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a cursed life [ a fig tree life]

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  • a cursed life [ a fig tree life]

    i found this edification today........
    The question then is often raised as to why Jesus would curse a tree that was not supposed to be in season.

    Well, the action was symbolic.

    The point is that the leaves on the tree advertized that there were figs there as well, but it was a false advertisement.

    Jesus used this to teach a memorable lesson: the tree was cursed not just because it was not bearing fruit, but because it was making a show of life that promised fruit but delivered none.

    What Jesus intended by this acted parable was that those who make a show of being religious but in fact are spiritually barren will be cursed. In this context it would apply directly to Israel, but it applies to all people who produce no evidence of genuine spiritual life.
    This teaching harmonizes with the previous account of the cleansing of the temple, and prepares for the messages to come (Matt. 23). The Jewish leaders in the context of Matthew are the primary targets, for they advertised piety without producing true righteousness.
    false advertising - the divisional church system for 2000yrs, has never once reproduced 1 person in the same Image as Christ.

    it is a withered fig tree.

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    what did Messiah call the Pharisees and scribes?

    h.y.p.o.c.r.i.t.e.s. - a withered fig tree and cursed.

    they lived in their personal self righteousness.
    the ''right standing'' of self.
    self is right.

    self is corrupt
    self is death
    self is unclean
    self is deformed
    self is unsound
    self is insane.

    therefore man in the Matrix is a waste of time.

    man outside the Matrix is the redeemed because self has died on the cross '' for it is NO longer I who live but Christ [the anointing] who lives in me''.

    Messiah did not come and convert the scribes and the Pharisees from the law of Moses and make a new religion in the Matrix to add to many other religions.


    but only a ''PECULIAR PEOPLE'' seem to understand this fact, because men still die as they still remain in the religions of the Matrix.

    what is this word PECULIAR mean?
    the word “peculiar” comes from the Latin word, “pecus” which means “flock;
    : characteristic of only one person, group, or thing : distinctive
    : different from the usual or normal:
    : special, particular
    : odd, curious
    : eccentric,
    - ''A FLOCK OF PEOPLE who are special and odd, very curious and quiet eccentric''. the people who dwell outside the Matrix.

    was Messiah ''special and odd''?
    was Messiah, ''distinctive and unusual''?
    was Messiah ''curious and particular and different from other people''?

    *so these peculiar people would not be the same as all other people?

    *why would they be so different?
    *do you think their thoughts and their behaviour would be different from other people?


    The Messiah trained His disciples to be special and curious, different from all others [inc. the religious of the day] odd and distinctive.
    infact He trained them to become His Image,
    this true do u think?

    why didnt He train the scribes and Pharisees to be this way - but He went outside this established group under the law of Moses and created His own group. Infact HE MADE THEM PERSONALLY HIS
    Kenneth Wuest, the Greek scholar, says “the Greek word means literally ‘to make around,’ that is, to make something and then to surround it with a circle, thus indicating ownership- a people belonging to God.

    why didnt Messiah STAY IN THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT? after all at the time of The advent of the Saviour there were about 6,000 Pharisees in Israel. Infact no- one could miss them, they were everywhere in their little uniforms.
    Why did He argue with them and cast woes upon them and not be too bothered with them, these law keepers of Jerusalem?
    Jesus said, "You're a bunch of snakes and vipers. You're clean on the outside, but on the inside, you're full of yesterday's food going rotten."

    one thing i noticed here is this word about them - ''your'e full of yesterdays food''....
    this is a stagnant position and a stagnant position breds death.
    Messiah's disciples always go towards each day, and become filled with living waters of divine knowledge - each day something new arrives to mediate upon and to consider or reconsider our positions.

    In a relationship people talk to each other and it is NO different with our Father -He is always talking to a believer, guiding and ordering their steps, showing them His plans over them and their destiny, helping them to stay on the narrow way and then giving them directions on the truth.

    it is called going from glory to glory step by step
    each day NEW FOOD ARRIVES to feed the hungry as food is essential for growth.

    so here is the crunch line to consider.......................

    do you think people who keep a part of the law of Moses, today in churches [most in ignorance and not doing their homework] are as Jesus said,
    "You're a bunch of snakes and vipers. You're clean on the outside, but on the inside, you're full of yesterday's food going rotten."


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      satan is crafty and can pose as an ANGEL OF apostle.

      an apostle - a messenger /angel of light - as Eve was so attracted to this ''angel'' of light.
      This crafty poser is ATTRACTIVE to the unsound minded. These apostles led others onto the broadway.

      The unsound minded are never the truthseekers for if they were - the person called ''the truth'' [The Saviour who saves them] would guide them into the truth.

