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''python'' - binding the STRONGMAN - that religious spirit.

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  • ''python'' - binding the STRONGMAN - that religious spirit.

    this ''python'' spirit of religion hides behind the ''supposed mature men OR leaders and elders ' of the ''church system''.

    The pews adore these men and thru gross ignorance these ''certain men'' creep into their houses [ unsound mindset] of ''silly women'' [ the deceived soul - posing as the 5 unwise virgins] unawares.

    The purpose of this Python spirit in ''certain men, who came in''- is to abort the '' life of the spirit'' by creating a hybrid mixed belief that ''tears true life from the womb of the morning'' and murders true life from manifesting forth as 'the glory of God' as it did 24/7 in the Saviour.

    the church system [for 2000yrs] is the greatest abortion clinic known.

    The Government of Abba - is a river of life- Not human life but divine life , the same as Messiah walked in.

    The font of this River is LEARNING HOW TO DWELL IN SPIRITUAL LIFE.
    Spiritual life is our true life.

    We [ as a believer] have to learn how to walk in the Spirit of Life to be effective and manifest the Glory of God on earth.

    how successfull has this evil spirit been at drawning men away from the truth.

    this spirit called ''the strong man'' has to be bound - so his house can be plunded by the truth being exposed and the lies revealed.

    it is very interesting to ''see'' the Apostolic attitude [ACTS 15] against these ''certain men'' - for they obviously recognised that the holy SPIRIT WAS ABOUT TO BE COMPROMISED by - this Python. [the snake who hisses]

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    the counsel of jerusalem was ''apostolic'' not from ''certain men''.

    the Python spirit in these 'certain men who came in'' was there to abort life in the Spirit.
    The Apostles led of the Spirit of Life - were able to discern - the compromiser had arrived to murder THE LIFE.


    THE DIFFERENCE, between the 2 was relationship.
    the ''certain men'' had NO relationship with the person called The truth.
    the Mechanics of SALVATION, has to understand ''the spirit of life'' only.
    salvation is to be fully set free from the law of sin and death.
    salvation takes the life of the Spirit to UNDO the works of the law of sin and death.
    the STRONGMAN makes very sure he corrupts the message of life and the truth.

    the strongman commits a form of ''spiritual intercourse'' with these ''certain men'' so that the men enjoy the message they deliver and are zealous over it.
    [so they play the role of the harlot and a harlot is unfaithfull to all she ''touches'' hence we see them slaves to lies sex and money and other forms of fleshly lusts - few seem to escape .]
    Proverbs 7:27
    Her house is a way to Hell....

    while Love of God is a wonderfull thing - it is the a truth of ABBA -THAT IS THE CONTROLLING FACTOR.

    THE strongman over these ''certain men'' was eternally halted, as The Believers are guided into the Truth concerning the law of sin and death - verses - the law of life.


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      the 1st day begins - of the prophetic year,

      and this ''Python'' knows, his days are numbered.
      Python is frightened.
      there is nothing he can do, despite the prestege money and power and deceptions.
      The Ministry of the overcomers - breaks forth into this new day.
      It was not for the overcomers to be afraid but for those who were overcame
      the ''Coronation of the Overcomers'',

      Then God said, "Behold, I am going to make a COVENANT. Before all your people I will perform miracles, which have not been produced in all the earth, nor among any of the nations; and all the people among whom you live will see the working of the Lord, for it is a fearful [awesome] thing that I am going to perform with you."

      Psalm 104 v 4.
      ministers of the Flame.
      so filled with the anointed spirit - nothing shall stand before them. amen.


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        listening to ''certain men who came in'' robs us all of our divine potential

        The New covenant was ushered in to overcome the law of sin and death.
        Not only was this old covenant nulled and voided - as it produced death - it was destroyed in 70ad by a divine decree.
        because ''the appointed time had come'' to release the spirit of Life - which had found a Home in Emmanuel Messiah - and as He was our willing sacrifice, He released the Law of Life to all men who will believe HIM.
        This Life was released, to form THE LAW OF THE NEW CREATION, AND PRODUCE A NEW CREATURE in spirit soul and body.
        Emmanuel was the 1st born of this New Creation and called ''BEGOTTEN son'' of the Father - ushering in the 2nd Adam as a life giving Spirit.

        not only is the law of Life highly suitable for the mind - it also influences the body as well - to make it blameless as He appears in us.
        I do realise only a few - find this amazing eternal life - namely a life on par with our Saviour - restored into the same Image of divine perfection.

        Therefore those who are not ''the few'' will always believe Python's ''certain men, who come in'' to destroy the teaching of the Spirit of Life, by mixture.

        The truth STANDS ALONE - AS A SYMBOL of 1 man and His Ministry so if this ONE MAN'S MINISTRY is not reproduced from your learning in you persona - you have learnt from ''certain men who came in'', hence the inevitibility of death shall follow you - your appointment with death shall come to pass all because you have made a covenant with death and not with ETERNAL LIFE.

        The whole structure for the 2nd Adam's advent was to convey the divine message on how TO RECEIVE eternal LIFE - rather than dying by the Law of Moses that produced the flesh work only and ofcourse produced death to its followers.

        The Python spirit, would lie and try to ''cross breed or marry'' the 2 laws - hence the church system still has dying pews as does the in part law keeping system buries their dead.

        The python spirit has been a huge success story and ofcourse Emmanuel and the Prophets knew this already and gave out warnings of such people.

        Deception is everywhere - just like the Matix tells.