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WHY DID THE CAPTIVES NEED to be set free ?

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  • WHY DID THE CAPTIVES NEED to be set free ?

    Allen - why did Messiah refer to the people of Israel as ''captives''?
    Allen - why did Messiah need to be sent to SET THESE CAPTIVES FREE?
    Allen - why did the Law keeping of Moses make CAPTIVES?
    Allen - why was Law keeping of Moses NOT ENOUGH to set the captive FREE?

    SO WE HAVE THIS NT EXPLANATION.--------------------------------

    Galatians 3:23–25

    23 Now before faith came, we were held captive under the law, imprisoned until the coming faith would be revealed.

    24 So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith.

    25 But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian,


    * THE LAW WAS THE GUARDIAN TILL christ the anointed power came - so a believer could be a justified by faith
    [Allen, you now need to understand christ and faith]


    now Allen if you deny this NT revelation you are lost and beguiled.
    you maybe sincere but sincerity doesn't convert anyone into ''we who remain''.

    ALLEN- you have no legs to stand upon when you deny the law of Moses made captives.
    ALLEN- you have no legs to stand upon,when you part keep the 613 laws of Moses - for you are calling JESUS OWN BROTHER - A LIAR.


    we discussed - How people can believe in Life now yet die - because the secret is to BELIEVE AND FOLLOW.....

    BELIEVE IS NOT A PASSIVE WORD BUT A WORD OF A VICTORIOUS sON/daughter of the Lord - who takes the responsibility for THEIR BELIEVING.


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    Allen- do you think NT''believing'' HIM is for wimps and perverts?

    '' oh Lordy lou I do believe you, sweetums''.
    As some passive reprobate belief?
    BELIEVING HIM IS THE MOST noble and courageous THING A BELIEVER CAN DO AND UNLESS HIS giff of GRACE IS EXTENDED TO THAT BELIEVER they shall never believe as Jesus believed.


    it is the grace given DIVINE ABILITY TO SAY ""NO"" TO THE DEVIL AND HIS LIES AND ILLUSIONS THAT SEEM SO REAL in the realm of vanity AND TO HAVE THE DIVINE ABILITY [grace and faith] TO STAND IN YOUR EVIL DAY - so satan has no hold over you.

    GRACE mixed with My Saviour's own faith DOES THIS AND NOT any LAW KEEPING [IN PARTS] of Moses.

    let us consider the true evidence that...
    even Moses died forgoodness sakes man.
    the original law keeper died.[sigh]
    LAW-KEEPING it did not work nor save even for Moses from death.

    the new covenant tells....
    of Grace, [ as a divine gift] and Faith [that comes from hearing God] IN His word do = plus the intercession over the Elect by the new high priest of the undying priesthood does. [as He saves to the uttermost].
    The elect know THEY LIVETH.
    They HEAR FROM GOD and this hearing removes any doubting thomas attitudes and moves them into the true faith of the Son of God.
    the gift of grace from the throne of Grace - moves a believer into the same type of faith as they HEAR FROM ABBA- JUST AS MESSIAH HEARD forgoodness sakes... and here u are thinking you have DIVINE LIFE, by inbit law keeping without grace and without faith.

    i am ashamed to think youre so biblically illiterate. and follow men.

    but, it is to be expected when one listens to the mutterings of a pervert and an old crow [so ugly= and a lying puke]
    and does NOT ''follow the Lamb'' but is bewitched by serpents.

    Allen you are a diabolical religious mess grovelling under a perverted man's thoughts and not God ordained NT thinking.

    unless you see the light of ''we who remain'' correctly and not thru the eyes of your pervered and incestious raping friend.... u loose this wonderfull divine eternal life you so desperately want.

    BTW - you claim when you told your wife and family about '' Life now'' is possible today -= they laughted.
    have u wondered why?
    *could i suggest THIS...
    IT IS because you believe a lie [in bit law keeping of Moses] that has removed you from the grace that was needed to allow your family to believe you.

    i never had this I told my family = they believed [2 DID AT FIRST THRN OTHERS BELIEVED] - as grace was extended to them.
    These people are closest to us, if we fail to convert them it means His favour is not with us.
    [i am speaking out for our family not for the others - that is up to God to call them]
    but there are 'priests' in a family and your priesthood failed those nearest to you.

    it is a sad state.

