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the law DID NOT LEAD ME to My saviour.

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  • the law DID NOT LEAD ME to My saviour.

    infact,i knew nothing [in depth] of the law of Moses, till i studied it for myself long after Messiah Yeshua called me to be converted.
    ''saved to the uttermost in TLC''.

    It was a total surprise and my greatest miracle to date how this apprehension happened to me.

    It happened when i was 47yrs old I am now almost 70yrs.
    not as some old dame, who looks like a weird wretch, but as a living stone of vital divine life. [John 10v 10.]

    The Lord Saviour called me in such a special way, that i near fainted from amazement and wonder,[ as i almost passing out in shock and awe and astonishment]- infact my whole family were so amazed, they were converted too even though they knew the Saviour in their own way.
    It was a family affaire.
    then later when we were baptised, 3 of us believed in ''the Life now'' = meaning- eternal life as a gift to men who will believe Yeshua and so His advice - later other family members joined as we led by example and not by preaching as such.

    so the full details of the law of moses was unknown to me - THANK GOD for His mercy and grace. Wow i escaped.
    I absolutely hate u.s of a religion and church expressions and church words of piety and fractured beliefs from the u.s.a.
    it is the greatest exporter of evil religion ever known. it is like a land trapped inside a dome of religious weirdness and ruled over by nicolatians whom Messiah so disliked,

    God Knows that Other nations are bad as... but us of a tops the cake for weird freaky, wacky rat bag religious nonsense.
    insanity is their lord.

    is anyone saved?
    does anyone realise they are being duped and conned?
    where are the protesters?
    are they all blind deaf and dumb?

    surely there must be some who shall not bow to baal?
    it is all so unbelievable.

    the unattainable law of Moses and its 613 laws died at the cross.
    the unattainable law of Moses was fully destroyed in 70 ad after a probation of 40yrs - kaput.

    Peter the Apostle joined with the counsel of Jerusalem to deny the law of Moses to remain in the new covenant.
    acts 15.
    This was a problem ''certaint men'' were introducing - mixing law with grace = but it was decided ''NO GO ZONE.''
    OFCOURSE Peter's advice IS OUR 1ST PRINCIPLE we hold too.

    Paul went on to elaborate but this has caused alot of confusion and infighting and unrest among the apostles. paul fights with others. Churches fight over beliefs too. People move off from Paul often.

    Paul does this rather often
    and so the church system remains confused over a lot of issues that should be very simple to understand.[childlike infact]

    this form of ''christianity'' has created many thousands of divisions that is why the system cannot stand.
    It maybe there but it is not standing upright, effective and pure -moving people into the perfection of Christ.

    infact it is a hospice for the dying dead.
    infact it is a meeting place for 'spiritual cripples''.

    God is not the author of confusion.
    Paul writes confusion - one time do this = later on changed to do that
    This creates a very, very very,
    very disjointed message and this should not be so.
    Messiah did not present a confused message from the 4 Gospels.
    He made a standard and fully expected a believer to obey His standard.

    I have found that many discerners see Paul as a false apostle.
    they compare Messiah's advice to Pauline advise and i have to admit - it does not match in many instances.
    why is this so?
    did the christian church system follow a pauline system and not MESSIAH'S TEACHINGS?
    how can we prove this?
    how can the false be exposed?
    is it necessary?
    If the church had followed Messiahs belief and advice - would we have 2000yrs of called out heros and a very different world today?
    If the church followed a pauline system of some confused facts and beliefs - is this why it is a sick church of division, as he did divided from other members of the early church with infighting.

    lots to consider.

    the issue of Paul's '' speaking in other tongues'' question brings in full on disputes.
    it is so evil to see this and such a confusing advice and writting.

    the truth [AS plain as your nose on your face] is ''tongues'' is a language on earth - spoken out so non believers shall hear the gospel in their native language and believe - yet the speaker never knew this foreign language prior. acts 2 gives out this 1st principle - it is known earthly languages.
    yet this crazy mess THAT goes on in 1 corn 14 like u would not believe.

    so These pentecostal people speak gibberish in their [unknown] tongue thinking it is ''god speak'' never knowing they are speaking from demon infestations that manifest out into their family and their lives in many dreadfull and harmfull ways.
    infact it is diabolical to actually see the results of demonic harm these people go thru.

    is this ''godly''?


