning- not a good sign when ambassadors are called home and the 41 military transports in this area.
    is it the lord's timetable?

    it shall be a sad day for us of a.

    move now.
    marshal law clicks in
    clamp down on everything.

    remember Damascus.....
    ''seek knowledge'' on Damascus.


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    cont - military might


    dethroning present '' kings'' to insert their own ''kings'' who are compliant.


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      added information FOR the watchmen on the walls


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        >>>?????>>>> [interesting]???? Wait to see???/

        Dr. Jones' Entry from 11/09/2011


        The Emerging Kingdom

        It has been nearly two years now since I reported the presence of INTERPOL agents descending on Washington DC to investigate various criminal enterprises such as the Federal Reserve Bank.

        On December 17, 2009 we reached an important historic event in the banker wars going on behind the scenes. President Obama was forced to sign Executive Order #12425, granting immunity to the thousands of Interpol agents who have descended upon Washington D.C. on December 2nd, as they conduct an indepth audit of the Federal Reserve and other criminal organizations.

        Though I have not mentioned this since then, the investigations are ongoing. The mainstream media does not report this, of course, but my own sources have confirmed it.

        Benjamin Fulford is now reporting from Japan:

        Both behind the scenes and in public, the world’s law enforcement agencies continue to close in on the criminal cabal from all directions. The big lawsuit expected next week against the cabal has now obtained as evidence something known as the Book of Maklumat. This is a book that details the historical ownership of much of the world’s gold by a group of Asian royal families. They also have copies of the original cash certificates and evidence of how this money was transferred to the custodianship of the Government of United States for the use on behalf of the international community. This evidence is icing on the cake in a lawsuit that will prove the private owners of the Federal Reserve Board stole this money and have been using it illegally for over 50 years.

        That is why the illegal “trading platforms” that were being used to steal this money have been shut down. That, in turn, is why the International Monetary Fund, the European governments and the Federal Reserve Board have been powerless to stop the ongoing crisis affecting the G5 group of terrorist states (France, England, Italy, Germany and the United States), as well as their armed camp known as Israel.

        Years ago certain Asian royal families loaned gold to the West. It came in shiploads. Much of it was to be used to rebuild Europe after WW1 and WW2. The problem was that the Federal Reserve and other central banks diverted the money into "trading platforms" and began to use the money to make money on their own investments.

        When Chairman Mao took over China in 1949, these royal families were no longer in a position to do anything about the theft/misuse of their funds and could only wait until the loans expired after 50 or 60 years. They had traded gold for long-term treasury bonds guaranteeing them repayment. But when those bonds came due, the Fed and company refused to pay, claiming the bonds were not authentic or were "forgeries."

        Yet with the rise of China and the East in general also came an increase in economic and military power. They are in a better position now to demand repayment with the help of the current government of China and other countries. They used diplomacy to gain influence also at the World Court, which has already ruled in their favor.

        But collecting on the debts is difficult, because (1) the Fed and the central banks of Europe are bankrupt already, and (2) to force the issue might well spark a nuclear war, since these power brokers are well able to use Western military might to "secure our interests and our way of life."

        For this reason, the process has been slow. It has been going on since 1994, when the 50-year loans matured since the Bretton Woods convention in 1944. (This was shortly after the start of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign.) Yet in recent years the Families have been able to freeze their funds so that Western bankers can no longer use much of this money for its trades. When they froze the funds, the economic collapse began in both America and in Europe. This, I believe, is the underlying reason behind the economic problems, which only get worse as the months go by.

        These Asian creditors are genuinely interested in world peace and are working long and hard to prevent such a war. It is our own Western power brokers that see war as a viable solution to prevent the repayment of their ill-gotten gains. The Israelis call it the Samson Option (Judges 16:30), and they have used that threat to impose their will upon their neighbors with impunity.

