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discovering- ''your divine assignment''.

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  • discovering- ''your divine assignment''.

    what is your ''divine assignment''.

    i have heard men say ''they have been called by God to 'preach the Gospel'' yet this divine mission reveals ''IT ABOLISHES DEATH'' - that would be the fruit of NT bible gospel yet death rules the pews - therefore these men were never called to preach the goodnews.

    to preach the real Goodnews [that Abraham rejoiced to see this day] - is to preach life over death and how to attain life and be loosed from death

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    Jesus said ''let the dead bury the dead'' to a man of Israel -

    but Abraham rejoiced at THAT DAY...
    what day?
    the day death would be abolished... via the Gospel.

    here is the Saviour at work preaching *His gospel*


    Luke 7:11-16
    And it came to pass the day after, that he went into a city called Nain; and many of his disciples went with him, and much people.

    12 Now when he came nigh to the gate of the city, behold, there was a dead man carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow: and much people of the city was with her.

    13 And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not.

    14 And he came and touched the bier: and they that bare him stood still. And he said, Young man, I say unto thee, Arise.

    15 And he that was dead sat up, and began to speak. And he delivered him to his mother.

    16 And there came a fear on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among us; and, That God hath visited his people.
    WE HAVE TO QUESTION - if men are called by God to a church ministry '' do they bear the same fruits as the Messiah'' = ofcourse not.
    therefore '' THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD.''

    IT IS A HOAX religion is a hoax - especially the christian man made religion.
    a religious hoax is being played out upon the ignorant.

    what to do?
    Has God sctually given you His assignment?
    if so - what is this?


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      No 70- the sayings of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas....

      "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."
      * what is ''within'' U - Jesus said- the kingdom of Heaven

      * what you bring forth will save you -learn to bring forth the kingdom of heaven- make it your personal assignment

      * if you do not bring forth with is within you -if you dont learn how to manifest your personal heaven

      * what you do not bring forth will destroy you -ignorance - makes one perish God the Almighty said so

      now if you learn how to manifest the kingdom of Heaven -- you will know that it is you who are the children of the living Father."


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        TO LEARN - a believer is to ''sit at the feet of Emmanuel'' like Mary of Bethany

        it was recorded ' Mary did a BETTER THING''.
        did you see ''sitting at the feet of Jesus'' was not sitting in the church system of man.?
        you see Abraham rejoiced at THAT DAY when death would be abolished thru the Gospel.|
        Mary was hearing THE GOSPEL 1st hand.
        So what Messiah was telling Mary wouldn't allow her to die - He was telling her all about LIVING as His assignment decreed.

        so this divine assignment of Yehsua's is to unveil the revelation that death is being abolished by His instruction in the Gospel.
        to be transfirgured without going thru physical death.


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          SITTING at the feet of Jesus - sitting at the feet of man.

          that is the question.
          God Emmanuel makes Sons as Himself.
          Man the Laodicea makes death.

          I absolutely loved where Brother Abraham said ''he rejoiced to see this day''.
          but the church system does not rejoice nor even begins to understand why they should be rejoicing.

          Then i got to thinking - perhaps it is only a people like Abraham who actually do rejoice as they KNOW THAT DAY and all it means.

          our assignment - if we are called - we are perfected.
          if we are perfected we shall never see death.
          For He Makes His calling sure.


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            abraham was an 'overcomer'.

            overcomers are perfected?


            no others are.
            they overcame is from the middle verse of the Book of Revelation.
            they overcame satan.

            the anointing of the 'wise' virgins was to overcome satan.
            to overcome the ''nest of vipes'' as they work the human carnal mind into it's imperfections.

            the perfect mind
            the incorruptible mind
            the mind of Christ activated into perfection.

            adj \ˌin-kə-ˈrəp-tə-bəl

            Definition of INCORRUPTIBLE

            : incapable of corruption:
            : not subject to decay or dissolution
            : incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted
            Larry wilson [from Oz] writes in part...
            Remember that you heard My calling you to Immortality and Glory.

