yes, there is a way to become alive in Christ, as a new creature, and the living hope of transformation into regeneration.....there is divine clarity on HOW.
[and it is certainly not by keeping parts of the law of Moses]

Messiah said this.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep My saying, he shall never see death.
2 repeats is noticed by a discerner ''verily'' = truly truly - emphasied 2x's- truth truth.
''Verily,[this is the truth] verily,[this is the truth] I say unto you, ''If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death''.

death is....
death-1) the death of the body

a) that separation (whether natural or violent) of the soul and the body by which the life on earth is ended

b) with the implied idea of future misery in hell

1) the power of death

c) since the nether world, the abode of the dead, was conceived as being very dark, it is equivalent to the region of thickest darkness i.e. figuratively, a region enveloped in the darkness of ignorance and sin

2) metaph., the loss of that life which alone is worthy of the name,

a) the misery of the soul arising from sin, which begins on earth but lasts and increases after the death of the body in hell

3) the miserable state of the wicked dead in hell

4) in the widest sense, death comprising all the miseries arising from sin, as well physical death as the loss of a life consecrated to God and blessed in him on earth, to be followed by wretchedness in hell
from the blue letter bible

the goal set before us is likened to ''a race''.
* to overcome our last enemy- death
* death has been abolished by the Gospel
* works of the devil are destroyed.

(Rom.5:12-19) that through one man, sin came into the world, and death through sin, now through another man (Jesus), eternal life has come into the world.

therefore we are to KNOW MESSIAH EMMANUEL in a relationship where our death [ carnal minded fleshy thinking] is removed forever.

so how do we do this - by keeping His sayings.

ask - ''is it the Father's will for believers to die''?
as they can receive His gift to them of His eternal life thru His son Emmanuel.

we are to pray ''thy will be done'' and so His will is progressively DONE INSIDE A BELIEVER.
because a believer is choosen before the foundations of the world - to be In Him.
In Him a believer becomes HIS WORKMANSHIP.
[encased in His whole being step by step from glory to glory].

His workmanship cannot perish as the work in them is HIS and His living stones are in His temple.
MESSIAH has to have a witness to His eternal life as He is our witness to Kingdom Life.{Jesus said all this= not me.]
His will is written but not enforced by the religionists - hence death still rules.
ignorance kills.
here is a saying
"Behold I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Lk.10:19)
is death the enemy?
well a believer is gradually given the Anointing to a enforce death TO CEASE FROM THEIR LIVES AS THEY WAX STRONG IN THEIR SPIRIT. [they begin to eat the bread of life -sayings of Messiah obeyed].

we are to seek the truth - so the truth isn't always understood at first glance but true seekers are real life spiritul DETECTIVES

Allen you call yourself a ''spy'' but remember there were 12 spies and only 2 had a good report, THE REST WERE AFRAID and wished to go back into Egypt. Only 1 - Caleb is recorded as having a ''different'' spirit, as all the rest died. [you wish to go back into the laws of Moses - that is not having a ''diffferent'' spirit] what it means is you are afraid to cross into the promised land for fear of the giants. to face your giants one must have a ''different spirit'' to succed.

however now we come to detect the sayings of The Saviour so we can obey them and live - our obedience to them gives a believer this DIFFERENT SPIRIT because He told his disciples ''i give to YOU the knowledge/mysteries of the kingdom of God therefore it is only to HIS DISCIPLES He reveals His virtue of His eternal life and how to dwell within it.

as example... to raise the dead - a believer has to mature enough to go into the death realm and raise up the dead.
Like Jesus did to Lazarus. This only comes when a believer is matured and waxes strong in their Spirit.
however, there is a process of true obedience to be learnt that leads up to this amazing realm.
now for a Believer's UNIQUE MINSTRY IN CHRIST [within the anointing]

* to seek the Truth for ourselves, is A CHALLENGE THAT REQUIRES OUR INTENSE ATTENTION.
[ called a zeal for the Father's house -see Psalm 104 v 4]
A believer has to have this anointed zeal to WRESTLE with the TRUTH , not to receive it but TO BELIEVE IT AND PRACTICE LIVING THE TRUTH, and this practice believing is the HARD THING, Elijah said to Elisha.
''u ask a hard thing''.
however to DO this hard thing - becomes THE MAKING OF GOD'S CHAMPIONS.

* BELIEVING IS AN ACTION WORD [a doer] which places a Believer between the rock and the hard place [Like Moses the deliverer, found out, at the crossing of the red sea].

* ''the rock and the hard place'' can be likened to NAVIGATIONAL TERMS, and comes from the grk word CHARYBDIS -THIS word means ''whirlpool''. So to act on the Truth and to believe the Word and obey, acts like a whirlpool upon our flesh and carnal reasonings so that these evil serpentine controls are flushed out, by the ''washing of the water of the WORD''.

A pattern
A choice
A change.
or discipled into the word of the living God with its Mysteries of the Kingdom and all divine therapeutic details.