        Nonetheless, we now appear to be reaching some kind of climax to this situation. The investigations are nearing completion, and arrests of some very powerful men could be imminent (within the next year or so). When this happens, most Americans will be shocked. The news media may also see the handwriting on the wall and actually report the sins of these bankers and their politicians in order to save their own skins.

        The hope is that the Babylonian rulers of the West can be defanged sufficiently to prevent them from starting this war (with Iran). In the end, it could come down to a question of whether or not the people under their command obey or disobey the orders to "push the button." That is their real vulnerability, because loyalty to such men is based largely on fear, monetary incentives (bribery), or just plain ignorance.

        I would hope that high-level military men would have the courage to just say no, yielding to the principles of morality and humanity, rather than a perceived "duty" to sacrifice much of humanity just to keep these criminals in power.

        Between now and the end of 2012, we are witnessing the end of an age. We have laid the groundwork for many years of prayer and intercession, and I am absolutely confident that whatever level of conflict develops, as the dust settles, we will see the emergence of the Kingdom of God. The Kings of the East are coming (Rev. 16:12), and one of them is a "messiah" like Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1).



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            is there 1 man - to stand in the Gap?



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              let this ''hang on ya ear''.


              British Intelligence reports that Israel will strike Iran before Christmas


              There's nothing like a neat little nuclear war to take attention off the collapse of the euro. The death of the euro is now being admitted in whispers, as european leaders make contingency plans.


              Such a war would cause all shipping in the Persian Gulf to cease immediately. That is where 1/3 of all the world's oil passes through, so one can only imagine what that would do to the price of gasoline. Already, oil futures for December are rising.

              We are coming up again on the volatile time period of Nov. 21-30 with special focus on the 29th and 30th. Mark these dates on your prophetic calendars, so that you remember to watch and pray.



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                ''watchers on the walls'' or lets bury our heads in the sand.....

                now that is the ?

                it's good to ''discern the times we are in'' - we are told to ''watch and pray''. I do.


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                  the 4 beast nations

                  Dr. Jones' Entry from 11/17/2011


                  The four beast nations today

                  There is something strangely prophetic about world events these days. Daniel 2 and 7 (and perhaps chapter 8 as well) speak of the four "beast" kingdoms that would be given power prior to the transfer of the Kingdom to the saints of the Most High. These four are:

                  Babylon (Iraq)
                  Persia (Iran)
                  Rome (Italy)

                  Is it not interesting that these seem to be the four main nations today that are prominent in the news? Iraq (representing Babylon) was overthrown in 2003 precisely 70 years after 1933 when the real Babylon foreclosed upon a bankrupt America and legally put the departments of the government under their ownership.

                  Once Iraq was overthrown, then attention was turned upon Iran, which is modern Persia. Plans are being finalized even now to overthrow that nation in the attempt to prevent them from challenging the Israelis to a nuclear duel.

                  Papandreou of Greece is out; Lucas Papademos is in. Who is this man? The Wikipedia gives his credentials:

                  He has served as Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1980. He joined the Bank of Greece in 1985 as Chief economist, rising to Deputy Governor in 1993 and Governor in 1994. During his time as Governor of the national bank, Papademos was involved in Greece's transition from the drachma to the euro as its national currency.


                  Berlusconi of Italy is out; Mario Monti is in. Who is this man? The Wikipedia gives his credentials:

                  He is the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a think tank founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller. He is also a leading member of the infamous economic lodge called Bilderberg Group.

                  Monti is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs and The Coca-Cola Company


                  Goldman Sachs, also a prophetic type of Babylon's "head of gold" (Dan. 2:38), was very instrumental in shady practices to help Greece join the Eurozone in the first place.

                  Goldman Sachs arranged swaps that effectively allowed Greece to borrow 1 billion Euros without adding to its official public debt. While it arranged the swaps, Goldman also sought to buy insurance on Greek debt and engage in other trades to protect itself against the risk of a default on those swaps. Eventually, Goldman sold the swaps to the national bank of Greece.

                  Despite its role in creating swaps that may have allowed the Greek government to mask its growing debts, Goldman has no net exposure to a default on Greek debt, a person familiar with the matter says.