            You responded to the call to lay down your life.

            Yes you had the power to pick it up again, but you could not leave the Glorious realm to which I had opened your eyes.


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              allen YOU WANTED TO KNOW HOW U WILL KNOW....


              When he, the Spirit of Truth is come He will guide you into all truth.
              For He shall not speak of Himself;
              But whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak:
              And he will show you things to come". - John 16:13
              a bride and a groom - talk to each others - they are lovers not strangers who dont communicate....
              a bride is wanting to hear the lover's whispers.
              so He says '' i will show you things to come'' - ONCE TWICE - or daily...... IT IS DAILY by REVELATIONS.


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                being revitalised into a new creation - a personal divine assignment.

                no law of Moses, could ever make a new creature nor a new creation.

                No matter how much huffin' and puffin' those religious u. s. of a people say- that we have to keep some of the 613 laws of moses - NO - for is the biggest fatest lie of lies from the ''father of lies''.
                why? The law of Moses had a dying priesthood.
                that is why? sin and death ruled.
                yes ''Life'' was offered in the OT but few found it, as the law IS too difficult to maintain.

                SO -the dying priesthood ruled - the INVISIBLE law is '' who u sit under u become like''
                -[WHAT did Mary do = she sat at the feet of Messiah - the better thing]

                the law of sin and death ruled and death had not been abolished by the Gospel yet.

                that is why i dont sit under any man - I have a teacher called the Holy Spirit - whose divine job is the reverse the curse in me and transform me into a Co-heir in Christ as His workmanship - therefore I EXPECT THE BEST

                However change did come and a new covenant made and a new way opened as the veil was rent.
                This curtain was a man's hand span wide no one could rip it in two.
                it was like a divine decree saying -'' IT IS FINISHED''.

                NOW CHURCH pew people and their hirelings have NO idea what these 3 words mean.

                Jesus said '' it is finished'' - hidden inside is '' He justifies''.
                so if this is so how come pews are dying?

                because they ''sit at the feet of the wrong people'' - i.e. posers and fakers and profiteers of a huge religious empire of ignorance and corruption and mammon.
                Pimps in the pulpits.-- ''seminaries fill cemeteries''
                Jannes and Jambres rule as Nicolatians -- ''seminaries fill cemeteries''

                Definition of CEMETERY
                : a burial ground

                When Jesus said ''IT IS FINISHED''.
                He was telling the goodnews of God's goodwill towards all men= that the rule and dominion of the law of sin and death was abolished by His gospel message.

                So the redeemed know this that is why they FOLLOW THE LAMB....
                they have been assigned to a follow the lamb''

                The Gospel builds a new creature that forms a new creation under a new covenant - hence the destruction of Israel etc. in 70ad. '' a deserted and desolate house''. God left the building - that's HISTORY.


                THE NEW UN-DYING PRIEST had moved into the ''white house''.
                yes Siree...

                Yeshua, is a King of the undying priesthood WHO HAVE BEEN FORMED, TRANSFORMED RENEWED, AND REDEEMED from earth as His co-heirs In His power life force.

                here is a 'trick question''.
                if people tell us we have to keep some bits of the law of Moses - how can this be - when it was totally destroyed by the new covenant AND the supernatural event of the rent veil that opened the living way and that made all things new''.
                How can we mix the old with the new. [ we are told ''DONT DO THAT''].

                so now we turn to this new creature - as a personal assignment we are assigned= too understand and complete during our 'wilderness experiences' of a '' spiritual being having a human experience''.

                the divine assignment says this
                1John 4:17
                believers are told that, “as HE IS so are we in this world.

                have u seen this happen ever?
                is this verse a fat lie?

                do you know OUR ignorance as robbed us all of a God's best BECAUSE of RELIGIOUS CON ARTISTS, hirelings and profiteers of the gospel, + those CLONES OF SATAN, who rob and destroy divine advice with their ill conceived ideas and false teachings.
                People sit under the wrong people.
                THEY PERISH because they do not follow the lamb to be THE REDEEMED.
                however the tide has turned - some have awakened to their assignments...


