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the true meaning of the sabbath [rest]

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  • LucySmith
    the wicked have NO rest...

    ''no rest'' is not lounging on a chair on a saturday, thinking you are some holy dude but still filled with all manner of wickedness.....

    Heb 3
    ''so i sware in My wrath they shall not enter into My rest''.
    take heed of an evil heart who depart by the Living God.

    keeping a saturday sabbath [the idea from a lying spirit] - is from an ignorant evil heart.
    the heart without true rest and a heart that cannot enter into His rest.
    to come short of the true rest - is a terrible thing.
    sabbath - in a deep and revelant way isFar beyond the understanding of the church system'

    But we WHO BELIEVE - enter into His rest.
    we did not have a hardened heart
    ''Harden not your hearts TODAY''.

    we cease from our own works.
    Our physical operations have to enter into this divine rest.
    The body becomes silent.
    The carnal mind becomes silent.
    The spirit is Lord is in control - refreshing and renewing the believer.

    The spirit of God rests upon the Believer.

    ''abiding in the rest''.
    Jesus said BELIEVE IN ME
    do not be afraid of Jesus power over our lives and His intercession.
    We make our way ''thru the SHADOW OF DEATH'' - it is only a shadow.

    do not be afraid.
    do not be afraid.
    do not be afraid.

    fear is FALSE EVIDENCE.
    it is not real.

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  • LucySmith
    fully - filled - to have this legacy of FULLness - INFILLING.

    to have our PERSONAL hope
    OF HOW TO BE FILLED - to have divine confidence in Christ and to find the knowledge of God and all the divine things.

    absolute space.
    the energy flow thru.
    the zero being.
    the rest-mass, of divine energy flow as LIVING WATERS.
    Messiah was these things.
    the alpha and the omega indwelling in our body temple.

    Caleb had this ''different'' spirit.
    He knew the possibility.
    I love Caleb - he is so REFRESHING IN A sea of sinfilled men filled with unbelief.
    We need to shed our limited flesh mind and attain the mind of Christ.
    The great I AM the God of the Spirit - infilling our lives so we become I AM....

    God of not the God of the dead.
    We need to come into a higher realm and higher experiences - a life filled to the brim with the lordship of the Holy Spirit.
    Our spirit needs to be quickened - to do many things like Messiah - an eternal spirit - that is A TURNED ON AND MOVE WITH IT.
    We need to WAX STRONG in this quickened Spirit.
    spirit and power - see this please = quickened with power.
    because Yeshua ''was nothing of Himself'' He could be quickened with power.

    see NO one has ever been like HIM again. { religious people cannot shed their ego and become as nothing]
    They dont understand now to ''enter into the rest'' by becoming a zero....and then... move into a hero.
    the rest mass is unknown to the church system.

    ''a quiet place'' - abiding place for the residing Spirit.
    meaning -to rest from our flesh
    to rest from our world and
    to rest from the devil.

    to be taken beyond the realm of the carnal mind.
    We need to understand the Overcoming principles on how to cease from the work of matrix thinking.

    rest - to live in the land of milk and honey - John 10 v 10.
    none achieve this for fear ruled OVER THEM but 2 who BELIEVED.
    SO I EXPECT none to really believe what is posted here.....however the word does go out.

    fear - like grasshoppers - ''we cannot do this'' mentality of the masses - all people have this perception therefore a ''different'' spirit of resting IN HIS Word filled with His promises is essential.

    fear - false evidence appearing real.
    false evidence - the con tricks the deceptions - that appear real. [the roaring lion of intimidation]
    THE OVERCOMER learns to differentiate the fake from the truth.

    Neo had to LEARN THE REAL. Neo- had to learn how to enter into the 'land of rest''.
    rest - is a deep revelation.

    the church system, has lost true revelence.
    the church system, cannot cross into the promised land because of their unbelief.
    if u want to be free - get rid of your church mentality.
    be freed from the churches of the dead.

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  • LucySmith
    consider this.....

    CALEB followed the Lord wholeheartedly - fully -notice this please...therefore Caleb must have been empty
    Yeshua filled with the Holy Spirit said this.
    no one can take my life from Me

    therefore the human carnal flesh life was not living with Emmanuel.

    have you ever heard of that expression ''perish the thought''.
    that is a true saying.

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  • LucySmith
    to be emptied out is to be filled with the Majesty of the Saviour

    no person who has been churched by the christian system has ever attained to the perfection of the Saviour - the christian church is a failure with a misrepresented gospel that....hasn't..... ABOLISHED DEATH.
    the Gospel abolished physical death - YET DEATH STILL REIGNS... BUT NOT WHEN JESUS WALKED PLANET EARTH - death took a back seat when Christ appeared in Yeshua.

    that was all because Yeshua was emptied and AS A nothing - HE RESTED IN HIS FATHER'S WORD AND PROVISION.

    Yeshua comes [in secret- John7] to teach His believer how to be FILLED with the christ power+ life force+ holy Spirit to perfection - so He can have a believing Church moulded and fashioned in His same ideals and beliefs.

    to ''be full''- means a believer does not want - i.e.
    Psalm 23 becomes our reality and truth as freedom rules.

