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  1. the whole world to be deceived into following Satan .

    How is this possible
    How could such deception become so entrenched INTO THE WHOLE WORLD.

    The crafty Kenites - the serpent seed and offspring - seduces....
    The Kenites are alive today and...
  2. its only THE ANOINTING that can break this terrible yoke

    of the intentional programming to all manner of religious slavery to do evil to others
    bible O.T reading is intentionally skewed to make you believe evil from this god is really a goodness....

    '' let your consciousness be your guide'' - the true child of God's inbuilt failsafe.....
    warning let it be noted, ''HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM''

    OUR CONSCIOUSNESS is inbuilt in our coded DNA.
  4. GROOM GROOMING TO BE FULLY curiosity...hurrah.

    GROOM means

    The work of a religious tare.
    They are infact poison, and satan's helpers called angels of light
    - Now to the carnal minded christian - they are ''appealing''

    The act of a Tare...
  5. the law of the 1st principle a law of how a person begins so they end

    the law of the 1st principle of Moses.

    Moses received the law on the Mount
    Ex 20
    Moses disobeys the law he received Ex 32 = THE MURDER OF THE 70,000??? RINGLEADERS.
    Therefore Moses will...
  6. is there ''a law''' to protect victims?

    The Ten Commandments happen in Exodus 20.
    The golden calf happens in Exodus 32.
    Therefore the golden calf was a sin because it violated the commandment given in Exodus 20.
    Except that the...
  7. WELL AT THE END OF THE DAY - there is only 1 choice

    ''Be'' like Messiah - to do the father's will
    Jimmy Cricket has the answer [ NOT THE BIBLE - ITS TOO WICKED gives people excuses to be vile]
    Your conscience [as a child of our Creator] should...
  8. cont HOW WAS THIS A ''''SIN'''' when no one had heard the 10 commandments-

    Obviously retrospective.
    Ex 32 v 20

    WELL there are 2 versions in the telling

    Did moses throw those ashes into a ''lake''?
    Can 1,930.000 people drink from a lake?
    How much gold ashes would...
  9. spiritual CURIOUSTY is awesome... now watch

    2,000,000 wanderers in the wilderness.

    Now minus 70.000 zapped by a plague =1,930,000 people
    all these people need to drink the mushy gold ashes Moses munched up in a fit of anger over a broken...
  10. seek and ye shall find - what? the truth from the fake

    The truth always IS
    - you know right from wrong

    NO one has to tell you - as a child of Abba, His family you automatically KNOW
    its been imparted....
  11. when does one emerge from kindergarten THEOLOGY... and its paralysing silliness?

    the golden calf?
    spiritual curiosity

    How does a ''plague'' kill 70,000 AS exact number out from 2,000,000 SOULS as plagues are generally contagious.
    How soon after a person...
  12. HMMMM.... Have you ever thought how you would make a GOLDEN CALF IN A DESERT?

    WE read things like this is the O.T. ''he made a golden calf'' and we never think ''i wonder how he did that''????
    * how did he get the heat so hot as to melt all the jewels from the Egyptians?
  13. Cont........................................ Critical thinkers remember 1 thing

    ITS THE gullible ADULTS that become DOCILE victims.
    millions of very gullible church people still believe in a Yahweh santa claus.
  14. punished for (critically) thinking~SHOOZ go with the flow. [you notice this] yes/no

    '''Punish them for (critically) thinking''
    stop people THINKING for themselves.
    For thousands of years people have been religiously brainwashed in a similar way by the societies they were born...
  15. Replies

    when is a coup not a coup? when it is faked? who is coup-ing with who? that is the ?

    to coup or not to coup
    now!!!!! that is the question
  16. the HARVEST - the human sacrifice to death - eating from the tree of good and evil

    the harvesting of human beings to death.
    death is a energy - a food - their ''last'' supper.
    put another way - to be milked of Your spiritual Psionic Energy
    Psionic Energy -beings who suck the...
  17. cont......''the proclamation''

    what is so informative.... is this proclamation.
    they will become like us ..............................
    '' knowing the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil''

    the ''us''...
  18. authority WITHOUT authority

    The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. = 2 choices.
    Though out the bible, there is a continued stream of choices,
    - the good choice of obedience
    - the bad choice of disobedience
  19. A vital understanding is needed......................... Wow......................

    the YHWH gods of the knowledge of good and evil - the 2 choices world - the gross deception
    is about HUMAN sacrifice.
    I kid you not.

    why so?

    because it is from this tree DEATH Springs from. ...
  20. the ''TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL'' knowledge are the gods YHWHs - just fruit inspect.

    yhwh - THE CODE to the religion of'' the knowledge of TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL''
    ''by their fruits ye shall know them''

    The role play both Gods and Devils, - aka - both Good & Evil knowledge....
  21. One of the mysteries is ....................


    Notice in the story of the Prodigal Son the FATHER [ABBA] gave the repentant son '''a robe.'''
    the wedding garment.
    the indestructible...
  22. JESUS IS '' THE KEY'' to all spiritual understanding [ no other]

    When Emmanuel was on Earth in His Jesus body, He saw that the general human masses were spiritually blind.
    He understood that only a selected few would be able to comprehend what the Holy Word was...
  23. Just suppose.

    Stranded - Suppose, that you are not of this planet by lowered here.

    Suppose, that as a result of a great space war (Rev 12:7)
    your ancestors were cast down to this planet called Earth to be...
  24. redirected AND CHANGED

    The main ingredient of Messiah was and is CREATIVE LIFE.
    YES ~~ He had other features of the holy christ spirit but the major one is LIFE FOREVER MORE.

    HE SAID = THIS LIFE called His kingdom was...
  25. THE master of light and life - AKA messiah.

    The 1st lesson we understand is how to be a fruit inspector
    This means LOOK at the main CHARACTER AND LOOK AT THEIR MINISTRY [of the character's life]. THEN ask yourself would you like to be...
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