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    I AM SO HAPPY i do not follow the law of Moses [even in parts]

    for it had no grace nor mercy within it only judgment upon sins committed. The law of sin the law of death.
    so few survived it.

    some people do follow this OT law - well bits of it - but are ignorance or stubborn or high minded but never will the children of God be allowed by the Spirit of Life to venture down that road.

    consider in 70ad God allowed this whole system to be fully and totally destroyed - nothing was left - no priests no scrolls no furnature nothing was left - is this not a CLUE to Father's heart.

    is this not a clue of seeing thru His eyes.?

    what did those surviving Jews do, for their belief?
    infact it was the whole deal - not a bit here or a bit there that men decided to do - the law of Moses was a whole package. Men made up their religion to satisfy their own mind after 70ad. It was not the original but a destroyed version of worship.

    also in life of the Spirit, there actually is NO nationality no race no division - but UNITY OF SPIRIT in all believers gathered out from the world and into TRUE LIFE.

    what is a born again Jew - a living stone, a son of God - as per Nicodemus.


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      An amazing rev.

      i know exactly why i was never taught about observing the law of Moses as some insist is a pre-requisite of life and salvation - balooney.

      u know why?

      because the Messiah told His followers '' the Kingdom of HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU''
      [HIS WORDS]
      but the law of Moses is without.
      see the Kingdom of heaven within has the 9 gifts and the 9 fruits of the Spirit - but the law of Moses has nothing like this.

      it is the 9 fruits and the 9 gifts - JESUS HAD- is so necessary for His kingdom to come into His people.

      its the INNER WORK - NOT THE OUTER WORK - THAT PRODUCES HIS NATURE AND KINGDOM AND SO= IT IS A TOTAL MAN MADE UP python religious LIE TO MIX THE OUTER [A LESSER CONVENANT] with the inner spiritual transformation into immortal life.
      [the NEW COVENANT]


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        the kingdom of heaven is within you.....

        but not very many understand how to manifest this kingdom which is termed '' righteousness, peace and joy in the holy spirit.''
        but how to be ''righteous and just''?

        a believer is to live BY Faith - just as Messiah lived His life by Faith in doing the Father's will.
        Ofcourse to live this way - CALLED -'' KINGDOM LIVING'' - is by using the overcoming faith of the Saviour.

        ofcourse this is the ''hard yards'' needed to convert from the MATRIX STYLE OF BELIEF INTO THE KINGDOM BELIEF AND STANDARDS that Messiah walked in.
        Faith - not seeing is believing = are the ''hard yards'' that lead into mind renewal then into transformed lives to be blameless in spirit, soul and body.

        BTW-the law of Moses kept people trapped in the Matrix, that is why after 70ad Father allowed Titus to destroy that whole system of ''works''' and the works that led to death as few could keep them.
        It was a divine horrific statement of total destruction to a system that had now collapsed in upon itself.

        it would be interesting to understand why all these millions of spiritual beings lowered into a human experience had to suffer under this harsh regime of the law of sin and death for 1500yrs - and why for 2000yrs a believer [ a spiritual being lowered into vanity unwillingly as a human] has been given such liberty and a very different belief with a different outcome. ummmm.

        but to cont....
        The ''certain men who came in'' tried to stop such a liberty and tried to re-institute the law of Moses alongside grace and Faith,

        this is what Spying does.
        it is so wrong yet he does not see it.
        He fails to heed the Apostles but loves the ugly false doctrine of White and Armstrong.
        this means he is ''deceived''.
        why is this so?

        It is because he loved not the truth to be saved.

        If Almighty God - allowed a system to be fully and utterly destroyed in 70ad - it should be a clue to HIS mind set on this whole matter.
        but spying knows better.

