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Ascended Masters?

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  • Ascended Masters?

    It is said that an Ascended Master is a person who has gone through the human evolutionary process and has been liberated from the need to reincarnate into a physical body on Earth. Since they do not need to return to the Earth Plane, they are free from duality and the 'wheel of karma.' Their evolution continues in other dimensions. Often, they take on students still learning in the physical plane and become their Master Teacher.

    Masters continue to have Master Teachers and their teachers also have teachers. This educational and spiritual lineage is the oldest on the planet and predates all of the world religions.

    Often, when an Ascended Being takes on a physical body to bring blessings to the world he or she is known as an Avatar. The proof of this perfected free body often casts no shadow or makes no footprints. Such Masters never appear in the gross public and have the power to become invisible, and they have the ability to take on any form or appearance necessary for the task at hand.

    Comments please.