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the law of Moses is NOT the ''law of life in the Spirit''

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  • LucySmith
    it is so easy to follow a few ''laws'' u like to pick out

    thinking you're maintaining your personal righteousness from the laws of Moses, [that in true reality, is eating from the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil].
    easy breezy.... some follow this way....
    *not to eat bacon
    *sleep in a tent
    *be a lounge potatoe every saturday
    *and go out and look at the new moon ....etcs

    how cute is this?
    now this is HOLY LIVING

    so- why isnt heaven on earth happening now, [with all this holy law keeping living goin' on] in the u s of a?

    As i am visiting this ''holy land'' over xmas and ny....i shall be on the look out for all these holy heavenly sabbath churches and holy heavenly families to gain some understanding of the JOY of law keeping [in part] and the joy of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - after all Eve found this tree so attractive too.

    alas she died.

    wrong choices -from such a ''silly girl''. OH- perhaps she was a blonde.

    did you know that 60% of the world's population has a below average I.Q?

    Hiding From the Cops

    A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are running from the cops.
    They hide on a potato farm. They crawl into some potato bags.
    The first cop pokes the bag with the brunette in it.
    She says, "Meow."
    The cop confirms that it is just a cat.
    The second cop pokes the bag with the redhead in it.
    She says, "Woof."
    The cop says that it is just a dog.
    The third cop pokes the bag with the blonde in it. She say in her sweetest voice, "Potato."

    the elect dont become deceived.
    perhaps none of them are blondes nor sabbath keepers.

    talking of holy living,

    do u think this amish group are even more holier than the sabbath law keeper in part lot?
    could we have a contest to see who is holier than holy?
    yes it does take a lot of sacrifice for a man to grow a beard
    yes it does take a lot of sacrifice for a woman to grow her hair and wear old fashoned dresses.
    isnt that something?
    those marvellous sacrificers doing all this amazing sacrificing for their 'god'.
    i reckon these types should get a ''noble prize'' for man made religious dedication.

    i am giving my holy vote to the holy fighting amish, they are holier than the holy sabbath keepers i reckon,.

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  • LucySmith
    the overcomer- the tree of life - grace does this.

    by helen murray.

    Overcomers eat from the Tree of Life!
    Revelation 2;7

    He made us overcomers!
    It’s the hardest thing to be.
    Yet the way that Jesus does it
    Is a marvellous thing to see.

    I suffered in my childhood
    And I sometimes suffer now.
    And the longer that I stay there
    The bigger is the row!

    I can go downhill in landslides,
    I can get offside in scores,
    But when I finally look at Him
    I’m laughing through the doors -.

    “What took you so long my sweetheart?”
    He is always most polite.
    "I’ve been watching while you monkeyed,"
    “Yes, I remembered ‘bout the light”

    I focussed on my weakness,
    It’s a painful thing to do.
    But Your strength is there made perfect
    And You love me even so.

    So I throw away the old stuff.
    That road’s rutted to the core.
    And I bounce back to the vision
    That You gave me once before.

    It’s a matter of where the eyes go.
    If I’m on the inward path,
    Then I’m for it. He can’t stop me..
    But I need to take a bath,

    Plunge into the living waters
    Of a present in His love
    And a path stretched out before me
    Mapped by Him in Heaven above.

    Set aside that thought that holds me.
    Put away those selfish tears.
    There’s a sin that has beset me
    And repentance has the gears

    Turn mine eyes upon our Yeshua
    Who demolished all those “bears”,
    And in His dynamic passion
    Show them Jesus changes things!.

    For Life is in the loving.
    And the loving's is in the giving,
    And the giving’s in the vision,
    And the vision’s in the eternal,
    And that’s a long…… long …… long …… long ……and wondrous time.

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  • LucySmith
    for a believing bible student - they will ''see'' that...

    the law of Moses to the jews - is the reality of eating from ''the tree of the knowledge of good and evil''.

    these 2 systems move side by side and cause death by sin that is totally unable to overcome the flesh and the world and the devil.
    the ability to judge good and evil.
    1 Corinthians 4:4
    ''For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord''.
    PAUL did not wish to eat from the tree of knowledge and law of moses - he counted all he previously knew as a dung.