      The ''apostle'' posing as satan's messenger, shall fail to reproduce the truth in his people but PRODUCES chaos and disharmony and death.

      These founders of all divisional churches are TRAIN WRECKS.

      Do u think in most cases these church ''apostles'' posing and angels of light appear, repugnant?
      They appear RESPLENDENT and attractive to a people who sit lovingly under them.

      their teaching BECOMES SO APPEALING TO THE 'EVE' minded.
      But this fruit shall never reproduce the Image of Christ in any pew people.

      Under the Law of Moses this priesthood died - it is called a DYING priesthood therefore those who sit under this type of priesthood die.

      The Apostles of the Saviour produce LIFE eternal in the people, because they are under a high priest how is UNDYING.

      We are to remember that there are not 1 or 2 or 3 of these ''angels'' of satan BUT MANY.
      LET us now face reality - are these 'angels of light' founders of creeds and sects of the christian churches? - is this why for 2000yrs they have failed to reproduce the Image of Christ Our Saviour in any man woman or child.

      yes ofcourse.

      In these churches we see the fruits of these ''angels who call themselves apostles''. - yet - they remain so attractive to the Eve Minded as they strut their stuff looking so wise and resplendent to all the pews -yet remain crafty and lying tricksters.
      Apostle Paul said that Satan’s ministers would “also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness” (2 Corinthians 11:15).
      the pews remain spiritually drunk.....
      by being conned
      by being tricked
      by being deceived and loving it.

      ofcourse..there are many sites on the net, for EX christians, that give their testimony of how, they were abused and hurt and spiritually raped in all brand name church systems.
      these are the testimony of their deception.
      the next step is to remove THE CHURCH value out from them - ofcourse only the Holy Spirit can achieve this freedom.


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        oh.. i just found this site.. as a witness amen,

        It is important that we make a clear distinction between the True Church (the Ecclesia) and the Institutional Church, Organized Religion, or religion in general.
        The easiest way to begin is to discuss one critical thing that Organized Religion cannot do.

        Organized Religion cannot impart Life.

        "This is our testimony, that God has given us Eternal Life, and this Life is in His Son: He that has the Son has Life, and He that has not the Son of God has not Life (I John 5:11,12)."
        Contrary to popular belief, the Lord Jesus Christ does not live within the matrix of Organized Religion.
        The Ecclesia, like our Lord, is Wholly Other. I can prove it to you beyond the shadow of a doubt. Can you join a "church" ? Yes, if you meet their requirements for membership.
        Can you join the Ecclesia? No.
        You have to be born into it. Or, to be more correct, you have to be born-again into it.
        It is not a question of joining or not joining, but a question of having Life versus not having Life. "He that has the Son has Life; He that has not the Son has not Life."

        Some erroneously believe Jesus founded a movement, or formed a new religion. No, the world already had movements and religions, and would continue to have them. He had no intention of starting a new one. What did He bring us? What did He contribute to the world?

        He committed Himself to us as our Life.

        Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, or Socrates can bring us good teaching, moral excellence, and religious philosophy.
        For this they may be commended as rendering help and aid to humanity.
        But Jesus Christ is different: He brings us Himself as our Life.
        It is not that He merely transmits some teachings to us, depositing some virtue into the human race, before being taken up into heaven.
        It is well beyond Him simply being an example for us to follow, the standard by which our morals are measured as we frantically whisper, "What would Jesus do?".
        No, He Himself came to be our Life.
        He is Savior, and Salvation. He is Redeemer, and Redemption. He is Healer, and Healing. He is the Giver of Life, and He is Life. ..cont
        thank you Abba for this witness....


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          so the believers shall preach life eternal...

          shall reproduce Life.

          THE HEAVEN within, is a living place on an earthly realm. John 11 v 24-25-26.

          Everyone in this Ecclesia is living.
          and these true disciples are His true people = His Ecclesia

          Heb 3:1 Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling...
          notice His Ecclesia is not an apostolic angel of light creeds but is HOLY and Heavenly.

          Hebrews is called the book of ''better things'' and when these scriptures are opened up, they will reveal how heaven is lived in here, on planet earth.

          the ''age of man and death'' is passing,
          the '' age of living life'' is appearing and only those who are drawn to the Saviour as He draws His people into His life forever remain ...
          Heb 3:1 holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling
          .... remain redeemed and undefiled.

          ps we are to go on into perfection
          by allowing Christ IN us, to make our enemies [in us] His footstool.

          today i saw a wonderfull edification on the preaching on Life now - eternal life today- and i do know Allen loves to preach this too. how many preachers are there? very few but nonetheless the word of the true gospel does get published.
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