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  1. Sticky: the line of Cain the hu-man offspring of the devil. a great mystery

    for ImHebrew

    Now Jesus has the key authority over death - so why do people still die?
    Seems their death is self inflicted
    Jesus cannot work in their unbelief so '' the dead already bury...
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    everyone in the OT fell short of the Glory of ABBA... WHY SO?

    there was NO glory there to begin with.
    There was NO fatherhood presence
    All those poor dead souls of the OT had NO light.
    It was a world a murder rape pillage incest adulteries and chaos....
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    our LIVING FATHER is different from the dead OT gods..'' the dead who bury the dead''

    all truth seekers DILIGENTLY seek to discover our LIVING father, whose VERY LIKENESS is only FOUND IN THE MINISTRY of JESUS.
    Jesus mission was to reveal the truth.
    What truth?
    His Father's good...
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    when Peter HAD his revelation from the FATHER....ABBA

    DID YOU EVER NOTICE what was said?
    Math 16 v 13-16

    ''the LIVING GOD'' - making all other gods before this revelation - not living.
    MAKING -JESUS FATHER the living - not the tribal...
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    ONE THING MUST BE N.O.T.I.C.E.D so the veil of blindness is rent over your eyes.,

    the 12 disciples HAD DIFFICULTIES understanding Messiah's FATHER.

    Because Jesus Abba, was not the god of the O.T.
    So ~~~ once you ''get it'' the picture becomes clear and the veil of...
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    the broadway of churchianity has lots of ''gadgets'' that never lead to eternal life

    All those old churchy rituals and pagan feasts and all those old jewish ways of the law - never lead to ETERNAL LIFE. here and now.
    Millions have tried that con game and die IN sin.
    Few stop and...
  7. a crown of BEAUTY,

    Catherine of Siena said

    Well, let me ask you this:

    What would happen if each of us LADIES were to truly know, embrace who we are as daughters of God.

    Can you envision the day that...
  8. Sticky: the fruit of Cain - MURDER Inc...look~~ as this FRUIT speaketh for itself.

    if you don't know the greatest of all mysteries, you will remain blind to ''who is who and what goes with what'' and the fruit they bear.
    ''wickedness in High places'' - the M.O.

  9. the NAME .......of.................

    The truth brought names into existence in the world for our sakes, because it is not possible to learn it (truth) without these names.
  10. Sticky: cont... Oh yes. we will see the religious ''poo pars'' arise and mock from ignorance

    but remember
    Jesus 1st lesson to His Ekklesia is to - BECOME A FRUIT INSPECTOR.
    [dont watch their mouth move - look at their manifesting life styles.]
    The M.O. to look for is M.U.R.D.E.R.= MURDER...
  11. Sticky: A mystery so powerful

    A MYSTERY SO POWERFUL.... look for the fruit [ not what the lips say]
    The offspring of Cain - the Hu-man..... always defends evil - evil becomes goodness, war is for peace,...
  12. Sticky: But what is more interesting to this mystery

    why would anyone even wish to have McCain for a surname ( the late presidential forerunner named McCain staring us in the face)
    It would like like having Judas as a first name
    And ask why ...
  13. Sticky: I guess If there was not a bloodline of Cain

    No one on earth would be called McCain ruling in “””high places of wickedness”””
    Mc - son of
    Cain - the serpent seed line not affiliated with the sperm of Adam

    A co incidence?
  14. Sticky: '''the captives remain in their captivity''' = why? because of ignorance /tradition

    The Law of Moses which contained the commanded Holy Days were ONLY for the ancient Israelites and only until Faith came, until Messiah.
    They were fulfilled, thus abolished by our Saviour, who came...
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    goodwill. means... a NEW PRIEST

    Why Did We Need a New Priest?

    THE OLD PRIESTHOOD UNDER THE OLD COVENANT - the priests of Israel could never be the answer for our sin problem

    Who could be the undying priest?

  16. i am a jealous God, and there is no other God beside me."

    ''I am a jealous God, and there is no other God beside me."
    But by announcing this he indicated to the angels who attended him that there exists another God.
    For if there were no other one, of...
  17. Sticky: ofcourse we have a few wee problems to shift through when ''dualism'' raises its head

    so the fruits of dualism have to be accounted for and discerned as a truth seeker sorts out the facts from the fiction.

    The usual assumptions are that Yahwehism, or archaic Judaism, was free of...
  18. Sticky: let it be remembered SATAN held the Keys to death prior the cross

    and NO other being did.
    no person can deny this truth what ever way you try to spin it.
    you lose ~~~

    Jesus gave up His life - No man took it,
    ''the lamb that was slain before the foundation...
  19. Sticky: no love joy nor peace... from the Yah's THEIR M.O. IS blood maim kill murder.

    therefore NO holy spirit manifesting
    the truth out.
    If the Old Testament had been marketed as a horror story — like a Stephen King novel — the church indoctrinated pews might think differently...
  20. Sticky: Reprehensible! -

    consider this word.
    when Yahs works fail to manifest all Holy tests of Joy Love and peace IN THE HOLY SPIRIT
  21. Sticky: Reprehensible! - gosh that is a big word like ''marmalade''. ImHebrew.

    TO DAY I ask you to sacrifice your baby sons to me by fire - tomorrow I will change my mind and ban it.
    Ezekiel 20:25-26 directly indicates that YHWH...
  22. The Spiritual Man inside can understand far better than a carnal minded pew person

    "Gods", aka the O.T. the'''' divine'''''' Liars plural

    The behavior of God Yahs in Eden is most peculiar.
    Eden is the pivotal moment in earth's history because what happened...
  23. a little piece of news...

    Is Elijah Cumming?
    Oct 17, 2019
    The Democratic Representative from Baltimore, Maryland, Elijah Cummings died early today at the age of 68.
    He had been in the US House of Representatives since...
  24. Sticky: ImHebrew give your murderer Cain-ite o.t. gods of ''the wickedness in High places''

    and get A LIFE and give up reading the OT
    the Old Testament had been marketed as a horror story — like a Stephen King novel — the church indoctrinated pews might think differently about it.

  25. Sticky: ''smite is right'' - according to YAHWEH's -the ''thou shalt not kill' ?gods?

    If the Old Testament had been marketed as a horror story — like a Stephen King novel — the church indoctrinated pews might think differently about it.
    why so?
    REMEMBER MESSIAH IS our example of...
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