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  • Prayer...........

    ''FATHER, EL ELYON, MOST HIGH, we come before You in the Name of Yeshua, Our Saviour, to ask You to please pour Your Spirit without measure upon us, from on high. Father , we ask, that the veils of rememberance of former things be taken away.
    We ask that we may show mankind, how to return from the dead seas, the river Jordon and the seas of Galilee to the snowy peaks of Mt. Hermon.
    Father, we ask, for the eyes of all readers to be anointed, that they too may come into the rememberances of all things Yeshua told them, before the foundations of the world and the Mystery of God would be revealed.
    We also ask Father, to be fully birthed of your Spirit, and once again walk clothed with the Ancient Wisdom and to behold the Ancient of Days''

    ''dayspring in high'' archive

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    Hi Lucy,

    Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

    The above prayer expresses noble sentiments and desires. I take it that this prayer is also your prayer.

    I just have to ask you face to face, does YAHWEH hear your prayer? Consider this scripture:

    Proverbs 28:9
    9 He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.

    If this is true for those who turn away from hearing the Law, what do you think should be the fate of those who turn away from being hearers and doers of the Law? Would it mean something like this?:

    Mark 14:21
    21 The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him (by the Law and the Prophets) : but woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! good were it for that man if he had never been born.

    Messiah Yahushua is the Word. The Law is the Word. The Ancient of Days experienced betrayal. Messiah Yahushua experienced betrayal. This betrayal is rooted and grounded in a thinking that our own way is better than the way ordained by the Word of ELOHIM. So, then, is turning from hearing and doing the Law a betrayal of Messiah? Is this rebellion and betrayal something which should come into our remembrance so that we can avoid it at all costs?

    I say "yes". What do you say?

    Thanking you in advance for an answer that follows KISS and talks turkey, I am,

    Sincerely, Latuwr
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      i say the Word of the NT - that is the truth and is not tainted by the views of Mr H. Armstrong.

      The words in the NT are living - Mr Armstong and his perversion of the NT is dead.

      Mr Armstrong apparently did not become holy from sabbath keeping, as he is a publically recorded molester.
      some comments on this *idol* and teacher you believed.
      perhaps this comment sums up the tainted man and his tainted message ....

      ''Even though I possessed sufficient brain mass to prevent my ever actually joining your organization, I would still like to be disfellowshipped in honor of DEUTERONOMY 18:22.
      It's all a question of whom one should believe--GOD or some DAUGHTER-SCREWING PERVERT WITH A ROLLS ROYCE.

      -William H.

      the goodnews, the veil of sin and death removed.


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        the idol is believed over Pauline epistles

        opposing this wonderfull release and advent of Christ is the rebel church of Armstrong-ism.
        let us read what this pervert claimed and what Allen wants to revert us back to....his former religious belief rules over by this pervert.

        ps added as a prayer for allens releasing from the church of corrupted belief

        Oh Allen,
        be set free from this perverted man and stop today from bowing to your idol's teaching.
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          Seeking The True Church!

          Hi Lucy,

          Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

          Please allow me to share with you a portion of a letter sent to my wife by a local Elder of the St. Louis Worldwide Church of God. This letter was dated April 2, 1981:

          Dear Mary Ann:

          ......I noticed that you mentioned it was a joy to sing in the choir in Gods Church. Now to me thats an interestung comment, because you see Mary Ann neither you or Allen ever "really" proved that this was indeed the CHURCH OF GOD. This church came close to what you already believed. So therefore you accepted the church, because with some changes we could then become the church YOU wanted it to be. ..............

          Neither you or Allen ever did accept the doctines of the church of God, in essence you have said that God is not capable of running his church. How could this be the church of God and teach what you consider all the "wrong" doctrine.

          You see either we are the church of God or we are not, there is no in between, if we are not the church, then you need to find it.........