        If the Apostes said ''NO" and Paul was totally raging over the silly Galatians ''bewitching'' to such a mixing of laws - why would you then go and mix them and tell others too as well and argue over lies and then tell a Believer they are wrong?

        so why would you do this?
        the only reason would be '' you didn't love the truth''.
        so if you didnt love the truth - what would you be? - a child of the devil bearing the mark of Cain

        and so what would be the fruits of a ''devil's child - destruction chaos disunity and disharmony.

        how about we look at the Ministry of armstrong-ism and its destructive power - the fruits of a child of the devil or the mark [mind] of cain. It cannot be denied.
        That man had the ''mark of cain'' as do all python religious churches. That si why none have reproduced the pews in the Image of Christ in word or deed for 2000yrs.

        however there is hope.
        The Believer is born again of imperishable seed - the word of God - so a believer follows THEIR NEW FATHER -called THE EVERLASTING FATHER FOR THEY HAVE BECOME HIS EVERLASTING CHILDREN and[ no longer the devils's child] not subjected to death as they have become imperishable just as their Father is imperishable- so His kingdom grows within them so a believer is converted into transformation where even death in them is swallowed up into true life.

        Again this 'imperishable seed'' was never found in the law of Moses.
        it was all effort.
        the outer garment of works - spotted with sweat.

        very few people come into the understanding of the new kingdom Jesus opened up - why? it seems that men follow a different religious belief and so die because they failed to understand how His kingdom works in them so they liveth forevermore.

        the world of Father is a world of faith - this same faith is Not in the religious pew people but it is IN a believer.
        They go thru many faith tests - called refiners fire and gold - so that each weakness called spots and wrinkles are removed from their lives.
        The Lord deals with their faults and removes them via a believer's faith in the Word - it is their shield and lifejacket against the wiles of the devil and his fiery darts.
        The tests are severe and not too make pass but the overcomers do - that is why they are allowed to eat from the tree of life.

        there is such a difference between the 2 laws i guess only a believer shall ever see their differences.

        no other shall.


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          if you cannot see the truth it is cuz - darkness stops manifestations of the truth

          spots, wrinkles and uncleaness stops people are seeing the light of truth.
          The light is revelation - the truth is a person called Yeshua

          so when a person cannot see the truth - they are not face to face with the Person called Truth

          why not?
          there is far too much of darkness within to ''see''' the light [revelation] of the Word.

          that is why the church system with all of its different beliefs, have never been able to reproduce the ministry of the SAVIOUR - they are frauds of darkness as Messiah told us in Rev 3. - talking to the Laodicians - it was a man ruled over church - just as those ''certain men'' wanted to rule over the church new covenant in acts 15 but the Apostled said NO.

          The POWER OF DARKNESS need to be fully broken.
          notice - it is a power

          *1 - the power of God

          Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)
          *2 - the power of darkness.

          if we live in darkness because we are ignorant or will not give up our weakness - we die.
          if we live in light - we live in revelation on how to escape corruption.


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            Thank You Father that You ended the law of Moses - the law of Sin and death

            and allowed My Saviour to defend me, by the power of the cross and His Blood.
            I rejoice Lord, at your grace and i do feel sad for those people who have been demonically brainwashed by the agents of satan.

            it is a sad day to watch demon ideas control religious humans who have produced only fig leaf lives and not the fruits of the Spirit.

            for people to fall under satan's angels of light - is a dreadfull thing as i discern how these people control others.

            let us read together Mrs whites lies

            let us read together Mr armstrong - ''the awefull truth''.

            here is the history of a religious monster.

            comment from an ex member of the WWCofG

            The author alludes to the "ways of the past" as being "familiar."
            What an odd word to describe the radical black and white system of LAWS repeatedly pounded into the manipulated members mind.
            What was the teaching that the author relates to as "familiar?"
            The LAWS were considered to be absolutes in achieving salvation. If broken, the punishment resulted in obliteration of "called out ones" in the LAKE OF FIRE. Yes, that was the coercive teaching carefully conditioned into the brain of "God-fearing" spiritually seeking Christians.

            Every week, fear induction-mind control was delivered to all members who "were commanded to honor the holy convocation" Those who missed Sabbath without excuse were "breaking the laws of God," and, if you dared to break the LAWS, the LAWS would break you!!

            That just and fair God would spew you out of his mouth and cut you from the vine!!! Then, salvation would have been lost forever, and the "chosen one" would be as if he never existed! All those who did make it would be watching the obliteration of those who were to come up through the THIRD resurrection, only to view the Wonderful World Tomorrow, and then--obliterate.

            from the