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                  placing true love into our heart..................................

                  human love is not divine love.
                  human love is a carnal love and imperfect AS this form of love comes and goes.
                  Messiah changes a believer into HIS LOVER.
                  Hence the difference of a new creationfrom all others.

                  Because the believer is SOAKING in the Love of their Bridegroom - love is IMPARTED into their hearts and they are changed.


                  i would like to give this example of this well known story [for edification] of a former PM of India and a ''heathen''- Gandi on the story of ''love your neighbour as yourself''.

                  He well may not have been '' a christian'' but hey - Yeshua's people aren't anyways.

                  Gandhi preaching and practicing brought freedom to the millions of Indians previously called Untouchables.

                  He began by giving them a new name.

                  Rather than Untouchables, he called them Harijans, or Children of God.

                  He called them brothers and stayed in their homes as much as possible.

                  This was radical because others would not be seen with them and would not dare touch them much less talk to them and fellowship with them. One hundred million people in India now call themselves by a blessing rather than a curse because of the courage of this man. He believed in the dignity of each person, women, lepers, lower caste members, children. The Scriptures make clear that the poor and needy are close to the heart of God, and they were close to Gandhi’s heart as well.
                  Whatever you think about his religious beliefs, and no matter how much you or I may disagree with his beloved religion of hinduism, he shows us a beautiful picture in a human life lived in humility, peace, and courageous love
                  courageous love.

                  does this come from keeping parts of the law of Moses?
                  this man's heart changed unbearable conditions for 100,000,000, people.

                  ofcourse we can look at the reverse conditions of the church system called ''christian''.
                  For a glimpse of the atrocities committed by the Roman Catholic institution, check out the Antichrist Slideshow or do a net search on the Inquisition or the Crusades. During the Inquisition, the Roman Catholic institution killed millions. Why? Primarily to suppress any and all opposition to her heresies. Side "benefits" included taking the material wealth of its victims and showing the pope's power. The Catholic Inquisitors tortured, crippled, burned, and imprisioned millions of people. Whatever happened to love your enemies? (Matthew 5:44)



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                    a believer's have holy virtue flowing out from them as LIVING WATERS

                    Messiah taught His disciples, in secret - as the flowing of the living waters out from the font of His purity and virtue are imparted into His Brethren.
                    "If you want to see miracles in your life, ask Abba for the compassion of Christ,".

                    Proverbs 28:1 "The righteous are as bold as a lion"
                    - Remember the Lion has the loudest roar in the Jungle.-

                    I love Psalm 104 v 4.
                    Psa 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:
                    see this- '' His ministers a flaming fire''.
                    that nothing can stand before them.

                    Hebrews 1:7 In speaking of the angels he says, "He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire."
                    yes - a believer- should seek to become energetic in the service of righteousness and learn to discover His waves of Glory.


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                      eating, the covenant of Salt....... friends of God- Friends and lovers of Abba .

                      ''friends of God'' is written 5 times in the bible.
                      When i first saw these 3 words some years ago - i was so amazed that any person could be titled ''A FRIEND OF GOD''
                      and that this friend could eat a 'covenant of Salt'.

                      The Holy Spirit tells a believer all about this friendship, and how it works as The priests of God in the Order of Melchidezek
                      Numbers 18:20, “they had no inheritance among the people, for the Lord Himself was their Portion and their Inheritance”.
                      The Lord Himself becomes their PORTION AND THE BELIEVER - HIS SPECIAL people.

                      These 'special people' have the SUBSTANCE of the Lord sown within them.
                      They are trained up under Ps 23 - and Ps 91. i.e. making the Lord their SHEPHERD.