          I never even once raised my hand against Mr. Armstrong or the Worldwide Church of God. I was not a rebel in the sense that I sought a following in my local congregation, but privately I did pester the local ministers with letters over a period of about three years. These letters were hard hitting, and as you can see above, these letters challenged the teaching of the Worldwide Church of God.

          Notice in the last sentence of the excerpt above that Mary and I were given a directive by the local Elder. We were told to find the Church of God, and that became our mission, and should one be able to accept it, while I was engaged in spying before that directive, with the coming of that directive, we were authorized to seek out the True Church of ELOHIM, and I, having been given my mission, have been spying ever sense.

          Anyways, Lucy, it does appear that your ps prayer was answered over 30 years ago prior to the Passover of 1981, when both Mary and I were disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God for insubordination.

          Thanking you in advance should you be moved to answer following KISS and talking turkey, I am,

          Sincerely, Latuwr
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            that is a blessing

            but Allen, you need to be disfellowshiped from their brainwashing, and unbiblical misconceptions and yes i do agree it is easy to walk away from a divisional creed, but it is far harder to be rid of the deceived spirit.

            when we actually look at the fruit-lives of these ''founders'' we find that holiness is far from their ways of living yet sexual misconduct and profiteering from the gospel are in the forefront. Consider - this person was classed as clinically insane and Ellen white was considered by others in the same manner, yet, both these people were never holy and never regenerated and never made in the image of Christ = nor made anyone else [as professed prophets/apostle/elijah's- titled themselves as] into the image of Christ. Yet these same people kept the feasts, the dietary laws the sabbath and the new moons and assorted etcs of the law of Moses but did not keep them all so they died in sin under the government of a 1/2 baked idea as the law was unable to justify and so the gift of grace was nullified.
            If you honestly view the history of any usa founded creed, we find immense problems of unregenerated men and women strutting their stuff and gaining a following that after all this time has become ''their truth''.

            from woe to go, the whole system is apostate with apostate views.
            Hence their utter failure to become the image of Christ.
            Yes, there is a church of living stones and yes it is hidden and yes there are a few who do gain immortal life - but never from the misconception that the law and grace walk together.

            that unholy spirit that causes these people such strife needs to be repented from, turned away from and exited from immediately.
            If you sit under a creed, you need to be rid of leaders misconceptions and abuses,
            because you placed yourself under them and did NOT TO FOLLOW MESSIAH as He asked - therefore you have given the devil a 'licience'' to abuse and deceive.
            following man is never a good idea.

            The Holy Spirit shall NEVER uplift men and their deception - never - He shall only glorify Messiah. NO other.

            almost every post i write somewhere i shall say FOLLOW MESSIAH not man. why? because that is what He said.

            Apostle Paul kept all these laws etc in his life and became a murderer - where was his ''holiness''?
            yet once he was apprehended he counted all things as dung - yet had sat under the finest lawyers and doctors of the law of moses - why even Moses died- the original lawman. The man the law was named after even died.
            look at the fruit Allen.
            look AT THE DEATH RATE - none were deathfighters.

            what you need to do is to SPY out FOLLOW ME and Believe Me and Be taught of the Christ spirit.
            yes - plenty of people know about ''life now'' [i have searched 4 them] but knowing does not stop some from dying.

            knowing is different from BEING LIFE.
            CALEB had a different spirit from the others who followed the law of Moses and TURNED Back AS THEY HAD BECOME AFRAID of those giants and the law of Moses [they kept] did not rid them of their fears and unbelief. [their schoolmaster did not teach them how to graduate] but Caleb got thru the loop and no death is recorded against his name but it is for all that lawkeeping generation who came out from Egypt.

            consider 1 man made it out - a man who had this different spirit.

            yes Allen we can know but we are to FOLLOW HIM INTO HIS BEING and this following makes us the redeemed.
            144,000 only. therefore all others were in the deceived group.
            they failed the ''follow me'' tests.