    ''dung eaters are law keepers''.

    it is also interesting info to understand.
    It is the Saviour who gives the overcomer the rewards - to eat from the tree of life and no man can give this out.
    Now apostle John writes this..
    1 John 3:23
    And this is His commandment, ''That we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as He gave us commandment.
    notice 1 commandment - not multiple commands as per the law of Moses.

    should believe and includes to love 1 another.
    therefore a believer in Messiah is also a excellent lover of 'others'.

    notice the law of Moses - did not breed lovers of 1 another.
    but a new legal law of life was introduced 2000yrs ago to the elect.
    Romans 8:5 For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

    The law of moses is after the flesh
    the law of Life makes a new creature living in a new covenant, eating from the tree of life.

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  • the law of Moses is NOT the ''law of life in the Spirit''

    did you notice that the Ruler of the Jews in the time of the Messiah is called NICODEMUS.

    He knew everything regarding the religious lawkeeping of the jews.
    Yet this man came to Jesus in secret [for fear of the jews] to learn what was the 'secret' of this man Yeshua had that healed and amazed and astonished the masses that the law of moses did not have.

    there was a new kid on the block - so to speak

    Messiah told Nicodemus he ''had to be born again'' to receive salvation.
    Nicodemus had never heard of this according to the law of Moses.

    ofcourse we know all about this NT bible truth however what is not generally known here is to be born again from above a believer receives a new spiritual dna THAT the law of Moses did not have

    inside the words'' a new spiritual dna'' - is 2 words ''upward alien''.

    a new image arises, that is nothing like the old image
    this new creation man is an ''upward alien'' that the law of Moses and all law keeping, could not reproduce.

    a spiritual Man, ascending back as an 'alien'' out from vanity by being born again into the realm called LIFE IN THE SPIRIT where there is now no condemnation.
    after all a new creature is to consider themselves as ''an alien in a strange land' now.

    looking at the name 'Nicodemus' we find the word 'consumed'
    Nicodemus, as his real name means -victory of the people

    to become born from above - is to ascend upwards, to be consumed with victory as we now live outside the Matrix [as an alien] by becoming alive by the law of ''life in the Spirit'.

    all this edification from Messiah's talks with Nicodemus - as a victory talk, THAT THE LAW OF MOSES failed to produce

    here is what we notice..
    Christ begins a series of six '“you have heard it said by them of old time...
    '” followed by, “but I say unto you...”
    notice the change from ''said by them of old time''

    the law [as a legal binding system] of life - reproduces a LEGAL DIVINE LIFE in a born from above believer.
    the law of Moses [ as a legal binding system for the jews only] reproduced death.
    note the gentiles were never ruled by the law of Moses to the jew.

    the 2 laws are opposite - both legal and both binding.

    the law of Moses- if one was broken reproduced legal binding death.
    the law of Life in the Spirit- legally reproduces legal divine life.

    2 chief differences was...
    who is our 'legal representive' according to the legal binding law we live under.

    the jews -legally under a dying priesthood of levi under the law of Moses.
    the born from above believer, legally lives now under the legal High Priest Yeshua, as the UNDYING high priest.

    that is why, a person cannot mix together parts of the law of Moses and part of the law of Life as they oppose each other.

    the law of the Spirit of Life is a higher legal law than the law of Moses.
    it NOW reproduces the LAW OF LIFE - SPIRITUAL LIFE with spiritual dna inside a believer.

    it brings forth ''victory for the people'' and if you notice IT WAS THE RULER OF THE JEWS that was born again as the first recorded ruler to gain VICTORY for the people he ruled over.

    prior to this there was NO victory for the people.

    they well may be given a choice of life or death but not too many could overcome their fleshpots.
    it was easy to make a choice, but the hard yards were to actually overcome.

    ''spiritual dna life in the Spirit'' - we find 2 words hidden away.
    'Initiate friendship''.

    that is what the rent veil did - it opened a person into a legal binding law that 'Initiated friendship''

    and reconciled a believing person back to their true Father because 'the law' of the Spirit had replaced 'the law' of Moses.
    IF we look intently at the law of Moses it really is representing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    IF we look intently at the sayings of Jesus and the born again from above edifications we find we eat from the ''tree of life in the Spirit''