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                        psalm 23 - the Shepherd's responsibility

                        when a Believer makes HIM their Lord.
                        The Lord is MY Shepherd - ''I shall not want''.
                        the Lord, trains up His Believer not to want - in the natural nor into the spiritual.
                        He is responsible of BIRTHING A NEW CREATION PEOPLE.
                        [ these are outside the Matrix - so they depend only upon the Lord's shepherding]

                        Emmanuel has to care and share with His believers because they have CUT or in the process of cutting THEIR TIES with vanity and the whole point of this caring and sharing is to....
                        “Thy will be done on this earth as it is being done in heaven.”
                        these Believers are THE SEED the Lord has blessed and in this blessing is '' to do His wil on earthl''.

                        These Believer's contain ''the life factor''
                        THIS LIFE FACTOR - is outside the vanity factor.
                        The order of Melchidezek [as the order of the High Priest Yeshua] is essential to understand in the life of the new creation and its power of imperishable life.
                        Definition of IMPERISHABLE

                        : not perishable or subject to decay

                        : enduring or occurring forever

                        — im·per·ish·abil·i·ty noun

                        — imperishablenoun

                        — im·per·ish·able·ness noun

                        — im·per·ish·ably adverb

                        inside ''imperishable life'' is the word IMPERIAL.

                        Commonwealth of Nations and British Empire

                        : sovereign
                        : regal, imperious


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                          His workmanship into imperishable life.....

                          A believer knows this path into perfection [ moving into a maturity of Spirit] like the Path, Our Saviour walked.
                          Their 'spiritual hunger' makes them seek their Father's Presence and to lean upon HIM 24/7.
                          The sacrifices a believer makes are small when compared to the Glory as Co-Heirs in Christ they will receive.
                          The power to work in Christ, His restoration of mankind.
                          The power to break free from every form of bondage.
                          The power to wither death
                          The power of life to share.
                          The power to fear no enemy for a believer is in His Hands.

                          “Understand that I am building you, My Faithful Ones.
                          I am building My Temple.
                          I chose you because you were the finest and strongest ones as the cedars of Lebanon.
                          These were not visible qualities but the hidden values of your heart as you hungered and thirsted after Me, and I saw them.
                          Whilst the other sons of Jesse were lined up, I had already chosen your David heart.
                          All the circumstances which have happened in your lives have been the process of My building.
                          You have felt the effect of the carpenter’s tools on your life as I have shaped and fitted you according to My plan for My Temple.
                          I would have you know that as at creation, I stand and look and behold, I see that it is good.
                          My ways are perfect and beyond human understanding yet you My Sons understand them. I have overlaid you with the Gold of My Divine Nature and you are My Glorious creation.
                          The world does not yet see you because I have not yet revealed you.
                          I have built My Temple on the highest mountain of Spiritual realms and the day is nigh dawning when you will appear as saviours on the Mountain of Zion.
                          You ask how long. It seems to you that the time has been long. Some of you have even wondered about your calling.
                          Let My Word assure your hearts and build confidence in you. I am about to move My presence from David’s Tabernacle to Solomon’s Temple.
                          You are that Temple made by My Spirit.
                          All the things that you have endured, the hurts, the pains, the rejections, the isolation, the financial losses, the fears, the isolation, the loss of relationships have all been for your good.
                          My plans were for your good and not your evil, to give you a future and a hope. I watch the ways of the world and the forces of evil on the earth. I will not allow these to continue.
                          I must intervene and provide again for mankind, this time from My Mercy in the Holy Place.
                          This time it will not be by My physical appearing, but by My presence in you My Elect. See things as I see them. Not by faith but by the Spirit of Glory as I prepare to birth My Kingdom on the earth. You are My Priests of a higher Spiritual realm for you hold in your whole being the Wisdom by which I created the heavens and the earth. You will never die.
                          I have called you like I did Enoch and Elijah, but left you on the earth because you are the generation called. Rejoice in your calling.
                          As I behold you and see that it is good, so behold Me and offer the sacrifice of praise which fills My Temple and you will see My Glory fill the Temple.
                          The church will see Me appear in My clouds of Glory in you. Your calling has no parallel, for it is greater than Moses as you have My resurrection and victory to stand upon. People will look upon your face and ask for what you have. You are a fully formed child in the womb, and the day of your appearing is near.
                          The blessings will follow your birth, they will not precede it. I know your needs and I will pour My Blessings upon you. Do not concern yourselves with this. Yet you say, I have needs now.
                          You are not alone, you are a company of My chosen. Comfort one another until I call you from the womb and you will not remember the days of your mourning. Soon it shall be said again, “the Lord is in His Holy Temple”.
                          larry wilson---