            YES you can keep your sabbath and yes you can get into your tent at tabernacles and yes you could wear a shawl
            and yes you could grow curls and have a little hat on your head - but NONE OF THESE OUTWARD things would ever MAKE YOU FLOW IN HIS VIRTUE NOR GLOW WITH HIS GLORY AND LIFE

            THAT is what the Pharisee did.
            those who walk away from apostacy, have to have this apostacy removed.
            it is not the walking away that is so important - it is the removal of the religious carnal mind and the works of 'penance' it wants to do.

            THERE IS A NEW GUY IN TOWN - CALLED THE LIFE IN THE SPIRIT - ONLY THE ELECT shall follow HIM and no other.


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              not religion but transformation into translation

              no creed founder has ever been transformed nor translated.
              they all died in sin and were not the redeemed.

              the redeemed follow Messiah into the same life He gives as His gift to men who will believe IN Him - an action nor by works - works is the ''easy way out for the religious carnal mind'' - no not the broadway.

              the way for transformation is the narrow way - likened to the 3 friends in the refiners fire. THE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD way. The way that makes our carnal mind scream in the flame is heated up 7 times and our situations appear lost.

              ALL THE ELECT go thru the refiner's flames - to burn away their deceptions.

              the church sits on the pew on sunday and sings and dances thru the week, never knowing THE FLAME and the 4th man in the furnace - the overcomers who receive the rewards.
              IT IS OUR JOURNEY INTO OUR TRANSLATION - like Enoch who walked with God.

              it is a terrible thing to be deceived by a religious man and woman.
              these people were never called as an overcomer but were sunk in gross sin.
              Daniel and His friends were not sunk in gross sin.
              i cannot even think, [let alone understand] why anyone would even want to be in their corrupt presence let alone even listen to what their dirty lips would say. THEIR mouths soaked in sewerage + lives as cesspools, as the clinally insane continue teaching the insane in the pews.

              all this rubbish coming out from dirty defiled lips.
              Messiah never spoke out from defiled lips, not too many listen to Him - but billions run to the religious profiteers and rolls royce drivers.
              how amazing is the religious man.

              the clinical insane reproduce the clinical insane
              the pervert teachers, produce perverted students.
              their robes were never whiter than snow.
              His teaching and His grace and gifts is rejected.
              religious man knows best.

              Allen you have to leave the 'chicken coup and the religious herd mentality' of the pharisee - and learn to FOLLOW YESHUA and to become a spiritual soar-er and learn to live in the heavenlies and not in the grave of the law of Moses by [bit keeping]


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                what is NOT realised by the religious

                is the power of the overcomer - few in number - yet very powerfull in the spiritual realms because Grace abounds over these ''heirs of Christ' as they overcome they change the vanity realm big time - this is to be done to release the great cloud of witnesses. So Allen as u can see the reality of the creeds and their law bit keeping has never done this, no matter how sincere pew people maybe. It is in satan's best interests to keep the pews in ignorance and under laws and false misconceptions.
                Ofcourse the overcomer understands the purpose to release the great cloud - they understand the route into His perfection and all it entails.

                the whole of creation understands sin but NOT RELEASE.
                the whole of creation is groaning, yet, while this groaning is happening the overcomer is overcoming and changing the whole structure by the HOLY ENERGY that is existing in 'resisting' the devil.

                the overcomer in their overcoming exerts such a power of the release of the resurrection - that this brings forth changes not only in the overcomer but vanity.
                this world is now reflecting the change in the overcomer and their divine energy but the rage of the devil as he now knows his time is short.
                In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things upon the earth. –Eph 1:8b-10
                the overcomer and the power of the resurrection in them [ via their overcoming] has great ramifications to vanity.
                We need to move out from the world of religion forever and we need to learn how to have the same faith as our Saviour for this faith CREATES THE WORLD HE WILLS.

                none ever did this by lawkeeping. it is a ruse of the insane


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                  its not about dietary fibers, sabbaths, feasts and new moons

                  Allen, that is the easy carnal mind religious man -works.
                  no way.
                  a believer has to grow into a relationship and i am not posting about some passive mind denial relationship but a LIFE CONVERSION INTO TRANSFORMATION AND THIS ONLY BECOME BY b.e.l.i.e.v.i.n.g the Father.

