…Can Perez be heir? The story of Tamar parallels the story of Jacob and Esau. Both stories concern twins. I’ve spoken on Zerah’s rite to father the sacred line leading to the throne of Israel, and how this breach can be filled by the GD of Israel having the name of Yahudah. Now I want to talk about Zechariah’s projected heir. There is another heir to the line of Judah. Shelah is the son promised to father children for Er, Judah’s Firstborn, whom YHWH killed. When Shelah was grown, Judah did not send him to Tamar, to give her a heir for her husband. Shelah goes on to have children of his own. His firstborn, he names Er. Here is another heir for the line of Judah. If we read 1 Chr. 4:21-23, we find that Shelahs sons worked with fine linen and were potters, which dwelt with the king {of Moab?} (unidentified). {There may be a tie-in between a king of Moab and Ruth, a Moabitess.} By naming his firstborn son Er, he identifies him as another heir. Shelah is the son of a Canaanite mother. This would put a Canaanite in the house of Yahudah (YHWHYahudah?) Zech 14:21. Thirty pieces of silver {Zech.11:12} is the redemption price of a woman of Tamar’s age, as given in Leviticus 27:4. Casting thirty pieces of silver into the house of YHWH, would redeem her from YHWH. If she is unredeemed (given to YHWH), then YHWH could be carrying the line of Perez, through his own name. The statement, “in the tribe which I put my name”, would have a very special meaning. YHWH would be carrying the line of Yahudah, through Perez, by allowing his name to be Yahudah, “praise Yah”. This name could be confirmed to Moses, in Ex.34:6. The twice {YHWH} with the second followed be the term “El”, could identify it as the name of GD. The first would of course be Yahudah without its fourth letter. This wraps the tribes of Israel around the waist of YHWH as Jeremiah states in Jer.13:11. It may parallel the idea of a Kethubah. Is there another way past these claims to the line of Perez? So you cast 30 pieces of silver to the potters, pointing to this heir, and sever the line of Judah from the line of Israel? If YHWH does not carry this branch of Judah, then the true heirs receive their inheritance. Is it better to be grafted into YHWH’s name, which would have to be Yahudah, to heal this {breach  “perez”}? YHWH, as carrier of the line of Yahudah, goes with the idea of a people bearing the name of their Eloheem. It may be the author’s desire to attach his people to their Eloheem, through his name. This would allow YHWH, to also be a king on David’s throne (Judah), healing another need to fill an empty throne, as set up by Jeremiah in verse 17 of the 33rd chapter of his book. I’m rather sure that the name of YHWH is really Yahudah without it’s fourth letter. This makes David’s stone of the twelve {Ex.28:21}, a rock to stand upon. It is then, by the name of his Eloheem, that his horn is exalted. Ps.89:24. If YHWH does not carry the line of Yahudah through this impasse, how does the line of Perez claim anything? It seems to me that Zerah and Er of Shelah, would be the natural heirs. Once you catch on to the name, you begin to read a different book when reading the tanakh.

…”And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it is sealed: And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.” Isa.29:11,12

There is no doubt that once you see this connection to the name of YHWH, that you never read the same book again. The relationship between the names of YHWH and YHW(d)H, drip off the pages.