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                            i love this verse.......................

                            Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.
                            yes indeed.

                            died with HIM
                            raised to reasurrection life by His power - the power of LiFe.
                            Live here as He lived Here naturally [how Jesus lived was normal] - is a believer's destiny.
                            I know onlya few shall agree, but that is because ''their destiny'' is not to live in THE LIFE'.

                            Romans 6:4
                            We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life
                            a believer too MAY LIVE A NEW LIFE. [ Messiah our example in word and deeds]

                            2 Corinthians 4:10
                            We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.


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                              A believers destiny is

                              TO LIVE A *NEW LIFE* - A NORMAL LIFE - TO BE CONVERTED FROM all abnormal living, we all think is 'normal''.
                              to be ruled over by the ''murderer-from-the-beginning'' is not normal.
                              to be ruled over by the ''murderer-from-the-beginning'' is very abnormal.
                              it is a ship without a rudder, and this example is in every form of society and values.
                              The Saviour did not major on ''going to heaven when a churchy dies'' but on FULL RESTORATION AND MANIFESTATION of zion, the city of God on earth - ''thy kingdom come''.
                              the REST-OR-ATION of new kingdom and all that Adam had lost - He is our example of this Kingdom of God - prior to His advent - some prophesied of this new realm but so very few knew of it as an experienced manifestation.
                              David the King, often manifested out the divine realm - his heart was God's heart - so he liked what Father liked and 1 thing- i loved was how he cut off the head of old Goliath.

                              a few believers come into an understanding of this truth and apply it too their lives - by faith - a believer comes out from former condemnation.
                              NO man in the army of 40000 men dared to slay Goliath - all were far too afraid.
                              "All we like sheep have gone astray, and we have turned every one to his own way."
                              Saul the King offered to David His armour but David refused - sort the lord for 5 smooth stones and a sling shot.
                              if we go deeper here, we find that David, knew how to BEHEAD the giant.

                              a Believer learns how to behead their PERSONAL GIANTS and win, to show that their sins and flaws have become '' the footstool of their Saviour. THE POWER of their strongholds [giants] are loosed.
                              ''FOR THE SAVIOUR HAS NEED OF THEM''
                              Emmanuel told us clearly that we could do the things that He did, and therefore the Christ that dwelt in Him must also dwell in us.
                              when Jesus walked upon the water - He walked upon a''wisdom'' path so He already knew how to live in a realm above the water, because He was a outside of the physics of vanity - and when a believer uses the same teachings - they too begin to live outside of vanity and inside wisdom's path into TRUE LIFE.

                              ONLY A FEW believers under the OT and the law of Moses knew how DEFEAT THEIR ENEMIES, yet LIFE WAS OFFERED few accepted LIFES CONDITIONS.

                              WHEN a Believer learns to slowly move out from the physics of vanity - changes occur, as their spiritual man begins to control rather than the flawed choices of the death carnal flesh mind found in the Matrix.
                              As their spirit arises, the mind is changed from death-thinking into life-thinking and they become ''death defeaters''.
                              As death is swallowed up in a Believer, body changes also happen however the body is the last of the 3 to be made blameless.
                              do i wear glasses NO.
                              i used too till i got changed.