                  not too many do.

                  they are religious passive believers but when the Matrix overtakes them - they wilt and fall and stumble thru unbelief - most all men are like the children of Israel who could not face their giants and ran back to their former ways and limped around the wilderness, as dead ducks because Father was annoyed at their unbelief.

                  unbelief is a demon - a powerhouse - that cripples the religious.
                  fear doubt and unbelief even the disciple Thomas had this unclean demon and needed sight to believe.
                  Thomas represents most all men alas.

                  but the goodnews is there is a ''hidden army'' called ''terrible'' the army with banners., these are BELIEVERS, TRAINED UP TO BELIEVE IN ABBA, without regards for their own life and its sometimes hopeless outcomes - they could be likened to the new creation Caleb company - who overcame their unbelief and lived outside the Matrix.

                  no Allen, curling hair, scull caps, prayer shawls and sabbath rests and not eating bacon AND ETCS shall never put anyone in the ranks of the BELIEVERS forgoodness sakes.
                  believers have a different spirit.
                  believers are the 1st fruits of the kingdom
                  believers are trained up to believe, schooled in divine relationship and holy word belief and not for the faint hearted.

                  ''not for the faint hearted'' as it comes from self-dying to all demonic strongholds, from our faulty bloodline relations to our own personal perverse strongholds that serve satan so well.

                  a believer is not just a pretty word that looks nice on paper and that classifies all the church system pew people.
                  no when u see a believer, you see a person on the cross being crucified to their personal carnal flesh habits and mindsets of rebellion and unbelief.

                  you see transformation
                  you see walking by the faith of the son of God
                  you see a person who is no longer their own.
                  you see a person trapped in divinity AND ITS KINGDOM BY BEING CHOOSEN before the foundation of the world and sealed and locked into their divne destiny and God's plans.

                  you will never see a pervert, nor a raper of women and little boys behind the church pews, nor an empire builder nor a hot gospeller for profits nor a religious book seller nor a preacher with a will see no religious trappings of the carnal minded men of religions so full of themselves and their own ideas.
                  nor shall you see sabbath keepers nor shawls over their religious shoulders with tassels and scrolls nor keeping feast days and new moon watchers, none of the Matrix religious experiences survives in a BELIEVER.
                  this is the outwards display of ''look at me''.

                  the believer in faith is a new creation and new wineskin full of the new wine.
                  the believers a few, called ONE MAN IN CHRIST AND THERE IS NO DIVISION OF THE SPIRIT.
                  when there is division there is disharmony and disunity - devilish.
                  not so for those elect who eat from the tree of life.
                  AS HE IS (NOW) SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD
                  The new creation is nutured by Abba as His child and by no other.
                  Only THE Father is capable of creating a new creature - not man otherwise man creates monsters as seen in the founders of all religious creeds and divisions, and their character perversions and unholy living - a hybrid of humanity and a god rejecter that Yeshua pronounced woes upon.
                  woe - curses.
                  “I only say what I hear My Father say, and I only do what I see my Father do.” Our desire then will be, “Thy will be done on this earth as it is being done in heaven.”
                  [not so for all creed founders.]

                  when u listen and absorb the devils hybrids called [angels of light] with characters like the devil - you become one with them and it takes true conversion to be rid of the woes and the curse,. Paul was a true conversion.
                  caleb was a true conversion
                  daniel's 3 friends were a true conversion and again no graves or deaths were ever reported on these 3 inspirational boys,. amen.
                  Jesus demonstrated Eternal life
                  Jesus demonstrated Kingdom Life
                  Jesus demonstrated Holiness , faithfullness and loyality
                  Jesus demonstrated the father's will.
                  no other has ever done this despite all religious contraptions and sects telling us ''we have the truth-join us''.
                  none of the pharisees did what Messiah did - NOT one.

                  all religion is simply ballony,