    Life Now - the gift of eternal life- does not come thru Moses law keeping methods - they were for the captives - Messiah came to set the captives free but hey Allen, you did not - you allowed satan to still retain hold over them.

    this is the reality.
    "For the LAW was given by MOSES, but GRACE and TRUTH came by JESUS CHRIST! ...
    the truth came by Jesus Christ.
    the truth was not in the lawkeeping of Moses- this has to be our conclusion.
    ''the truth is in the law of Moses'' - no it is not.
    here is the difference to observe...
    the law was a GIVEN ''''BY'''Moses [the man]
    but Grace and a truth, CAME '''BY''' MESSIAH. [GOD IN MAN]


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      o foolish Galatians, Who ''bewitched'' you...

      Notice Allen
      the point of PAUL'S accusation is asking ''who'' = means a person/name/ministry, is doing this a ''bewitching '' to you ''o FOOLISH PEW PEOPLE''. [ Stop taking stupid pills of a morning with your cerials.]

      so what is this NT terms for ''bewitching'' mean?

      1) to speak ill of one, to slander, traduce him

      2) to bring evil on one by feigning praise or an evil eye

      3) to charm, to bewitch
      so i now can write this sentence saying
      '' O foolish Allen, what man/name/ministry charmed you, by bewitching you''
      let us view your ''bewitchers'' please so you can escape into the truth and be set free from lawkeeping captivity.
      let me show you the sites who ''bewitch'' the pews with lies - those minstries with 'names'. ok?
      btw - i am Commanded to REPROVE All Works of Darkness

      so here i go - to do as Commanded = exposing darkness.

      "Pray and pay while the Armstrong's play''
      ''honey God shrunk Armstrong's church''
      ''Heine wrote : "Christ rode on an ass, but now asses ride on Christ."


      ''Just like Humpty Dumpty, who sat on a wall,
      Herbert W. Armstrong had a great fall.
      And all his yes-men, and all those sucked in,
      Can't seem to put Herbie back together again''.

      here is a picture of the real YOU Allen E Brown today.
      ''Both Paul and Herbert W. Armstrong have said "Follow me as I follow Christ,"
      in other words "as I follow the Bible."

      Yet these words are rendered empty and meaningless when we are told we must leave certain decisions up to "the church," and that if we don't think a decision constitutes "following Christ," we must abide by it anyway, since "it is 'the church's' responsibility.''
      again let the evil be exposed...
      On page two of this letter, he accused the dissenting ministers of one overall thing greedily trying to get the tithes into their own pockets.

      I knew this accusation wasn't true.

      These ministers were willing to give up their job security, salaries, fleet cars, and in some cases their church-owned homes because of their firm convictions and their unwillingness to compromise with God's Word as they saw it.

      I'm not discussing at this point the truth or error of what they believed, but simply the point that they didn't have greed and theft in their hearts.

      notice Allen, some ''good'' men were willing to ''give up all'' and take a stand against Armstrong's false ministry - that bewitched them
      Allen-you Do follow Herbert - you may have ''left'' but herbert is your church and NO you dont follow Christ.


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        so having the truth posted on the law of Moses +

        setting the 'captives free''.
        setting the 'bewitched'' free from false ministry.

        allow me to point you now to the sins of the Pharisees
        as i like to cover all arenas of the Truth.

        now we know the Pharisees were lawkeepers of Moses to the enth degree so why did My Saviour, condemn them = law keepers condemned oops.


        is this you Allen? a Pharisee law keeper? Is this a description of Herbert Armstrong

        25. ''Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
        for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess''.
        and this..
        28. ''Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity''.

        24. Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.
        see this Allen - full of extortion and excesses full of iniquity = blind guides.
        “generation of vipers- the Gospels show that the school of Hillel as a whole ultimately rejected Christ..

        Abba's Justice swings in...

        did you see this fact Allen - ''these men receive a greater damnation''
        so we have an
        ''ordinary damnation and a greater damnation''.
        I wonder how it felt to have received a ''greater damnation''?

        so what is this NT defination of some future ''greater damnation'' for the pharisee?

        specific meaning - CONDEMNATION - ETERNAL CONDEMNATION
        WHY IS THIS?
        because they revelled in sin - did Armstrong do this?