                  And who was one of the main bankers in Greece who worked with Goldman Sachs in its shady deal to hide Greek debt so that it could join the Eurozone without complying with the rules?? You guessed it. Mr. Papademos.

                  Lucas Papademos — whose degrees include MIT — has also come in for critical scrutiny over such financial manoeuvring. He was not a Goldman Sachs employee, yet was governor of the Central Bank of Greece from 1994-2002, and worked hard to secure his country’s successful entry into the single currency club.


                  The same article tells us about Mario Draghi, the current President of the European Central Bank:

                  Mario Draghi, a former World bank and Italian Treasury director with a PhD in economics from MIT, was the Goldman Sachs Europe branch vice-president from 2002-2006, before he became governor of the Central Bank of Italy. By this time, Goldman and other top Wall Street firms had designed derivative deals which disguised debt for Italy and Greece. Draghi said the deals that made it possible for them to join the euro even though they did not meet the criteria were made before his time with Goldman Sachs.

                  The same article speaks of "Government Sachs," which is what Goldman Sachs has been dubbed on Wall Street and among economists in general. This kind of thing occurs when corporations become more powerful than governments and in essence take over whole governments, running them as departments of the corporation. They are able to do this when the corporation has enormous amounts of money, while governments have enormous amounts of debt. It is the Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules.

                  Goldman Sachs is seen by many as among the most political firms on Wall Street. It was dubbed ‘Government Sachs’ in the US, as many of its staff have held high level US Government jobs.

                  When this happens, we have what is called Fascism. No one likes to use that term any more. After all, Fascism was "defeated" in World War 2 when Mussolini was overthrown. And I have some beach front property in Montana for sale. Cheap.

                  The Goldman plan has been taken from the rule book of the secret societies. They initiate executives and train them for a few years. Then they send them out to infiltrate governments or other corporations, as if they are no longer Goldman employees. In this case, they are attempting a European coup and are using the debt crisis as a power grab.

                  The people on the street are fighting this, putting pressure on their governments to declare a Jubilee. The government answer is to remove the elected officials and to replace them with non-elected officials with ties to Goldman Sachs. In other words, the new government officials are the very people who helped cause the problem in the first place.

                  That sounds a lot like our own problem here in America. The very people who pushed congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 were the same people that were brought in to the Obama economic team. They have pretended to try to solve the problem, but in fact, all they have done is to bring the government deeper into debt and more beholden to the big banks.

                  They hope to use all of this debt to grab more power through foreclosures, and hope that the military will enforce their will in the name of "law." But these are extraordinary times. This is the final secret war to enslave all mankind. They will fail, one way or another, because they have already lost the war in the heavens.

                  We won this battle many times since our first Divine Court case in November 1993. The final battle occurred in November 2001. We are now seeing the first major results of that victory ten years later in November 2011.



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                      remember damascus??????





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                        remember damascus



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                          lets cont as watchmen on the walls.........

                          Edmonds, formerly a translator with the FBI, wrote over the weekend that American soldiers are among the NATO troops that have mysteriously and suddenly landed on the Jordanian and Syrian border. According to her, several sources internationally have confirmed the news, although the US media has been instructed to temporarily censor itself from reporting the news.


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                            latest news.

                            Nations evacuate Syria--war preparations?

                            Yesterday it was announced that most Chinese nationals working in Syria were being evacuated rather quickly.


                            One month ago, the US told Americans to leave Syria.


                            Several news sources are reporting the sudden withdraw China, France and Canada and other nations of foreign nationals, airline flights, diplomats and embassy staff from Syria.
                            News reports keep coming in of various agencies, companies, workers and diplomatic staff from several countries suddenly evacuating from Syria in an ominous repeat of events that occurred just before the NATO bombing of Libya.

                            posted by...

                            [ dr steven jones.]


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                              Deep doo


                              A VERY TRAGIC DAY for you guys