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A fool's answer.

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  • A fool's answer.

    …Here is something that I want to bring up. By Joel’s charge against the heathen, they are guilty of harming YHWH’s people (Joel3:2, 19). If this is true, than the sin that the heathen need to address is the mistreatment of YHWH’s people. If you were to come before him and he were to speak and say, “ how do you mean to atone for your sin against my people”, and you answered”, “we have killed your son”, then what do you think his reaction would be? If the charge is {mistreating} YHWH’s people, the one thing you do not want to do, is answer, “we have killed your son”! Wouldn’t this be a fool’s answer? I reason that the slaughter of YHWH’s people cannot be atoned for by the slaughter of another. What do you think?

    ...Multitudes, Multitudes in the valley of decision... {Joel3:14}