        "Damnation" is an abbreviated form of condemnation, so they receive a greater condemnation
        "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" (Matthew 23:33 KJV)

        not looking so good hey Allen.

        what is hell> the grave - they will not escape the grave.
        the grave - is their lord. how true as dead men prove their lawlessness by their graves.
        The Messiah also described when all of the incorrigible wicked, not just those few Pharisees, will face damnation - when they are resurrected
        Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.
        now i do believe Allen as we sit here in luxury typing away - we do not fully understand '' a greater damnation'' in great detail.

        If someone of great experience who intimately knew of this ''greater damnation'' by personal expereince - we are told in the NT ''we would not believe them''.

        is it so horrific the carnal mind cannot comprehend such a thing.
        so did someone tell tales we know nothing about?

        the rich man and Lazarus -Luke 16:19-31.

        if you will notice Allen the rich man asks for the most simple thing [a drop of water] but is denied.

        if the simpliest thing is denied and no mercy shown, what of a ''greater damnation''?

        something to think on.


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          sexploitation....perhaps is a part the answer to 'pew' domination.

          The most unfortunate result of this abuse is that much of it happened very early on in the lives of those affected.

          Children, teenagers, and young adults subjected to the sexploitation of so long ago will suffer the rest of their lives.

          While this was not unique to the Worldwide Church of God, it was magnified by the cult aspect of the religion and the projection of powerful dominance by the leadership--all very destructive to the abused.
          hence the real problem surfaces.................

          ''the projection of a powerfull dominance by leadership''.

          the ''works'' of the law is a type of panecea... as their remedy for ''guilt''.
          that is the ''spirit'' behind some people who have been abused by a ''dominant leader/partner/lover'' in their early years.
          it is a sorrow so great to bear for their little minds to cope with.
          These people are ''subjected'' to the dominance of the gross evil in others and it ruins their lives UNLESS true conversion happens and they are released from their ''guilt''. These people remain subjected to evil and its domination as captives and victims.

          i like this sentence...
          It takes courage to be the standard bearer. There's a lot of personal risk to promoting the truth.


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            shall we go a little deeper Allen.....

            all words have their own vibrations or energy.[Thats is why life or death live on the tongue]
            as example....
            the words of love, joy, patience, health, wealth, harmony unity and peace and truth- are of the highest vibration of energy.

            some people are attracted to these qualities in people who do show to others unity love joy and peace etc.. - for kind dwells with kind as it is in the vibes.

            ofcourse there is a negative that people are attracted too, as well
            this words have the lowest energy and are dark words.
            they are shame, fears , discord, disunity, poverty and blame, depression pain and anger.

            In the ''churches'' of White and Armstrong [we ''see'' the revelation of the energy levels] - and these would be graded as ''low level'' -as the same type of people frequented these halls with the same qualities as the founders - however- that is why so many people left as they did not find this dark energy attractive after awhile.

            In the bible we are asked ''whom do ye serve'?
            [the higher energy, or the lowest energy]

            do we serve the highest energy
            do we serve the lowest energy.

            here is an example -''the JOY of the Lord - is my strength''
            THIS JOY is the highest vibration - and i have found the more enchristed a believer becomes THE MORE JOY AND HAPPINESS FLOWS OVER AND OUT into the world. Unfortunately Armstrong did not bring JOY to this world but SHAME.

            I AM IN CHARGE of my life from the choices i make, these choices have to set me free, from the dark energy levels and unhealthy vibrations.

            I am not a robot but I use God's wisdom to make my correct choices.

            by ''taking charge'' i rule myself by attaining to ''life in the spirit'' or the same spiritual walk Messiah walked in. I allow my inner man to arise over me and make my LIFE CHOICES. YOU SEE, that is what a ''disciple'' is - a person made alive to all life's disciplines.

            here is another example.
            John the disciple was a the only eye witness male disciple at the cross to comfort the Saviour. the others had run away and hid for ''fear'' of the Jews.
            these men allowed their choice of fear [a dark energy] to rule them, where John did not and is forever recorded as the only man eye witness to ALL MESSIAH DID.
            DISCIPLE JOHN CHOOSE the higher energy level to arise and overcome his fears.
            John ofcourse never died. He liveth.
            not because he was any better than others but because he disciplined himself to learn how to survive by making right vibrational energy choices.
            he put the LOVE for his Saviour first over the fears of men - the others did not.

            SO AS A BELIEVER begins to cross over into their ''promised land'' they also begin to see and understand 'they now walk AMID THE SPLENDOR''.