    We enter into His rest - and this rest is not a sabbath keeping like some apostate churches want you to believe - they are hopeless and ''profits$'' of the gospel only.

    dying daily on our cross means - we obey the Word [as revealed to us over our situations] and not trying to fix it in the ways of the Matrix [putting our trust in man] but by allowing Father to cover us by His promised Word.

    Caleb got it is our emptying and our solutions each day...
    caleb said this.
    "Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, 'We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it" ( Josh 13:30).

    Seeeeeeeee.....please notice this truth.
    the confidence of the holy spirit is working inside Caleb made him ''different'' [ by having installed in him]- the divine confidence that overcomes all the power of the enemy.

    "But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it" ( Josh 14:24, cf. 30).

    look at the #'s
    14 and 24 and 30.

    #14 - is double perfection
    #24 - is the elect of God - the sons and daughters of God.
    #30 - maturity of a priest.

    caleb must have known how to empty himself of his beliefs and carnal flesh mind.
    The OT tells of Calebs zeal to always be at or in ''the tent of meeting''.
    Moses - [the deliverer by example] must have impressed Caleb in the truth of ''how to overcome all things'' relating to the false world called the Matrix.

    "... except Caleb son of Jephunneh.
    He will see it, and I will give him and his descendents the land he set his feet on, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly" (Deuteronomy 1:36)

    did u see that God will give the promised land to Caleb + his descendents - could these ''descendents'' be the same spiritual believers who overcome as Caleb overcame.

    CALEB followed the Lord wholeheartedly - fully -notice this please...therefore Caleb must have been empty.
    What a testimony that is the same testimony of the overcomers in Rev 12 v 11
    BTW - did u know this verse is the very middle verse of the Book of revelation....''they overcame.....''
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  • LucySmith
    started a topic the true meaning of the sabbath [rest]

    the true meaning of the sabbath [rest]

    Noah's name means REST.
    therefore it is a wonderfull idea to study Noe and thru him understand 'TRUE REST'.

    #1 - we notice that Noe was righteous for his generation.
    #2 - he heard from God and then worked with God and did as God advised
    #3 - he + family= only ones to escape the flood.
    so we have a formula right from the start......

    righteous,+ heard from God,+ worked with God's advice,+ escaped to live anew

    then we have the Saviour who said of Himself '' of My own self I can do nothing'' [nothing is the Saviour's position]

    a nothing is a 0 -zero
    a nothing is resting in space and next to a nothing is a 1.
    # One is the # for Almighty God.

    so we have a 0 next to 1 or the nothing is next to God.

    the 0 rests in space next to God.
    the 0 does nothing in that space - i.e. ''of My own self I am nothing''.

    Rest -mass, [ is a science term]
    the rest mass is a physics description - 0 velocity.- [absolute space.]
    always immoveable and singular.

    rest IS A PLACE IN GOD.
    the 0 has no power but place it next to #1, you immediately go from 1 -10.
    our mind is at a total point of subjection
    our mind is at zero.

    if the body is making all the noise the spirit is away from TRUE REST.

    we need absolute space - TO BE immoveable in our rest.
    ...''like a tree planted by the river where we shall not be moved'' - in the space of rest.
    But still being watered and drinking LIFE ETERNAL next to #1.

    rest is not what the church makes it to be....
    that is why -no church member or church founder ever created its members in the Image of Life in Yeshua.
    they never understood true REST.
    yes ~ they kept the sabbath on a saturday, BUT THIS SABBATH NEVER KEPT THEM.
    it never gave them, true rest.

    rest-mass has a MASS EFFECT.
    mass effect is ENERGY.
    So the mass effect becomes the energy - Ps - it is so important to understand true REST.

    notice Noah became the mass of energy for God's spirit to work thru him.
    notice Messiah became the mass of energy for God's spirit to work thru HIM.
    because they became nothing of themselves.

    In Math 11 Yeshua says '' take My yoke upon you''
    what Yoke?
    ''for I am meek and lowly of heart'' - a nothing who is fully submitted to His Father -

    what's meek?
    what's lowly?

    to be absent [ a zero from all external influences] from the body...
    to be a nothing so the body [flesh] no longer makes our spirit subjected to it.

    to be freed from the evil of life.
    Rom 8 v 26 - by the Saiour making His intercession over us.
    hearing the Word
    knowing the Word
    intercession over us.
    then HIS VIRTUE GOES INTO US TO HEAL US by His intercessions over us as we ''rest'' IN Him.

    Rom 7 v 6 - learning to serve in the newness of Spirit - we need to attend to our Spirit.
    Roms 2 v 29 - no longer living in the letter of the law.[keeping a saturday ''sabbath'']
    Rom 8 v 9 - put ourself in Messiah's hands - we have to do this - to rest IN Him.
    something miraclous happens - love happens.
    protected as a royal person of God's word.

    1 corn 5 v 5 - our spirit may be saved. [to arise and shine in the majesty of Christ]
    spirit - small s maybe saved.
    the spirit is eternal.